The Haka at LA Aquaman Premiere

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Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

Hace 9 meses

Directed|Shot|Edited by Etienne Aurelius

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Jay Cantu
Jay Cantu Hace 19 horas
The Haka gave good spirits to the movie... Jason. PLEASE help DC and do this for the rest of their movies!!🙏🙏🙏 Much love!
Looli Freeman
Looli Freeman Hace un día
Mean haka. His pronunciation is a tiny bit off, but the Mana is all there. From Hawaiki, to Aotearoa, to Hawaii. The warrior spirit last through the generations
Loe Alvarez
Loe Alvarez Hace 2 días
I LOVE YOU ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
sauropod Hace 2 días
When the California soy boys saw this they all ran home to mommy to drink their milk in a safe space.
The Evangelist
The Evangelist Hace 5 días
That is how Aquaman made a billion dollars.
Imaanyi Hace 5 días
Whenever I think Jason Momoa can't get any sexier and more adorable, he comes around the corner like "hold my beer". And look at his children, they're just as passionate as their father. Parenting done 100% right!
pixel 24
pixel 24 Hace 6 días
Is one samoan
서형대 Hace 10 días
I love you all pacific!!!
SkittyKitty Hace 10 días
I'm surprised they let his daughter do this. Strictly speaking Haka is Men's Business.
Mr. Ghost
Mr. Ghost Hace 11 días
Does the Polynesian languages similar each other?
Anubis 4444
Anubis 4444 Hace 11 días
So this video was from the camera man, who everyone hated😂😂😅
vlander88 Hace 13 días
yumna amjad
yumna amjad Hace 14 días
He is both so.manly and adorable😍😘😘😘
willie meyers
willie meyers Hace 19 días
now the real question is would you rather watch Jason do the Ka Mate or Tika Tonu haka?
Eden Garden
Eden Garden Hace 20 días
Love it. But i also thought, khal drogo. Where is MY KHALEESI!!!!
Morgana Madrid
Morgana Madrid Hace 23 días
Literally got Goosebumps all over!
h4rmony Hace 23 días
Gerardo Aguilera
Gerardo Aguilera Hace 24 días
Vanuza M de Oliveira
Vanuza M de Oliveira Hace 24 días
Lindo ator e lindo o ritual,toda vez que vejo essa cultura fico emocionada 😍😍😍😍😍
Hebe Hubert
Hebe Hubert Hace 27 días
Hola! Soy de Argentina.... Caminante de Luz, tengo la esperanza ,hope, de q seas un Ser de Luz..... Hollywood está lleno de personas oscuras, q abusan de los niños y adolescentes....sos un pilar de manifestación de cambio de oscuridad a Luz.... Cuida tu alta vibración para Ser Libre junto al Amor y la Familias !!!! Love us !!!
Stacy Culvert
Stacy Culvert Hace 29 días
Hands down he is so fantastically cute omg!!!
Foo Saang
Foo Saang Hace 29 días
wow...he really proud with his culture..very nice
Neil Herceg
Neil Herceg Hace un mes
Nothing like a Maui War dance at a movie premiere!!!
Jenny Dysart
Jenny Dysart Hace un mes
Not a ( traditional) facial tatoo in the whole haku crew
Tegz Mac
Tegz Mac Hace 29 días
Jenny Dysart just jake the muss himself mean Maori mean
Freddie Hankins
Freddie Hankins Hace un mes
Haan Daquan
Haan Daquan Hace un mes
”Bebe” 😂 The cutest..
Ken Amos
Ken Amos Hace un mes
I am a better man because of this.
Johnny Preece
Johnny Preece Hace un mes
I'm from New Zealand and this was hard to watch not gonna lie
Melanie C
Melanie C Hace un mes
He would be a blast to hang out with!!!
KiwiGirlG6 Hace un mes
this brought tears to my eyes I can feel the power in the haka! cheers my brother! from little ole New Zealand
Laura Milne
Laura Milne Hace un mes
Alright! 💪🏼😝
Omar Robledo trejo
Omar Robledo trejo Hace un mes
Andrax hell I'm I omar
imli toshi
imli toshi Hace un mes
He is khal drogo not aquaman
Sandy Sunflower
Sandy Sunflower Hace un mes❤❤❤
MasteredUltrainstinctXeno Chrigeta
MasteredUltrainstinctXeno Chrigeta Hace un mes
I love this dude
Chris Chris
Chris Chris Hace un mes
Sorry but not a very good haka....
Trinidad Martinez
Trinidad Martinez Hace un mes
rocking rambo
rocking rambo Hace un mes
Thought it was a bass guitar
Blacksáber Predator
Blacksáber Predator Hace un mes
Grace Myra
Grace Myra Hace un mes
Can Jason and his wife adopt me. Please
Damon J. Silvert
Damon J. Silvert Hace un mes
So f ing ethnically gorgeous.
JATTA4LIFE Hace un mes
Whoever disliked this video has no sense of respect for another persons culture and what it stands for because this was so empowering to watch and that’s being said by a Muslim who respects everyone’s culture and religion
Lourdes Santoyo
Lourdes Santoyo Hace un mes
Te omo jeson papasito momoa
TheBestGuy124 Hace un mes
Just imagine people who knew it joined in as well that would have been cool
Diana Ratchford
Diana Ratchford Hace un mes
Is it true that only the men are supposed to stick out their tongues during a haka? Any particular reason why?
Viking Dave
Viking Dave Hace un mes
If we clubed together and did the haka at the Nazis I'm sure the war would be ove sooner 🤣🤣🤣
Viking Dave
Viking Dave Hace un mes
There is nothing more awesome than the haka done by real men!!!
ss Yum Young ss
ss Yum Young ss Hace un mes
LL AA Hace un mes
¿Padecen de sus facultades mentales?
Rainy Eve
Rainy Eve Hace un mes
Such a beautiful family. 🥰
Emma Harper
Emma Harper Hace un mes
That one guy in the tank looks like a ripped Keegan Michael Key. 😂👌
J Packard
J Packard Hace un mes
Wait wait. Mamoa Vs the Rock.
Kadeem Liburd
Kadeem Liburd Hace 2 meses
The paparazzi are so annoying! They're saying "Jason over here" while he's doing the haka
Shawn Erskine
Shawn Erskine Hace 2 meses
Jason momoa is really the rock minus the steroids add the hair lol jk nah but for real Jason's the best no comparison lol
Pattie Boy
Pattie Boy Hace 2 meses
I LOVE Haka! I am fascinated by Maori culture. I can just imagine the first 'settlers' arriving in New Zealand, greeted by angry, tattooed face Maori with carved clubs, what a sight that must have been.
Andreza Dessinha
Andreza Dessinha Hace 2 meses
Jason momoa i love you
Jerry A. Peraza
Jerry A. Peraza Hace 2 meses
Powerful $hit...!
lala Santos
lala Santos Hace 2 meses
Just give me a baby damn 🤰🏼🤰🏼🤰🏼
gentleraine480 Hace 2 meses
This is so awesome!!! This man makes me proud to be human!!!
Hrishikesh Dutta
Hrishikesh Dutta Hace 2 meses
He is awesome. Love him. So energetic and fun loving guy.
mario coaquira
mario coaquira Hace 2 meses
Jose Timoteo
Jose Timoteo Hace 2 meses
Yooo my man Mamoa.i love the performance.Africa love you(especial me)
Marcia Luiz
Marcia Luiz Hace 2 meses
Fatima Islam
Fatima Islam Hace 2 meses
He BR0KE the Trident 0f Power....... BAD move........ bro. Really stupid.
אדווה חזות
אדווה חזות Hace 2 meses
I love aquman move🙂
Rijad Emrulai
Rijad Emrulai Hace 2 meses
#JasonMamoa see the “ Albanian Gjama e Lekes “ is similar like haka and has more than 4000 years history its for big wariors and kings
dria moon
dria moon Hace 2 meses
His wife is beyond lucky
Jake Universe
Jake Universe Hace 2 meses
do it some justice eah and get the timing and pronunciation correct brother
The Alice Rose Experience
The Alice Rose Experience Hace 2 meses
That was awesome!
omar inclan
omar inclan Hace 2 meses
Jason Momoa
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