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From director David Lowery and starring Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander, and Joel Edgerton. The Green Knight - Summer 2020.
RELEASE DATE: Summer 2020
DIRECTOR: David Lowery
CAST: Dev Patel, Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton
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Yaw F
Yaw F Hace 6 horas
A24 trailers are always the best.
T. K.
T. K. Hace 12 horas
The Giant Dad - Official Teaser.
Ansharul Hakim
Ansharul Hakim Hace 17 horas
Bro I love these A24 logos
Daily European Identity Reminder
Daily European Identity Reminder Hace 18 horas
Will there be a scene in which Gawain eats some curry, does a Bollywood dance then sh@ts in the street?
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 16 horas
damn you are really complaining about the casting. go do something productive with your life.
apocalypse kindness
apocalypse kindness Hace 18 horas
Dev Patel🤭💘 Alicia Vikander💘
Incursio Teiga
Incursio Teiga Hace 20 horas
I'm hyped!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sailor Tiger
Sailor Tiger Hace un día
Dev Patel = Divine Person
Shelby Seelbach
Shelby Seelbach Hace un día
Wow! A remake. It's about time Hollywood started redoing old movies. Sarcasm, get some fucking original ideas or im never going back to a fucking theater. If only they could find a way to make a movie for every comic book ever drawn! Hollywood sucks now and so does pretty much every movie they make. It's just gotten fucking pathetic! Pathetic!
Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw Hace 21 un hora
This isnt a remake of anything
Steve Pax
Steve Pax Hace un día
looks awful
Sergio Lobato
Sergio Lobato Hace 2 días
Im in! looks so cool!
The Knight of Green
The Knight of Green Hace 2 días
Coincidence, I think not
Tom Fitzgerald
Tom Fitzgerald Hace 3 días
Looks like a Kendrick video
Dave Orenstein
Dave Orenstein Hace 4 días
A24 is the only company taking movies forward. Keeping cinema alive.
Shane Yaw
Shane Yaw Hace 4 días
Sir Gawain was indian now. This is offensive.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 3 días
haha unlucky. Hamlet will also be played by Riz Ahmed. Damn brown and black guys really are taking traditionally white roles and I AM HERE FOR IT. What a time to be alive!!!
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak Hace 4 días
Wonder if this will get pushed back
Zoe Nicole
Zoe Nicole Hace 4 días
I remember reading about this in British Literature class. I'm so glad to see it on screen. Now I feel like reading it again haha
Jonathan Joseph
Jonathan Joseph Hace 4 días
Pitch meeting: " Okay so here's the deal. The story starts with a knight who has to cut of the hea- " A24: " *Beheading you say* "
A S H I S H Hace 4 días
whats that font name 0:03
luis gomez
luis gomez Hace 5 días
D.C vibes ... ?
Jake Hace 5 días
I think A24 might be my favorite studio.
dford145 Hace 5 días
I’m gonna eat mushrooms and watch this
Backstage Bum
Backstage Bum Hace 6 días
A24: The only people in hollywood that still have balls.
Marcos Benedicto
Marcos Benedicto Hace 7 días
Well that looks interesting.
gio the math
gio the math Hace 7 días
Getting Midsommar/VVitch vibes
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Hace 7 días
Why is Sir Gawain indian?
Daily European Identity Reminder
Daily European Identity Reminder Hace 18 horas
@Carefree Riff What about colonization? India is 99% South Asian and has Bollywood, which represents them at like 99%. What about colonization means that Gawain, a Welsh knight, needs to be replaced by an India?
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Hace 3 días
@Carefree Riff No, they don't actually. When you put more black people in the movie, they don't sell because Chinese people are racist. Disney removed John Boyega from the star wars posters because they knew he wouldn't sell well in China. They're putting Asians in movies because they sell in CHINA.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 3 días
@Mace Windu I am not even black so I don't care when you say these things. As I said before Hollywood is about making money and doing more projects that involve Asian and black people in leads will generate money because people will see it. hahahah
Mace Windu
Mace Windu Hace 3 días
@Carefree Riff So you get to appropriate our culture? Why don't you make your own? I don't blame you for not having any, considering Africans have been living in dirt huts for thousands of years and up until they were colonized.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 3 días
@Mace Windu that is what you get for colonialism
G3dabeast Hace 8 días
Idk what the hell this is, but man is it intriguing
Max Wasserman
Max Wasserman Hace 8 días
I read the original story for English class in high’s awful.
Rad Chad
Rad Chad Hace 8 días
AJ Estur
AJ Estur Hace 9 días
A24 is the best
KevinDontEatBut Hace 9 días
Khaleesi is hot
Meg Lea
Meg Lea Hace 9 días
Sell it to Netflix, release now. Do it for humanity.
Danny Films
Danny Films Hace 9 días
I loved “A ghost story” and I know David won’t disappoint us! Great Teaser!
Phillip Holt
Phillip Holt Hace 9 días
jimmy goody
jimmy goody Hace 10 días
honi soit qui mal y pense
Giancarlo Tubal
Giancarlo Tubal Hace 10 días
Im waiting for this film i love dev patel🙂❤️
Marta121211 Hace 10 días
this film takes place during medieval times in Europe. Why is the knight/king an actor with Indian heritage? He looks ridiculous with the orb and the cross! It would have been better if the setting was in a fantastical time where all races co-existed. I like Dev Patel as an actor though.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 18 horas
@Daily European Identity Reminder hello brexit and trump supporter
Daily European Identity Reminder
Daily European Identity Reminder Hace 18 horas
@Samhosh Vader Because Prince of Persia was made by an historically and majority White country by White (or Jewish, probably) people. If Bollywood made a Green Knight movie with an Indian for an Indian audience, then I wouldn't care, but this is a movie coming from the U.S., where there are many actors of British descent and even access to actors from the British Isles, so there's no excuse for Gawain to be an Indian.
Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw Hace 21 un hora
It is fantasy, it doesnt matter
Marta121211 Hace 3 días
@Carefree RiffI don't mind that the Classics are played by actors of any race so long there is an adaptation of these Classics to modern times.
Marta121211 Hace 3 días
@Samhosh Vader Actually the Ancient Persians were Indoeuropeans so in this case it's OK.
Hans611 Hace 10 días
An Indian knight! I seen it all!
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 3 días
haha unlucky. Hamlet will also be played by Riz Ahmed. Damn brown and black guys really are taking traditionally white roles and I AM HERE FOR IT. What a time to be alive!!!
Solomon Wan
Solomon Wan Hace 11 días
This looks so cool. Also foxes howl?
Ave Caesar
Ave Caesar Hace 11 días
I like it already. Can’t wait for the full trailer
I💟crafting Hace 11 días
Looks interesting
MrMaxBoivin Hace 12 días
Too bad they screwed the casting of the main character with this Indian guy.
Carefree Riff
Carefree Riff Hace 3 días
haha unlucky. Hamlet will also be played by Riz Ahmed. Damn brown and black guys really are taking traditionally white roles and I AM HERE FOR IT. What a time to be alive!!!
Action Fresh Edits
Action Fresh Edits Hace 12 días
These A24 films are terrifying yet amazing, looking forward to this one 🤪🤟
Eliecer Hernández
Eliecer Hernández Hace 12 días
The Legend of Paimon
Austen Stokes
Austen Stokes Hace 12 días
You just to go and diversity cast a famous medievil tale set in Europe, didn't you? You degenerates just can't help yourselves.
Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw Hace 21 un hora
@MrMaxBoivin and?
ghost Hace 9 días
gawain is indian.....
MrMaxBoivin Hace 12 días
​@Good Daze It is our ancestral stories of our people.
Good Daze
Good Daze Hace 12 días
Who gives a shit? It's a movie. Grow up.
Joe's cannoli
Joe's cannoli Hace 14 días
Man Gawain just needs to pop his bertilaks belt skill for guts before the green knight strikes and the use his NP.
Gino Hace 14 días
A24 restoring my faith in films one movie at a time
TheCulturalBomb Hace 16 días
The cinematography here looks INCREDIBLE.
Genni Glassglow
Genni Glassglow Hace 17 días
💸💸💸💸💸💗💗💗🌸🌸🌸💸💸💸💸💸 *Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* *This Is True Love!!! (look up and ask HIM)*
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President Hace 15 días
Genni Glassglow First thing God created.
Victorianme Hace 17 días
I might be blind but is this the young man from Hereditary?
Victorianme Hace 17 días
Nope sorry it's Slumdog Millionaire
CT La Hace 18 días
Looks very interesting. Would this qualify as a remake? I believe something similar was done with Sean Connery back in the day. Sword of the Valiant I believe.
Mikey LaFave
Mikey LaFave Hace 18 días
I need to remember this movie.
John Davis
John Davis Hace 18 días
The Sean Connery version was fine if a little hokey.
Jagdeep Singh Uppal
Jagdeep Singh Uppal Hace 18 días
Gawain Hace 19 días
My real life Movie
Zus Frankenstein
Zus Frankenstein Hace 20 días
So from reading the comments, apparently, the choice of Indian actor Dev Patel as Gawain is pissing a lot of people off. While, yeah, sure, maybe casting an Indian guy to play a British Knight wasn't quite the right way to go, I think people should let it go. Whitewashing has replaced the ethnicity of so many fictional characters, I think we can live with one reverse example. Eye for an eye, per say.
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President Hace 15 días
Zus Frankenstein Who runs Hollywood & invented blackface? Try having an Asian play the lead role in fiddler on the roof.
Ruthie May
Ruthie May Hace 20 días
This looks about as idiotic as they come. And they did it with a straight face. 🤮🤮🤮 Absolutely demonic.
BigMek456 Hace 20 días
This story is set in Britain. Why is an Indian playing the main role? This is shitting on European culture once again.
Nathaniel Claw
Nathaniel Claw Hace 21 un hora
"European"? The original people that created arthurian legends are dead, and o doubt they would consider themselves europeans just because they were white 😂
Naslee Lafir
Naslee Lafir Hace 21 un día
It's not the green knight we are worried about it's Corona
V1 Hace 21 un día
A24 should stick to horror/mystery exclusively. Almost everything they release from these two genres are really good and memorable.
V1 Hace 21 un día
A24 should make a Bloodborne movie next, cuz this is Dark Souls af.
Sammy Bouzaglo
Sammy Bouzaglo Hace 21 un día
Gujju actor
Tigran Vardanyan
Tigran Vardanyan Hace 22 días
Pretty sure A24’s sound designers are created in a lab with a single purpose in life - scare people shitless
Chase Long
Chase Long Hace 22 días
can’t go wrong with a24
nommie namie
nommie namie Hace 22 días
as yet to kings
john smith
john smith Hace 23 días
This trailer is so well done, it makes me have an orgasm
Cody Gearheart
Cody Gearheart Hace 23 días
A24: *in Beavis voice* Fire, Fire, Fire!!!
Stacy Bigfoot
Stacy Bigfoot Hace 23 días
Why is Sir Gaiwan an arab?
Al Bundy for President
Al Bundy for President Hace 15 días
Stacy Bigfoot Indian
🔥🔥 Just think about that! 2:00 💕🔥💃 👇 👇 👇💓
Tanner Frost
Tanner Frost Hace 24 días
Whyd ya spill yerr bee.... Oh sorry wrong video.
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