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Half Life Alyx is without a doubt the BEST VR videogame ever created. It's absolutely amazing.
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jacksepticeyehalf lifehalf life alyxhalf life alyx gameplay

jacksepticeye Hace 2 meses
Who's hyped for a Half Life?
Niko Štajner
Niko Štajner Hace 2 meses
I probably won’t be able to play it
LittleRedRhuari RRR
LittleRedRhuari RRR Hace 2 meses
That IS my life. Half.
LegendsxBlade Hace 2 meses
Asian Faggot
Asian Faggot Hace 2 meses
The Silent Lord
The Silent Lord Hace 2 meses
jacksepticeye the внимание sign is pronounced vnimanye I think
C0RBTR0NIC0N Gaming Hace 6 horas
Jack:playing game. Me:sees MEME on the whiteboard . Also me : meme time it’s meme time gather all your friends it’s meme time it’s meme time it’s meme time the only cure for sadness.
Arthur Jensen
Arthur Jensen Hace 10 horas
Why are u always screaming
Mood Af
Mood Af Hace 12 horas
You know he is properly Irish cause he called some one bollaks
XZ Hace 15 horas
Andrew Bryant
Andrew Bryant Hace un día
I love Seán's occasional Futurama references. They pop up every now and then and I'm here for it.
Darth Carlos510
Darth Carlos510 Hace un día
i wished kitty0706 could have been here to see half life have a third game
GLaDOS Aperture science
GLaDOS Aperture science Hace un día
Bl4ck M3sa
[[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
[[[ *Dragonier* ]]] Hace un día
When we gonna get G Mod in VR???
Tim Schommer
Tim Schommer Hace un día
I watched that Barney growing up.
LemonOnFireStudios •20 Years ago
LemonOnFireStudios •20 Years ago Hace un día
Them: “GET IN THE VAN NOW” Jack “ooOo A piGEon
Fizzpig Hace un día
When this video came out black mesa didn't just come out, it's been around since 2015
I LOVE BREAD Hace 2 días
Dude hold down on the language, ur cussing up a storm here
Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller Hace 2 días
Vr portal
wolfmoon256 Hace 2 días
that vortigaunt is precious and i love him
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub Hace 2 días
I’ve been playing this game for a while now! it’s so fun but so scary and I’m happy that you made a video about it!
Confused Obsidian
Confused Obsidian Hace 2 días
Jack you need to do a playthrough of half-life 1 and 2 also
Smiley Sword
Smiley Sword Hace 2 días
Jacksepticeye:were getting close to being able to merge our brain with computer Me a sao fan:*sweats*
Akimbo Gaming
Akimbo Gaming Hace 2 días
When Jack said that real lifes lighting is sh*t i laughed so hard
Drago from Bakugan
Drago from Bakugan Hace 2 días
I don’t think people give enough credit to earths game engine smh
Charlie Gee
Charlie Gee Hace 3 días
This needs to be released on PS5. One of the reasons the PS5 has been given such a fast SSD is to cope with VR gameplay and VR picture quality better👌
Dark Wolf
Dark Wolf Hace 3 días
This looks amazing.
Deidra Doss
Deidra Doss Hace 3 días
Tyler Lombardo
Tyler Lombardo Hace 3 días
its got styrafoam penis in it -jacksepticeye
Diego Cornu-Oxley
Diego Cornu-Oxley Hace 3 días
Unfortunately its not on the quest yet. It can be played with the link+.
P!KXCHU Hace 3 días
Aka garrys mod
Diamond Martin
Diamond Martin Hace 4 días
Sean would be the WORST revolutionary, tbh.
Topname Hace 4 días
Panda-Kun LovesYou
Panda-Kun LovesYou Hace 4 días
Russell sounds like coran from voltron
SAMPLE TEXT Hace 4 días
the combine are just more moral versions of the black and tans
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming Hace 5 días
This game takes place in Eastern Europe
matthew kovich
matthew kovich Hace 5 días
Jack: Everything can be solved with a gun. Alexa: It was a dark and stormy night. Way to get dark guys.
kyle johanson
kyle johanson Hace 5 días
"another lads!!" bro i fucking diiiieeeed when you threw that peroni
archer 1080
archer 1080 Hace 5 días
first time valve made a third game !
Erik Petersen - Mississauga SS (2672)
Erik Petersen - Mississauga SS (2672) Hace 5 días
Are you able to turn off subtitles? I think i would find that they take me out of the game experience a bit.
grumpychris Hace 5 días
Subtitles can be disabled, but Jack leaves them on for the entirety of his playthrough.
MrTORISSIMO Hace 5 días
Holy cow this feels like the first nintendo version of the actual Matrix. 10 years from we'll have a hard time telling these games apart from reality. Stunning tech, hats off Valve.
Syneph Hace 5 días
Do you get vr motion sickness
Ruzz Hace 5 días
Apparently, I do live under a rock. I just heard about this game today.
Sean kraker
Sean kraker Hace 5 días
I dont get how people can watch pewdie or this guy....they are so annoying.
Joakin Caezar Guysayko
Joakin Caezar Guysayko Hace 5 días
So your favorite thing is the tripod like things there called"The Strider"
Teen Player CS
Teen Player CS Hace 6 días
Jack: look at the lighting in this Carriage Me: ...Ok then sure😅👍🏾
Teen Player CS
Teen Player CS Hace 6 días
When he was singing for only a few seconds we were able to see his true Irish side😂
Richard Williams
Richard Williams Hace 6 días
That "oohh my goddd... HOLY FUCK!' Reaction made my eyes well up a bit...not gonna lie.. I could almost feel his reaction! And as brutally honest that Jacksepticeye is...makes me want to get this game even more now!
GrimeyFresh Hace 6 días
I get so motion sick while watching his VR Videos, i wish he didn't move his head so much...
tote nop
tote nop Hace 6 días
I'm watching you in VR play VR
tote nop
tote nop Hace 6 días
Here's one thing Black Mesa and Portal 2 are connected not saying anything else just look it up
james dove
james dove Hace 6 días
Culanamato Hace 6 días
You guys won't feel it until you play it. Being in it for a few seconds scared the shit out of me that I had to put the HMD down immediately!
Carlos infinite
Carlos infinite Hace 7 días
Clicks video. Jesus Christ. title should just be "watch guy high off cocaine play half-life while effortlessly destroying your eardrums"
Tom Gregory
Tom Gregory Hace 7 días
This video is a perfect example of why VR is one of the best things that is happening to our generation in gaming. With the Valve index not just having perfect finger tracking, but has pressure sensors so it can tell how hard you grabbing something. And with the Oculus quest, the first 6dof wireless VR headset that you can actually connect to your PC wirelessly with Virtual Desktop and play Half Life: Alyx with no latency. I have a rift CV1, and am considering getting a quest too and I love it to death. If you want to jump into VR, there is no better time than now. Go onto oculus, pick up a quest, rift, rift s and hop in.
Heavy Frompootis
Heavy Frompootis Hace 7 días
Just imagine if Valve made a Team Fortress 2 VR.
Reppin Seattle 79
Reppin Seattle 79 Hace 7 días
The brains of Psvr people like me are going to melt if this comes out on ps4.
Susan Louw
Susan Louw Hace 7 días
Nathan Mulvenna
Nathan Mulvenna Hace 8 días
Is half life 3(alyx) technically also life1.5 lol
Maddison Kennedy
Maddison Kennedy Hace 8 días
I know that VR is the future of gaming and the technology is unbelievable but the best thing to me about it is taking the time to look at the player when they’re concentrating on something and it just looks like they’re intensely staring into a corner XD
_Can_ Hace 8 días
Like how in the drawing of gordon he's holding his crowbar
Crabludio Official
Crabludio Official Hace 8 días
Jack: ew! i wanna go home! me: first of all, you put a headcrab on your head eariler, and even earlier wanted to eat one, now your afraid of slime? second of all, last time you tried to get to your home, you ended up in a van.
B'Elanna NL
B'Elanna NL Hace 8 días
I am getting so freacking motion sick watching your head moving all the time like this. I quit watching but it is a nice video
Bob Sponge
Bob Sponge Hace 9 días
The walking thing is a Strider... It's not a one designed for combat, but there are some that have guns.
Jakkers07 Rain
Jakkers07 Rain Hace 9 días
Russel is Koran from valtron
WorisonTV Hace 9 días
Bro they need to make VR headset cheaper so everyone can buy them and enjoy $400 and $600 is so fucking expensive :(
THE JG Hace 9 días
so dizzy.....
Jose luis Rostran mayorga
Jose luis Rostran mayorga Hace 9 días
can i have a vr head set please name dustin city winter heaven place winter heaven aportem
Jose luis Rostran mayorga
Jose luis Rostran mayorga Hace 9 días
im hyped for half life 1
Aravind Dileep
Aravind Dileep Hace 9 días
Dude you're just fucking loud, can't you get on with it?
꧁K̊n̛̘̙̚e̗̚e꧂⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Hace 9 días
Jack: "ALL of the world's problems can be sorted with a gun" Siri: "It was a dark and stormy night..."
GAME OVER DUB Hace 9 días
Sean Cahillane
Sean Cahillane Hace 9 días
Why is he so foul-mouthed and silly?
Cale Gray
Cale Gray Hace 9 días
first video i've seen by this guy. super annoying voice and just super annoying all around. this world is fukd
seabasstian 115
seabasstian 115 Hace 10 días
Im actually playing half life 2 rn
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