The God of High School - Opening | Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)

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Artist: KSUKE
Song: Contradiction (feat. Tyler Carter)
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Gu!do Hace un hora
One of the most hype ops in anime history. The bike wheel music transition was sick and smooth af.
Jflash Hace 4 horas
Now that Jin vs Han has happened, we’ve seen everything from the opening. Except for blue eyed Mori
Lucas Parks
Lucas Parks Hace 5 horas
Dont mind me, just putting myself here, so people will know I was early af
Busfunboy 1212
Busfunboy 1212 Hace 5 horas
Mom : who's going to do dishes today me and my family tryin to run ( my father too ): 1:06
Xmaster masters
Xmaster masters Hace 6 horas
1. listening to the song 2. wanna fight 3. going to fight
HIMBOUAK Hace 6 horas
More budjet than nnt s3
Alex :D
Alex :D Hace 6 horas
Guys i cannot stop watching this show i watched to 3 hours straight please send help :(
Pink Jaguar of Anakin
Pink Jaguar of Anakin Hace 7 horas
I started watching from the very beginning and honestly , now with episode 5 , pfff , it's becoming one of my favourite anime in terms of animation in the fight scenes , mate , it's sooo good in that , I wasn't expecting it before I started it!!
Wulfemaro Hace 12 horas
Dup-step lovers join the chat
Kuro Inoshita
Kuro Inoshita Hace 12 horas
Watched the webtoon come at me bro
Vulturelikes games
Vulturelikes games Hace 14 horas
The beginning of the opening doesn’t even sound like anime lol
Trayvon Merveus
Trayvon Merveus Hace 16 horas
Them:How do you like the op for goh Me:Yes.
Ringo KOJIMA Hace 17 horas
Ringo KOJIMA Hace 17 horas
Alberto Giacometti
Zeus Olympya
Zeus Olympya Hace 17 horas
Ok, my opinion, Goh webtoon is bad, a whole mess in the story. Fighting is somehow light, can't feel any force usually. But Goh is still decent until the Fantasy thing, gosh, that just ruined everything...
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Hace 16 horas
It was always about fantasy, Chapter 1: A giant hand is slapped onto an Island Also chapter 1: Mujin is standing in front of a wall that has gods painted on them.
Urks Hace 18 horas
Daniela Giraldo
Daniela Giraldo Hace 20 horas
Ali Najah
Ali Najah Hace 22 horas
I watched episode 1 and it was amazing guess I'll continue watching it
AnimetalViking Hace un día
A metalcore vocalist on a dubstep song and one used for an anime? Now that is some awesome stuff.
Xd Super
Xd Super Hace un día
Este anime llegará muy lejos, recordad mis palabras
Josh Naujokas
Josh Naujokas Hace un día
My boy Tyler!!!
Extreme Tornado
Extreme Tornado Hace un día
Guys this part is the best 1:39 tell me what you think. Hehehehe Get baited
Thanasis nos
Thanasis nos Hace un día
mememe music influence change my mind
Karma Hace un día
The opening does its job. Makes you want to fight the first guy you come across...
Crow Wetta
Crow Wetta Hace un día
I'm hooked on this webtoon BRUH Chapter 95 XD CANT STOP THEIR TOO MUCH TO KNOW! Haha
Ultra galaxy
Ultra galaxy Hace un día
Эвдиалите Вдруг
Эвдиалите Вдруг Hace un día
Only 471 replays to go
Angry Crow
Angry Crow Hace un día
oque eu ouço: alguem que pode vencer
Morty Hace un día
SPOILERS Personally, I think this opening should've been used for the after the time skip seasons. Not for the very first season. They should've just used the webtoon trailer for the original and edited the video so it didn't spoil everything.
RJL Lewis
RJL Lewis Hace un día
Sounds like something straight out of rocket league 😂
Poison Specs
Poison Specs Hace un día
I love the op. It's in english to make it easier to understand as well.
Ashi Aku
Ashi Aku Hace un día
I wanted Fly Too High to be the opening 😢
Aritsu Hace un día
I’m so happy they made this WEBTOON an anime 😭😭😭
geo x uchiha
geo x uchiha Hace un día
Please please PLEASE use the webtoon opening for the second half of the season 😭
Mr.Meister Hace un día
Ocean man fits in to this opening animation.
Alex Rothery
Alex Rothery Hace un día
00:35 " till your balls come down "
rebecca Hace un día
this show is so good omfg
Scott Havertz
Scott Havertz Hace 2 días
Yup. After watching ep 5 it's clear: this is next-level anime.
Brian Daniel
Brian Daniel Hace 2 días
Only anime I wait for weekly. I let everything else build for like 4 eps so I can binge a few at a time. Not this!!!
Jubble thebubble
Jubble thebubble Hace 2 días
It's amazing to see such a great story get an anime, i'm so excited for the anime's future!!!!!
Allen Walker
Allen Walker Hace 2 días
Dayanara Hace 2 días
Mori look like a villan
David Balladares
David Balladares Hace 2 días
The opening is top notch !
Get 1,000 subs And I will make vids
Get 1,000 subs And I will make vids Hace 2 días
This is a good op
Get 1,000 subs And I will make vids
Get 1,000 subs And I will make vids Hace 2 días
This anime is a so cool I am good at drawing I draw my charecter
Ángel Dávalos
Ángel Dávalos Hace 2 días
Jin Mori VS Satan in anime version... *Boi i can't wait*
Yong Clip
Yong Clip Hace 2 días
The next WEBTOON anime needs to be unordinary
I Dont Have A Name
I Dont Have A Name Hace 2 días
I'd love to see winter moon and sweet home animated someday lol but I love this anime already to
Lucas Lacrampe
Lucas Lacrampe Hace 2 días
Im little bit sad because , many parts insnt in the episodes , just fight , and all part with the 6 , the old man and grand-father of jin mori is skipped :/
ItsJustVin Hace un día
Good thing the webtoon exists
CringeLord Hace 2 días
*приступы эпилепсии*
Makz Hace 2 días
This sounds like perfect JSAB material
Pillow Gamer Yt
Pillow Gamer Yt Hace 2 días
Not gonna lie I thought this was Japanese when I heard it
roain wolf
roain wolf Hace 2 días
Issues lead singer doing the opening song cool, cool
João Kenzo
João Kenzo Hace 2 días
This op did the impossible and revived the hype for dubstep music
ShinyPM Hace 3 días
Three episodes and I honestly love this anime more than Tower of God
Naia Kirra
Naia Kirra Hace 3 días
Best thing about this show. The opening!
Lil_mar 275
Lil_mar 275 Hace 3 días
I can’t over how good this is
Lil_mar 275
Lil_mar 275 Hace 3 días
This is god level good😭
Pastal Jones
Pastal Jones Hace 3 días
How in the hell did this get 1.3k dislikes 😬
TacoBelle 4U
TacoBelle 4U Hace 3 días
Stray Kids for The Tower of God, dubstep for The God of High School... at this point I’m just waiting for BTS to be a part of an opening. That’s not impossible, right?? 🤞🏻💜
El cagüai
El cagüai Hace 3 días
The "Goku" BTS
Maneon Hace 3 días
Mori my favorite already. this artist deserves a recognition
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment Hace 3 días
When you realize the opening is just amv of the first episode
Maneon Hace 3 días
this song be giving me deep vibes..
chancyvonsnuffals Hace 3 días
Kenshi-kun_ Hace 2 días
Thanks thats my fav part
Alejandro Azevedo
Alejandro Azevedo Hace 3 días
When i first saw this OP, The first thing I thought was *Those are some scary legs you got there boy*
WaXXis Hace 3 días
This Opening had no business being so fire
W.E.E.B :]
W.E.E.B :] Hace 3 días
not going to lie but it does have a nice beat
Rintran Tran
Rintran Tran Hace 3 días
Spoilers Who hates Mubong
Yeetabix Hace 3 días
Ygo-riv Hace 3 días
Cool for Tyler carter good to see he’s still going strong but not really a fan of the song as an opening
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