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The gecko stays at work late to practice for a presentation when the automatic lights turn off. Luckily the office janitor is still around to help. Subscribe to GEICO:
Gecko: Jake Wood
“Otto”: David Wells
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Zebulun Wilson
Zebulun Wilson Hace 3 días
Literally sent this to 64 people in my messenger and Instagram fifty XD love this ad
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III
Mr.Wellington Von Duke III Hace 9 días
I choose my ads!
Qwalla 678
Qwalla 678 Hace 10 días
Gecko's can't blink.
Gina Horne
Gina Horne Hace 11 días
The timing of this commercial is impeccable. There are messages in so many ways on television.
Majik Hace 13 días
Shared Buddy.
dan jeffries
dan jeffries Hace 16 días
This commercial is genius.
Mark Cabaniss
Mark Cabaniss Hace 16 días
I can picture that old man being drinking buddies with Alex Jones! 😉
Johnny M
Johnny M Hace 17 días
psycho security😳🤪😵
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hace 17 días
Why does this vid have so many dislikes
CACTUS48 Hace 18 días
What is he saying '****' just the beginning, pretty soon we will have eyes every where.
Kiayana Beaumont
Kiayana Beaumont Hace 17 días
The beginning of automating away jobs from the people. Say it with me! Evolve or die! The people need a UBI!
GEICO Insurance
GEICO Insurance Hace 18 días
"You know automated lights are just the beginning..."
Luna Pearl
Luna Pearl Hace 18 días
I only came here so I could turn on captions and find out what he says at 0:14 lmao
TheRealEMURSE Hace 20 días
This has to do with whats happening now
Jeremy H
Jeremy H Hace 23 días
Why 4.2k dislikes?
freddiemercuryjohndeaconrogertaylorbrianmay Hace 23 días
why is there always not good like to dislike ratio around 300 comments and 10,000,000 views
Dustin plays
Dustin plays Hace 25 días
I just PURPOSELY watched a AD today lol
Alan W
Alan W Hace 25 días
Sorry, I don't get it.
nmarkose Hace 26 días
Why so many haters???
C Rob
C Rob Hace 26 días
MVS!C Hace 29 días
This commercial is stupid (Understatement)
Kris Tyler
Kris Tyler Hace un mes
yep this is purposefully stupid- soon they'll have eyes everywhere fml
Crazy Cheeto
Crazy Cheeto Hace un mes
I swear this is bubbles from trailer park boys
Sam Hace un mes
0:03 suddenly the lights go off
Sam Hace un mes
This little GEICO can help all times
A Konovalski
A Konovalski Hace un mes
That guy is so weird
Lilly CA
Lilly CA Hace 7 días
he is not werid
Brittney Airgood
Brittney Airgood Hace un mes
who plays the janitor? it reminds me of that guy from "ready player one"...who looks like garth
dwayne0t Hace un mes
Who is that guy, isn't he in some other commercial?
Sam Hace un mes
Inthis whole channel
STICKLAIT Hace un mes
They should make the Gecko do asmr.
Jeremiah Valeska
Jeremiah Valeska Hace un mes
XD weirdo
Dino Morell
Dino Morell Hace un mes
This one is hecka funny! Well Goodnighhht!!! 😂😂😂
Brian 369
Brian 369 Hace 29 días
thats what i lol about
Mudkip909 Hace un mes
Bronx Burkart
Bronx Burkart Hace un mes
We need the Caveman back
Christbepraised Hace un mes
Just saw this on TV tonight. Laughed so hard. Glad I found it here. Will share
David Knowles
David Knowles Hace un mes
Go David Wells! Was a great leader on the basketball court for WRH Bulldogs! Good Guy!
Val Gerasenkov
Val Gerasenkov Hace un mes
So what if a commercial is trending, its just boomer humor that appeals to zoomers too
Sandra Baker
Sandra Baker Hace un mes
I LOVE this guy!!!! 💝 😘
Victoria Vilshenker
Victoria Vilshenker Hace un mes
Great job, David Wells!
Sitearm Hace un mes
I like watching these because there are no commercials 😄
Joker Hace un mes
Geico, eat fresh!
Jason Huhn
Jason Huhn Hace un mes
More like 80 years.....
10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge
10,000 Subscribers With 1 Video Challenge Hace un mes
Mr Janitor, there are already eyes everywhere! Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide!!
flying chicken
flying chicken Hace un mes
delete gecco , insurance and specifically that guy permanently and quickly
President Moore
President Moore Hace un mes
10m views and only 9k likes...seems legit.
mark brown
mark brown Hace un mes
and thats why i do my dishes by hand, because the dishwasher is trying to replace me
rcg adventure
rcg adventure Hace un mes
The janitor reminds me of what I feel and look like at 1 am working 3rd shift.
Lil Ghosst
Lil Ghosst Hace un mes
NOBODY: OLD MAN: LIZARD: ME: Go listen to Tight Road by Lil Ghosst
Lian Hace un mes
yeah yeah we know are you the only one who is doing the stupid obnoxious "nobody: me:" it's getting old dude
Snow Hace un mes
Im going to speak for everybody, We did not search for this
Ray2311us Hace 25 días
Snow I did
zoe Hace un mes
NO NO NO YOU WILL NOT CHANGE YOUR SLOGAN. That slogan is literally part of my childhood
Shank Adams
Shank Adams Hace un mes
FirstTime ISawJupiter
FirstTime ISawJupiter Hace un mes
How much did ESwomen got paid to put this on trending?
JoãoMPSilva Hace un mes
Nice viewbotting... on trending...
JoãoMPSilva Hace un mes
226 comments with 10M views?
I NH Hace un mes
There seems to be quite large amount of people that always dislike gecko's ad 😕
Arseny Hace un mes
Was scrolling through the comments while the ad played until I realized. . .this was the video.
Crypto Kam kam
Crypto Kam kam Hace un mes
So many views with so little comments. ?! I’ll teach you how to trade Bitcoin on my channel.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Hace un mes
I find myself relating to that Gecko for staying up late at the office to practice a presentation.
Chi Nguyen
Chi Nguyen Hace un mes
Makes sense since now it is human to overwork at night, for better or worse.
Anthony Goodley
Anthony Goodley Hace un mes
10.8 Million views and only 214 comments. Hmmm seems legit to me alright. 🤔😂
¡ !
¡ ! Hace un mes
37 second of a Geico ad trending...2020 ya’lllllllllll
InfusedSediment Hace un mes
This is so stupid
Harvey 10K
Harvey 10K Hace un mes
Can believe I left tv to watch an ad deliberately on ESwomen what has my life become 😭
June Hace un mes
Bro why is this trending?
No Thanks
No Thanks Hace un mes
Gettin Q-42i vibe but that was mostly urban legend
ScatterBrained Hace un mes
202 comments, with 10 million views? View bots, and im sure youtube isnt gonna do a thing
taetae .vislife
taetae .vislife Hace un mes
A geico insurance ad is on trending. Never thought I'd live to see a day where ESwomen would be this boring.
O.T Genasis [AMV]
O.T Genasis [AMV] Hace un mes
0:17 my weird grandpa to me when I’m at the fridge at 2 am
Samuel Sanabria
Samuel Sanabria Hace un mes
How does this have 9.6 mil views in only a day?
James Ordner
James Ordner Hace un mes
Samuel Sanabria it’s becoming a meme
Mazza Heinz
Mazza Heinz Hace un mes
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Mazza Heinz
Mazza Heinz Hace un mes
Francisco Luther I got in touch using you as reference. The dude is very smart with credit repair .
Francisco Luther
Francisco Luther Hace un mes
He’s got my wife’s credit booming and currently having mine fixed too. Hopefully I can get my dream car this year with an excellent credit car dealers can’t ignore.
celtic miss
celtic miss Hace un mes
Me in my office
MANA🎶 Hace un mes
I would die for that gecko
josh kind28 • 7,629 years ago
josh kind28 • 7,629 years ago Hace un mes
How is this #23 on trending? Tell me how... Someone please?
FirstTime ISawJupiter
FirstTime ISawJupiter Hace un mes
ESwomen got paid extra for putting them?
Polaverse Hace un mes
Like 4 Gecko Comment 😁 4 Pinocchio Comment 🙂 4 both
Polaverse Hace un mes
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