The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

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Hace 3 años

Presidential nominees Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face off in the first of three scheduled presidential debates from Hofstra University. Moderated by NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt.
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The First Presidential Debate: Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump (Full Debate) | NBC News

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จันนา จันนา Man
จันนา จันนา Man Hace 26 minutos
cbl1984 Hace 2 horas
THIS is what I like about America! You can truly see who the superior person is here. This man is a GODSEND.
Stacie lynne
Stacie lynne Hace 3 horas
She say her hubby did a good job in the 90s. But he was too busy getting head by his intern
James Hutter
James Hutter Hace 4 horas
trumps facial expressions got me dead 😂😂
Osualdo Cedano
Osualdo Cedano Hace 6 horas
50minute he's caring bout blacks and Hispanics mexicans
Osualdo Cedano
Osualdo Cedano Hace 7 horas
You can tell she lies
legit boss
legit boss Hace 8 horas
Love how the moderator lets trump rip into the nasty communist that clinton is
W and S
W and S Hace 9 horas
Look how emphatically he lies about the taxes being audited. usually when people lie there is body language or the look in the eye that gives it away. the fact that he told the lie during a rant did not give him away.. this is what they mean as a sociopath. and it';s very dangerous as most our citizens already know.
Andrew Kreider
Andrew Kreider Hace 9 horas
Love when she says that trump has no plan to defeat isis. Look what happened now trump defeated isis
Fuddy Duddy
Fuddy Duddy Hace 10 horas
Tax returns....? I bet Trump has a birth cerificate, lady! Haha!! 🧐💪🏼
Fuddy Duddy
Fuddy Duddy Hace 11 horas
I love how Donald Trump just destroyed her, and brought all of her faces out into the open. She is just terrible. Sounds like she was on a PR tour trying to market her trash. 🙄 - Lester Holt should have been a neutral party, but clearly he’s exercising his far left liberal crap and being one-sided.
Maureen Wagner
Maureen Wagner Hace 14 horas
I love his answers. He’s brilliant and hilarious.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski Hace 17 horas
People say Trump is stupid because he uses the language of a typical 4th grader. That’s sales 101. Politics is complicated. For the typical person to understand you have to dumb it down for us. Not because we are stupid but because we haven’t dedicated our lives to politics nor are most of us lawyers. I’m in sales selling to doctors who are very smart and I still have to explain contracts very simply.
Olivia Lukanuski
Olivia Lukanuski Hace 17 horas
It’s so crazy to go back and watch this. When I first watched it four years ago, I thought Trump was full of BS (well to be honest I thought they were both full of BS). Now I can see he actually kept his promises.
Areen Hashemi
Areen Hashemi Hace 19 horas
He wants to maje the rich richer, the poor poorer
Axhiro Madlander
Axhiro Madlander Hace 21 un hora
Fight starts at 4:24
Masood Akhter
Masood Akhter Hace 22 horas
Trump gona give Biden a heart attack 😂😂😂, can't wait!!
Cahj Singh
Cahj Singh Hace 14 horas
If the debates even happen.
Gryffindor Equestrian Girl
Gryffindor Equestrian Girl Hace un día
Snap Hace un día
Obama admitted to not being born in the USA
Snap Hace un día
Biden doesn’t stand a chance
Marisabel Acres
Marisabel Acres Hace un día
China has become rich and built those modern cities and bringing 500 million people from being poor to medium class and now has many millionaires copying the capitalism of the USA. What Democrats don't say is that China used to pay USD1 per day to a worker, and even now they pay USD2 per day to migrants from Asia. Democrats are atracting people making them believe that they are going to make companies pay USD15 hour. Even if you are a hairdresser and pay USD15 per hour to an employee, how much is going to cost a haircut? Because university students don't understand costs. For instance, in the same case of a hairdresser, how much cost does it cost the rent, the electricity, council rates, water, VAT that you pay to the government such as VAT and Company income tax and your accountant to make the declaration of taxes? So it is NOT true that because they charge you for instance USD 30 per haircut, the USD30 has to go to the worker that it is what the "young socialists" are saying. How roads, bridges, trains, teachers in public schools are going to be paid? I hope that USA people react and don't fall for these "socialists" that don't let latinoamerican countries become better because this is the "idea" they sell you, "social justice" and the only ones that become rich are the politicians but check Venezuela and you will realise how the left destroyed a rich country where people are eating from the rubbish bins now and 7 million venezuelans have migrated to other countries not to die of starvation.
FF Hace un día
This is a lesson for Biden That is the reason ESwomen playing again
Slippery Noodle
Slippery Noodle Hace un día
Another episode of where quarantine has lead me
JMAR Videos
JMAR Videos Hace un día
Biden is trying his best to get out of debating Trump. 😂
Anna Joel
Anna Joel Hace un día
OMG, I can't believe I am totally free from herpes after using the medications I got from Dr. Umoru you can get more information on Dr Umoru ESwomen channel.
Amazing astro
Amazing astro Hace un día
This is why I love the Dems😍😍😎 she talked about systemic racism!
Angie angie l
Angie angie l Hace un día
Trump didn't want to be president he was shocked like the rest of us.
Joker Card
Joker Card Hace un día
Getting prepared to watch trump destroy Biden
Doctorpilotspy Hace un día
He lied and pivoted off of every question lmao
David Hace un día
"You cant see forward without looking back". This was the day Trump lied to us all and has not done one thing he promised
Robert Adell
Robert Adell Hace 6 horas
D b
Renoir Kim
Renoir Kim Hace 2 días
hillary would look decent if she just put her hair down nd not hairspray it back
Boud Graham
Boud Graham Hace 2 días
The same debate of 2020 will be a humiliation to Biden too. Trump2020
Evan c.
Evan c. Hace 2 días
“At least I have a plan to fight ISIS” - Hilary Clinton Fast forward a few years and the leader of ISIS is dead under President Donald J. Trump.
Wolfy229 Hace 2 días
I think they should just put Hillary in a lie detector and ask did you delete the emails
Hec12009 Hace 2 días
This debate as known as the time the russians help trump become the dictator of the U.S.A...this by far will always be known as the most corrupted time in u.s.a. history by the russians and trumps. #presidentgate
The Boognish
The Boognish Hace 2 días
The commentary and questions were so clearly in favor of Clinton, and yet he still managed to decimate her in these.
Internet Person
Internet Person Hace 2 días
I have realized a pattern. In 2016, I saw more people against Trump, WAY more people against Trump than I do now. Now I read these comments that are from more recent times, they say that they realize that trump is a good President, that they fell for the media, and never knew why they fell for Clinton. Trump 2020 is going to be a major landslide!
Bani Mil
Bani Mil Hace 2 días
Which one of the sellout traitorous future puppet in chief would you like? Tough choice.
Extra Toast
Extra Toast Hace 2 días
oh boy, I'm sad who won this race
ksmacc52 Hace 3 días
Look at us now
No evidence for flatearth
No evidence for flatearth Hace 3 días
Trumps making her eat her words now.
duyagetme Hace 3 días
When he's not being audited? he'll release his taxes. He's a liar.
Renoir Kim
Renoir Kim Hace 23 horas
Doctorpilotspy i did jst learn ive only read the title and assumed
Doctorpilotspy Hace 23 horas
@Renoir Kim Why did you not tell the truth in your original comment? Or did you just learn that he has, in fact, NOT released his tax returns?
Renoir Kim
Renoir Kim Hace un día
Doctorpilotspy quick retaliation of course anti trumps will hate left nd right anyways he does anything
Doctorpilotspy Hace un día
@Renoir Kim You said "he did release his taxed recently", and now your pivot is "He'll release them soon". Why bother lying in the first place?
Renoir Kim
Renoir Kim Hace un día
Doctorpilotspy “I’m under a routine audit, and it’ll be released,” Mr. Trump said. “And as soon as the audit is finished, it will be released.” DJT New York Times He’ll release them soon also hillarys on trial but the news aint said anything about doesnt fit there narrative
Alex Suarez
Alex Suarez Hace 3 días
He “intimidates” when he feels uneasy or wronged & she gets scarred & doesn’t call him for it
Trevord19g2 Donaldson
Trevord19g2 Donaldson Hace 3 días
But you didn't get it done Hillary Trump's getting it done the Trump train does not stop all aboard for a wonderful new America thank you Donald J Trump the truth
Nahor glazi
Nahor glazi Hace 3 días
I am just wondering how Joe Biden is going to debate with Trump when he is making so many mistakes,#just thinking
Sparsh Garg
Sparsh Garg Hace 4 días
so in 2016 trump used jobs as an incentive,now in 2020 I feel that he will tell voters look I am going to protect your culture.I will not allow vandals to demolish Mt rushmore or bring down statues.And come Nov ,the result:TRUMP is re-elected.Mark my words this is the point he will make in his debate.(CORE point)
Righteous Brother
Righteous Brother Hace 4 días
Omg ! 1:19:30 JUST look at CLINTON’S expression here! Priceless 🤬🤬🤬🤣 THE HATRED in her face shows ! No wonder she lost 😉
over seer
over seer Hace 4 días
3:48 !!!!!!!
over seer
over seer Hace 4 días
Righteous Brother
Righteous Brother Hace 4 días
Righteous Brother
Righteous Brother Hace 4 días
I HAVE WATCHED these debates numerous times and honestly can say CLINTON was rattled by TRUMP many many times & not the other way around. JULY 7th 2020
Righteous Brother
Righteous Brother Hace 4 días
THE VERY FIRST ATTACK WAS BY CLINTON! Big mistake!!! Apparently she didn’t learn from the GOP Primary Debates 🤣
Lexi Donahue
Lexi Donahue Hace 4 días
Quarantined yet watching this
jwang604 Hace 4 días
My view of Trump changed in 2020. The Democrats are so out of touch, I can no longer vote for them. I’m officially on the MAGA train!
Jun Kwon
Jun Kwon Hace 4 días
watching this now to see how bad the candidates were on both sides. O lord it's gonna be even worse when it's trump and Biden... someone get me to Canada please
DON Hace 4 días
I’d take Biden Trump debate over sports right now
Magnetic Metallica
Magnetic Metallica Hace 4 días
We were told to fear Trump. Yet we've gone the longest in over 30 years without invading one new country. We were told the stock market would crash. Yet before the latest chinavirus, where the WHO dropped the ball, the market and economy set record after record. Trump went to economic war with China and we were winning yet the left and their media propaganda arm is actively helping to support China over America. We were told Trump is racist. Yet blacks have more opportunities and investments in colleges than every in history. The country is so non racist that there have been far more hoaxes of fake racial incidents than real ones. Police brutality has actually lessened, not worsened. Crime has gone down accross the board in the US, except for areas that are controlled entirely by democrats. They literally tried every single thing they can come up with to take him out and have failed. If the left loses the next election there will either be a war or they will assassinate him. Until the election is over, the madness in this country will only worsen. After this next election, the coronavirus and racial issues will suddenly dissapear.
Jerylyn Lorca
Jerylyn Lorca Hace 4 días
Trump2020,4more years,
Bob Upsahl
Bob Upsahl Hace 4 días
As we all know Trump swoops her a$$
Michael Bullis
Michael Bullis Hace 4 días
Shark Bait
Shark Bait Hace 4 días
this election is a no brainer thanks to nbc, thanks for making trump win again!
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 4 días
this is gold
Josh DePaola
Josh DePaola Hace 4 días
Sean Hanity is just sitting in his house like o_O
joemad Hace 4 días
Red like the devil... What a disgusting woman
Angelica RoseMarie
Angelica RoseMarie Hace 4 días
America/NBC News.. Just to think, Trump had knowledge Putin & the G.R.U., criminal military computer hackers...were stoked to help his campaign, "STEAL the 2016 Presidential Elections." WOW!!! NOW, Putin has made clear... "I will help Trump in the 2020 Elections." CHEATER!!! It seems, the majority Republican Supreme Court Justices... has given Trump and House/Senate Republicans HUGE advantages, by approving rampant... statewide gerrymandering throughout ALL the 2020 elections. Concerning a "PIGGY BANK"... NO ONE KNOWS, WHAT'S INSIDE TRUMP'S... PIGGY BANK, BECAUSE HE'S LEGALLY HIDING HIS... ELUSIVE TAX RETURNS. America: WILL WE EVER GET THE CHANCE, TO SEE TRUMP'S... PIGGY BANK?!? Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) says, "LET'S MAKE 'EM SQUEAL!" WHAT ABOUT TRUMP?!? WHAT HAS TRUMP DONE IN FOUR YEARS?!? TOTAL DISASTER & DEVASTATION!!! OUR COUNTRY IS SUFFERING... WITHIN THIS "TRUMP DO NOTHING... RIPOFF!!!"
FIU Student
FIU Student Hace 4 días
Youre still butthurt after 2016. News Flash: Hillary Cheated, the Wiki leaks Emails showed everyone the truth.
Ayahuasca Global
Ayahuasca Global Hace 4 días
Evidence shows: Hillary Clinton is a robot. HILLARY CLINTON: “I’M REALLY NOT EVEN A HUMAN BEING”
Alex Espinoza
Alex Espinoza Hace 5 días
Obama was the standard I believe JFK is living his dream
Kandi Heart
Kandi Heart Hace 5 días
Why isn't this woman the president of the United states?🤔
Marius Hace 4 días
Because Trump won. But, uuh.. GUESS YOU KNEW THAT!!:D:D
Cole Richardson
Cole Richardson Hace 5 días
I understand the Hillary skepticism and I see how she under performed in her debate against trumps tactics, but basic understanding of American politics and history should be enough to debunk all of his outlandish claims and foolishness. How did America get to this...
Mike 85
Mike 85 Hace 5 días
I cant wait to see trump humiliate biden in Nov
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