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Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek

Hace un mes

The final weigh in to the Antonyan family weight loss journey.
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People in this vid:
Special thanks to Hubble Studio & Glendale fighting club for the locations

Outro song by
Simon Rex
Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva
Camera man/ Assistant Editor
Nathan Speiser
Assitant to the assistant Editor
Joe Vulpis

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Jeff Wittek
Jeff Wittek Hace un mes
The amount of likes this vid gets is how much Jonah is gonna weight in 6 months
Lukas Gunaca
Lukas Gunaca Hace 5 días
Jeff Wittek These videos inspired me to try to lose weight I waived 175
Space Ducks
Space Ducks Hace 8 días
I love you Jeff Witek
Ibe Spirit
Ibe Spirit Hace 8 días
Natalie Pham take out the k. So it’s 205 ib
Alexander Jordan-Smith
Alexander Jordan-Smith Hace 10 días
Love it
El2jah Re2bolla66
El2jah Re2bolla66 Hace 10 días
Jeff Wittek he gon disappear
Amina myagmarjav
Amina myagmarjav Hace 3 horas
Im so proud of vardan
Fareena Ilisya
Fareena Ilisya Hace 4 horas
vardon , i -
Flipdipper 2006
Flipdipper 2006 Hace 4 horas
Jonahs a fat fuck
waxytrout 80
waxytrout 80 Hace 5 horas
Vardon is in great shape
Kendall Bever
Kendall Bever Hace 7 horas
I might be wrong but when the camera cut from the first clip of the hole family on the scale but when the next scene came it looked like there was only 4 people on the scale but when Jeff said that they did it and it cut back to the family there was now 5 people on the scale so that would mean that when it cut to Jeff someone snuck back on the scale. So they really didn’t make the goal
Morgan W
Morgan W Hace 10 horas
I want to marry Jeff
ゼロ以下ゼロ以下 Hace 12 horas
I’m the same age as Vardan and I’m 92 lbs
Hella sketchyy
Hella sketchyy Hace 13 horas
Is his name jonah or nick
Hadasah Steele
Hadasah Steele Hace 17 horas
Hayden Tan
Hayden Tan Hace 19 horas
nah but the dad lowkey got a cute chubby baby face. like if u agree
Erin Baftjari
Erin Baftjari Hace 21 un hora
Erin Baftjari
Erin Baftjari Hace 21 un hora
Dam he is pretty fat tbh 10:02
Jennifer Amador
Jennifer Amador Hace un día
Vardan be hitting differently tho 😳
Lucidx Hace un día
Jeff you should do this for me and my mom. We are the fattest in the family.
muhammad elahi
muhammad elahi Hace un día
I don't know how, I have started to like this person jeff
Gor Hace un día
Guys it’s not Vardon it’s Vardan 😂
Rayyan Hamade
Rayyan Hamade Hace un día
good on e them i am a student and i used to be like that just with a month training i have the body of d tod and i am 13
Alina Freire
Alina Freire Hace 2 días
Nobody: Not a single soul: Vardon "I feel like a fat s'more" 😭🤣
Angel Alcantar01
Angel Alcantar01 Hace 2 días
you know what this series inspired me i will start losing weight thanks for the inspiration jeff
Nozu Hace 2 días
10:35 look at vardans boner
Sneaky Gandolf
Sneaky Gandolf Hace 2 días
i can't believe that is what jonah decides to wear
Sneaky Gandolf
Sneaky Gandolf Hace 2 días
the fact that he zooms in on her ass
Cherry lemon101 !
Cherry lemon101 ! Hace 2 días
Carson looks so different I-
Cherry lemon101 !
Cherry lemon101 ! Hace 2 días
I meant vardon
Kael God
Kael God Hace 2 días
You are a mom, i cant be mean to you . aww xd
Jason Arauz
Jason Arauz Hace 3 días
I know this bc I was like vardon going into highschool weighing 150 but now graduating I grew and got up to 205 but I still look less chubby then than I did then, thanks to football. Really vardon doesn’t need to loose weight but bulk up but he’s young and has time.
Aidan McCormick
Aidan McCormick Hace 3 días
jeff what is the song at the end of this video
Frost Plague
Frost Plague Hace 3 días
Jacob Reynolds
Jacob Reynolds Hace 3 días
Why are you spitting:? Wrestlers:😤
Jack Scott
Jack Scott Hace 3 días
guy reminds me of joe santagato
Nicholas Grant
Nicholas Grant Hace 3 días
"The scale breaks" Lol!!
Shock Wave
Shock Wave Hace 4 días
I love how the insult is your fat
Benny Rod
Benny Rod Hace 4 días
There working out but are still eating and being fat
Juju beans 56713
Juju beans 56713 Hace 4 días
If Vardon started lifting and working out a bit more he could be a BEAST
JayCajero Hace 4 días
Jonah at 4:10 when she walked in 😂
Nervcy Hace 4 días
they buy 20000 sandwiches off the dollar menu
Christopher Lewis
Christopher Lewis Hace 4 días
Bro Vardon looks so much older dude. I was not expecting that. Congratulations Buddy!!
Arlyn Diaz
Arlyn Diaz Hace 5 días
Dude vardon be looking so good he’s glowing up nicely 😊
Abraham Hace 5 días
Bo John
Bo John Hace 5 días
Are we gonna talk about Jeff wearing two hats?
Alejandro Quirarte
Alejandro Quirarte Hace 5 días
"alright get off the scale " 🤣💀11:06
M3 FRMH3LL Hace 5 días
This video actually had me crying
Honey Kakbira
Honey Kakbira Hace 5 días
Vardan is the only one who looks like he lost weight.
Oh_Yeah_Yeah 36
Oh_Yeah_Yeah 36 Hace 6 días
Ayyyy edmen, need too see him fight more
Janet Malu
Janet Malu Hace 6 días
This series has literally inspired me to make a change
The Gamechanger
The Gamechanger Hace 6 días
Who else got a bit emotional at 11:27?
The Gamechanger
The Gamechanger Hace 6 días
Jeff has a huge heart for caring about people like this. I strongly hope Jonah and his family can get healthier. If you can get Jonah in shape (I recommend weight-lifting rather than cardio for the first year to put on muscle and build his cardiovascular for a run when he is in shape). You can do it Jeff- the kale juice in a Ninja or Vitamix is key. Much love Bro.
Chris Gaytan
Chris Gaytan Hace 6 días
Damn Vardon fat
Kashawnra Johnson
Kashawnra Johnson Hace 6 días
yall if i was old enough i would date nick he seems sweet
Theotim Bourseau
Theotim Bourseau Hace 6 días
I lost that by myself in 2 month so ... It's not that amazing
Aidan Owens
Aidan Owens Hace 6 días
Go again
Dominique Gaines
Dominique Gaines Hace 6 días
I started this day reading 'Charlotte's Web' and somehow ended here.. I'm happy about today.
A9 Schweinstiger
A9 Schweinstiger Hace 6 días
4:36 look at vardon😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Prosper
Jeremy Prosper Hace 7 días
I was 190 now I'm 165
Connor Stnson
Connor Stnson Hace 7 días
Vardon isn’t even remotely fat anymore good for him and where his $5,000
Cars Of Pennsylvania
Cars Of Pennsylvania Hace 7 días
damn, if Jonah looses all the weight he'll lose his career just like Josh Peck, but atleast Josh is funny
Nur hey
Nur hey Hace 7 días
Im not going to say its you fault but we did lose 20,000 because you didnt lose the 5 pounds.
Kamaya Todd
Kamaya Todd Hace 7 días
Vardon looks good
Dalle Hace 7 días
Wtf Vardon acutally gonna break the fat curse. Really looks like he's gonna be soooo lean. But idk cause they're really not that tall all over
Lil Babyg615
Lil Babyg615 Hace 8 días
Yo man I wish you could help me loose weight nobody I have that can help me and I really wanna loose weight no money no nothing just your help plz jeff
Alpha Wolf_god
Alpha Wolf_god Hace 8 días
Damn I wish I could do Jeff’s challenge so I can show him and everyone else what an average guy like me ( who used to be in great shape) can do and look as good as I used to at the very least hopefully better
lexie Hace 8 días
250k. He's dead, that cake worked jeff. Now u just gotta wait for David to make ur apartment into a freaking jail and ur off. Manslaughter.
prankworld Hace 8 días
I was waiting for David to whip out his camera and he did
Just ur idk Irish Opaque or something ツ
Just ur idk Irish Opaque or something ツ Hace 8 días
Just ur idk Irish Opaque or something ツ
Just ur idk Irish Opaque or something ツ Hace 8 días
Shush D
Shush D Hace 9 días
4:36 and this is why everyone loves Vardan
Bubble Hace 9 días
I want Jeff as my dad please adopt me
Jasmine Ugarte
Jasmine Ugarte Hace 9 días
Vardon staring to look pretty fine ngl 🥺🖤
josh geiser
josh geiser Hace 9 días
nick did a really good dive in the pool (i think)
Alexander Hace 9 días
Jeff Wittek you inspire me man this is amazing
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