The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !

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The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !
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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to The FASTEST Eaters in the World Compilation !



Emily Spellman
Emily Spellman Hace 2 horas
Stop I'm hungry, like if this makes you hungry
Lena Watson
Lena Watson Hace 6 horas
Guy: i dont think this has been done in the history of ever! Me: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?! (ive done it before XD)
Leah livesslime
Leah livesslime Hace un día
Matilda's dad:chu you food your an animals . Me:Omg wtf he got rosted
Alex Lawlor
Alex Lawlor Hace un día
mirna benavides
mirna benavides Hace 2 días
Can you do that Azzy in 10s
renju bobby
renju bobby Hace 2 días
More eating
Victoria Duran
Victoria Duran Hace 3 días
i'm already hungry but just waching this is making me hungrier
Norzin Tenzing
Norzin Tenzing Hace 3 días
The way that Chinese guy in that watermelon 🤣😂
Ciann72 Hace 4 días
If you eat so much food you will get fat
MarshMallowFun Hace 4 días
Maltezers are English
Super pikachu chris
Super pikachu chris Hace 5 días
Grilled cheese with sauce or veggies= Not Delicious Grilled cheese with NO sauce or veggies= Delucia
Sophie Frost
Sophie Frost Hace 6 días
And I’m going to get killed for saying this but I kind of don’t like 🍩
Malika Niyazova
Malika Niyazova Hace 6 días
Who agrees
Malika Niyazova
Malika Niyazova Hace 6 días
Like lucky charms coco puffs
Malika Niyazova
Malika Niyazova Hace 6 días
Yeah cearal is soggy
Tammi Tidwell
Tammi Tidwell Hace 7 días
I can also drink water in one second maybe even less than a second
Billy Ibach
Billy Ibach Hace 8 días
Awesome videos
Stormy Whizz
Stormy Whizz Hace 8 días
❤️💙 💙❤️ ❤️💙 💙❤️
tony fore
tony fore Hace 8 días
Am getting hungry couse of the giant pizza😘
Jordyn-Grace Ferguson
Jordyn-Grace Ferguson Hace 10 días
The guy drinking milk has orange spiky hair anyone reals that
Cat Nguyen
Cat Nguyen Hace 11 días
Dude these people are fast 💨 😶😐😑😬🙄😲😮😧😦😯
Lynda Waite
Lynda Waite Hace 12 días
looked taste good soggy
Jonathan Jakobsson
Jonathan Jakobsson Hace 12 días
lee thao
lee thao Hace 13 días
Hey jazzy your soo cool and soo pretty you deserve the the world
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Hace 13 días
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia Hace 13 días
I love you are
Ryan Woodall
Ryan Woodall Hace 14 días
Gregory White
Gregory White Hace 14 días
I hope I see you in heviny🙏🏻👩🏻
kanchi t
kanchi t Hace 15 días
i flee bad for the boy Who didn't? Win
Jesse Greever
Jesse Greever Hace 16 días
Your going to be sick today
Pippi Vittum
Pippi Vittum Hace 16 días
dont forget the watermelon
Sydney Chiang
Sydney Chiang Hace 16 días
I like soggy cereal Just me? Ok...
KW5th MW7th
KW5th MW7th Hace 16 días
My brother always eats pizza as a sandwich.
Barbarah Remy
Barbarah Remy Hace 17 días
My iPhone have 2Percent
Tami Escandor
Tami Escandor Hace 17 días
The guy that drank milk drank it in 17 secconds i know i counted
she broke her nail Carter
she broke her nail Carter Hace 20 días
Azzy:: I like grel cheese sandwich with a lil bit of ketchup dilicuce me:: me to azzy yaaaaaaaassssssssssss
Rayne Rios
Rayne Rios Hace 20 días
Joe Douglas
Joe Douglas Hace 20 días
The pizza guy LITERALLY wasted his time
Imj Bro
Imj Bro Hace 19 días
It's matt stonie
John Walker
John Walker Hace 21 un día
The grilled cheese his stomeck let's lose 100 pounds
Tiara 'SoCo' Brown
Tiara 'SoCo' Brown Hace 21 un día
I’m eating fried chicken right now .
sis vs sis Hadassah and Atarah
sis vs sis Hadassah and Atarah Hace 21 un día
The boy who is eating the pizza I saw his channel
Ludvig Hejdenberg
Ludvig Hejdenberg Hace 22 días
Paul Kelsey
Paul Kelsey Hace 24 días
It goes in a toilet
Venita Prashad
Venita Prashad Hace 24 días
All the food monaria but they will get do karma and e on the toilet all day
Dark robot
Dark robot Hace 24 días
the guy dip griil chees to swalow Fasters
Jamie  Yang
Jamie Yang Hace 24 días
I love your video's so much they are just so funny
Casvern Cooper
Casvern Cooper Hace 26 días
I can eat fast and I 8 year old
Marek Jozefowski
Marek Jozefowski Hace 27 días
0:44 well soggy water is good...
Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker Hace 28 días
Iike if your a slow eater
Brittany Parker
Brittany Parker Hace 28 días
I’m a slow eater😂
Tiffany Graham
Tiffany Graham Hace 28 días
I like grilled cheese and peanut butter or syrup
Sofia Alcocer
Sofia Alcocer Hace 29 días
OK how you don’t eat something soggy LIKE hOw yOu EAT A SOGgY APPLE you get it with water
José Solis
José Solis Hace 29 días
I love Azzy vidios what about you guess
ravenhunter77709 Hace 29 días
I could probably drink two gallons of milk I love milk
Jose Munoz
Jose Munoz Hace 29 días
How fast ara they
Jasmine Piatt
Jasmine Piatt Hace 29 días
Ashley Gleghorn
Ashley Gleghorn Hace 29 días
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf Hace un mes
Azzy: Is there a black hole or..?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Me: The toilet is the black hole that you’re looking for😏😏😏😏😏
Sir Ethan of Animation
Sir Ethan of Animation Hace un mes
5:31 sauce: furious pete
Jorden Heimgartner
Jorden Heimgartner Hace un mes
These people are half pigs
khadershaden Hace un mes
I hate the grilld
xia xie
xia xie Hace un mes
Danny Hace un mes
Soggy grilled cheese eeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!!! Soggy cookies. Now THAT'S a different story. DEEELICIOUS!!!
Debra Williams
Debra Williams Hace un mes
Re2yerf vs wyd3t rdd error ge entered tethering 1
Abby Garcia
Abby Garcia Hace un mes
Oh i know that boy eating big pizza my uncle always watch him and he got hungry
Keith Ndemera
Keith Ndemera Hace un mes
I can eat watermelon fast
The ART of Necromancy
The ART of Necromancy Hace un mes
When the dude was drinking all the milk that gave me the worst stomach ache 😫. I lactose intolerant
Foxy Likes Milk
Foxy Likes Milk Hace un mes
I like soggy cereal :V Edit : when I put it in milk not water UwU 🥛🥛
MakeupByKashay Hace un mes
Hi mum yor makup is amazing
cookie lover 126
cookie lover 126 Hace un mes
Find the odd one out 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😚😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙
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