The Fastest Eaters Compilation (Furious Pete, Matt Stonie)

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Jake1sHy1rdYT xD
Jake1sHy1rdYT xD Hace 8 horas
It’s funny when the guy at 1:22 is hitting his head then go’s Trevor crazy mode on the water melon
nrxhs isimlikullanıcı
nrxhs isimlikullanıcı Hace 8 horas
lisa’s laugh
lisa’s laugh Hace 10 horas
2:50 he didn’t swallow it so it didn’t count🙃
Memes- JL
Memes- JL Hace un día
Esse loiro fei come fei de mais
THANOS BR Hace un día
Alguém br
Hudjimin Hace un día
The Girl looking at pete eating icecream wants him to eat something else
ShadowBlade64 Hace 2 días
0:15 Pause Pete furious your scaring me 😥😥😥
Eliana Caqui
Eliana Caqui Hace 2 días
Ellos se tragan la comida me da un poquito de miedo
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Hace 2 días
0:30 اسبرين
mario dec
mario dec Hace 2 días
The banana guy Will choke 2 hours later
Ana clara Fraga
Ana clara Fraga Hace 3 días
Emwmah susjdid jdhudhdbs d
Mr Potato
Mr Potato Hace 3 días
My PS4 Account
My PS4 Account Hace 3 días
The guy who was eating the watermelon he ate nothing he just broke it everywhere
maximus-expre779 oliver
maximus-expre779 oliver Hace 3 días
Spencer Liaga
Spencer Liaga Hace 3 días
The guy eating the watermelon reminds me of the cookie monster on sesame street who just smashes the cookie against his face and doesn't actually eat anything.
محمد العبادي
محمد العبادي Hace 3 días
mike smith
mike smith Hace 4 días
Pure Poetic
Pure Poetic Hace 4 días
Fuck Matt, fuck Pete. Didn't you watch the banana guy. My gaaawd 😳😳😳
Hoàng Huy Kenny
Hoàng Huy Kenny Hace 4 días
1:24 look like zombie oh!🙀🙀🙀🙀
dezhavuy Hace 5 días
1:50 i eat faster than this guy 🙄 32 sek
Malaysia Davis
Malaysia Davis Hace 5 días
All I can think of is the backwash 🤦🏾‍♀️
Oji-sama Hace 6 días
I bet the guy eating the watermelon didn’t even swallow any of the watermelon, he just spit out the juices
뽀로로 Hace 6 días
1:23 저건 먹는게아니라 수박세수지 소리가 웃기넼ㅋㅋㅋ 카풰헠헠핱허터핱핲
Just 4 Ingredients
Just 4 Ingredients Hace 6 días
Wowoooooooo.... 👍👍
bhai ki gaming
bhai ki gaming Hace 6 días
Man they are not humans The are anacondom.......
hei leung
hei leung Hace 7 días
2nd photo make me laugh!:D 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Miles Clark
Miles Clark Hace 7 días
For the dude with the watermelon how much actually got in his mouth
Ivan Esponja
Ivan Esponja Hace 7 días
Si saben que haciendo eso matan poco a poco sus papilas gustativas >:(
MCJ Moogii
MCJ Moogii Hace 7 días
1:30 he is not eating
Lauren Tomson
Lauren Tomson Hace 7 días
Jhenmae Bendicio
Jhenmae Bendicio Hace 7 días
The kid boy is not that fast,cause the chicken is still in her mouth...
Big Chungus Thanos
Big Chungus Thanos Hace 6 días
Jhenmae Bendicio “His mouth”
JONY Hace 7 días
Kam Sorisa
Kam Sorisa Hace 8 días
That watermelon guy wasn't the fastest he was just making the watermelon into smaller pieces
Khadija Mahameed
Khadija Mahameed Hace 8 días
Matt stonie I. Love you 💕💕💕
amra alija
amra alija Hace 8 días
this vid makes me starve
atan Hace 8 días
senpai snakes
senpai snakes Hace 8 días
These people probably dont know the taste of food
Le Thanh Bang
Le Thanh Bang Hace 8 días
The game will always make it easier if y
DeusVult Balint
DeusVult Balint Hace 9 días
I still don’t eat like that after school, though I live in Russia and eat after school not burgers with french fries, but meatballs with mashed potatoes
Nela the Doggy cz :]
Nela the Doggy cz :] Hace 9 días
That only thing they hate They can't enjoy their food :'(
Kickass’s Gaming
Kickass’s Gaming Hace 9 días
He’s not fast to me
Leslie Ritchie
Leslie Ritchie Hace 9 días
The guy who eat the banana looks like a banana because of how skinny he is lol
Aki Hace 10 días
i would NEVER eat food fast ;-; i would just enjoy it 🤤
Cyber_Blue Hace 10 días
Isn’t this dangerous?
Hunter !!!!
Hunter !!!! Hace 10 días
No one: Guy with a glasses on: "WACHCINGANDJCNDHDDUFBAJANZIA"
Andrewchell Davis
Andrewchell Davis Hace 10 días
Dam that banana guy impossible 😱.
bobby Pawar
bobby Pawar Hace 10 días
Matt stonie is 🔥
Ben OBryan
Ben OBryan Hace 11 días
Police officer Downing the crispy cream donuts before giving you a ticket for going one over 0:36
CMT TnAJ Hace 11 días
Bruh matt stonie would merk furious pete
진민서 Hace 11 días
대단..하 ..다 라는 말밖에....
GabbyPVPGamer Hace 11 días
0:36 When You Bring Donuts In School But Then Your Friends Saw It
dark bolt
dark bolt Hace 11 días
Big smoke: *_so you've challenged me immortal's?_*
LUCIUS VESPER Hace 11 días
I think the ice cream girl was getting a turn on. LOL
Maxime Baeza
Maxime Baeza Hace 12 días
Apprécier se que vous manger
21 years old King
21 years old King Hace 12 días
1:23 um that's human grinder And why grudge on food‽
Ian Jesus Durruthy
Ian Jesus Durruthy Hace 12 días
I think he was on drugs to what was that
Patrick Cardoso
Patrick Cardoso Hace 12 días
N gosto de ver essas coisas mano, os mlk com tanta comida gostosa e nem ssboreia
Hailey Correa
Hailey Correa Hace 13 días
Matt stonie my guy
ConVxct Hace 13 días
1:20 half of the water melon falling of the table
Dessxi Hace 13 días
1:25 that's not eating.. But washing ur face with watermelon
UnicornLoverPiki ;3
UnicornLoverPiki ;3 Hace 13 días
1:23 Me when somebody else is eating my favorite food in front of meh LoL
Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi
Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi Hace 13 días
Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi
Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi Hace 13 días
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Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi
Tammy hdhf j rd j r j r u r r Omolabi Hace 13 días
H xxx h etc jcjhd in fjfif uhh r in Renee in fiif uhh rf uhh r iudh if uhh rir in dir red j uhh rf i rr j
Flori Shala
Flori Shala Hace 13 días
Matt stonie eat the dounuts faster then me when i eat one
PINAR Uzn Hace 13 días
0:24 Can't imagine him at the toilet...
rhea Salguet
rhea Salguet Hace 13 días
I think its a fake
BlingBling_Flex Glex
BlingBling_Flex Glex Hace 13 días
Holly molly donut shop Add me on tiktok name: cobra_mod
Nivash is Da Best
Nivash is Da Best Hace 13 días
The titles should have said " ranking the fastest inhalers in the world"
Its meh KaYliN AlmEiDa
Its meh KaYliN AlmEiDa Hace 13 días
Matt stonie finished eating the book in 34 s3cond I finish one doughnut in 34 seconds
JasonXWSocail Hace 14 días
1:26 Three Quarters Of That Went On The Ground. 😂😂😂
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