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Ever since humans have been making cars, they’ve obsessed with making them faster. Speed is arguably the most important measurement when it comes to automotive progress. And in the last 100 years, we’ve come a LONG way. Today we’re looking back on the fastest car of EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the last 100 years. From McLarens to Bugattis to brands you’ve never even heard of, this is D-List.
Here are those Carroll Shelby videos James mentioned:
Past Gas: Ford VS Ferrari (Part 1):
Up to Speed: SHELBY
Up to Speed: GT500
And here’s that Bugatti story that James mentioned:
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ivi ng
ivi ng Hace un hora
I think that u forgot the Koenigsegg Jesko!!
Dylan M
Dylan M Hace 4 horas
It really hurts to see that people were hitting speeds in the 1930s that my fiesta would genuinely take a minute or so to reach
Alexis Gateau-Bégin
Alexis Gateau-Bégin Hace 5 horas
Nobody : Bugatti : this isn't even my final form
The Gaming Pandas
The Gaming Pandas Hace 6 horas
what about the 2003 saleen s7? i mean it was faster than the f1.
fpstina Hace 7 horas
early 90's kids will remember original Need for Speed game... with awesome real world footage that you couldnt really find on tv and there was no internet beyond BBS... awesome game
Hokosuka Hace 8 horas
Why do i love how he says ferrari?
VisionG Hace 8 horas
Please also add km/h instead the stupid MPH
Aloisio Kochhann
Aloisio Kochhann Hace 9 horas
you guys should put the velocities in the metric system pattern as well, I think a lot of people would appreciate that
Anup Majukar
Anup Majukar Hace 10 horas
My suffering is inevitable for converting the f*cking MPH to KMPH.
David Ghaemi
David Ghaemi Hace 10 horas
If you put 4 turbos on an f1 would it be faster than a veyron 🤔
Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-]
Gingerfromnorth [-W1N-] Hace 11 horas
Last years have been bugatti vs koenigsegg
John Hogan
John Hogan Hace 14 horas
This list is awesome but irl I stopped caring after the maclaren. It's just the best car I ever want to drive or own.
Alex Rini
Alex Rini Hace 19 horas
You totally forgot about the Ford gt40 reaching 174mph with the top speed recorded at made history at its time.
Official Holtz Automobiles
Official Holtz Automobiles Hace 21 un hora
You forgot Porsche 917...
SOM_Catfish_ Hace 23 horas
Ummmm 1969 daytona tops speed=185 not even on the charts
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza Hace 23 horas
Did you know? _Bugatti Chiron_ is faster than _Bugatti Chiron_
Samir Nader
Samir Nader Hace un día
They look like coffins on wheel Sad coffin dance noises
I'm a Pizza
I'm a Pizza Hace un día
14:23 _bass_
Stuffy Nuggets
Stuffy Nuggets Hace un día
I love the bugooti veyran
Gabriel playerul
Gabriel playerul Hace un día
Let s be honest bugatti gona make the first car to brake the sound barrier
Ice Cold Killa
Ice Cold Killa Hace un día
In France we use to pronounce the "Chi" like in "Chicago"
Millard Family
Millard Family Hace un día
Stephan Phelps
Stephan Phelps Hace un día
I feel like the Ford GT was the first modified production car to break 300 before the modified Chiron?
Leopold DuPuis
Leopold DuPuis Hace un día
I would definitely buy a Pumphrey 502. Notify me when they go into production. Shoot. I'll pre order that batch.
Rok Zavrl
Rok Zavrl Hace un día
When u realize your renault megane 2017 goes faster than te fadtest car in 1980.
Ali Wheel
Ali Wheel Hace un día
Isn't the AC cobra nothing to do with Shelby?
Isaiah Rickard
Isaiah Rickard Hace un día
koenigsegg agera rs actually went about 284 mph.
Valkyrie1277 Hace un día
Isn't the Aston Martin Valkyrie the world's fastest naturally aspirated car? It goes 250mph.
David Flores
David Flores Hace un día
You forgot about the SSC Ultimate Aero.
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Hace un día
Buggati is just the king of all the fastest production cars. And I am not the only one who likes it😉
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry Hace 19 horas
Henessey beat the veyron with half the turbo.
Nicky Allison
Nicky Allison Hace 2 días
He forgot the Saleem s7 twin turbo
RONNIE5579 Hace 2 días
Koeinigsegg have a new car called the jesko that goes over 300 aswell now. Although to my knowledge there is currently no video of it, but it has been reported on as going faster than the chiron 300+
cem Hace 2 días
Nobody: Corvette Owners: MY cOrVETte CaN BEat aNY oF tHosE CARs
Foreign Destroyer
Foreign Destroyer Hace 2 días
you forgot the jet car at almost breaking the speed of sound
Greg Caruso
Greg Caruso Hace 2 días
It'd be great if you used a different Donut guy to do these videos. This is guy is kind of annoying.
Willem de Zeeuw
Willem de Zeeuw Hace 2 días
Next time... first take your Ritalin.....
Tyler Tichoc
Tyler Tichoc Hace 2 días
I hope that someday Lamborghini remakes the Countach with a top speed of over 300mph and sick retro redesign. Preferably in red with coral and neon blue highlights.
Slxyer xD
Slxyer xD Hace 2 días
you try so hard to be funny, its kinda forced
Tj Rana
Tj Rana Hace 2 días
do a video on slipper clutch in sci garage
Alexis Xynogalas
Alexis Xynogalas Hace 2 días
Spyros Panopoulos Automotives is coming...
annonamed Hace 2 días
So what about the Devel Sixteen? 513km/h sir?
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes Hace 2 días
I feel like you missed some muscle cars in the 50’s and 60’s. They lied about numbers so I’m saying one of them was as fast if not father them what you mentioned. Seen some big dodges from that era that would run 160mph if not more!
Thomas Fischer
Thomas Fischer Hace 2 días
0:02 meanwhile me living in germany 18 years old already went 150mph on the autobahn 😂
Zenheizer. Hace un día
inighteaters Hace 2 días
You forgot the koenigsegg one:1
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Hace 3 días
Duesenberg supercharged did 153 mph in 1935 wtf are you blabbering about?
opposed2logic Hace 3 días
the koenigsegg is actually faster but they arent allowed to use the tracks that are long enough to reach the topspeed, its just a lame way by bugatti to keep the crown.
Chris montgomery
Chris montgomery Hace 3 días
I had one of the the fastest of 63. Etype Jaguar at 150 mph.
Evan Plays
Evan Plays Hace 3 días
69 Daytona
Evan Plays
Evan Plays Hace 3 días
Notebook Hace 3 días
It‘s time that the whole world uses km/h and not mph
Arthur lugo
Arthur lugo Hace 4 días
Hennessy venom f5?
Christopher Cayton
Christopher Cayton Hace 4 días
Nooo Mr bean why
jorgecuervo24 Hace 4 días
Time for speed limit to be 200 mph on the freeways
moshtito Hace 4 días
mate we have the same watch! Love that Casio so much lol
Randy Palmer
Randy Palmer Hace 4 días
Watch the video for 'We Built This City' then watch this, and marvel at the powers of anti-aliasing.
Romie 777
Romie 777 Hace 4 días
12:11 I think thats 627 hp
Magnoler Riccardo
Magnoler Riccardo Hace 4 días
Lambos TOP speed champions BUT ZERO control.
Wulliman Hace 4 días
Mph ooof
jonah giles
jonah giles Hace 4 días
bugatti chiron is pronounce boo-gattee shee-ron
-Derek Wood-
-Derek Wood- Hace 4 días
my grandma had a 1967 porshe 911 but she got rid of it, still have no clue why
IIGrayfoxII Hace 4 días
The Duesenburg Model J sat on top due to WW1. Why would anyone spend time designing and building a fast car when there is steel rationing and everyone was focusing on the war effort
Altrunchen Hace 5 días
Grats to Bugatti, but the McLaren F1 will always be the #1 car in my heart.
XNamelessXNill Hace 5 días
Don't jynx me with a ticket plebtron
Dylan Finney
Dylan Finney Hace 5 días
3 L v12 😳😳😳
Nathan matas
Nathan matas Hace 5 días
Loose the yellow backdrop it hurts my eyes to watch the videos
Patryk Wiechecki
Patryk Wiechecki Hace 5 días
Where is Jaguar XJ220 and Bugatti EB110?
[PKA] Hexes
[PKA] Hexes Hace 5 días
Just wait for the Jesko Absolut, it will be awesome..😮
B Things
B Things Hace 5 días
I admit that I'm a bit of a wimp, but part of me finds the thought of ever driving a car going *200mph* (let alone 300) rather terrifying...Still cool from an engineering perspective, though!
Chayce Hewitt
Chayce Hewitt Hace 6 días
ya frickin forgot the devel 16 350 mph
DJ BIS Hace 6 días
James' "Mario" laugh, almost made me spit cannoli cream all over the place. lmao
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