The End of the Beauty World

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Hace 4 meses

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ShaneGlossin Hace 4 meses
Hope you guys like this deleted scenes/bonus episode of the series! It was really fun to edit and also sad because it finally hit me that its over. Last year was such an incredible year and Im really grateful for your guys support. :')) Im excited to post some fun stuff this year on this channel and hopefully you guys are ok with random, dumb, and sometimes creepy videos that revolve around the beauty world.
Cameron Williams
Cameron Williams Hace 21 un día
500th reply... sweet!
Bunny The Doggo
Bunny The Doggo Hace un mes
Haylie Scalet
Haylie Scalet Hace 2 meses
Lindsey MacKinnon
Lindsey MacKinnon Hace 3 meses
Honestly Shane I don't know about everyone else but personally if it's from you I'll watch anything so yes I'm definitely okay with that lmao😂💗
Juan Hates U
Juan Hates U Hace 4 meses
Hell yea
Aiza Curada
Aiza Curada Hace 42 minutos
The 'ugly part' of the beauty community
Matthew Harjo
Matthew Harjo Hace 10 horas
My Vegas sister Kimora Blac spilling Tea is everything!!!! Love u sister.
Cassdog 33
Cassdog 33 Hace 12 horas
Shane i love you so fucking much!
applebastic Hace un día
I have lost count how many times I have watched the series and this video. Worth every minute. That gas mask.. gives me Spy vs Spy vibes. 💜
Cassdog 33
Cassdog 33 Hace 20 horas
Same tho
ryan the gamer
ryan the gamer Hace un día
now i fuck shit my safe
ryan the gamer
ryan the gamer Hace un día
Meghan Hace 2 días
When I heard the banging on the windows I was like NOPE NOPE NOPE NO WAY JOSE
Sonia Nunez
Sonia Nunez Hace 2 días
shane should get bb guns and paintball guns, like if he isnt comfortable with gun ownership, that could be a good alt
mxtellic Hace 2 días
Them: finding out how much all of this expensive ass makeup is cheeto: i cant look..
THE ELI Hace 3 días
Ok I have watched this soo many times and I always wondered what was the brand trip she went on and listening to how it sounds really makes me think it is tatcha
RainbowSpash Hace 4 días
Can someone explain dramageddon to me? Apparently I’ve been living under a rock because I don’t know what happened!
Astro Kidd
Astro Kidd Hace 4 días
Yo. At 6:35, what movie is that clip from lmao
Z Khan
Z Khan Hace 4 días
This isn't just another iconic shane video. Its a fu*king horror movie. LOL
Ella Sarti
Ella Sarti Hace 5 días
4:16 *Genuine Fear*
Ella Sarti
Ella Sarti Hace 5 días
Holy shit I can't imagine having someone walking around your house, banging on the windows and shit, i'm just glad that Shane, Ryland and the Dogs are ok
Sean Fisher
Sean Fisher Hace 5 días
Fuck guys everything isn't iconic, I'm not sure if these people know what iconic means because everything isn't iconic it might be cool but not iconic.
Loop the Loop
Loop the Loop Hace 5 días
I would of thrown hands
-slytheringrande Hace 5 días
I would literally be crying if someone tried to break in. Ryland was so calm with a baseball bat and the authorities.
lilly Hace 5 días
*jeffree sending a picture to the dolan twins* jeffree: I FEEL 12 *gasp*
Mara Chapman
Mara Chapman Hace 6 días
Alana Shields
Alana Shields Hace 6 días
Who else isn’t doing school right now and just bing watching Shane
Tamzynn Dayce
Tamzynn Dayce Hace 6 días
I'd sell my soul to be on Fenty's PR list tbh
s t e v i e . r i d l e y
s t e v i e . r i d l e y Hace 7 días
Shane the most realist ESwomend ever
CrybabiesGacha _House
CrybabiesGacha _House Hace 7 días
The security scare thing must have been really scary. It looks scary omg I hope you stay okay💖 lots of live Shane💖💖💎💞💐
Chase Adkins
Chase Adkins Hace 7 días
28:18 song name?
Cassdog 33
Cassdog 33 Hace 2 días
@Chase Adkins np!
Chase Adkins
Chase Adkins Hace 2 días
@Cassdog 33 omg tysm!!!!!
Cassdog 33
Cassdog 33 Hace 2 días
Cassdog 33
Cassdog 33 Hace 2 días
Ill send you thw link to it one sec
Kennedy Stewart
Kennedy Stewart Hace 7 días
morgan is so pretty! and anyone who talks bad about her or is mean she should just punch them in the face then spit on them! sorry not sorry that the way it should happen because she is soooo freaking nice and pretty and doesn’t deserve that type of treatment
Christina Christopher
Christina Christopher Hace 8 días
So that's crazy scary, but Ryland standing there on the phone with police and holding a baseball bat is iconic
B Dawg
B Dawg Hace 8 días
28:30 (Andrew) *gasp* 😂I’m dead!!
H W Hace 8 días
They need to focus more on their look and less on being shook. The need to work more on their wing and less on hating.
i _spilt _the_milk
i _spilt _the_milk Hace 9 días
when they were unboxing the fenty beauty in the song every time it said pussy they showed cheeto. iconic.
Tay Ann Presti
Tay Ann Presti Hace 9 días
Love you guys so much !!! 😂 I just started my own channel! Still learning but I love doing this & there’s so much I’m going to be doing this summer filming everything ! If anyone is interested in seeing my uploads plz subscribe >> ☺️❤️
Andy Hong
Andy Hong Hace 9 días
Shane should hire bodyguards.
Itsalexis. amber
Itsalexis. amber Hace 9 días
who else wants shane to do a haunted video with Jeffree THATS TEAAA
Sofie Ball
Sofie Ball Hace 9 días
15:15 Andrew literally made Rylands sneeze look cool. Andrew literally can do anything
Wolf98 0987
Wolf98 0987 Hace 10 días
Also can sombody please make a game "Try to brake into jeffree stars house" because I would so play that game lmao.
Wolf98 0987
Wolf98 0987 Hace 10 días
Omg I needed this is literly just finished watching the hole series and just got off beaty bay from buying my first ever! Jeffree star product and omllllll I just jeffree lin is coming to my house!!!!!
Natalie collins
Natalie collins Hace 10 días
Omg so glad im rewatching realised i been sp excited to watch i 4got to like xxx
Quinn_ Smol
Quinn_ Smol Hace 10 días
The thing is, that is our rent ours is literally $1,200
*honey & peaches *
*honey & peaches * Hace 10 días
I people who disliked this video is either the person trying to break in or they thought it meant a dis I like button.
Yullian Lopez
Yullian Lopez Hace 10 días
Shane and jeffreestars life reminds me of Jessie because it feels like a party everyday 😂😂
Hope Hefley
Hope Hefley Hace 11 días
Shane’s rant about beauty gurus was literally me during all that drama 😂👏🏼
Urska Krmelj
Urska Krmelj Hace 11 días
Omg if a biss wuld ignore me and walk away id make such a scene ill give that gurl a pece of my mind😢😋💜💜
Theresa Shaw
Theresa Shaw Hace 11 días
Someone who s trying to break in ... I'm so scared...... But wait I'm filming it for content 😲😲😲😲😢😲😲😂😂😂🤣🤣 Well played
Optainius Hace 11 días
What if the stalker guy was like a really cheap hitman that cheeto hired.
Ashley Dolman
Ashley Dolman Hace 12 días
We need that highlighter and blush palette NOW!!!!!!!
Sabrina Johnson
Sabrina Johnson Hace 12 días
He was banging to see if anyone was there
Leslie Jimkin
Leslie Jimkin Hace 12 días
Okay this is crazy bc I had someone banging on my windows a few weeks ago and my blinds were opened and I was so scared to move I js waited for them to stop and they js left
90MilesIn CentralLondon
90MilesIn CentralLondon Hace 12 días
when somebody knocks on Windows and doors like that, it means they are testing if you are awake or not because they will rob you. I recommend if anybody does that again, make noise. make yourself aware. you do NOT want them to think it was okay to go inside and steal.
xX- potato -Xx
xX- potato -Xx Hace 13 días
Jeffrey: we love a good accent Bob Ross: there are not mistakes, just happy little accidents
Brook-Lyn Martin
Brook-Lyn Martin Hace 13 días
"This is our first statue, like Barry is iconic but Barrys from HomeGoods"
Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry Hace 14 días
Indiah Corbett
Indiah Corbett Hace 14 días
WTH was Rylan gonna do with a bat like imagine they get in rylan hits him *dies* 🤣 *likeee*
Hope Bunker
Hope Bunker Hace 14 días
that mask is probably coming in handy right now
cool_soima Hace 14 días
them while someone is breaking in: ok lets call the police me when someone is breaking in: *pees my pants*
Lone_wolfie !!
Lone_wolfie !! Hace 14 días
You should make a makeup brand with your pig logo on everything
Lone_wolfie !!
Lone_wolfie !! Hace 14 días
You should make a a makeup brand with the pig logo on everything
R. Leigh Coleman
R. Leigh Coleman Hace 15 días
Thank you for asking the question "why do these young bloggers/vloggers get all of this free stuff?" Especially if they behave sub human at brand events....I would love it if you spent some more time on this subject...behavior off camera!
Brody Hahn
Brody Hahn Hace 16 días
Saifxchoudhury Y
Saifxchoudhury Y Hace 16 días
The Official Andy Saenz
The Official Andy Saenz Hace 16 días
I really want those red shades Shane is wearing in this thumbnail. Does anyone know where he got them?
Gissel Arevalo
Gissel Arevalo Hace 16 días
when he said his first official pr list box... that was so cute!!
Mike Beveridge Vlogs
Mike Beveridge Vlogs Hace 16 días
11:14 I kinda love that his phone has reduced motion lol
Aidan Ziegenhorn
Aidan Ziegenhorn Hace 16 días
Casserdee :3
Casserdee :3 Hace 16 días
I’ve never heard uno or honey bark before
Diyanara Malpica
Diyanara Malpica Hace 16 días
Is it just me or when the beat dropped when he was filling for evidence, did you also jump??? This is so scary and I feel so bad for you Shane. This shouldn't be a "normal" thing that happens to ESwomenrs or anyone in general, and we all need to work together to stop this.
Sunny Safari
Sunny Safari Hace 17 días
I’ve had a fear of windows since I used to watch stampylongnose on ESwomen with hero brine and hit the target, this started from minecraft. Then I grew up and that fear came into real life, I hate windows
jamie hopler
jamie hopler Hace 17 días
I’m hoping jeffree know his mask isn't doing ANYTHING like sis you can still inhale toxins through your nose!! Stay safe
Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor Hace 19 días
Buys the brand is tarte
Neal Everly
Neal Everly Hace 19 días
My love... My favorite person... you are a millionaire and you are literally my role model but Shane... why was Ryland holding a baseball bat 😂
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