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SypherPK Hace 8 meses
BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE HYPED FOR CHAPTER 2! If you want to check out the SECRET Easter Egg in the Black Hole Waiting Screen head over to my second channel!
studust Hace un mes
Worst update in Fortnite
Tiny Tommy
Tiny Tommy Hace 2 meses
SypherPK didn’t ninja tell you not to click bait
Funny Cobra
Funny Cobra Hace 4 meses
This is why fortnite is the best game of all time
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov Hace 5 meses
Fortnite's not over you just need
Mecha Hace 6 meses
I predicted everything in the event
Axel Maldonado
Axel Maldonado Hace 22 horas
Who’s watching this video in 2020 season 3
Zezo Gaming
Zezo Gaming Hace un día
Tania Fahmi
Tania Fahmi Hace 3 días
I dont like fucking season2and 3Because chapter 1 is gone😭😭😭😭🤲🏻
Baby Pyscho
Baby Pyscho Hace 4 días
now look at Fortnite smh...
landon died once
landon died once Hace 5 días
By "The End" they meant the end of good fortnite. Chapter 2 just ain't the same.
Oofus McOofus
Oofus McOofus Hace 8 días
The last time we saw our old home
Neoexm Hace 9 días
Minecraft when bedrock is destroyed
Yavuz Payamoglu
Yavuz Payamoglu Hace 9 días
what about the floating kevin still existing there 4:24
Willrom_pro 1
Willrom_pro 1 Hace 12 días
Peter 6233
Peter 6233 Hace 12 días
* Sniff * Brings a tear to my eye
Begginer9090 Hace 13 días
Who else is watching in fortnite chapter2 season3 I actually cried rewatching this
Eleni Tsangaridou
Eleni Tsangaridou Hace 14 días
its sad seeing that much hard work go away
Z3ro Hace 15 días
Game: rocket launching, very epic, Supper: NOOO! THE DEFAULT JUST DIED
Zy The Wolverine
Zy The Wolverine Hace 16 días
I missed old map
Asela Dadsetan
Asela Dadsetan Hace 17 días
It was really amazing 😍😍
F4ker Hace 17 días
Who's here after the chapter 2 season 2 the device event.
P. Patrick
P. Patrick Hace 17 días
4:14 Hakai
-Cracked synth ツ
-Cracked synth ツ Hace 18 días
Fortnite is gone.
THATBIGNAN Alford Hace 18 días
Sigh the day everything change epic went silent and the game went dry
Hydr0_Chr0n1cYT Hace 18 días
Sypher: That''s it the games gone :( Me: Hehe Boi
Checkmate Hace 18 días
This was the best event Fortnite ever done. The event this week was so trash compared to this. Its like they dont care anymore
ForkNight Hace 18 días
This to the clowns who think a fucking concert will bring back an entire map back
Kekelisena Deku
Kekelisena Deku Hace 19 días
Throw back to Chapter 1 season X event
Olhson 3.0
Olhson 3.0 Hace 19 días
Anyone here waiting for the new live event for chapter 2 season 2?
Nite Hace 19 días
Nayem Ahmed
Nayem Ahmed Hace 19 días
Pink Skills
Pink Skills Hace 19 días
Who else came to watch this Just to see the og map?
Spoon_TM Hace 19 días
So, I'm a man who grows emotionally attached to the worlds of the games I love. This event? It made me emotional, it was done so well. From music, to visuals, to lore. No cinematic event in any game has topped it for me yet.
Face Wolfyyy_dark
Face Wolfyyy_dark Hace 20 días
Who else is rewatching this in 2020 and got chills
Warfare 0G
Warfare 0G Hace 20 días
What if Midas is part of the 7?
Swyzzz Hace 20 días
When you take one too many shrooms
TheFamousGlitchTrap Hace 21 un día
Description: “clean family friendly” Video: *full of cussing* *Insert X-Files theme*
امينه دشتي
امينه دشتي Hace 21 un día
I saw it
امينه دشتي
امينه دشتي Hace 21 un día
The best event LOL
FredTheBoy Hace 21 un día
This was the event that changed everything😔
lll-Crown Head-lll
lll-Crown Head-lll Hace 21 un día
After this almost every funny streamer stopped playing the game😂
Luana Ghinet
Luana Ghinet Hace 21 un día
TheSimsAddict764 Hace 21 un día
Let's hope chapter three brings back the og map!!!
Asianspicynoodles Hace 21 un día
I sat in the black hole screen for 3 1/2 hours
Julian Churchill
Julian Churchill Hace 24 días
When I was watching that event, the season 1 music really hit hard. (It's at 4:53)
Disc Hace 24 días
idk why but when it hit into look lake it looked like the doomsday device 3:36
Baked Beans
Baked Beans Hace 25 días
why was this in one of baremetalhw's playlists
Luk_ e
Luk_ e Hace 25 días
nickmercs knew from the start that the music was gonna be good
Bojan Vukadinovic
Bojan Vukadinovic Hace 25 días
Who is watching this from chapter 2 😭😭😭
joe gaming
joe gaming Hace 26 días
y’all couldn’t shut the fuck up during the event for the life of you jesus christ
Jack_Sedlak Hace 26 días
My favorite event so far.... miss the old island
ramin kurdish ramin
ramin kurdish ramin Hace 26 días
Noooooooooooiooo I love fortnite
baruto gonzales
baruto gonzales Hace 26 días
The music is lit doe Who agrees
1k subs with 2 videos challenge
1k subs with 2 videos challenge Hace 26 días
Coming back to this video and I'm thinking. You guys ruined a masterpiece and gave us some map which is so bright
Logan Higgs
Logan Higgs Hace 26 días
4:17 the colour is exactly like the doomsday chapter 2 event colour it all make sense
ItsManiac Hace 24 días
That’s true.
King Nooby
King Nooby Hace 26 días
The 7 except visitor asking visitor after eh gets the zero point weak *wait what’s the plan*
TJDN Hace 28 días
SypherPK I just realised you was in the same game as TimTheTatman when you see this event
The Dead Moneys
The Dead Moneys Hace 29 días
Sypher : the game is changing Me: your gonna hate it 1 like = 1 chance for tilted back and flodded next season 😪😭
Nikos Zachary
Nikos Zachary Hace 29 días
People were so under-appreciative of this event just because they were busy being crybabies, whining that they couldn’t play Fortnite for only three days. That just shows how addicted people are to this game, it’s kind of sad.
Diego Cano
Diego Cano Hace 29 días
Goodbye. Mechs
Andres Majano
Andres Majano Hace un mes
The prob is that the map had evolved soo much and so far and now we have to start from scratch
Niki 20
Niki 20 Hace un mes
Lol it's funny to look back on the past.
Booger King
Booger King Hace un mes
Who's watching this in chapter 2 season 2 just to get old fortnite vibes
JD.Divine Hace un mes
We all want it to happen but I don’t think the old map is coming back we have all these leaks about floods guys, no old map
-.- PoswendeleS
-.- PoswendeleS Hace un mes
„Fortnite is changing forever” for me it was „Fortnite is bad forever”
Pavlika Hace un mes
That music makes me feel so good❤️
Jon Tyler Aufiero
Jon Tyler Aufiero Hace un mes
Who ready to be in the black hole for another 2 days
60k subs without any videos challenge
60k subs without any videos challenge Hace un mes
I remember staring at the black hole
Frank Piskor
Frank Piskor Hace un mes
“Fortnite is going to change forever” it has, we have a low percentage of a chance that we get the nostalgia map back chapter 1 map, and all the good stuff from chapter 1, once fortnite does that, they’ll be millions upon millions playing fortnite everyone will be happy and enjoy fortnite there will be no boring stuff at all, just like back in the day honestly i love fortnite its a big part of my childhood, i still play it right now, but i’d be so damn happy if everything went back to normal🙏❤️-like if you agree
Ix Zarco xI
Ix Zarco xI Hace un mes
Fortnite was just silently saying get the f*ck outside
Coltron Hace un mes
i almost cried when the map blew up
Fidoking Hace un mes
Little did he Realize😅😅😅😅😅
x Blakeapus x
x Blakeapus x Hace un mes
"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days, before you've actually left them"
Jackie Stirzaker
Jackie Stirzaker Hace un mes
Fortnite was so much better then
Aeroaphy Hace un mes
1:42 you can hear the TNTina glider
lll-Crown Head-lll
lll-Crown Head-lll Hace 21 un día
And the choppa
Use Code Ceedayy
Use Code Ceedayy Hace un mes
4:47 the final moments of the good game called Fortnite: Battle Royale
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