The End Begins

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The End Begins · Korn
The Nothing
℗ 2019 The Korn Partnership under exclusive license to Elektra Records, a Warner Music Group Company [Roadrunner Records]
Guitar: Brian "Head" Welch
Additional Engineer: Chris Collier
Executive Producer: David "Beno" Benveniste
Guitar: James "Munky" Shaffer
Additional Engineer: Jim Monte
Bagpipes, Vocals: Jonathan Davis
Mixer: Josh Wilbur
Programming: Jules Venturini
Additional Engineer: Matt Wallace
Programming: Nathan Davis
Engineer: Nathan Yarborough
Producer: Nick Raskulinecz
Drums: Ray Luzier
Bass: Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu
Masterer: Ted Jenson
Programming: Tiago Nunez
Writer: Jonathan Davis
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KornThe NothingThe End Begins

MJL III Hace 19 horas
It’s 1999 again
David Jeffery
David Jeffery Hace 7 días
Love this album and so does my 6 year son brilliant tunes
Frank Macias
Frank Macias Hace 13 días
I like it
Patrick Norris
Patrick Norris Hace 14 días
Korn is fucking back!!
Toxic Zombie Wolf
Toxic Zombie Wolf Hace 14 días
My brother can play bagpipes gonna ask him to see if he will learn this 😂
Nathan Dufresne
Nathan Dufresne Hace 16 días
RIP Devan Davis
nicole stallard
nicole stallard Hace 17 días
Hopefully those who "THUMB DOWN" this song are "IGNORANT" that JD's wife died last year. I'm glad that JD channels his suffering into music, I just hate that he has to suffer for us.
scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life
scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life Hace 18 días
Finally a new album I missed you guys so much ive been listening to your albums over and over again lol
They Killed Matt
They Killed Matt Hace 21 un día
this song is beautiful
Yaraví López
Yaraví López Hace 21 un día
I like this intro. I´m crying :c
Water lily
Water lily Hace 24 días
Kings with Dreams
Kings with Dreams Hace 25 días
remind me of shoot and ladders good times with korn good times
shaped into
shaped into Hace 26 días
My father was Jesus in the original casting of Jesus Christ Superstar, which Jonathan Davis has always been a fan of. I lost my father on September 10th, just days before this album dropped. It is a timely gift for me as I rummage through my own darkness and grief. Thank you Jonathan Davis and Korn.
Jason Gartner
Jason Gartner Hace 26 días
jake bob
jake bob Hace 27 días
That bass
Skarekrow1592 Hace 28 días
I have been working so fucking hard these last 2 weeks that it took a iheartradio vid in my recommendations to remember that korn's new album dropped...over a week ashamed.
Everlade Hace 28 días
This reminds me of AWOLNATION
Kenjibaby Hace 29 días
He gone cry in the car lol. I love this though!
aLeX Pi
aLeX Pi Hace un mes
John, synchronize your brain with 94-96-98-99 years please.
Mat Pal
Mat Pal Hace un mes
Dead 2.0
LCGANG Hace un mes
chuck resnick
chuck resnick Hace un mes
I dig it!!!!!! Heavy!!!
chuck resnick
chuck resnick Hace un mes
Reminds me of their first and second album!!!!!
chuck resnick
chuck resnick Hace un mes
I think this is definitely the best Korn album since untouchables or earlier!!! Return to their old shit!!!! 9.5 out of 10!!!
Funnymouth Hace un mes
let the bodies hit the floor , let the bodies hit the floor , let the bodies hit the ...FLOOOOOOOOOOORRR!!!
Geddy Lee's Owl Nose
Geddy Lee's Owl Nose Hace un mes
Oh.. here it comes again.
Jhonny1666 Hace un mes
I loved this album, who else?
Andrea Banchi
Andrea Banchi Hace un mes
Very disappointing!! Boring as hell... a pity
bowser515 Hace un mes
It's not often I play a new album for the very first time and leave the first track on repeat over and over before even listing to any other tracks. Not since a certain song called "Blind" maybe. Beautifully haunting and genuinely emotional vocals by JD. Also, Korn isn't back, they never left and we're all better off for that. Long live Korn....
TR Hace un mes
shoots and ladders bagpipes + Dead bagpipes = The End Begins
marinette hattingh
marinette hattingh Hace un mes
Absolutely love it, its so passionately done I get goosebumps from each track. Keep going strong, you guys are the best!
Meg Russell
Meg Russell Hace un mes
Go back 20 yrs to Issues...first song Dead...
David Ceccarelli
David Ceccarelli Hace un mes
The beginning of this song sounds like "shoots and ladder"
Gween Bean
Gween Bean Hace un mes
My favorite song out of this whole album. I'm very glad they brought back the bagpipes
Jennifer Parker-Bell
Jennifer Parker-Bell Hace un mes
R I. P. Mrs. Davis I wish healing to you Mr Davis.
Галодя Фанин
Галодя Фанин Hace un mes
Какой ах...ный альбом,личный и атмосферный.его боль от потери любимой приводит в замешательство... альбом мне нравится и отторгает одновременно.
Jonas Pettersson
Jonas Pettersson Hace un mes
Yes! Korn is back!
Галодя Фанин
Галодя Фанин Hace un mes
Мои соболезнования...(((
José Luis Rodríguez
José Luis Rodríguez Hace un mes
Amazing 😢🤘
Kenji M
Kenji M Hace un mes
El dolor de J.D. en su máxima expresión
Adam Turner
Adam Turner Hace un mes
Korn fans are just the greatest! The tributes to devon are beautiful. 👊
motorbreath _77
motorbreath _77 Hace un mes
Rest in peace Devon 💔💗❤️
Andy Spooner
Andy Spooner Hace un mes
This is such an emotional dark album. JD really hits you hard on every track. I am always impressed with his vocal range. There are very few that pull this off, especially is this genre of music. My heart goes out to him. He is in a place on this release like I've never seen him.
Music As A Medicine
Music As A Medicine Hace un mes
Dillan Oswaldo Conejo Angeles
Dillan Oswaldo Conejo Angeles Hace un mes
Jonathan is the best singer i ever hear!!
Frank Castle
Frank Castle Hace un mes
Shoots and Ladders
Leonardo Wanderson
Leonardo Wanderson Hace un mes
Referência ao issues
Christopher Lyle
Christopher Lyle Hace un mes
*WARNING. PLEASE READ THIS.* If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression or something of that nature, and you currently are off your center so to speak, please please please take these songs in doses, do not let what hes telling you sink in too deep. Dont sit in front of your tv drunk and let what hes saying take ahold of you and remind you of what your going through. This is the deepest darkest most serious album Korn has ever dropped. This album has nothing to do with Head, Ray, or Fieldy. They let Jon completely control this album because of Deven. They knew he would basically kill it all by himself. He is not doing so good. Deep in his subconscious. He is morally destroyed. Fuck how he looks in tjose interviews. Its a mask. Im scared for Jonathon. And im scared for myself. Never ever let it take ahold of you.
Marianne Grucza
Marianne Grucza Hace un mes
Wow the bagpipes again
Halkatraz Matadreuns
Halkatraz Matadreuns Hace un mes
Shoots And Ladders Lowrider My Gift To You Dead Let's Do This Now Open Up Liar Seen It All I Will Protect You Bleeding Out The End Bengins
Steve M
Steve M Hace un mes
This is the same from issues
Meg Russell
Meg Russell Hace un mes
New, but kinda same intro 20 yrs later! Not everyone would really know that tho...
Tracy Winter
Tracy Winter Hace un mes
Love you and your music, Jonathan. So sorry for your pain. If it helps, you get me through mine.
reynaldo ruvalcaba
reynaldo ruvalcaba Hace un mes
The End Begins, Cold , Can you Hear Me. Are my fav
Crease Reese 420
Crease Reese 420 Hace un mes
Hating life at this very moment and the new korn and some weed my mom grew is saving me. Life is just not fair thank god for youtube music
Tony Robarte
Tony Robarte Hace un mes
Fuck hearing John crie gets me sad:(
Ljörd Sirë
Ljörd Sirë Hace un mes
*hears bagpipes* Okay sounds nice *hears Jon cry* *gets "daddy" flashbacks*
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson Hace un mes
Raw and heartbreaking.
jared pfalmer
jared pfalmer Hace un mes
Okay, lets get it. I challenge.
Steven Morris
Steven Morris Hace un mes
I love this intro. It's reminiscent of "dead" from issues
Hector Cortes
Hector Cortes Hace un mes
Korn me acabo de enterar de lo que le pasó a el vocalista no sé si será verdad pero este álbum the nothing es el primero que escucho de korn
Jeb Bar
Jeb Bar Hace un mes
This is almost a new version of "Dead" from Issues, it's so beautiful
Anthony Celeste
Anthony Celeste Hace un mes
but i get it
Darkless4X Hace un mes
It makes me feel sympathy hearing Jonathan Davis cry. = (
Lunar Child
Lunar Child Hace un mes
I just wanna hug him at the end ...
Maggot V.D.O.P
Maggot V.D.O.P Hace un mes
Intro is like Titanic
Ray Fernández
Ray Fernández Hace un mes
Ajas esta perrota la canción
Jake Sutherland
Jake Sutherland Hace un mes
Love this new KoRn😍 very intense! Hard to digest if you've recently lost a loved one! Beware⚠️
Abraham Samaniego
Abraham Samaniego Hace un mes
I'm so sry Jon I wish I could hug you so tight💔
Steve Goodley
Steve Goodley Hace un mes
The last two albums were good but this is there best since Untouchables 🤘🏻
SD Customs
SD Customs Hace un mes
This is so great, I'm completely stoked! Sad what has happened to John but good on him for pushing forward. Great content.
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