The End Begins

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Korn - Topic

Korn - Topic

Hace 8 meses

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The End Begins · Korn
The Nothing
℗ 2019 The Korn Partnership under exclusive license to Elektra Records, a Warner Music Group Company [Roadrunner Records]
Guitar: Brian "Head" Welch
Additional Engineer: Chris Collier
Executive Producer: David "Beno" Benveniste
Guitar: James "Munky" Shaffer
Additional Engineer: Jim Monte
Bagpipes, Vocals: Jonathan Davis
Mixer: Josh Wilbur
Additional Programming: Jules Venturini
Additional Engineer: Matt Wallace
Programming: Nathan Davis
Engineer: Nathan Yarborough
Producer: Nick Raskulinecz
Drums: Ray Luzier
Bass: Reggie "Fieldy" Arvizu
Masterer: Ted Jenson
Programming: Tiago Nunez
Writer: Jonathan Davis
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KornThe NothingThe End Begins

Luca Canciani
Luca Canciani Hace 14 minutos
I'm waiting for a collaboration between Korn and Saol Patrol/Skiltron
danny wagner
danny wagner Hace 17 horas
Necessary evil
Deadly Duck
Deadly Duck Hace 3 días
I just wanted to find GoW 2 OST ._.
NomadOne33 Hace 27 días
Man...this album came out about 10 months after that passing of one of my childhood friends. I woke up with the album on my phone cause I preordered it. As soon as I heard the opening notes I knew this album was going to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride. It still is.
AxeGauntlet Hace 28 días
reminds me of the intro/interlude of "all I want is to be happy, happy " Mantra for my life and something he said that feels like it's right from my mind
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson Hace un mes
ISSUES got Me Through Some Tough Shit. This Album will be added to My Ever Playlist. 🏴💙🐧⚖️😻
Zergio Piscoya
Zergio Piscoya Hace un mes
Esta me recuerda a Issues..
Canelita Davis
Canelita Davis Hace un mes
Random Me
Random Me Hace 2 meses
woah... a throwback from "Issues".
porrrla Hace 2 meses
Korn nunca erra
Jacob Graham
Jacob Graham Hace 2 meses
Reminds me of the intro for shoots and ladders
s Hace 3 meses
Meaningful to my husband, THANK you so much
Torrae Ferreira
Torrae Ferreira Hace 3 meses
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Catharine Kennedy
Catharine Kennedy Hace 3 meses
My dad passed December 24th, this album has been my companion in my darkest, lonely hours
Torrae Ferreira
Torrae Ferreira Hace 3 meses
Don’t become a slave to the very passion you luster, evermore so, but be the evermore after, that when ye are to see what’s left of your heart, that to be, the end of your sins of life, as is of this, the one you’ve become to believe in, and out is the luckiest works of Gods forevermore to begin again and is becoming more of the lust they cast, into the one gift of the God of passion provided for you to find him again, so that one day you could have a new beginning. Only then, when you let go of the passionate gifts you have been abusededly using for misunderstood purposes.
Torrae Ferreira
Torrae Ferreira Hace 3 meses
Only then, will you truly know the answer, the truth of what Revelations is.
Matthew Summington
Matthew Summington Hace 3 meses
the bagpipes sound midi. just me?
Ghenexz Gicalde
Ghenexz Gicalde Hace 3 meses
Shoot and ladds
Kommon Zense
Kommon Zense Hace 3 meses
Low key my fav track...
James Pruitt
James Pruitt Hace 4 meses
i have always loved how "KORN" starts and ends an album. I love this shit right here the bag pipes wow!!! this whole album is a masterpiece. It makes me want to cry and jam out at the same time. So fucking awesome. i been with "KORN" since day one. Igot the "KORN" tat onmy back been there since 98 in memory of by best friend "SCOTTIE RHOTON". Jonathan Davis we sent you like 30 or more just oping you would sing one for him. KORN for life its like my family or it is my family.
Ryan Silver
Ryan Silver Hace 4 meses
Manchester fucking nh make some motherfucking noise
Migster Goof
Migster Goof Hace 4 meses
Who else going to the concert in grand Rapids Michigan?💯🔥 love this band. Crazy goood
Aaron Weaver
Aaron Weaver Hace 4 meses
Please. I'm 26. Been a fan sine I was a baby :,( so poor so broke. I need to see them :,(
Abner Rivera
Abner Rivera Hace 4 meses
Life changing
Ninety. One. Ragdoll.
Ninety. One. Ragdoll. Hace 4 meses
This song is so beautiful but it breaks my heart.
Saddening Soulz
Saddening Soulz Hace 4 meses
Typing korn instead of porn is my greatest mistske
Saddening Soulz
Saddening Soulz Hace 4 meses
Mikkel Liestmann Olsen
Mikkel Liestmann Olsen Hace 4 meses
Bagpipes 😍
wicked gay
wicked gay Hace 4 meses
i bought this cd last night and i don't regret it one bit
Ev Gallagher
Ev Gallagher Hace 4 meses
This album is dope...epic intro by Jon on the pipes again! Keep doing what you do boys.
the unknown
the unknown Hace 5 meses
John crazy on the bagpipes
Heatnation1994 Hace 5 meses
You can't not get emotional hearing this . This man here an this band has saved my life I fucking love you John an I love the band Korn. My prayers go out to you John I met you back in 2006 for the see you on the other side at House of guitars I was kid then my mom got me into you guys she died in 2008 I can relate to everything that this man has gone through mostly.
Lady Stardust
Lady Stardust Hace 5 meses
Super l'introduction
jacob martinelli
jacob martinelli Hace 5 meses
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Matiass KoЯn
Matiass KoЯn Hace 5 meses
Creo que Daddy noes la única canción que me puso mal, te lo recompensaremos en el Tour por Sudamérica, Mi querido Jonathan Davis!❤
Justin Case
Justin Case Hace 5 meses
Why did no one tell me korn dropped a new one?
No Idea
No Idea Hace 5 meses
I want to see them in Montreal but don't have the money lol
Ciro Rosas
Ciro Rosas Hace 5 meses
Sounds like of dead & shoots and ladders
Nestor Lisojo
Nestor Lisojo Hace 5 meses
canal jovem Napoleão !!?
canal jovem Napoleão !!? Hace 5 meses
Brony korn
Brony korn Hace 6 meses
It's already been like 3 months and it still is hard to listen to... But this album is the most amazing album and to me the best of 2019, korn is truly the best band to come out over the years, imo.
Joshua Sizemore
Joshua Sizemore Hace 6 meses
[Verse] Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? Now they are free And they are coming after me Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me? Now they are free And they are coming after me Why, why did you leave me? Why, why did you leave me? Why? Now they are free Why? And now they're coming after me They're coming (Coming) They're coming (Coming) They're coming They're coming [Outro] Oh God, fuck
ThunderFeet X
ThunderFeet X Hace 6 meses
This is my favorite song on the album the bag pipes do it ever time.
Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog Hace 6 meses
Puddle of Mudd and Korn both did great with the new albums.
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues Hace 6 meses
A7Xistheshitz Hace 6 meses
Where tf have I been?! Had to slap myself because I'm just now discovering this album
Bunny Boy
Bunny Boy Hace 6 meses
This remember me Issues and Untouchables Esto me recuerda a Issues y Untouchables.
Jay Johnson
Jay Johnson Hace 6 meses
Love this Album. Thanks Korn. /Bow 🏴😻😿💔💙🐾🐧
BulletFox Hace 6 meses
Ah the good old bagpipes
Make Quebec Great Again
Make Quebec Great Again Hace 7 meses
Now is this Korn or what
Brad Meek
Brad Meek Hace 7 meses
From the heart This is a love song dedication to Jon's late wife 💔 I feel your anguish my brother 🖤
gino celentano
gino celentano Hace 7 meses
Such a sad beginning.. it hits me right in the heart on a personal level and it makes me want to cry 😢😢😭
gino celentano
gino celentano Hace 6 meses
Still such a very sad song with the bagpipes in the beginning, makes my heart slowly break apart :'( :'( :'(
matt nepp
matt nepp Hace 7 meses
hooy fuck brother
Tristin. legg
Tristin. legg Hace 7 meses
January 9 Ohio
ShadowHumor Hace 7 meses
I love this thank you
Dominic Potter
Dominic Potter Hace 7 meses
Love all of u guys hope ur doing good jon we all love ya ❤️
MJL III Hace 7 meses
It’s 1999 again
David Jeffery
David Jeffery Hace 7 meses
Love this album and so does my 6 year son brilliant tunes
Frank Macias
Frank Macias Hace 8 meses
I like it
Im Me
Im Me Hace 8 meses
Korn is fucking back!!
Toxic Zombie Wolf
Toxic Zombie Wolf Hace 8 meses
My brother can play bagpipes gonna ask him to see if he will learn this 😂
Vincent David Underhill
Vincent David Underhill Hace 8 meses
RIP Devan Davis
nicole stallard
nicole stallard Hace 8 meses
Hopefully those who "THUMB DOWN" this song are "IGNORANT" that JD's wife died last year. I'm glad that JD channels his suffering into music, I just hate that he has to suffer for us.
scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life
scoundrel gaming super heroes are my life Hace 8 meses
Finally a new album I missed you guys so much ive been listening to your albums over and over again lol
They Killed Matt
They Killed Matt Hace 8 meses
this song is beautiful
Yaraví López
Yaraví López Hace 8 meses
I like this intro. I´m crying :c
Water lily
Water lily Hace 8 meses
Kings with Dreams
Kings with Dreams Hace 8 meses
remind me of shoot and ladders good times with korn good times
shaped into
shaped into Hace 8 meses
My father was Jesus in the original casting of Jesus Christ Superstar, which Jonathan Davis has always been a fan of. I lost my father on September 10th, just days before this album dropped. It is a timely gift for me as I rummage through my own darkness and grief. Thank you Jonathan Davis and Korn.
Jason Gartner
Jason Gartner Hace 8 meses
jake bob
jake bob Hace 8 meses
That bass
Skarekrow1592 Hace 8 meses
I have been working so fucking hard these last 2 weeks that it took a iheartradio vid in my recommendations to remember that korn's new album dropped...over a week ashamed.
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