The Earth in Minecraft, 1:1 scale ...for the first time.

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Join me in the BUILD THE EARTH discord to formulate a strategy to build the entire earth in minecraft.
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Terra 1 to 1
Cubic Chunks
I initially used multimc, but had such substantial issues running it on that launcher after a few days that I had to get it working on the vanilla launcher. This had some obstacles. You have to specifically change the front of your jvm argument to from -Xmx2G to -Xss4M, and I needed this additional mod for stability.
Most of you should be able to have it work with multimc with no issues though.
Decisions by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
Sound effect by Blink Farm

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PippenFTS Hace 2 meses
I was not expecting a response like this. I am at a loss for words guys. The discord response is INSANE. This project is rocketing into motion and it looks like we're going to be able to accomplish it. If you want to support BUILDTHEEARTH, we started a Patreon to cover all the server and storage costs If you want to join the project: Other social media links: Help us bring this to the whole minecraft community's attention. Tell your favorite youtuber, share with your friends. And thanks for watching :)
SundaxX Hace 10 días
500 coment
Siko Hace 12 días
Last commentary
YoMomma. Comma
YoMomma. Comma Hace un mes
I added the last reply
IDK IDK Hace un mes
Last comment no more spaces for u people
IDK IDK Hace un mes
This is one of the last comment before it reaches 500 spot lmao it’s about to be fupl
imperial spy
imperial spy Hace un hora
imagine if theyn added everyones house
Rafi Arizly
Rafi Arizly Hace 7 horas
yo that indonesian map need improvements, thats doesnt match
jeong yunho
jeong yunho Hace 15 horas
has anyone ever built their own house inside minecraft? cuz i have 😆
LegitshW Hace 16 horas
Quem veio pelo El MINE?
。アフロ Hace 16 horas
Yuhao Jin
Yuhao Jin Hace 17 horas
Who can send out the discord link to me , The link sent by the author has expired
Fábio Alexandre
Fábio Alexandre Hace 19 horas
vim pelo ei mine
Abraham Gamer
Abraham Gamer Hace 23 horas
FIFII Isnaeni
FIFII Isnaeni Hace un día
Wow amazing !!!😲😲👏👏Building earth in minecraft is a big project, I will support your project. I hope one day you or your friends build a city in Indonesia😊😊 the spirit of the builder continues 🤗🤗🤗 cheer up cheer up !!!!! 🤗🤗🤗 go go go !!!!!! 🤗🤗🤗🤗 come on !!! make our dreams and hopes come true !! to make earth 1: 1 in minecraft and dreams to make man-made earth (in minecraft) 😊😊😊😊😊 let's get up!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mastergammer115 Real
Mastergammer115 Real Hace un día
What's mods use
Douglas luz
Douglas luz Hace un día
Nice memmm lest goo
A random guy
A random guy Hace un día
This is really cool can’t wait to one day see my own home in Minecraft built by someone else xd
raijin 1378
raijin 1378 Hace un día
I think id love to see all the cities around the world be built in minecraft world it would be satisfying but thats me
Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein
Bobby JCFHv Lichtenstein Hace un día
I wonder how many years this will all take
Horse Team
Horse Team Hace un día
what is the for a music 8:30-10:20 name??
Riblji Keksic
Riblji Keksic Hace un día
it would be cool if this was server
Lucas Walters
Lucas Walters Hace un día
I genuinely wish I could help, this would be an amazing project to take part in, but I have neither the time nor a PC that could support this :'(
Yeetus Memus
Yeetus Memus Hace 2 días
what is the tp command for japan
Jhanissom Xavier
Jhanissom Xavier Hace 2 días
hi i am brazilian could someone give me the instructions how to enter the server in portuguese i am using the translator to comment
j3ckl3r Hace 2 días
So I was watching a video on ESwomen about 3d printing objects made from pictures taken of an actual object, and a guy just 3d printed his entire house, but it also added parts of his neighborhood. If people with drones get involved with this project cities could be replicated in days.
Adriano Amorim
Adriano Amorim Hace 2 días
#mojang apoia
Rokuro Enmado
Rokuro Enmado Hace 2 días
My friend tried all sorts of these web apps thinking that they were not fake, however the only real one appears to be *zepisguides* I hope I saved your time.
Vanessa Sanchez Mosqueda
Vanessa Sanchez Mosqueda Hace 2 días
Wow OMG😱😱😱
Nicemento Hace 2 días
could u pls update the disc link? isnt working :c
Roberto_Gomes Hace 2 días
Mano acho imposivel
fernando cunha
fernando cunha Hace 2 días
Vim pelo ei mine
Gael Martinez Ramirez
Gael Martinez Ramirez Hace 2 días
Alguien q hable español?
Melque Biscoito
Melque Biscoito Hace 2 días
Eduardo Silva
Eduardo Silva Hace 2 días
Deivid :v David
Deivid :v David Hace 2 días
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins Hace 3 días
Here’s an interesting thing, google maps has 3D renderings of buildings. That could do a lot of the brunt work. Not to mention a number of maps of cities people have mad. It could be condensed
Luis David Fonseca Valverde
Luis David Fonseca Valverde Hace 3 días
Oh, my God this is amazing
Arq Fabian Cambre
Arq Fabian Cambre Hace 3 días
I want to enter the discord but will not let me send me the link please?
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Hace 3 días
search in google: BQD39XAB
Mete a Bicuda
Mete a Bicuda Hace 3 días
who will have the space to download this map?
Mete a Bicuda
Mete a Bicuda Hace 3 días
i`ll go to my grandma house in minecraft!!
Slovacik Memes
Slovacik Memes Hace 3 días
Breno Pereira
Breno Pereira Hace 3 días
Alguém veio pelo EI MINE?
grimnear gamer
grimnear gamer Hace 3 días
But imagine the time this will take tho. Anyone has an guess of how much it will take?
Metro-Man [Yak Eugenio]
Metro-Man [Yak Eugenio] Hace 3 días
I never thought I would become part of this, and I don't regret it, it has been such an experience to build for BTE
JF Jogos2.0
JF Jogos2.0 Hace 3 días
quem veio pelo carinha do tik tok da like
Lorenzo Canaza
Lorenzo Canaza Hace 3 días
A mi solo me spawnea en una isla de setas :u como hago para jugar el planeta mismo :,u
Pietro Ribeiro
Pietro Ribeiro Hace 3 días
This is insane
Rianzera Hace 3 días
Discord invalid
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith Hace 3 días
search in google: BQD39XAB
Alan Braga
Alan Braga Hace 3 días
Finally the earth will be flat
TV JOMAR Hace 4 días
And all in survival
Gabriel Santos
Gabriel Santos Hace 4 días
I can life in my own house in Minecraft, cool
ualaci Hace 4 días
Simple EPIC
ualaci Hace 4 días
This is insane!!!
Frug ꤶ
Frug ꤶ Hace 4 días
Algum Br ?
slender canal
slender canal Hace 4 días
Eu mine
Big up Skengzz
Big up Skengzz Hace 4 días
Area 51...
K H A O S Hace 4 días
Legenda em espanhol bugadona kkkkk
buddieminecraft Hace 4 días
This is an Antvenom video with different narration.
tuğhan müminoğlu
tuğhan müminoğlu Hace 4 días
oh my god it's gonna be so beautiful but it knows
HumanBillion2000 __
HumanBillion2000 __ Hace 4 días
Is my house going to be in this? If it is I’m going to download this (hopefully I can get it in mcpe) and I’m going to furnish it.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Hace 3 días
search in google: BQD39XAB
gusto Hace 4 días
Esse cara é louco
gusto Hace 3 días
@slender canal confesso q me juntaria a ele se soubesse falar inglês
slender canal
slender canal Hace 4 días
ρєριтo иιєl
ρєριтo иιєl Hace 4 días
Wow Think About It, If Minecraft never was released Then We Shoudn't Have All Those Fun We Spent On Other People Making Us Entertained And Keeping Us Away From Sadness Or Depressions. I've Been Playing Minecraft Since The Past 5 Years With My Brother, Also Played With Others, After Those Madness Our Parents Doesn't Want Us To Play And For The Past Months We Came Back Playing Minecraft And We We're Shocked! Because Of The Minecraft Update And We Saw Our Old Friend Wasn't Online For Months Now And We Regret Playing Minecraft That Day We Started Because My Brother Said "We Shoudn't Play Minecraft If We're Just Gonna Lose Friends And Making Us Sad.) And After Couple Of Years I've Heard Minecraft Began To Become More Popular So We Downloaded Minecraft Again In Our Pc's And Made Alot Of Friends And Starting To Make Fun Of Each Other :) And Also Make Us More Confident In Learning English Because Of How We Also Learned By The Other People Who Used To Talk English. Then All Those Fun And Memories I Realized We Didn't Regret The Time's We Started Playing Minecraft Because There's Alot Of Part You Gonna Go Through In Order To Be Part Of It, And Here We Are Now Being Fun,Creative,Independent And Able To Master The Game Mechanic's Leaving Us Ton's Of Memories And Realized Not Only Friends Can Make You Entertained The Game Also Can! Thank You Minecraft If It Wasn't For You To Be Created Then I Woudn't Have All The Fun. Thank You Guys If You Also Read It Until The End.
Odair Muniz
Odair Muniz Hace 4 días
In 2070 the sovietc unity 2.0: Hei, this map is fake
Linus Lip Crips
Linus Lip Crips Hace 4 días
Imagine the size of the save world. Like 2TBs??
Chris Mak
Chris Mak Hace 4 días
How can I build a skyscraper in the city that a live in cuz that WAS one of the tallest building in the world lol
Danuer Hace 4 días
Join the official discord server
Pérez Ortiz Yahir Antonio
Pérez Ortiz Yahir Antonio Hace 4 días
Sí hablas español enciende los subtítulos jajaja
TheAwesomeDoggo Hace 4 días
I'm going to take part in this on youtube
Danuer Hace 4 días
Joseph Balini joesteri
Joseph Balini joesteri Hace 4 días
I forgot to mention Rome didn't formed in one day but does formed in 3 days in Minecraft
Lucas Machado
Lucas Machado Hace 4 días
Humanamente impossível kkkkkkkkkk
Young Bøy
Young Bøy Hace 4 días
"HuMaNaMeNtE iMpOsSíVeL"
Young Bøy
Young Bøy Hace 4 días
@slender canal eu sei
slender canal
slender canal Hace 4 días
Isso foi criativo
GuiFoxYTBRG7 Hace 4 días
This map is going to be one or the heaviest in Minecraft but the technology advances so after a few tens of years we will be able to make the scale solar system in Minecraft or even the observable universe! guy just thinking about it already makes you tired of putting the first block.
No one Special
No one Special Hace 4 días
0:00 is it curve is must be Squale
Liric 660
Liric 660 Hace 4 días
Quem veio pelo eiMine
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá
Sempre que você ler os comentários eu estarei lá Hace 4 días
Já ia comentar isso kkk
ORLANDO R-P Hace 4 días
Vim pelo eimine É FDS
vim Pelo EI MINE do Brasil
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