The Death of CollegeHumor

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CollegeHumor was a powerhouse in the online landscape for over 2 decades, but recently it was announced that it had lost funding leading many to ask what had happened.

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TheGamerFromMars Hace un mes
fllw m n twttr:
jim cable
jim cable Hace 29 días
You forgot to include subsidiaries, like dorkly. If you check the dorkly trends, they were still making money. Go ahead, check the trends.
mr cheese doge
mr cheese doge Hace un mes
dude make a video about FG TEEV
Rotund Monibuv
Rotund Monibuv Hace un mes
It's "follow me on Twitter" without the vowels
Doobious Wolf
Doobious Wolf Hace un mes
fk u. (jk ;P)
Joshua Castillo
Joshua Castillo Hace un mes
Hello TheNotGamerfromNotMars
5’7 Skyhook
5’7 Skyhook Hace 26 minutos
CH got woke asf and no one found that buzzfeed bs funny.
Mega Karim
Mega Karim Hace 2 días
Eat your cereal
CamdenBloke Hace 3 días
I did wonder how they had that big office and sustainable income for the cast - it looked like they had much more money to spend then I thought that such a show would be bringing in.
Den Hace 3 días
I don’t like their shit past Jake and Amir Hardly working Jake and Amir that shit be slapin doe
Paul McAllister
Paul McAllister Hace 3 días
College humor humor sucks, it's like theyo have to explain and overanalyze their own jokes. If you have to explain your own joke, then it isn't funny at all. Most of videos I've seen of them, involve awkward silence / can you believe this guy sort of crap
Mr Original Abides
Mr Original Abides Hace 3 días
It became 'woke'.
Liv Drawz
Liv Drawz Hace 3 días
After Jake and Amir left, it was all downhill from there
Ivo Nikolov
Ivo Nikolov Hace 4 días
CollegeHumor is 10% comedy gold, but 90% comedy cringe. Most of the actors are real life losers, who would be bullied to death in school. Unfortunately that did not generate humor for them in their adult lives.
Brigapes Hace 4 días
They went extreme downhill like 2 years ago with new writers and horribly bad jokes
ernst de waal
ernst de waal Hace 4 días
it's because they went woke...what happens when you go woke? yes.
Nick Hace 4 días
I feel like it has to have something to do with how the demographic of the internet is very young today
Kenelt Hace 4 días
get woke, go broke.
John Magin
John Magin Hace 5 días
I knew Sam Reich, having worked with him in the summer of 2003 doing live “street theater” at the NY Ren Faire. He’s a brilliant improv actor and I’m sure he will find a new home somewhere.
Jacob Shinn
Jacob Shinn Hace 5 días
CollegeHumor, you got woke, you got broke! :)
ManicMango Mango
ManicMango Mango Hace 5 días
And that it was no longer funny
Joe On a Boat
Joe On a Boat Hace 6 días
you can trust me
Forsaken King Ozymandias
Forsaken King Ozymandias Hace 7 días
I stopped watching a few years ago, when it stopped being college kids making funny videos and turned more towards liberal propaganda, I didn't watch College Humor to be spoon fed what to believe, watched it to laugh
ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen
ein Google Name kann exakt ganze 100 Zeichen lang seien Wie soll man das denn ohne Satzeichen Füllen Hace 8 días
Yes because Linus tech tips does not exist...
Jeremy Salinas
Jeremy Salinas Hace 8 días
The dropout subscription service was worth buying, lots of really great content on there. Unfortunately, most of the smaller shows were canceled after the layoffs and the service has gotten less valuable. Still, subscribe to Dropout! It’s got some creative and entertaining stuff.
Royed King
Royed King Hace 8 días
Thank god they shot the dog that was dying very slowly, you truly can’t teach a “old dog” new tricks.
A V Shree Anurag
A V Shree Anurag Hace 8 días
Why is Emily Axford not in the thumbnail??
Butt Soup
Butt Soup Hace 8 días
I mean, I wanna be sad, but Collegehumor has sucked out loud for at least five years now. They may not have died until very recently, but I mourned for them a long time ago. Now Cracked, that was the real travesty.
david gold
david gold Hace 10 días
College Humor? Never heard of it. You mean Try Hard Woke Humor?
GrayWoIf Hace 10 días
I watch a video from them like once....a season.
Luke Coles
Luke Coles Hace 10 días
CollegeHumor died when Jake and Amir left
lamakicker69 Hace 11 días
One of the biggest reasons imo is the severe drop in talent, they had some pretty good writers just 2-3 years ago and with a few of the main cast leaving around then the quality started to really drop.
Amir Agarwal
Amir Agarwal Hace 11 días
Haha, used to have a friend named jake in school
Randive Hace 11 días
This is what woke does to you
Spartaximus Hace 11 días
They became souless sellouts to that shitty Dropout crap.
Musical Beaches
Musical Beaches Hace 12 días
I actually really liked some of the new stuff still (even though I watched their really old videos). Brennan, Grant, ally, Katie, etc. we’re amazing actors and really helped keep the channel afloat and I would still watch them if they were able to keep going. I will miss them.
tactical green gecko
tactical green gecko Hace 12 días
They were really funny at one point pushing envelopes the actors were likeable but around the time that tide pod CEO video came out. that was it I tuned out after that they weren't funny anymore just trying to push a political message and it failed.
Brian Woods
Brian Woods Hace 12 días
You are the god damn ESwomen/Internet/Social Media analytics GURU bro! You’re crazy knowledgeable on this stuff.
ERIC & CINDY Crowder
ERIC & CINDY Crowder Hace 12 días
What is the outro music? Thanks
Jonathon Wilson
Jonathon Wilson Hace 12 días
They canned jake and Amit and that’s when it went to shit
nut master
nut master Hace 12 días
CollegeHumor, unlike Murph’s grandmother, lives.
Enzovexx Hace 12 días
They haven’t died. _Have they...?_
John Saylor
John Saylor Hace 12 días
Makes sense why Dorkly is disappearing too
Joe King
Joe King Hace 13 días
Some of the newer cast members are great, Raph and Brennan for example. But they’ll never compare to CH in its prime with Jake and Amir, Murr, Gerwich, and everyone else
Jerad Berry
Jerad Berry Hace 13 días
because they stopped being funny years ago
Fanfictionaddict13 Hace 14 días
i feel like the same thing happened to cracked
mark likes games
mark likes games Hace 14 días
Dorkly:bankrupt Adam:moved to tru tv
Fire Ice
Fire Ice Hace 14 días
First collagehumor now Dorky
Urban Blatnik
Urban Blatnik Hace 14 días
So the line about having 20 years to make money is pretty bad. They obviously were profitable at some point. When Sam says they were almost profitable he is talking about their subscription service DROPOUT which launched I wanna say some time in the last 2 years. Obviously, a subscription service is a front-heavy investment since they had to fund shows before charging for a subscription. But I guess whether they actually were close to making a profit is kinda irrelevant now.
MrGbere777 Hace 15 días
Pivot to video
hazely Hace 16 días
tf? college humor is fucking amazing right now
Molly Western
Molly Western Hace 17 días
As they got older, their content aged with them. Their videos of them playing games and podcasts weren’t appealing to their majority of viewers, aka middle schoolers, and I don’t think they realised that middle schoolers were their target demographic. I love college humour but I miss the sketches that I could generally relate to as part of their target demographic
Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger Hace 17 días
Jake and Amir are at HeadGum, and while videos are less than frequent, they have established a set of running gags, the most prominent being, aside from Marty's parents' divorce, is HeadGum hemorrhaging money. But this is something else.
Halo Legend
Halo Legend Hace 17 días
Wanna know why I dropped CH? With the new staff it was becoming more and more like Buzzfeed, with all their political corectness, sjw crap, preachiness and none of the edge. They dug their own grave.
Blue Hace 17 días
I loved Jake and Amir. I still watch some of the episodes at times.
Aadit Paul
Aadit Paul Hace 17 días
The quality of their content drastically reduced in the recent years...
KOTYAR0 Hace 17 días
Remember Phantom of the Office?
Lucas Hace 18 días
zach osaka was definitely the most talented person to leave college humor
Sexy Pug
Sexy Pug Hace 18 días
It just got unfunny to me.
Joe Duke
Joe Duke Hace 18 días
Liberal idiots, with LEFTIST humor. LGBT ONLY represents 3.4%, they just scream a lot.
Sam McQuillan-Gordon
Sam McQuillan-Gordon Hace 18 días
Still watch Jake and Amir religiously
T Mufti
T Mufti Hace 18 días
They lost people who are the essence of their product. For example, Hardly Working.
Jango Is Bored
Jango Is Bored Hace 18 días
They got political and unfunny
Jacob Horowitz
Jacob Horowitz Hace 18 días
You are comparing high art to a business transaction
stephanie_barrett Hace 18 días
I don't know about the numbers argument. Searches for just "college humor" don't factor in brands they controlled like drawfee and Demenshion20 new successful ESwomen channels with viewer counts in the millions. If you factor in these numbers there engagement and revenue streams where up and growing. College humor was expanded making new products. I'm just glad that with all the members of drawfee fired they where allowed to continue the channel on their own outside College Humor without having to change the name or fight for the legal rights.
Frieslick14 Hace 18 días
My god, that thumbnail. I’ve never seen so much pure soy concentrated in one photo before. All of those males combined has less testosterone than your average discarded tampon.
ミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏ
ミɱꙙRkⲓદ ඏ Hace 18 días
Such a shame. It would feel so off without them. They're just always was a main staple of the internet and ESwomen. They were always there. That's so sad.
Dennis Hena
Dennis Hena Hace 19 días
My friends and I have been wondering the same thing for a few months now.
Deadprez101 Hace 19 días
Fuck I love the red headed ceo guy!
SmythFan94 Hace 19 días
This is what happens when you go from mostly humour with a little bit political commentary to 99.9% Political commentary and 0.1% Humour
lee baganz-moore
lee baganz-moore Hace 19 días
Adam ruins everything, had such bad fact checking. I am sure they probably had some lawsuits to deal with too
Alison M
Alison M Hace 20 días
I still have Powerthirst 2 - Re-Domination as one of my early youtube favorites!!!! RIP!! 😭
Mario Angel Ruiz
Mario Angel Ruiz Hace 20 días
ESwomen probably died around 2016-2017
Mrinal Rohilla
Mrinal Rohilla Hace 21 un día
Whatever man. But please CH complete that Trapp killed Pat storyline. Otherwise my life will be incomplete
perfectionbox Hace 21 un día
The pie is too large, too many channels, too many competitors. If i'm in a group of a hundred people, maybe two or three are watching what i'm watching. It's so fractured these days. You either go big all the way or sink into the long tail.
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