The Dark Side of Shane Dawson

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Announcing this 8 part series about the dark side of shane dawson
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Ultimate Shadow
Ultimate Shadow Hace 3 horas
an example of sociopaths are these two therapists
Justin Covarrubias
Justin Covarrubias Hace 18 horas
If your looking at the comments and a ad comes it scrolls you up to the video or at least on mobile it dose
Draco Malfoy
Draco Malfoy Hace un día
Maybe you should watched all 8 episodes before you made this video.
Aku Ray
Aku Ray Hace un día
Hmmmm.....u think pewds doesn't
Aniek Hace un día
I liked Shane’s older video’s. These ‘documentaries’ aren’t fun to watch.
Aku Ray
Aku Ray Hace un día
Shane's documentaries or pewdiepie's documentaries ?
Sonja ruijzing
Sonja ruijzing Hace un día
“ APD, anti personality disorder” I have never laughed this hard. They don’t have a personality?? Or are they against people having a personality?
Shannon-rose Dillon-jones
Shannon-rose Dillon-jones Hace 2 días
roses are red violets are blue i love pewdiepie and im sure u do to
Anrinette Pelletier
Anrinette Pelletier Hace 2 días
Dude I miss the Shane Dawson that did fun conspiracy videos, and burning dolls. Not the one throwing around the word psychopath and diagnosing people with it. I get that he’s happier now with the content he’s making, but you don’t diagnose people you don’t know. If you’re honestly worried about a person, call an expert and don’t make an 8 part series about it
Phil James
Phil James Hace 2 días
"Is that a fake reaction enough for you?" Makes me wonder if some of his jumpscares were fake😳
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 2 días
"Just because you're a sociopath don't mean you're a killer or you want to hurt people." - PewDiePie I was literally in the process of writing that exact same thing when you said it lol. It also goes the other way, just because you're not a sociopath doesn't mean you won't want to hurt people, aka being an *ssh*le isn't a mental illness.
Su Ak
Su Ak Hace 15 horas
Kevin Lu
Kevin Lu Hace 2 días
'You don't get more views for having integrity' 16:15 I respectfully disagree, that's the reason this channel grew, and managed to make people who didn't care subscribe, myself included.
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese Hace 2 días
Shane is the most naïve person ever. He'll literally listen to both Jake Paul and Tana spit crap out of their mouths and believe them.
J Hammond
J Hammond Hace 2 días
I cannot stand Shane Dawson’s over the top facial expressions; my God
Katharina Nikol
Katharina Nikol Hace 3 días
Ja, i appreciate a lot of Shane's videos and especially the effort he puts in them, but this row was really disturbing for me, in particular this "1 out if 25" i couldn't get out of my mind for weeks, till i reads a view reports, etc... But i also thought that his way to handle such an sensitive topic, is really very problematic and when we take his facts, even a sociopathic way to act..
Gubby Bones
Gubby Bones Hace 3 días
Great now that a bunch of cringe kids are gonna go around and act all special like "Dude I tHiNk iM A SociOpAth
kid993 Hace 3 días
I'm just trying to figure out if PewDiePie doesn't like Shane...
sUnFLoWEr Hace 3 días
*gets recommended in 2020*
Marcos Bryner
Marcos Bryner Hace 3 días
what kind of therapist is this... so unprofessional
Vijay Vidhu
Vijay Vidhu Hace 4 días
There is no disorder like sociopathy nor is Anti Personality disorder a mental disorder. It is a personality disorder.
Kenzie Kim
Kenzie Kim Hace 4 días
BREAKING NEWS: THE DEAD BODY IN JAPAN WAS FAKE!! Tell Poppy the police have finally come out and reported the suicide was a "a staged prank"! That's what they said! plz tell Poppy!
Kenzie Kim
Kenzie Kim Hace 4 días
BREAKING NEWS: THE DEAD BODY IN JAPAN WAS FAKE!! Tell Poppy the police have finally come out and reported the suicide was a "a staged prank"! That's what they said! plz tell Poppy!
Kenzie Kim
Kenzie Kim Hace 4 días
BREAKING NEWS: THE DEAD BODY IN JAPAN WAS FAKE!! Tell Poppy the police have finally come out and reported the suicide was a "a staged prank"! That's what they said! plz tell Poppy!
Kenzie Kim
Kenzie Kim Hace 4 días
BREAKING NEWS: THE DEAD BODY IN JAPAN WAS FAKE!! Tell Poppy the police have finally come out and reported the suicide was a "a staged prank"! That's what they said! plz tell Poppy!
Zoveo Hace 5 días
Shane Dawson talks like he's trying his absolute best to be soft spoken. Lmao what a puss
shakira linya
shakira linya Hace 5 días
lmao honestly dont think she was a verified therapist...
Caroline Granados
Caroline Granados Hace 6 días
I think he is really good at putting content together, the background music and creating emotional situations. I like him. But it is true it is too vague..
Ypryl Montoya
Ypryl Montoya Hace 6 días
Oreo Star
Oreo Star Hace 6 días
*how the turned have tables*
Katie Winslow
Katie Winslow Hace 6 días
I try watching shane video of Dark side of Jake paul but I did not have no interest in it
marlin gates
marlin gates Hace 6 días
I just don't think Shane is documentarisn really. I was glad they ahd therapist but same Tim she was looking at book mostly. It was alluding him sociopath but should describe without kinda making seem like anyone can be sociopath You have be careful talking about mental health. Also dunno why discuss Jake Paul mental state when he's not there
Thanks Pete
Thanks Pete Hace 7 días
Imagine having a mental disorder and being gross 😗✌🏻
Mariana Pérez Arana
Mariana Pérez Arana Hace 7 días
Sociopaths don’t care if they feel emotions or not, don’t feel bad for them because they can’t feel emotions and the “joy of life” (I mean I ain’t a sociopath and I’ve never felt that but ok), feel bad for them because they have a mental disorder which it isn’t bad nor good but it isn’t enjoyable and fun nor *savage* and just having a mental illness or disorder is like having a physical illness or disorder but it can be much worse because scars and disorders in your body can disappear but in your mind they’ll never disappear, like me, I have to live with the trauma of being sexually harassed in the streets by a person who left me with a scar in my waist that disappeared in just a few months but it will always be scarred in my mind
Mariana Pérez Arana
Mariana Pérez Arana Hace 7 días
I’m just a simple person who has a soft spot for mental health and loves to research help and definitions to it because I feel the need to help others even tho I don’t want to be a psychologist or a therapist, if you mess with mental health and spread misinformation and stereotypical knowledge like “people with mental illnesses can become murderers” like a lot of movies picture it, people with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims of people (bullying, discrimination, etc) than being perpetrators and I was absolutely disgusted at how that bitch portrayed sociopaths and how Shane’s was so over dramatic and exaggerated because of a normal mental illness that anybody who is born can have, I hate the mental health stigma I mean narcissism could’ve been a more adequate theme to touch on because Jake shows more signs of being narcissistic than being a sociopath but like, WHY THE HELL DID YOU HAVE TO TOUCH ON A MENTAL ILLNESS THAT THE PERSON WASN’T PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED TO HAVE IT THAT WAS TOTALLY UNNECESSARY AND IT DIDN’T TAKE US ANYWHERE IN THE SERIES LIKE WHAT? I’m sorry Shane but I can’t defend you and I lost a little respect on you because of this. Also, *Logan I’ve had enough of your bullshit, being a sociopath isn’t savage, is a mental illness, thank you for listening and fuck you* and for you Shane, *I really hope you learned your lesson and knew that claiming anybody to be a sociopath is wrong, diagnosing someone if you don’t have any study of psychology isn’t good I mean you saw what happened with The Rewired Soul*
Alice Fuller
Alice Fuller Hace 7 días
I have ADHD, and am bipolar. I am someone you would medically classify as being psychopathic. But I am not insane. It simply means I have no regrets. I don't have a 'voice' in my head telling me: don't do that or don't do this you'll regret it. I run of instinct. It gets me in trouble at school, but it definitely does not mean that I would go crazy and start killing people. I don't really tell anyone about my disorders because people ALWAYS misunderstand. I mean you can see that from this video; the THERAPIST, said that a mental disorder is "gross". Imagine what other people say...
jiahao guo
jiahao guo Hace 8 días
I wonder, like, how many, like, 'like' would Shane, like, fit in, like, his, like, each sentence? I'm like, super curious. How fking annoying...why would anyone talking as if they are the idiotic Kardasians.
Cassi Lynn
Cassi Lynn Hace 8 días
Shane just overreacted so much, and the therapist was extremely unprofessional i hope she got her license taken from her.
Jordan M
Jordan M Hace 8 días
Sometimes I can’t watch videos where people critique A video I like cause then it makes me not want to watch it anymore
Evan Culp
Evan Culp Hace 8 días
I had a bit of like for logan paul but after hearing that first comment by him.... NOPEEEEEEE
Im Missing
Im Missing Hace 8 días
What happened to his beard on the left side?
Kira Yoshikage
Kira Yoshikage Hace 8 días
Is this lady even a real therapist
heather 06
heather 06 Hace 9 días
Half the comments here arent even about shane, they are about the “therapist”
Avalez Hace 9 días
10:03 millionaire video quality.
Conner Pettit
Conner Pettit Hace 10 días
Shane Dawson is a covert narcissist. I’m an INFJ and NO INFJ would ever cry on ESwomen to get views and he obviously pretends to look nice. He also gaslights people to make him look good, I’m done Shane Dawson getting away with his bullshit
Julia Brodovsky
Julia Brodovsky Hace 10 días
Does Shane watch documentaries? Or know anything about film? Your content should be what is keeping the viewer watching, not freaking fast edits of stock footage. The Jake Paul doc was when I decided I was done with the "docu-series" of Shane's.
Ally Mari
Ally Mari Hace 11 días
I dont think the therapist is a therapist, because if I'm correct sociopath is an outdated term, and everything she was saying was wrong..
Kele Beck
Kele Beck Hace 11 días
Handsome Felix
Sam Friedmann
Sam Friedmann Hace 11 días
1:25: anyone who enters anything like this will not be a good therapist
Majority Ores
Majority Ores Hace 11 días
its aspd anti-social personality disorder right?
Syed Mohammad Hayyan Hasan
Syed Mohammad Hayyan Hasan Hace 12 días
Pwediepie is annoying
Ecuador1 Hace 11 días
Syed Mohammad Hayyan Hasan shut up
Ash Gacha99
Ash Gacha99 Hace 12 días
That's gay ,my dude.
That's gay ,my dude. Hace un día
@Ash Gacha99 Not tryna be a dick but i know im right.
That's gay ,my dude.
That's gay ,my dude. Hace un día
@don't mind me Um no? That's Albert.
Ash Gacha99
Ash Gacha99 Hace un día
@That's gay ,my dude. And I am not........ actually that might be true XD
Ash Gacha99
Ash Gacha99 Hace un día
don't mind me
don't mind me Hace un día
That's gay ,my dude. lmao i agree and is that yoongi in your profile pic :o
Lo Ka
Lo Ka Hace 12 días
It is more rare to not have a single tattoo than having tattoo. ”Having tattoo” is not a sign
I Eazyix
I Eazyix Hace 13 días
He's just, "yuck".
Jord S
Jord S Hace 14 días
If i smoked a joint every time she said gross I'd need a tolerance break
Definitely not Jim
Definitely not Jim Hace 14 días
“Have you ever driven fast” Me: *laughs in child*
Mia Fierro
Mia Fierro Hace 14 días
I like Shane but I do have to admit I didn’t enjoy all of the episodes
Nathaly Alfaro
Nathaly Alfaro Hace 15 días
I think he’s confusing sociopaths/antisocial personality disorder (which is a very rare disorder) with narcissism/narcissistic personality disorder. If he had just done more research and gone with a professional therapist or psychologist they could have talked responsibly about the traits of narcissism.
spicey_holland Hace 15 días
I feel like in shane's video a lot of the time they get the word "Sociopath" and "Psychopath" mixed up, wix are completely different things. one potentially being dangerous, and the other being okay, as a normal thing, just with the unnabitility to feel certain things. such as love, sadness, happines, while still being mostly morally compatible with the outside world.
tara k
tara k Hace 15 días
hmmm what even happened to shane come to think of it i haven't heard from him in a year or so??? also yes i know it's been over a year i am here because of quarantine
Mundane Monday
Mundane Monday Hace 16 días
This sort of reminds me of that one scientist that faked vaccines cause autism. Just spreading false information, creating biases, and being unprofessional. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wasn’t a legit therapist, and if she is, she should have her license taken away. Completely not okay to spread that bs to millions of people. Also probably ruining her business a ton if she’s calling a mental condition gross.. That does not create a lot of trust or make anyone feel welcome and that’s some of the most important stuff you need to have successful therapy.
bionic turtle
bionic turtle Hace 12 días
She's not even that type of therapist LMAO she just straight out lying on the vid
Enas Zack
Enas Zack Hace 16 días
She isn't a professional nor a certified mental disorder therapist. If anything, she is just someone who can't comprehend mental disorders and pretends that research via TV is true.
angie n.
angie n. Hace 16 días
Pewds is probably the *least* morally skewed youtuber
PastelDemon_ Hace 16 días
6:41 ok but why does Shane look like the alien emoji
Ace Hace 16 días
I also think just bc someone's not capable of feeling guilty or some shit like that doesn't necessarily mean that they're a fcking bad person like yo u don need guilt to know the difference between right and wrong,,, and there are also people out there who have conscience but still continue to do whatever shit they're doing idk man
Katie Mugford
Katie Mugford Hace 16 días
8:36 - That person is Angela Simpson, she killed her victim by strangling them with a television cable.
Mitchell Baker
Mitchell Baker Hace 17 días
Bro pewdiepie u didnt lose agianst t series they cheated cause they buy subs and views they use other peoples videos for fake adds
Shah Jack
Shah Jack Hace 17 días
that is a karen not a therapist
s.seongjun_ Hace 17 días
I'd rather talk to Felix than that "therapist".
kEla DA
kEla DA Hace 17 días
I think Antisocial personality disorder gets confused with narcissistic personality disorder, as the first one being spotted early on, at adolescents prone to ignore and defy society 's rules, and the second one as the classical "non empathetic" behavior of putting your interests first to a degree that it can hurt other people, as to them, people are just tools. I think they do fall under the narcissistic category, but stating more, is just speculation. And antisocial behaviour is embroidered within a child who is lacking a loving and attentive relationship with parents, they just don't know how to empathize, not that they're unable to, as are psychopaths. Thus meaning they can, to a certain degree, be rehabilitated into society and most certainly, none of them are gross. At least everyone who takes the responsibility to diagnose others should have the basic info on distinctive disorders that do overlap. That was long, but stop prejudices fueled by insane statistics that by today's knowledge can't possibly be proven.
Dirk Bastardrelief
Dirk Bastardrelief Hace 18 días
Ha Ha! Pie said Anti Personality Disorder instead of Antisocial Personality Disorder... Eh, who cares, he's sloppy and he knows it.
Zambias Nerotic
Zambias Nerotic Hace 18 días
I was so confused when the title said “El lado oscuro de Shane Dawson” I thought pew die pie finally learned Spanish smh
Dunkin Doughnuts
Dunkin Doughnuts Hace 18 días
The thumbnail is a fucking masterpiece
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