The Creepy Quandary of Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm

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A skeleton is found in a tree in rural England during WWII- was she a victim of circumstance or something more nefarious?
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Shane Madej
Ryan Bergara

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network
BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Hace un mes
Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!
BTSFiction World
BTSFiction World Hace 10 días
plllleease do an investigation on Bermuda Triangle 🙌🙌
I_choked_on_an_avocado_pit Hace un mes
Postmortem: Maybe she just got into the wych elm herself? I know they said it was really hard to do without getting hurt but if she was scared enough of something she wouldn't care. She might be running from someone, it could be a person, a wild animal or an air rade. And once she got in, she would've not been able to get out and died of starvation. #ShaniacatmindbutBoogaraatheart
Graciela Orozco
Graciela Orozco Hace un mes
Can you guys do Don Baskin from Tiger king?
Eden Peppercorn
Eden Peppercorn Hace un mes
#postmortem - my dad's written a novel about this (The Hollow Tree by James Brogden), we live near Birmingham and he got to see the original police case files and photos of her body when he was researching it, he said it was very odd to see, and there really wasn't much left of her. also - the graffiti actually spelled 'wych' as 'witch', hence the supernatural suspicion. anyway, if people are interested in the story it's a massive part of the local history and the book is great!!
Kalmiaä Hace un mes
#PostMortem Not a question but a piece of information you didn't know about hair. It grows in the organ "follicle" which is found in the dermal layer of the skin. Skin, not skull XD And I don't think hair can grow from the skull, that's weird and goes against the way hair grows. Perhaps you saw it in movies, which aren't very reliable. Hope it was helpful! Stay safe, love you both and thank you for always making me smile ♥
Malaka KZ
Malaka KZ Hace 38 minutos
I can't help but think that in some time in the future, the Coronavirus will be on this channel😮
Eesha Arshad
Eesha Arshad Hace 2 horas
4:05 I kinda wanna search “sky burial” but I’m too terrified to😶
TOnes Stank
TOnes Stank Hace 5 horas
Shane looks like an overworked detective while Ryan just looks like one of those frat boys who loves to go to concerts and say "YOOO!" and "BROOOOO" Alot.
Alex Brown
Alex Brown Hace 8 horas
You should do madaliene McCann
CnJ Z Hace 9 horas
i'm with devil worship, Id call it ritual sacrifice, it goes on. A normal murder would bury the poor girl
Blue Jay
Blue Jay Hace 17 horas
Dang it. The spy one was my favorite and then rayn was like noooooppe ; v ;
Chip Bipple
Chip Bipple Hace 17 horas
Egyptologists have always been shady people.
juliannia Hace 20 horas
Mossop backwards is possom. spooky...or is it?
patricia roy
patricia roy Hace 22 horas
Have you done Bob Crane's murder yet?
A Fork
A Fork Hace 23 horas
So I have a statement to add to this story. h
Emma Snyder
Emma Snyder Hace un día
Shane, you need to watch Ask a Mortician. She will delight your morbid sensibilities.
BIG T Hace un día
Make the background dark again it was more intense that way
Dominique M
Dominique M Hace un día
Oh look, it’s Corey Wolfhart 😂
24K CLAN Hace 2 días
I was in this wood legit yesterday!
24K CLAN Hace 2 días
I live 2 minutes walking from this
can you talk about the Mcstay family case
Ashwati Saashte
Ashwati Saashte Hace 2 días
19:29 Shane is what I'm here for
Megan O'Brien
Megan O'Brien Hace 2 días
The hair takes longer to disolve so sometimes the hair is left on the skul because the skin rots away on the skul so the hair is left around the skul
Glozkboy Cappa
Glozkboy Cappa Hace 2 días
The tree probably grew around her 🤷🏽‍♂️
radha Dangol
radha Dangol Hace 2 días
It was done by the Peaky Blinders obviously.
Jackalope Hace 3 días
I learned Ryan doesn't know how hair grows.. (it doesn't come from the skull lol)
themonsterfrombird box
themonsterfrombird box Hace 3 días
Anyone hate the way Americans say English towns and county’s
Leo Jay
Leo Jay Hace 3 días
...i...i wasn't ready for ryan with a bandana
M D Hace 3 días
i am from wolverhampton, england, right next to birmingham, when wolverhampton came up on the map i literary cried
Fool Of Mysteries
Fool Of Mysteries Hace 3 días
You already know when ryan said zoinks he used to watch scooby doo.
Fandom's Are My Life
Fandom's Are My Life Hace 3 días
Seriously, look at that tree. I could fit three people in there
Sreejani Vasireddy
Sreejani Vasireddy Hace 4 días
Ryan looked better than usual this episode
allyssa gray
allyssa gray Hace 4 días
Ive never heard of this wtfff
Wendy McKenzie
Wendy McKenzie Hace 4 días
WAX ON, WAX OFF. I like your hair long...I just want to tousle it!
Gabriela Pollard
Gabriela Pollard Hace 5 días
I feel slightly disconcerted that her description also matches me
Antler Soup
Antler Soup Hace 5 días
Weirdly, the 'Taffeta' which they found in her mouth, is associated with prostitution during the English renaissance, and appears in Shakespeare's 'A Twelth Night'. It might be recalled that in Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', there is a spirit called Ariel trapped in a tree. I think they should have examined the crank who was leaving the messages a little more. Just because someone is insane, doesn't mean they won't kill someone and stuff them in a tree.
Emilia Dyer
Emilia Dyer Hace 5 días
the place where this was is a 5 minutes drive from my house
Single Brain cell
Single Brain cell Hace 5 días
Boutta go graffiti brb
Samantha Uy
Samantha Uy Hace 5 días
Did anyone watch an x1 music video ad?
Lumbago Man
Lumbago Man Hace 5 días
probably the peaky blinders lets be honest
Laso Turner
Laso Turner Hace 5 días
Love the show, can’t sleep without watching at least one episode.
Audrey Dowler
Audrey Dowler Hace 5 días
Shane bequeath ur bones to me I'll have a good use for them
Julia Dotson
Julia Dotson Hace 5 días
I have McCormick blood line
fenchiii Hace 5 días
Shane’s hair looks so pretty
nathalie miller
nathalie miller Hace 5 días
“let’s never speak of this again” made me laugh. WHY??????? WTF WAS THAT LIL BOYS????????
Camila Morales
Camila Morales Hace 5 días
When Shane said “ Like if God shot me into the sky!” 😂😂 I’m dying!!
Spirit Womyn
Spirit Womyn Hace 6 días
What if Clara the spy parachuted down and "bella" saw her. Clara killed her to fake her own death.
RedAces93 Hace 6 días
"Time to hide, everybody!".... meanwhile, in Nebraska, we run outside & record it...
Tara Wilcox-Wood
Tara Wilcox-Wood Hace 6 días
I’m sorry but the way he said “Birmingham” at the start made me cringe slightly because no one pronounces the “h” it’s just “Birming’am”
name. Hace 6 días
Ryan hair grows out of the hair follicle which is in your skin, the same way it grows out of your arn or face....
scarlett !
scarlett ! Hace 6 días
surprised they didnt talk about how her hand was found away from her body. it wasnt really that impertinent to the case but still, weird tidbit
Jenny Freakshow
Jenny Freakshow Hace 6 días
10:00 I’m not saying it’s okay that someone was just doing this for fun. But people did used to take their families to public hangings for entertainment. It’s not that far out of an idea
Thomas Cherwin
Thomas Cherwin Hace 6 días
11:00 that’s true
Yovanni Angel
Yovanni Angel Hace 6 días
Who else is watching while playing a game
water Hace 6 días
add one more to my theory of Shane being a time traveling serial killer because he just admitted to putting Bella in the Wych elm
As_aTwiPro Hace 6 días
what about looking for a good hairdresser ? ;D you're still great ! Thanks for the videos!
Lauren Victoria
Lauren Victoria Hace 7 días
18:22 Correction: The Netherlands.
catkid25 Hace 7 días
To be honest it's boring but I feel as if this was actually what she wanted for her remains and whoever put her there was only honoring her wishes. Like her death wasn't unnatural and they would have found some evidence of her starving to death or dying of dehydration if she parachuted down. I think she was probably just an eccentric woman to whom that tree was probably special.
The Wolf Den
The Wolf Den Hace 7 días
Considering I always agree with Shane this feels it's possible for a skeleton to stay intact. If the body wasnt touched an just rotted way it could stay together. Usually when a old body is found a pile of bones animals an the seasons typically get to it so they get torn apart true joints absolutely help hold some bones together .lol our bones are connected. I feel like I have to break in to sing.smh the neck bones connected to the...ok I'll stop
Meaghan Erb
Meaghan Erb Hace 7 días
I feel like Ryan saw that episode of the simpson's when Homer gets a hair transplant and its Snakes hair after he's killed on death row, and snakes hair goes into homers brain and makes him like rob the quickie mart and commit other crimes. It was one of the treehouse of horrors episodes.
fsgb INC
fsgb INC Hace 7 días
Iv done worse things then stuffed my drunk mate in a tree, plenty of times
Hayden Paige
Hayden Paige Hace 8 días
Me and the boys at 2am lookin for SKULLS
ItMe Elisa
ItMe Elisa Hace 8 días
“Imagine seeing a skull”. *Laughs in art school*
Lizzie P1639
Lizzie P1639 Hace 8 días
I always find it so funny when people try to pronounce british places and get them slightly wrong.
Saint Legna
Saint Legna Hace 8 días
Plot twist she climbed in their n got stuck n died
Potting Soil
Potting Soil Hace 8 días
I want them to make some sick throwing darts out of my bones, or possibly a very macabre looking basket.... hmmmmmm decisions....
The meow Cat
The meow Cat Hace 8 días
So lemme get this straight. Shane is fine with demons, ghosts, poking fun at murderers, etc., but TORNADOS are bad. Tbh as someone who was born and raised in IL too I get it.
Miles Rose
Miles Rose Hace 8 días
Witchcraft Conspiracy: She was a sacrifice by witches who worship the devil!!!! Me and Dionysus just vibing laughing at that person's flawed ideology
crybabyruins Hace 8 días
Okay the question is how do you lose bones that’s supposed to be in a lab box 🧐
Aleeshah Sohail
Aleeshah Sohail Hace 9 días
you say you are listening but you guys still havENT DONE THE CASE OF THE FRENCH DANCING PEOPLE 😤
Arwen Amin
Arwen Amin Hace 9 días
Wouldnt the tree have just grown around her as time went on??
Traxklif38 Hace 9 días
I like how Ryan says “bonerang” like we didn’t hear and kept it moving 😂😂
Jzl Hace 9 días
Shane: "I want vultures to eat my body" Me after watching Lion king: *"THE CIRCLE OF LIFE!"*
Kitana_xox Hace 9 días
2:50 - I think Ryan is thinking of Tails from the Crypt hahaha
Morning in Pyongyang, North Korea. Very eerie.
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