The Conspiracy Theory that the Middle Ages Never Happened

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Half as Interesting

Half as Interesting

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Half as Interesting
Half as Interesting Hace un mes
Alternate conspiracy theory: HAI doesn't exist. It's just an advanced machine learning protocol designed to take in topic suggestions, filter though them, and turn them into ok videos. If that were true, that would explain why we rely so heavily on your viewer topic suggestions, so submit yours and, if we use it, we (the computer) will send you a free HAI t-shirt:
Sylvi Elakha
Sylvi Elakha Hace 6 días
I mean, define "machine learning". After all, there's definitely a neural network involved 😛
Inkydink Hace 9 días
If this were true, there wouldn’t be as many mistakes.
Maybe Ok
Maybe Ok Hace 19 días
I love the fact that this entity uses all of the cool technology stuff to make ok quality videos.
Mattjammar Hace un mes
Except if that were true; the computer would be HAI.
Space Racer26
Space Racer26 Hace un mes
Half as Interesting That’s more believable then the video topic
University of Flat Earth 5G and Sept 11th Tinfoil
University of Flat Earth 5G and Sept 11th Tinfoil Hace un hora
Tinfoilers will believe anything to convince themselves they're intelligent, despite what their grades say!
Random Dude
Random Dude Hace un hora
What middle age
Kristopher Workman
Kristopher Workman Hace 4 horas
*says only a few decades left* Me: *sadly puts away my doomsday gear* ;(
Girl Power
Girl Power Hace 4 horas
If they did happen why aren’t there more records?
PrivateSi Hace 6 horas
There are 2 extremes of easily lead people, known as sheeple... Those that unquestioningly follow and parrot official lines and those that disbelieve all official science and history yet believe just about any alternative bullshit theory doing the rounds.
pixel girl
pixel girl Hace 9 horas
This is almost as entertaining as the conspiracy theory that Australia doesn't exist and is all actors. Which I think only came about because someone pointed out Australians don't report seeing that enormous Antarctic ice wall notion that so many flat Earthers are fond of. If it's true, then the shadowy nefarious forces of globalism paid an actress to date me for two and a half years, and I'm nobody important so that doesn't make sense.
DK Hace un día
Don't use Zoom, they lied to their customers about security and a lot of people got hacked. Jitsi is open source and secure and has better privacy. And it's free. Vote for better world online by using the better software. :)
2nd Armored Division
2nd Armored Division Hace un día
You all know the world didn’t exist before RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!
Jacinto Costa
Jacinto Costa Hace un día
Hmmm! If those conspiracy theorists put all this afford on real science I bet we would have a permanent Mon station!
why is 45 still alive
why is 45 still alive Hace un día
Why is it that a video based on dissemination of fact has so many mispronounciations?
u r
u r Hace 2 días
Visit for the true Catholic faith necessary for salvation.
TheReal Rick
TheReal Rick Hace 2 días
"the world probably only has a few decades left anyways."
Buffalo VelCrow of the Cherokee Players
Buffalo VelCrow of the Cherokee Players Hace 2 días
Soooo...the Holy Roman Emperor and The league with the Byzantine Emperor, not even 200 years after the massive Imperial Schism (where the Pope decreed the HRE was the true Empire and not the Byzantine Empire ((see Irene of Athens)), which permanently put strain on Eastern European/Anatolian/Greek and Western European relations, decided to create a massive global conspiracy.....for...what reason exactly lol? WAIT A MINUTE, that means the very controversy of Irene of Athens and the Pope never happened then (cause it happened in 800AD) uhhhhhhhhhhh........... Also the 'Roman Architecture' pillar was perhaps one of the SILLIEST things I have ever heard. I guess by that logic, there was never an Imperial Dynasty in unified Russia, because they called themselves Czar's (from Caesar), and fashioned themselves as 'Third Rome' over 800 years after the Western Roman Empire fell..........
Marina McKee
Marina McKee Hace 2 días
my brain hurts
Di Di Mau
Di Di Mau Hace 2 días
No, no, MiddleAgesGate is totally true. It's part of a massive cover-up by the Clintons, Obama, the Bilderbergs, and the guy selling Italian Ices down at the corner (I can tell he's in on it because of the way he looks at me . . . I think he was in on PizzaGate but I'm not sure yet).
Terrus Ciekawostki
Terrus Ciekawostki Hace 2 días
2:09 *476 AD ;)
Plate Productions
Plate Productions Hace 2 días
so you just wait for a sponsor email before making a video and only start making it until you get an email
Dreew Hace 3 días
Broke my brain I dont understand the video
OoOoOo OoOoOo
OoOoOo OoOoOo Hace 3 días
Yeah... well, what I do know is that we are living in the dark ages right now...
BulleT Hace 3 días
y'all say he spreads the video for a long time but you would also sit in a history class explaining the same thing for over 6 hours... (as in going along the multiple days)
WizardNumberNext Hace 3 días
On the other side Anybody who would like to skip over 300 years would have plenty of time to invent whatever they want. They would have at least 20 years to invent whatever they want. Please describe with details what have happened in your town (yes, just a town, not whole country or continent, which already makes it a lot simpler) what happened in June 1999 - May 2000. You cannot check on Internet (it did not exists in 7th or 11th century). You may use only one library and it have to be closest to place where you leave. You cannot use newspapers, as those have not existed at those times either. Basically you are limited to what existed in 11th century, nothing more recent. No newspapers, no Internet, no video or audio records, just written word. And to make it much simpler, you can use printed word, but only books. Go on make a video about just this year using only those sources of information.
Muhammad Abdullah Waseem
Muhammad Abdullah Waseem Hace 3 días
Nothing happened on April 15th 1989.
Null Null
Null Null Hace 3 días
Song is "Ain't Nothing Gonna Bring Us Down" - Alden Nickolasson
Vinnie Gregory
Vinnie Gregory Hace 4 días
Perfect how you hid pbuh
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war
Kim-Jong Un 100 million subs or I declare war Hace 4 días
My invasion of South Korea didn't happen
Skylar hodge
Skylar hodge Hace 5 días
Why is there a blur after 5:36
1bgrant Hace 5 días
911: says it all really.
gabriel mansbach
gabriel mansbach Hace 5 días
5:38 Show Mohammad! Don’t be weak and succumb to the treats of radical Muslims.
gabriel mansbach
gabriel mansbach Hace 5 días
Show Mohammad! Don’t be weak and succumb to the treats of radical Muslims.
Cypher791 Hace 5 días
Well if the Middle Ages were in the 7th century then... why was the 14th century not the end ages 🤔
Karch Kirner
Karch Kirner Hace 6 días
I remember reading the book ages ago , one reason it was said that they added the 300 years was to push the conquer of Jerusalem by the Muslims to the past , to soften the effect of the crisis ... and that the crusades started right after the fall of Jerusalem... 🧐
Rj Blitz
Rj Blitz Hace 6 días
Argh I HATE the sound of your voice. Makes me want to rip your vocal chords and hang myself with them
7DeadlyButterflies Hace 6 días
This is what happens when your history curriculum only focuses on European history 🤦🏾‍♀️
Sarah L
Sarah L Hace 7 días
Skipping ahead in the calendar because you like round numbers would be like if president Trump told all the world leaders that it should be 2350 and not 2020 so that we would need a Space Force.
Aris Totle
Aris Totle Hace 7 días
Nicea It's pronounced ni-seeya
BlocksMC Hace 7 días
The Gregorian calendar is messed up Pledge to make a new calendar ↓↓
Wyatt Evans
Wyatt Evans Hace 8 días
Did they make bricks during middle age
k98killer Hace 8 días
Pretty pathetic that you blurred out the medieval painting of Muhammad. Don't bend the knee to suicidal tyrants.
J.C. Denton
J.C. Denton Hace 8 días
medieval artifacts are rare because of iconoclasm which was an idea that proposed destroying art because people may be worshiping them. most medieval art are from the catholic church since they were the , most powerful influential and wealthy group of people at the time which gave them a lot of control over everyone that's why most if not all recovered music from the dark ages are religious pieces.
Matt Marzula
Matt Marzula Hace 9 días
It's not 2020. It's 30-cheese.
Alexander-Maurice Mill
Alexander-Maurice Mill Hace 9 días
let me guess: Alex Jones edit: well guess not Alex Jones this time
Rare Breed
Rare Breed Hace 10 días
You lied about the Theory. Your a Lietuber
Jessica Santi
Jessica Santi Hace 10 días
See I believe that the timeline is wrong I do believe there was a brief period of this kind of action. I make its comparison to the early 1900s where seeing their ybody knew how to ride an electric vehicle and you got trains with no overhead and then less than a decade later those same vehicles and trains are being pulled by horses
Malakai Hace 10 días
The only funny channel about facts to ever exist
Thanos Attorney At Law
Thanos Attorney At Law Hace 11 días
Honestly this has to be the most American thing ever (And before you say anything, yes I'm American). Fabricating a conspiracy theory but forgetting the rest of the world existed.
André van Bruggen
André van Bruggen Hace 11 días
Did he think about arab and Islamic history
Jarejander69 Hace 11 días
You gotta admire how artfully they blurred a codex in those years.
ENCHANTMEN Hace 12 días
Wait, I thought the Council of Nikea was there to tell Magnus the Red to stop being a nerd
Miki Cerise
Miki Cerise Hace 12 días
This theory is too boring to gain a wide following. You'd need to widen the missing time. Say the past 1500 years don't exist, then you might get a following. Don't worry about explaining it, people don't really need credible explanations. Just make up a story that flatters whatever people's prejudices are.
Ryan Dy-Liacco
Ryan Dy-Liacco Hace 12 días
Here's a conspiracy theory: our world is in the mind of a single person and could instantly die or change based on what they decide or if they die.
Valen Goksir
Valen Goksir Hace 11 días
Check "Upsilon dies backwards" on youtube
Happy dog
Happy dog Hace 12 días
Can someone explain why a part of the tapestry was blurred out at the end?
Josh Hace 13 días
I laughed a bit too hard at the pliny the elder thing since theres also a pliny the younger. The creative naming of romans.
Sandor Dugalin
Sandor Dugalin Hace 13 días
3:20 Got completely lost with the math here. How the hell does being off by 10 days instead of 13 over the course of 1627 years mean 347 years are unaccounted for? Wouldn't that mean there's... 3 days unaccounted for? Maybe I'm a total idiot, in which case could someone please explain it to me.
Between the Dimensions
Between the Dimensions Hace 13 días
Your jokes suck. Just tell us the interesting facts.
scy1192 Hace 14 días
stop treating your audience like idiots by prefacing everything like "oh of course it's totally not true". Just give us the facts in favor and the facts against.
LukeWarm05 Hace 14 días
From the year 614 to NINE ELEVEN?!!!!!!!! Illuminati confirmed!
Andres Rodriguez
Andres Rodriguez Hace 14 días
Nothing ever happened everything is an illusion
Kaiser Wilhelm
Kaiser Wilhelm Hace 14 días
3:40 months*
evan thesquirrel
evan thesquirrel Hace 14 días
Sorry to be that guy, but it's not the council ox Nick hey yeah, it's council of nice see ya.
Aidan The cool kid
Aidan The cool kid Hace 15 días
Anyone else pissed about how he said nicea
75,000 subscribers for my microwave
75,000 subscribers for my microwave Hace 16 días
Pee pee
Preston Christine
Preston Christine Hace 16 días
The theory is from a Russian scholar by the name of Fomenko. The joke is on you.
Ride1098 Hace 18 días
Really, you had to blur out the picture of Mohammed?
YehoshuaBenTorah Hace 19 días
There are 360 24.33hr days in actuality 😉
S_VB Hace 19 días
2:00 has this man ever been to europe there are a lot of 400 year old building in europe
-- Hace 20 días
I live in a city with the oldest school in Europe, dating back to like 1000ad, and many buildings in the city older than USA. This conspiracy is dumb.
Subhrodeep Saha
Subhrodeep Saha Hace 20 días
You voice sounds similar to some other channel I watch.... Is it polymatter.... Is it wendover... I dunno gotsa check
Berliana Sinaga
Berliana Sinaga Hace 20 días
Earth rotate my ass
FroddeB Hace 20 días
This is stupid af, and totally cluttered with false information. The holy Roman emperor is not a "Roman emperor" it was a spot for the "holy Roman empire" (actually a bunch of microstates in today's germany, Switzerland, belgium, france, Poland and a few more) that the pope of the time made to act like the Roman empire was reclaimed and create a non existent nation that seemed to have a lot of power but in reality didn't do shit at all. The pope still controlled everything. Meanwhile at the same time the Byzantine empire still existed, probably the closest to the real Roman empire... Also archeological evidence is not hard to find, you go to Denmark and you will find lodes of pre christianity viking age archeological evidence confirmed to be from before 900 and after 500. Also Switzerland has a huge middle-age story full of exciting battles and conquers in the different regions. Old castles everywhere that are over 1000 years old. Every european knows shit like this because it's everywhere.
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