The Biggest Calves in Texas - Robert Oberst vs.....

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Hace 6 meses

Camo Sweat Pants!
Retro shirts!!!
All the equipment I use to make my videos!!!
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mattdrdr.dr matt

Steve Rutherford
Steve Rutherford Hace 8 horas
I’ve got bigger calves then ol Robert!! By more than a little! 😁
Gamer 52
Gamer 52 Hace 4 días
I am 14 and have 18 and a half inch calfs
daniel mayen
daniel mayen Hace 10 días
Wheres Will sasso
shadapakap Hace 11 días
"A _muscle_ bigger than mine?"
Jo Mo
Jo Mo Hace 17 días
Saber tooth
Julie Woodgate
Julie Woodgate Hace un mes
I'm really sorry about your Back! I want you to really pamper your back,I've had 4 back surgery's, numerous deadening of the nerves,lost a leg due to infection in my back and I was extremely active, now because I just kept going when I needed rest .......please listen to your body, when it say relax..Do It! yall, Florida Girl.
R P Hace un mes
Google and ESwomen are commies.
Rudy Hinojosa
Rudy Hinojosa Hace 2 meses
Man it just made me think my son is turning 9 in April wow just thinking about it woow congrats on the 3 lol I only have the 1 hahaha look forward to your next video
jayinla310 Hace 3 meses
Yah! My daughter turns 43 this year and I still have the image of her in my head as a little kid. That will never go away.
Soulshocks Hace 4 meses
I saw that check gag coming a mile away and I still laughed.
Wyatt Sandage
Wyatt Sandage Hace 4 meses
Name him tiger stripes
bloodfang341 wrught
bloodfang341 wrught Hace 4 meses
Savage Steve
Mandy Lawrence
Mandy Lawrence Hace 4 meses
You got my like for including Annie in the measuring! 😂
Mario Jaurez
Mario Jaurez Hace 5 meses
I love Ehrling!!!!
Luke Von Kaenel
Luke Von Kaenel Hace 5 meses
Stylish sexy Steven
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza Hace 5 meses
That check pass off lmao.
buzzard Kowalczik
buzzard Kowalczik Hace 5 meses
Stevey red Beard
skuzzle butt
skuzzle butt Hace 5 meses
18 and she's gone. Mean while my psychopath self has lost all reason to try and will be 33 and still at childhood home in a few months
Brennan Probasco
Brennan Probasco Hace 5 meses
Super stache Steven
SAXGaming Hace 5 meses
mat the Texas rule. is only 1 piece of camo !!
SgtMaggi Hace 5 meses
Jokes on you guys. I moved from my parents when I was 17 haha Gonna move back soon-ish. I miss them Enjoy the time you've got with your kids
TheillogicalParadox Hace 5 meses
“Sinester Steven”
Rock Island Auction Company
Rock Island Auction Company Hace 5 meses
Nickname? Steven Stark
Chandler Dewitt
Chandler Dewitt Hace 5 meses
Scar face
Zac Zelios
Zac Zelios Hace 6 meses
Wtf why wouldnt u crush the chocolate into little childlike pieces and make chocolate chip pancakes
ScrappyFruitcake 13
ScrappyFruitcake 13 Hace 6 meses
2:49 me awkwardly looking away from my phone screen😂😂😂
SgtMaggi Hace 5 meses
Embrace it haha
TechGuy Teaches
TechGuy Teaches Hace 6 meses
Why the heck don't you put a digital download of the "Banned Videos" on your store and charge people a dollar to download it?
Blake Transue
Blake Transue Hace 6 meses
Scuba steve?
Brad Caudill
Brad Caudill Hace 6 meses
Speedstripe Steven
Kathy Long
Kathy Long Hace 6 meses
When are you going to start on the mansion
Griffin Taylor
Griffin Taylor Hace 6 meses
I forgot time-lapse was a thing and during the sunrise i thought your chickens were on crack or something
Divan Oosthuizen
Divan Oosthuizen Hace 6 meses
Stripy steven
Taha Hace 6 meses
Cindy Rose
Cindy Rose Hace 6 meses
Stallion Steven 🎉🎊🍾🤷‍♀️
Dáire Flanagan
Dáire Flanagan Hace 6 meses
Spider Steve!
Asa Williamson
Asa Williamson Hace 6 meses
chevy94camaro Hace 6 meses
Sabertooth Steve
Nuke Semari
Nuke Semari Hace 6 meses
What are you talking about, I literally can't see you
Colin Hace 6 meses
I have 3 kids to... a 19 year old, 6 year old... and a 3 week old 😩
0nec Hace 6 meses
I thaught this was a family channel but at 2:40 he not wearing any pants. That is so inappropriate. Edit. Jesus christ he is totally only wearing boxers at 6:10 that is totally unacceptable.
Myrlin187 Hace 6 meses
And we Call him Steven tiger
Penny Cowher
Penny Cowher Hace 6 meses
Yesterday my oldest was 9 and poof he is now 37 what? How did that happen lol
KC12 2020
KC12 2020 Hace 6 meses
Shave that damn beard, strong man!!
castellscl Hace 6 meses
Put the vids on Full30... Also, a good nickname would be.... Steve
Jakob Gray
Jakob Gray Hace 6 meses
Matt be lookin like Wolverine
4thegloryofthelord Hace 6 meses
Need a recount on the calves. Brian's looked way bigger.
Michael Bonnet
Michael Bonnet Hace 6 meses
psa: susan g komen foundation is a scam
SaintNomad Hace 5 meses
Well that isn't true. It has a 3/4 star rating and has been confirmed to give 81.6% of all proceeds to research. Hace 6 meses
I'm ten
evilwarcow Hace 6 meses
Sorry to break away from the subject, However this deeply concerns everyone who is on ESwomen. Please watch this video as this guy explains how and why and what and who. It's in regards to the COPPA act imposed by the FTC and its going to make things really bad. If you think it's bad now. Its going to get MUCH worse on everyone and it will be very unfair for EVERYONE.
CheezenRIZE Hace 6 meses
Siberian Steven
Dylan Sayler
Dylan Sayler Hace 6 meses
Idk if many people thought this but you really need to put your intro music on iTunes. I’d definitely have that as my notification when someone calls me👌
Marcos Torres
Marcos Torres Hace 6 meses
Will be the second biggest when I move back hahahaha. 20 inch calves here.
Vance Turner
Vance Turner Hace 6 meses
Are you kidding me am 16 now and my parents cant wait to kick me out in 2 years 😂
Shadow Laviolette
Shadow Laviolette Hace 6 meses
Camo and camo, if I could see you, i would think you looked a bit like Cooter.....
Shadow Laviolette
Shadow Laviolette Hace 6 meses
dude! my "babies" are 24 and 21!!!"
Mitch Blackmore
Mitch Blackmore Hace 6 meses
Why does that seemingly regular sized guy have such huge calves?
Mattéo Frison
Mattéo Frison Hace 27 días
@mr Molasses you right
mr Molasses
mr Molasses Hace un mes
@Mitch Blackmore its genetics thats all
Mitch Blackmore
Mitch Blackmore Hace 6 meses
@New York Oh I don't have small calves. I measured them after watching this video. 17" And I'm 50 years old, 6' 3", 200 lbs including my fat gut and haven't been in a gym in 20 years. I just thought I was an anomaly being a skinny guy with big calves.
New York
New York Hace 6 meses
Just do calf raises. I used to do a thousand a day when I played basketball (helps with vertical) my calves are fucking hube and I’m normal size besides that.
Aepek Hace 6 meses
The kids might leave......BUT they ALWAYS COME BACK🤣
MattDisch Hace 6 meses
I'm at 22" without even trying
Faruk Göcen
Faruk Göcen Hace 6 meses
Lan matti sen sevdim. Sicmim busefer kommentarya
Kyle Sherman
Kyle Sherman Hace 6 meses
Juan ViralVid
Juan ViralVid Hace 6 meses
Lol half way. Depending on your kids it can be much longer then that.
Philip Munn
Philip Munn Hace 6 meses
Stubble Steve.
Hunter Leclair
Hunter Leclair Hace 6 meses
Speed Steve
Adam Parks
Adam Parks Hace 6 meses
Stpd steve. Stupendous not stupid.
Cory Sennett
Cory Sennett Hace 6 meses
Why did you make all those vids private? Could you make a second channel just to have those vids on?
J R Hace 6 meses
Hmmm I’m going to dislike this video because for most of the video i can only see matts head and hands but not the rest of him. He needs to fix his camera
mattanimo Hace 6 meses
Did youtube even say what the strikes were for? Or was it another one of those politically motivated attacks? If i remember those videos correctly they were fairly mild. No strong language or things of that nature. Just a dude shooting pencils and shit through a shotgun.
coona07 Hace 6 meses
SHAVEN STEVEN is stevens new nickname
aisha0raor Hace 6 meses
Gotta get worried when the fellas get the measuring tape out 😂
Chiefdixon Hace 6 meses
Matt not diggin the beard that way
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