The Bianca Devins Tragedy, Netflix Censorship, 25 Most Influential Internet People, Puerto Rico Leak

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Philip DeFranco

Philip DeFranco

Hace 4 meses

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Netflix Edits 13 Reason Why:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255
International Suicide Prevention:
Protests in Puerto Rico:
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TIME’s Most Influential People on the Internet:
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VidCon Apologizes to Miles McKenna:
Thousands of Facebook Users Pledge to Storm Area 51:
Louisiana Declares State of Emergency as Residents Brace for Tropical Storm Barry:
R. Kelly Facing Two New Federal Indictments:
Labor Secretary Alex Acosta Resigns Over Epstein Plea Deal:
Call to End Discrimination Against LGBTI Soldiers in South Korea:
Politician Tells Reporter She Must be Accompanied by a Male Colleague:
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Philip DeFranco
Philip DeFranco Hace 4 meses
I'm quitting the internet for the rest of the day after today's show. See you tomorrow and here are today's timecodes: 13 Reasons Why Edited Scene Out (0:23), Influential People (4:37), TIA (5:46), Puerto Rico Leaks & Protests (8:07), Bianca Devins (12:38)
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera Hace 4 meses
Can you quit the internet forever, please?
Cynical Citizen
Cynical Citizen Hace 4 meses
Have a good day sir
Maccoy Johnson
Maccoy Johnson Hace 4 meses
but people have released videos with information about the things she was doing that caused her death. She emotionally abused mentally-ill men she also said on multiple accounts that she wanted to die She had rape fantasies that she talked to mentally-ill men about on discord as well. she was leading them on until this happened Apparently she got what she asked for. It may not have been what she deserved, but it's what she wanted (based on what she says and does on discord and stuff)
mongrel m
mongrel m Hace 4 meses
Your quitting the internet for the 'day' oh STFU MAN NO ONE GIVVES TWO FUCKS U MORON
christina flowers
christina flowers Hace 4 meses
I’m the book 13 reasons why she takes pills 🤔 if I remember correctly
Queen Of Pheasant's
Queen Of Pheasant's Hace 5 días
Some assholes in my group chat sent me the pictures. I'm the admin so can guess what happened.
Ian Sonneborn
Ian Sonneborn Hace 13 días
Let’s tell the truth. Bianca sold nudes to guys for money and blackmailed them for money and pills after telling them she’s underage. She dated bad boys and acted like a hoe, guess those bad life choices came back to haunt her
The Nameless King
The Nameless King Hace 16 días
Talk about censoring smh
TheMaddestLadOfAll Hace 3 meses
Ninja James Charles World Record Egg Btw I hate James Charles this ain’t bias
TheMaddestLadOfAll Hace 3 meses
Not watched 13 Reasons Why Still support them!
Papi Schmear
Papi Schmear Hace 3 meses
The issue that should come of the Bianca murder is how quiet the discussion is about the mental health state of both the murderer & the victim. It's an American crisis.
Beidya Hace 3 meses
espero que te suicides
Cody Leber
Cody Leber Hace 3 meses
One of the most influincial people to me are the paul brothers because they inspire me not to be anything like them and be a decent human being
Leonardo Diego
Leonardo Diego Hace 3 meses
You blow phil
Marta S
Marta S Hace 3 meses
As someone who has gone through depression, i had to skip the Hannas scene of suicide
Dude if youre show is all about you talking never will subscribe get to the point you coke doing before scenes type of dude
Meta Ze Gr8
Meta Ze Gr8 Hace 3 meses
5:29 rattling off
Cassie Marie
Cassie Marie Hace 3 meses
Big Heckin Group of Dang Doggos on facebook. Having a bad day? Pupper pictures. Having a great day? Pupper pictures. Very supportive group made better by dogs. But in reality, this show. This is where I go to get news, it covers things you don't hear about otherwise. Also The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
TalliCat Games
TalliCat Games Hace 3 meses
You say that...but I am alone. I have to be.
Crab Jr
Crab Jr Hace 3 meses
I am a survivor of my own attempt on my own life, hearing the scene depicted triggered my anxiety, though I have to say that is the desired effect I believe many people need in order to make a change in the world. If not for the hard feelings, there would be little push and motivation for change. 13 reasons why brought up the issue, better to have it than to not have it. Though this is coming from someone who has not seen it, would be too hard for me to watch
GyroMurphy Hace 3 meses
Then. Don't. Watch. It.
Muzagucci Hace 3 meses
bianca also identified as asexual and that may be a factor as to why the man acted out- as she denied his advances.
skillustrate Hace 3 meses
Censoring the Netflix episode was a powerful decision- they've just guaranteed that that scene will get even OVERWHELMINGLY more attention than it already had. Genius.
RFOC2 Hace 3 meses
Suicide while it is horrible and sad is nothing more than the cowards way out of a bad situation... Fight me on this one I have seen more death and self destruction , Then any of you little shits can comprehend.
Olivia Torres
Olivia Torres Hace 3 meses
the scene scared me it was just bad and they need to edit out the scene where the one dude gets a broom shoved up his butt and his face smashed into the sink and the scene where hannah gets raped
MyLifeAsErica Hace 3 meses
It’s strange to me that the book had been around for years and no one complained about it until it was turned into a Netflix series. I remember when it was in talks of being a movie first. So if you had a problem with it glorifying suicide then you should have said something about the BOOK before the tv show. They also changed the death from taking pills to wrist cutting for the fact that taking pills is always romanticized when it comes to suicide where wrist cutting is not. I think it needed to stay because it makes you uncomfortable, it makes you see that it’s not a simple cut and you fade away and all the pain is gone. It hurts, you are suffering, and it’s not instant. Then you see the suffering of the family finding her. If someone wants to kill themselves a tv show won’t make them if they already had their mind made up about it. Helping, listening, and looking for signs are the only way to truly help someone, not editing a show.
Jesse Ringle
Jesse Ringle Hace 3 meses
Joe rogan Aoc Phillip defranco
cece Hace 4 meses
did he just call me a bastard -
blake moneé.
blake moneé. Hace 4 meses
yo honestly that 13rw scene was SO hard to watch i don't even think i watched the whole thing lmao i'm pretty sure i closed i eyes idk , i'm just not into gory stuff. i think it's dumb they took it down but like also i love how they did it 3 seasons later bc everyone has already seen it so it doesn't really matter haha so props to them for that i know they did that on purpose haha tbh people are just too sensitive nowadays and also hypocrites like the same people saying suicide is "glamorized" are the same ones saying that scene was "too graphics" but also we as a society need to "start a conversation" lol so like okay ... what do u want? if someone wants to kill themselves they're going to do it no matter what. no one who isn't suicidal is going to watch that and be like "hannah baker slit her wrists and died so *I* slit my wrist and died haha so quirky". people are so dumb this is the equivalent to people saying putting gay characters in kids shows/movies will turn their kids gay. now that i think bout it, they're probably the same ones saying 13rw make ppl kill themselves lol stfu
Kevin J
Kevin J Hace 4 meses
Sad about Bianca death but man looking into this is just sad, and all the people she played with online and IRL. RIP
Laura Iturralde
Laura Iturralde Hace 4 meses
Personally, that scene made me realize how horrible self harm looks. When you are doing it to yourself you don't realize the implications, but seeing it on someone else made me feel disgusted at myself and it showed me how it appears on the outside, making me come to terms that I never wanted to be in that position. I get the controversy behind the scene, but I believe that it's the only scene where suicide is not glorified.
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace 4 meses
I think that showing what actually happens when you decide to cut yourself with the intention to bleed to death was pretty damn important. As someone who has been through the moment of looking in the mirror, and suicide went from an idea to a decision. I think showing what it looks like was so important to me. It was supposed to hurt. It was good to cry for Hannah, and for her Mother. I think the problem with "glorifying" came with the tapes. Odds are, Zach wouldn't have been the good guy... There would not be these people going crazy over the tapes. Clay wouldn't have been the way he was. It created the idea that if you kill yourself people will stop everything.. it was just too much. The part that pissed me off was when the lady had washed Hannah's dress. ?: Did 13RW remove the rape scenes?
F.Y.E AMVs Hace 4 meses
Seriously? You’re gonna highlight that garbage about the pewdiepie statement? I don’t understand why they even mentioned that in the buzzfeed article because it literally has nothing to do with this.
JustPassingThrough Hace 4 meses
Sadly, I am actually quite unsurprised by the Bianca Davis story. I've seen a SHARP increase in outright disdain for women among my male peers. And the worse part, the statements heralding these changes get "likes" in the THOUSANDS. I used to hear people talk about this issue in the past and thought they were just fear mongering. Even if that was true then, it certainly isn't now. There is, without a doubt, a seriously substantial circle of young men who outright hate any woman not on her knees begging to be with them. So gals. Be ready to fight. And get smart about these ensuing threats. I don't see this issue going away anytime soon. And people who know these kinds of guys? Talk to them. They will only continue farther down these dark paths unless they are otherwise diverted. Oh and to all the guys out there who have a general distaste for females for whatever reason? Grow the fuck up. Yeah there are a lot of shitty gals out there. There's also a lot of shitty guys. But there's far more people worth being on good terms with than not. Oh and news flash. Being "rejected" by a lot of gals is not cause to decry them as a whole. It might mean you need to get your shit together. It might mean you just need to keep looking. It's probably both. Either way, it's absolutely NO one's fucking responsibility to be with you. But also, to gals who lead guys on for whatever reason? You better cut that shit out. I don't care what kind of daddy issues you had, some random guy does not deserve to suffer for it. By no means is physical violence warranted in those situations, but when you fuck with someone's emotional well being like that... well you better fucking be ready for what comes next.
JustPassingThrough Hace 4 meses
Well alrighty then. Looks like it's time for the higher ups of Puerto Rico to be replaced. I want Roseo on the streets without any sort of political power whatsoever. Frankly, I think that country would do far better outside of U.S. jurisdiction, but that's a conversation for another time. For now, the highest levels of Puerto Rican power could use the same treatment as those of the U.S... a complete flush out.
JustPassingThrough Hace 4 meses
I am disappointed with Netflix's decision here. The scene should have remained. It is exactly as Chrei Levesque put it. It SHOULD be scarring. Not for shock value. But to remind people of the ugly reality that is killing yourself. It is one of the few parts of 13 Reasons Why that I have no qualms about.
slapchop14 Hace 4 meses
Say a news anchor from Puerto Rico was delivering news about New York, and every time they said New York they broke from their natural, normal Spanish cadence to pronounce "NOOO YAWK", wouldn't you think that anchor was a fuckin weirdo? No one, literally no one expects people who don't speak their language to awkwardly mangle the pronunciation of their country/city/territory/village etc. in the middle of otherwise normal sentences. I'm sure Phil could give a rat's ass about my opinion, but these are the types of things that always makes me feel like he's pandering to his audience. It's unnecessary and inauthentic. I realize that "what me, I'm just a normal dude just trying hard" is his schtick, and I know that despite this schtick he likes to project the "I've paid my dues and don't care what you think about me" attitude, but damn I wish he'd cool it on the brown-nose type stuff. Phil, you've carved out an unmistakably important niche. I think your influence it not to be denied. And it's a tremendously positive influence. But knock of the annoying shit!!! P.S. We all know how to use ESwomen Phil. Stop asking us to comment with our opinions on topics way too nuanced for most of us to be commenting on! Lol...I know it helps you make money, but it just encourages idiots to vomit verbal diarrhea about complex topics they've literally JUST heard about!!! Ok. That's enough. Have a wonderful weekend.
Mashmakhan Hace 4 meses
Pewdiepie #1 influencer
jenn lemmelin
jenn lemmelin Hace 4 meses
God you are annoying. I'm never watching this show again
No_but_I_got_cheez_whiz Hace 4 meses
I think they should have kept the suicide scene in the show because it shows that suicide isnt pretty and its painful. Instead of the suicide scene being edited maybe they could have edited in season 2 the male sexual assault scene considering that scene made me sick to my stomache. They honestly should have just leaved the show alone
Vanna Meyers
Vanna Meyers Hace 4 meses
I'm a 19 year old female, I watched 13 reasons why about three times. This may be sad, but I was heavily abused by my mother from the ages of 9 to 15. I was sexually assaulted by a distant family member. In 2017 I finally had the nerves to tell my mother that I was assaulted by my distant family member. In the summer of 2018, my mother watched 13 reasons why by herself, after she finished watching the series she walked into my room and hugged me apologizing for all the things she did in the past. Because of 13 reasons why I became closer to my mother. I don't think it's fair that these big organization has a say in what Netflix should and shouldn't do with series. Until these organization show statistics of teenages killing themselves from watching 13 reasons why, I do not think it's fair.
Marlena thorvald
Marlena thorvald Hace 4 meses
Oh the Washington Post tried to link this tragedy to PewDiePie I'm so surprised
BeyondTheLizzy Hace 4 meses
Most Influential for me would be: BTS Markiplier Jacksepticeye
sorucha Hace 4 meses
Trident True
Trident True Hace 4 meses
Thank you so much! I'm so happy to see this opinion being voicemail I was afraid to say otherwise online, but I thought 13 Reasons Why was he absolutely amazing show and allowed me to express the type of trauma and fix extreme emotion you feel when dealing with some real thoughts of suicide and depression not just the kind of surface-level depression most teens seem to go through no offense. I know a lot of people craps on the show but never before the show had I been able to relate with the character so well. The fact that you would take such a impactful and meaningful seeing is abhorring to me it makes me sad to be honest I can absolutely understand that it's triggering to some viewers and I would never want to do that to someone. But I wish that maybe there was a way to have alternate versions of the show? Like a tractors cut and a regular cut. Because I really do think that's something that's not worth getting rid of four people that wants to experience something like that. I'm a very drastic an emotional person so for me that wasn't scary that was like experiencing a high or something.
Gage Mcribins
Gage Mcribins Hace 4 meses
I thought the show sucked
ITZ Kittycat
ITZ Kittycat Hace 4 meses
The olive garden mom on Instagram, her name is Karen and she does Facebook lives on topics shes mad about and shes very inspirational
riley n
riley n Hace 4 meses
bianca also had a mental illness
Intuitive Duck
Intuitive Duck Hace 4 meses
People want attention, fame, status, power, & money. Healthy people know where to draw the line. Sick people seek more & more will never be enough... That is where obsession can lead you. I feel so bad for that poor girl.
Intuitive Duck
Intuitive Duck Hace 4 meses
"Ricky Leakes!" 🤣🤣🤣
Intuitive Duck
Intuitive Duck Hace 4 meses
I love watching Ben Shapiro. I get a ton of news in like, 5 minutes. Lol. He talks so fast & I like his opinions.
Elena Sweetapple
Elena Sweetapple Hace 4 meses
John Oliver for managing to inform me and change my mind about things that I was firm on (like the death penalty)
Jake38nine Hace 4 meses
"Please let her rest peacefully." Is a joke. People "respect" the dead and yet also exploit the dead. There is no "resting peacefully" in their sense. People "respect" the dead more than they respect the living. It's a joke. Maybe I don't have a lot of trust in the people around me to respect my wishes when I die, so I just have the mentality that once I'm dead it doesn't matter what happens to my body because I will have no consciousness of what happens to it.
Gary Parker
Gary Parker Hace 4 meses
Any list of "Most Influential People on the Internet" that doesn't include Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson is just out of touch.
Brenda Hernandez
Brenda Hernandez Hace 4 meses
Phil, what are some audiobooks that's you've listened to that you would recommend?
Jaimie Smith
Jaimie Smith Hace 4 meses
I love how passionate you are! It’s appreciated
aLeX ThOtSlAyEr
aLeX ThOtSlAyEr Hace 4 meses
Ben Shapiro is amazing ❤️
hinata167 Hace 4 meses
You Trump Jon Stewart
gretchenishere Hace 4 meses
Leonardo DiCaprio, Phillip DeFranco, Trevor Noah and Eminem are probably very influential for me. But generally that always depends on which content one is exposed to at the time.
Jennifer Henriquez
Jennifer Henriquez Hace 4 meses
Dr. Mike is very influential.
JamlessJiminie Hace 4 meses
BTS is easily the most influential people in my life, my role-models and the way they've impacted my life is immeasurable. their lyrics and videos, the work they put in everything they do, the way they love and care for each other and their fans so much, all of it's a lot, i love them a lot
JamlessJiminie Hace 4 meses
Lissie Lamb with all due respect, that's really stereotypical. kpop as an industry has many flaws, as does hollywood, and as does the american music industry. and unfortunately, many groups are used as collateral for larger companies. but this is NOT true for all of these groups. they are people, whether the public or their companies view them as that or not, and they are not cogs in a machine. bts help millions of people, with their music or with their donations and though in the spotlight for 7+ years, they've remained humble and thankful for the success they've achieved. they're changing the kpop industry for the better.
Lissie Lamb
Lissie Lamb Hace 4 meses
That's nice but don't forget how grueling the lime light is on K pop stars. They are cogs in a machine
Raw Corn
Raw Corn Hace 4 meses
Sponsors and ads on a video about a girl getting killed wow...
CJ Hace 4 meses
Well yes, this is his job and it's a news show, he shares good and bad news.
marianna clutter
marianna clutter Hace 4 meses
Joe Rogan, You're self and Anna Akana have for sure made some of the biggest impacts for my self.
Annie Le
Annie Le Hace 4 meses
The story of Bianca Devins happened in my hometown and the news quite literally blew up nationally. Bianca recently graduated from my school this past June and although I never personally knew her, I somehow felt such a strong connection to her death. Her vigil was beautiful and I'm glad her story is bringing up awareness. If you are able to, her family has set up a scholarship fund in her name in which you are able to donate here: Bianca wanted to attend our local community college and study psychology so that she could help others. This scholarship will help those who are aspiring to do the same thing. Thank you for any donations and please spread the word
Chika Mika
Chika Mika Hace 4 meses
In regards to Netflix editing out the suicide scene in 13 reasons why, I think it's not only to late, but pointless to take it out in my opinion. I had to turn away halfway though the scene because I felt sick, but only because I'm not great at looking at blood. It was actually the rape scenes in season 1 that affected me the most, especially the final one, in my opinion I saw those scenes more graphic (despite not showing any genitalia) than the suicide scene. I think this is because of what I have been a victim of in the past, so my take on it will definitely be different from another person take on those scenes.
Alice Oh
Alice Oh Hace 4 meses
Phil needs to dig deeper into the Bianca’s story. The way the headlines are and the misconceptions makes this about “don’t talk to strangers on the internet” and this isn’t it. It’s about mental illness and not a gender war. Everyone is so focused on saying men are trash and it’s firing up all this outrage for the media which covers the truth. 1. He was not a stranger, he even met her family. 2. She was fucking multiple guys, emotionally manipulate and abuse them 3. She sends nudes to guys to threaten them to pay or else she will report them because she’s underaged No she did not deserve to die, but you cannot report a false story. This is important because everyone is using this story as an example of why men are trash when it should be a story that reminds us why mental health awareness is important. If a guy sleeps with, threatens and emotionally abuse multiple girls and get killed, would there be the same outrage? No.
Alannah Anne
Alannah Anne Hace 4 meses
Shane Dawson should be on that list bro he's so inspired
hoshi.hoshh h
hoshi.hoshh h Hace 4 meses
Forrest L
Forrest L Hace 4 meses
I like this guy Phillip DeFranco. He is my primary source for the need to knows. Keep up the great work!
Forrest L
Forrest L Hace 4 meses
i appreciate you Phil
(X̥̥̥﹏X̥̥̥`*) Hace 4 meses
update: a few minutes ago, june 24th, ricardo rossello has presented his resignation as Governor of Puerto Rico effective august 2nd, 5PM EST he will be succeded by secretary of justice, Wanda Vazquez
WieloAlpaca Hace 4 meses
We did it bois,Ricky resigned,This is history
Catherine Hawkwind
Catherine Hawkwind Hace 4 meses
The Bianca story is crazy. The people who think she was in the wrong are scary fucking people. People like the guy who killed her. Their mindsets are fucked up. People are so desperate for fame they’ll share a body? Disgusting. Truly.
Hope E. Wan Kenobi
Hope E. Wan Kenobi Hace 4 meses
But.. where’s the Phillip DeFranco theme song? ❤️
Taylor Swift - Christmas Tree Farm
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