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Comedy Bites

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Welcome to the world of the sassy, sexual Donna Meagle...
Welcome to the OFFICIAL Comedy Hub Channel. With all of your favourite moments and characters from some of the worlds best comedy, including The Office US, Parks & Recreation, 30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine Nine and many many more.
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Cece Bayul
Cece Bayul Hace un día
I'm live tweeting this DUMBASS conversation 💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿
Ben Severance
Ben Severance Hace un día
Don’t worry I rolled down the window 😂😂😂
Rachael Welborn
Rachael Welborn Hace 2 días
She is literally my alter ego
damaris sibrian
damaris sibrian Hace 2 días
This is basically the office... except the office is better...
Jezidca Hace 3 días
I'm Donna and April combined.
Esther Hace 3 días
No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: Donna: GEt YOuR fOoT OuT of THe wATeR dUMbAss, iT’s BlOOd lAkE
Jennifer Liu
Jennifer Liu Hace 3 días
Tom: dOnNa? Donna: gentlemen 😎
Jessie Wenner
Jessie Wenner Hace 4 días
Donna is the best. But why are there three commercial breaks in this video compilation of a show they didn't make?
Steven Hace 5 días
she looks like she only drinks gravy.
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson Hace 6 días
Uuuuuuuuuu shot my Mercedes 😂
darkmoonlady2002 Hace 6 días
They missed her line to Craig his first day..
Trodeno Hace 7 días
I'm sad that her rear-ending wasn't on here
girlinvideo Hace 8 días
what was the second clip, that was not about Donna
layla Hace 8 días
no soup in the benz will forever be ICONIC
Syerra Wagstaff
Syerra Wagstaff Hace 8 días
“Do I look like I drink water?”
yoyoyoholla1 Hace 8 días
Skilled positions only!
Itsafox Hace 9 días
0:40 Ben you sweet summer child
Emily D
Emily D Hace 9 días
What episode is 9:20 ????
Olga Kubiatowska
Olga Kubiatowska Hace 10 días
Donna is person I aspire to be
Max Muetzel
Max Muetzel Hace 10 días
"They'd never cancel GoT" Your right, it suffered a worse fate.
Flores Hace 10 días
“Keep walkin’ 98”
Teeleer Hace 10 días
Maybe they should have cancelled Game of Thrones, at least the last season or two
Puddingtang66 Hace 10 días
I wish I was Leslie, or Tom. I need a good buddy.😐
Danger Mouse
Danger Mouse Hace 10 días
The worst character in the show.
Talkindurinthemovie Hace 12 días
The live tweeting thing was relatable
Athena GM
Athena GM Hace 12 días
Donna is the best friend material you want!
eric bierle
eric bierle Hace 12 días
0:38 didnt age to well
Cucumamacacapipi Hace 12 días
You're all my friends too Aubrey: ehhh
Dudeman9339 Hace 12 días
what an unpleasant person
C R X X P Y._.D X M O N
C R X X P Y._.D X M O N Hace 12 días
Can someone answer my question,Um what was Donna saying when she was screaming in the woods????
luke morrison
luke morrison Hace 14 días
I love retta she’s the best.
Ryan Geisen
Ryan Geisen Hace 14 días
Treat yo self!
A. Mikey B.
A. Mikey B. Hace 14 días
I want Donna to be my friend so bad. Friend and life coach.
Natalie Hurd
Natalie Hurd Hace 15 días
Donna was a G. 😂
ButchiBien Vlogs
ButchiBien Vlogs Hace 16 días
Shes such a MOOD. She reminds me of lizzo
Sincerely, The Seabolts
Sincerely, The Seabolts Hace 16 días
the other day me and my friend saw someone that looked just like donna so we called her donna
Angel Renteria
Angel Renteria Hace 16 días
when she tackles leslie 😭😭😭
TheFileSharersRedux Hace 16 días
Useless character
Autumn Sartain
Autumn Sartain Hace 17 días
Do I look like I drink water
Franco Hace 17 días
I used to eat soup...on a bench...alone. Until that episode.
abby miller
abby miller Hace 18 días
“Is he eating soup? On a bench? Alone?”
Joe Kre
Joe Kre Hace 18 días
They should've cancelled game of thrones
Señor Bob
Señor Bob Hace 18 días
“Is that a trick question?” When she stares into the barrel it cracks me up every time
blackbird163 Hace 20 días
I love Donna
Arnold Howard
Arnold Howard Hace 20 días
"Get your foot out of the water DUMBASS"
Jizz Master
Jizz Master Hace 22 días
My friend: hey do you want a water Me: 5:14
Kub Yaaj
Kub Yaaj Hace 22 días
The part with the car, hell I would’ve cried and screamed too! MY CAAARRR!
Danny Baez
Danny Baez Hace 18 días
It took me a bit to hear her say "someone shot my car" but who wouldn't cry if someone did that to my car I'd cry and go on a rampage.
Stanley Wan
Stanley Wan Hace 22 días
"are you nell, from the movie nell?" im dying
grimtopia death
grimtopia death Hace 22 días
2:10 you know shits about to go down when garry speaks
Armando Abarca-Martinez
Armando Abarca-Martinez Hace 23 días
7:35 what episode was that? I don't remember it for some reason
Donna Bowen
Donna Bowen Hace 24 días
Donna is fantastic!!!
Victoria H
Victoria H Hace 24 días
Donna, Ron, and April are actually the funniest characthers.
Jay Fielden
Jay Fielden Hace 24 días
Donna is the friend you get worried about because she always shows up when you're in trouble but always refuses when you offer her help.
Kasey Ray
Kasey Ray Hace 25 días
Love yourself once in a while the way Donna loves herself.
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge Hace 25 días
"Are you Nell?" Lmmfao
Jazmin Alvarez
Jazmin Alvarez Hace 26 días
“Time traveling romances.” Outlander ❤️
Régis Eduardo
Régis Eduardo Hace 26 días
Are you Nell? From the movie Nell?
Keke Hace 18 días
Anne flirting: “What is your occupation?”
Oks Oks
Oks Oks Hace 27 días
Are you gonna hit that??? Use him, abuse him, lose him!!🤣🤣🤣
abby price
abby price Hace 28 días
BroMomentYT Hace 28 días
GdvbvwbbsmwjdbdbshzsggavsvvvvvvvsvshshxbbBsbzjzbsa ahshahana an Mkop
Jill Gorze
Jill Gorze Hace 28 días
Donna Meagle is my spirit guide! She's fabulous!! I adore her!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yves LaRue
Yves LaRue Hace 28 días
She reminds me of Keenan Thompson in drag.
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall Hace 29 días
Donna screaming about the Mercedes and throwing Leslie to the ground is honestly the #1 scene in season2
i- -
i- - Hace un mes
*donna is a mood period*
A. Hace un mes
My day is made.
Anastasia Beaverhausen
Anastasia Beaverhausen Hace un mes
Too many other characters, not enough DONNA in this montage. DON-NA! DON-NA!
Majorasam Theo-Door
Majorasam Theo-Door Hace un mes
The best of Donna Meagle, so every scene she is in.
elseby Hace un mes
What's wrong with Adam Scott's hair at 2:30??
Shogun Hace un mes
Should’ve included the line about mjolnir when Donna gets a negative review online (from April)
Maida Cameron
Maida Cameron Hace un mes
I’m live tweeting this dumbass conversation. 😂😂😂
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