The Beginning: Making Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace (Full Version)

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Star Wars

Star Wars

Hace 6 años

The Beginning is a documentary on the making of Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, originally produced for the film's DVD release. It covers the entire production of The Phantom Menace, from preproduction to casting to visual effects, editing, and theatrical release.
The Beginning starts with early production work on the film, as George Lucas (returning to the director's chair for the first time since Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope) and Lucasfilm plan how they will bring his vision to the screen. Jake Lloyd auditions for the part of Anakin Skywalker and is eventually cast in the role, joining Natalie Portman (Padmé), Ewan McGregor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and Liam Neeson (Qui-Gon Jinn). Lucas leads several meetings with ILM, including visual effects supervisor John Knoll, in an effort to figure out how Episode I's many CGI effects would be accomplished -- Jar Jar Binks, in particular, was a challenge, as digital characters were still new at the time.
Other highlights from The Beginning include Steven Spielberg, a longtime friend of Lucas', visiting the set and getting a first look at a battle droid prop; McGregor choosing his lightsaber hilt; stunt rehearsals offering a glimpse at how The Phantom Menace's thrilling lightsaber duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Darth Maul came together; footage of the first scene shot (Darth Sidious and Darth Maul's meeting on Coruscant); a look at the editing of the film featuring early effects and the splicing together of different takes; Frank Oz operating the Yoda puppet and working out his performance; and finally, the opening night release of The Phantom Menace in theaters.

Emily Fraser
Emily Fraser Hace 15 horas
I went and saw this when it came out in 1999. I was six years old and I LOVED it. I will always love the first 6 films so much. Such a special place in my heart.
Vegetarian Soylent Green
Vegetarian Soylent Green Hace 2 días
That storyboard is huuuuuge
Jack _
Jack _ Hace 2 días
poor jake and ahmed, they deserved better
Colin Fischer
Colin Fischer Hace 2 días
This is easily the best behind the scenes of any movie ever made. Say what you will of the prequels, but the DVD sets and their respective Behind the Scenes docs were amazing and frankly, ruined DVD special features for me for most other movies.
Daniel Thunberg
Daniel Thunberg Hace 2 días
I still don't understand why people don't appreciate this move for what it did, it was supposed be different and for that I admire it.
SimplyThatGuy Hace 3 días
Love the theaters reaction.
PassefickNationallFlaiughatFaan Hace 4 días
Is there an uncensored version?
NoodlesDaBomb Hace 4 días
I used to watch this every weekend on dvd .. good times
84tanooki Hace 4 días
15:20 mark. Who are you going to be? Reply is : young obi wan I think. 20 years later: give him a stand alone movie!!!
cuitorro Hace 5 días
george lucas the last jedi
Robert Whitton
Robert Whitton Hace 5 días
I know Liam Nesson He is from United Kingdom
Dungbeetle669 Hace 5 días
table reads look so cringey
METALLICA3077 Hace 6 días
Chris Binion
Chris Binion Hace 7 días
1:04:20-1:04:39 There must've been *at least* 995 people in that auditorium. I was almost eight when this was released...and I can remember most of my classmates getting really hyped before it opened.
Hades 16
Hades 16 Hace 7 días
Much better than an actual movie
PiCheZvara Hace 8 días
Such a nice, relaxed atmosphere all over this documentary. I'm sure more complicated stuff is left out on purpose, but Lucas, McCallum, McGregor, Portman, etc. They all seem so sweet, nice here. It's like the late 90s were some different reality from today. Nice group of people here.
ProphetDocNess Hace 9 días
28:37 Jedi & Sith helping obi wan get the high ground
Rabdum Shulem
Rabdum Shulem Hace 10 días
still a better one hour experience than the sequels
Alex Hace 11 días
59:50 is what you came here for
Fantomas Hace 12 días
Has to be awkward for Natalie Portman to get hit on by 7 yr old kids in a scene. Ewww...
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Hace 12 días
7:19 lmao
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Hace 12 días
Unpopular opinion: The Phantom Menace is extremely underrated.
Willpowerbomb Hace 6 días
Totally agree. My favorite experience in a theater is seeing Phantom Menace.
Andrew Kearney
Andrew Kearney Hace 13 días
The visual effects supervisor is the only person who ever challenges George.
jitterbugbhoy Hace 13 días
What about Ben Burtt?
William Pitt
William Pitt Hace 13 días
I would not have loved Star Wars if it were not for the prequels, it had this exotism in the world it portrayed that made so marvelous.
Geoffrey Linehan
Geoffrey Linehan Hace 14 días
6:15 They should have shown a split screen because I’d like to see George and the child reacting.
R. D.
R. D. Hace 14 días
Worst movie ever.
Thommy Y
Thommy Y Hace 15 días
This is a great behind the scenes doc. I got chills when it showed the fans watching the movie. Reminded me how I felt going to see TFA. It's a cool feeling. That being said they didn't show how they reacted after the film lol.
liquidbraino Hace 17 días
135 degrees. You can actually die in that kind of heat if you're not careful.
fabulous_finn Hace 17 días
I appreciate the movie, but I still die at the moment Lucas said "It's bold, I may have gone too far in a few places."
carbZ Hace 17 días
Spielberg is wizard in the editing room
That Guy
That Guy Hace 18 días
It is perhaps worth mentioning that Jake's life went south after that. Not only he got in trouble with the police. He is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. He expressed early that he was bullied at school and by the press for his role as Anakin.
Carlos C
Carlos C Hace 18 días
Jack Hace 19 días
This was the first Star Wars movie I saw before I saw force awakens in theaters. I don’t care what people say about this movie. I think it’s pretty good I know it’s not great but that shouldn’t matter. This movie actually had heart put in. Unlike the sequels which were just simple cash grabs
Carlos Zapata
Carlos Zapata Hace 19 días
Oh gotta love it🎥🎥🕺🕺😎😎🕴🕴🕴🎨🎨🎨
Tomás Orellana
Tomás Orellana Hace 19 días
This was more entertaining than the movie. The beginning of the end, when Star Wars fans got divided.
GandalFarCough Hace 19 días
59:26 somone turned a PS3 on?
Destroyer Animations
Destroyer Animations Hace 21 un día
Anybody got the audio of Darth Maul's original dialogue there. 31:43
Eric Ulric
Eric Ulric Hace 23 días
14:30 I love George Lucas insisting on making the means reproducible instead of one-time off. Rick McCallum = Andrew Lloyd Webber. I just learned like a thousand things at once.
Eric Ulric
Eric Ulric Hace 23 días
13:37 Got Andrew Lloyd Webber working as a producer. Nice.
Wolfgang Oschmann
Wolfgang Oschmann Hace 23 días
What in the world was going through George Lucas’s mind when he thought of jar jar. In what world was creating him a good idea?
Aidan McCleland
Aidan McCleland Hace 23 días
I don' think any of those choir members had a clue that they would be singing in the best piece of music in the entire Star Wars Saga, and some of the best in film. Still amazing over 20 years later.
FalconNest Hace 23 días
It's so dense! Every single image has so many things going on!
NyteBladeTR Hace 24 días
17:06 Honey ! Where is my Super Suit !!!
Jordan Dominguez
Jordan Dominguez Hace 28 días
When they were making the music, that was sick 💯💯💯💯💯
cyvoc Hace 29 días
7:02 And so it begins.
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams Hace 29 días
I don’t know why people don’t like phantom menace
hunter lund
hunter lund Hace 29 días
I watched episode 1 with my fiance.. shes never seen star wars.. she loved it!! When I asked if the treatment the jar jar character received should warrant to his attempted suicide she was appalled. Star wars fans and their sense of ethics for you.
filmfan416 209
filmfan416 209 Hace 29 días
George lucas close up i dont need that
Weleho Hace un mes
Is Elrond the producerof Star Wars?
inmaniak Hace un mes
The blonde kid was extremely good. Looked a lot like Mark Hamill to boot. I got "macaulay culkin" vibes when he delivered his lines. I "understand" why George went with Jack instead, because he wanted a more natural/raw/innocent kid - despite knowing it'd require way more patience and scene takes. But dude... seems like they could've easily told the blonde kid to be more loose when they wanted him to be.... and he would've NAILED the part to such a higher standard of quality then Jake ("mannequin skywalker"). Oh well.
BigBrother 1324
BigBrother 1324 Hace un mes
anyone else not understand how anakin hates sand when he grew up on tatooine
jitterbugbhoy Hace 13 días
@BigBrother 1324 I hardly think it's far-fetched for Anakin to have disdain for a planet where he was enslaved and the one key distinguishable environmental feature of that planet. I think that was more the point of the line, however clunky it may have seemed.
BigBrother 1324
BigBrother 1324 Hace 13 días
jitterbugbhoy being a slave on earth didn’t make people hate dirt
jitterbugbhoy Hace 13 días
Yeah... as a slave!
spoonfedtwice 91
spoonfedtwice 91 Hace un mes
10:16 it's going to be great
Sofus Pedersen
Sofus Pedersen Hace un mes
Thats great echo 10:14
Josh Havlovic
Josh Havlovic Hace un mes
Sad what happened later to young Anakin.
Ben Chyba
Ben Chyba Hace un mes
"It's like a marriage, you have to be in love with it for 4-5 years." 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Hace un mes
If only episode 1 never happened
Kate Schulte
Kate Schulte Hace un mes
Natalie Portman sitting down with the actors that might play Anakin and are all little kids is soooo funny it looks like a playdate
arnold oliver
arnold oliver Hace un mes
Disney should have let George do his last trilogy
Nowlan Hurla
Nowlan Hurla Hace un mes
That’s enough for me
Jeffrey D
Jeffrey D Hace un mes
Portman was hot back then. Now shes all burn up
Burntwood76 Hace un mes
Was this made a Warner Bros Studios Leavesden??
A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain
A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain Hace un mes
33:00 suicide fortnite xDD
A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain
A Quite Delicate But Bad Brain Hace un mes
12:00 that man is onto something there
Nathan Lin
Nathan Lin Hace un mes
the creation of jar jar
Username Hace un mes
Watching the rough cut and seeing that it is bad must be horrible after all of that work
now Hace un mes
Excellence! A brilliant film. :-)
Googoofee Smithersmits
Googoofee Smithersmits Hace un mes
it's so cute to see little anakin... sad to see where he wound up though :\
binkabla Hace un mes
George is the best director ever
Pinkie Love
Pinkie Love Hace un mes
battle droids are really
masterofrockets Hace un mes
54:42 The "I may have gone to far scene"
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