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Alessio Malerba
Alessio Malerba Hace un hora
I don't mind about the james/tati drama, but I remember that there was a scene of someone outside your house door. Why did you cut out that scene?
Jessica Hobday
Jessica Hobday Hace 2 horas
Shane is only releasing one more episode and never been more gutted:( I get he wants to stay away from the drama, but he’s now creating more drama by posting the trailer, but not making the video. Like showing a dog a bone and not giving the bone
Jessica Hobday
Jessica Hobday Hace 2 horas
Don’t get me wrong I’m still the biggest fan of his and will prob still buy the palette. And he’s worked so hard, just sad you know?
Ashley WPL
Ashley WPL Hace 3 horas
You wanted to expose the makeup world and that means showing the ugly too. All parties involved should be mature enough to accept that it's part of the series.
Fatine Moumni
Fatine Moumni Hace 4 horas
I’m sorry but if your main reason for watching this series was for James/Tati drama, you’re not a real Shane Dawson fan. You should be watching his content because you love him, not because you want “tea” esp old cold stale stupid in the first place tea
Brittany Holt
Brittany Holt Hace 4 horas
panda_kowala_pancakes_ 123
panda_kowala_pancakes_ 123 Hace 6 horas
Sarah Purvis
Sarah Purvis Hace 13 horas
I know Shane has new merch but he forgot one thing and pig Robe
Emily Mintern
Emily Mintern Hace 13 horas
Omg i forget there was footage of them watching the Tati and and James video ! I wanna see that!!!!!!!
Misslilangel4ever Hace 14 horas
Well this series is nothing more then a 6 part advertisement. Thanks for the click bait. 🙃
jackieeeeee Hace 15 horas
Trying to find the trailer with the break in/drama, can't find it!
jackieeeeee Hace un hora
@Briana Gaytan nvm found it! someone on reddit posted. The beginning of the first episode!!! break in happens at around 2:30
jackieeeeee Hace 3 horas
@Briana Gaytan i haven't found it 😭
Briana Gaytan
Briana Gaytan Hace 7 horas
Me too, I remember seeing it. I thought it was here but guess not. Did you ever find it?
Marli Marlirni
Marli Marlirni Hace 16 horas
As much as I do love Shane, this trailer is deceiving and they did cut ALOT of interesting parts out of it. It almost became uninteresting towards the end, cause those episodes are soooo long.
Camly Nguyen
Camly Nguyen Hace 17 horas
who came here after shane released the tweet that he'll not be doing the full 9 episodes?
TheMisterJerry Hace 17 horas
This is fu**** up. Definitely started out promising but im over it now. I dont even like make-up but I supported shane since forever. Maybe I'll be back for your next docu. Unless its another cash grab sell-out pos like this.
Natalie S
Natalie S Hace 17 horas
I just got my pallet in the mail and I rewatch the trailer. I can’t believe how far they both have come.
Julez Pancrudo
Julez Pancrudo Hace 20 horas
Who else is here in November, after Shane went on insta live that he doesn’t want to post the drama, and now u feel clickbaited😭🤡
I X Hace un día
Shane I like you and loved the pallet but the whole Tati/ James Charles situation just seems like clickbait and promotion for your new pallet. You should have never included it in the trailer if you weren’t going to talk about it.
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
So this is an extremely long and boring ad featuring some random vocally-untalented cow for an excruciatingly drawn out infomercial shilling $2 colored chalk in a cheap cardboard box to retards. Literally, that's what this "groundbreaking" "docuseries" is. Clever marketing targeted at stupid 9-15 year old girls and lonely, zero self-esteem deranged adult women with 15 cats. OK....
Reed Luper
Reed Luper Hace un día
ESwomen Red is quaking
PaigeMustang Hace un día
I hadn’t even watched the trailer before the series came out but there sure is a lot of stuff here that’s not in the series !
miniartist Hace un día
This song hurts-
miniartist Hace un día
Rado Satur like your mom.
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
Because the music, lyrics and vocals are so incredibly cheap and bad...
Tyrion Shelby
Tyrion Shelby Hace un día
Had so many expectations from this series kinda dissappointed that he wants to end it now. Not like what he has put out until now isn't Netflix quality. But he kinda teased us for a lot more and gave us not that much. Hopefully he'll make a different series only about the dark and dirty side of The Beauty Community and its secrets lol.
Tyrion Shelby
Tyrion Shelby Hace 18 horas
@Rado Satur kinda agree w the last part lol. I mean if he just ends the series like this he'll just furthermore prove that this was all just a big infomercial for his make up launch lol.
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
Yeah, keep hoping. That slobbish obese pig was already a multimillionaire years ago and now he took even more of that female 9-15yr-old audience cash. You're not getting anything, get used to it.
Unpuffed Fish
Unpuffed Fish Hace un día
After watching till episode 6 I don't understand why it is called the Beautiful World of Jeffree Star and not Beautiful World of Shane Dawson
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
Me too, I think it should be called the Revoltingly Vile World of Shane Dawson.
Marina Lucena
Marina Lucena Hace un día
i cant believe u put all this in the trailer and arent going to actually go into it...
Nicole Noriega
Nicole Noriega Hace un día
We want the DRAMA! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Super Nova!
Super Nova! Hace un día
😭😭😭...prom queen...
Yanas wrld
Yanas wrld Hace un día
Why did this video seem so long even though it was only 4 minutes
Myah Hace 2 días
I’d never actually seen the trailer, so I came to look at the Tati/James drama bit in here that everyone’s moaning about. Literally like 10 seconds total - so what if they don’t put it in? That was ages ago; if anything I don’t even want them to include it. Just me?? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Ruby Pereyra
Ruby Pereyra Hace 2 días
The song made me cry
hph. Xo
hph. Xo Hace 2 días
All of these Comments about James & all the drama is insane. Maybe Shane did want to “spill the tea” and decided not to throughout the series. Let Shane & Jeffree have their moment with the conspiracy palette. If they decided to address cool if not then that’s cool too. 🤷🏽‍♀️
George Hace 2 días
Should've been called "shane Dawson's palette"
Heather Duke
Heather Duke Hace 2 días
So... the most interesting parts of the trailer have been left on the cutting room floor? Too bad.
VariousDumbasses Hace 2 días
can someone time stamp the part that people are breaking into shane’s house?
Alaskan Mountaineer
Alaskan Mountaineer Hace 20 horas
VariousDumbasses yeah it was definitely in the trailer before but I think it was edited out because I didn’t see it this time around
Addison B
Addison B Hace 2 días
Why did the song make me cry......
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
Because you're super dumb and easily manipulated...
theunofficialsamh Hace 2 días
guys, trailers to anything never guarantee that something is going to be in the actual release. movie trailers almost always have scenes in them that end up getting cut from the actual film. hes just trying to avoid any more drama and not bring up past drama thats almost irrelevant now. calm down.
Mia Cowsert
Mia Cowsert Hace 2 días
Jeffree talked about the Tati and James stuff shown in the trailer not being in the vids on his channel
Michelle Hace 6 horas
Mia Cowsert and what did he say? I really don’t want to watch the whole thing.
Rgjarrell1992 J
Rgjarrell1992 J Hace 2 días
This song slaps
Karina Nunez
Karina Nunez Hace 2 días
Those of you so interested in drama that had already happened and is no longer important are so immature and it shows. You’re Licea are so boring that you most absolutely need drama to continue breathing. None of you could handle being famous. Having the whole world y’all about you. I’m again reliving that all over again. You guys are nosey ass kids
Rado Satur
Rado Satur Hace un día
So let's see your sorry ass handling being famous. And I guarantee I'll be coming for you and your dirty little secrets in that closet full of skeletons. Stop making excuses for that Shane toxic asshole.
Carly Loftin
Carly Loftin Hace 2 días
Anyone else completely miss the pig merch that was shown or am I just dumb?😂
Whalesnamedshark Hace 2 días
The great lows are what make an awesome story shane
Jenna Baily
Jenna Baily Hace 2 días
Was this video made intentionally 4:20?
Sandy Putra
Sandy Putra Hace 2 días
At what time is the break in on Shane's house?
Alaskan Mountaineer
Alaskan Mountaineer Hace 5 horas
Sandy Putra yeah it’s mostly used for taking out sections that have been copyrighted though but you can use it for whatever
Sandy Putra
Sandy Putra Hace 12 horas
@Alaskan Mountaineer wait, you can edit video after you posted them? Woa
Alaskan Mountaineer
Alaskan Mountaineer Hace 20 horas
Sandy Putra I think it was edited out after it was posted because I didn’t see this time
Afiq Aziem
Afiq Aziem Hace 2 días
Who here watch the trailer again just to cry. Here's me..
Alyssa Ellis-Roberson
Alyssa Ellis-Roberson Hace 2 días
After watching the first 6 episodes and coming back to this trailer I feel like there is soo much more to talk about. I think it can be a learning lesson for everyone and the world needs to hear it. If anyone can put it out there in a way where no one gets hurt or offended, it’s you Shane! ❤️ P.S I’m loving the new palette! It goes on like a dream! So proud of you. But the story isn’t over yet!
Simply Ari
Simply Ari Hace 2 días
this song relates high school and middle school cuz i did not know much drama there was gonna be and there was a lot!! maybe not being like a actually prom queen but i see when she says prom queen i think the most popular or best and ya i am being friends with popular people that i rly do love hanging out with it just a lot trying to stay popular like there not mean its just a heavy weight, being popular is cool but ya at the end of the day why ??? i love being a person that everyone likes but being popular theres drama with boys telling me they like me when i dont date pp and then girls
Tiara Nichols
Tiara Nichols Hace 2 días
4:20 seconds hehehehe
Aaron Sibley
Aaron Sibley Hace 2 días
4:20 is actually 260 seconds
Salted Samich
Salted Samich Hace 2 días
We got 1/2 of this 😂
RE2LeonS Hace 2 días
A docu-series that's been turned into a 9 hour ad for a make up pallet. Cool...I guess...
Aaron Sibley
Aaron Sibley Hace 2 días
Beca Calderon
Beca Calderon Hace 2 días
You don’t owe anyone anything. You post what you’re comfortable with. & like you said- no matter what you post some people are gonna be pissed but to hell with it. This is your platform.
Jenna Keaton
Jenna Keaton Hace 2 días
Refiloe Ramolahloane
Refiloe Ramolahloane Hace 3 días
I’m here cause of the collaboration.
Queenie_ Gurl
Queenie_ Gurl Hace 3 días
All I'm gonna say is, I understand Shane's pov and how he wants to cancel the series and not include the tea but at the same time, this was shown in the trailer and I feel like it's not 100% alright to just leave it at that but it also means that it maybe prevents James Charles from getting more backlash than what he already gets.
stephlouiseeB Hace 3 días
Am I the only one not bothered by the drama being left out?...i learned so much about the makeup industry, from this series. It showed us the business, and the production side of everything which is interesting enough alone. I can understand how people are annoyed he put scenes in the trailer which haven’t been aired in the end. However I just think putting the drama in now is not needed especially because the series ended on such a positive.
Maya Xo
Maya Xo Hace 3 días
I don’t really care about the James Charles and Tati beef like yeah I would be nice to know but I want to know what happened when someone broke into their house
Aubrey Ari
Aubrey Ari Hace 3 días
I wanna cry right now 😢
Aleksandr Terekhov
Aleksandr Terekhov Hace 3 días
I am so inspired by Jeffree Star, though I did not even know who he was just a month ago. His story of success and his origin is amazing.
Zander-notch77 Hace 3 días
Some people are saying that Shane click baited us because the trailer had all this drama and blah blah blah and how the actual series didn’t have that, I think everything that is in this trailer was in the series literally nothing was left out. So take your bs and go to James Charles because that bitch is has enough drama to last you a millennia (1,000 years)
RACHELANN Hace 3 días
I'm here to watch this cuz I literally didnt even watch it when it came out, between the song and knowing majority of what's going on it made me cry
Cosmic Erii
Cosmic Erii Hace 3 días
y’all needa calm down about the drama that hasn’t been uploaded yet They said their still fliming they have lives they can’t just film all day give them a break it’s not clickbait😕
Sydney Erdahl
Sydney Erdahl Hace 3 días
Yall really believed this series was ONLY going to be about tati and james drama? It was such a small part of the trailer. Yall are ridiculous frfr.
India Coers
India Coers Hace 3 días
I'm so in love with the song I can't stop playing it!!! It's an emotional song but VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!❤️❤️❤️🐷⭐️💯
Sova Pariyar
Sova Pariyar Hace 3 días
Watched all the series and it really shows how Jeffrey and Shane does all and beyond the people around him and how they stabbed him. They don’t know what a pervious person they have lost. I keep coming back to the trailer every time I miss the series. I hope they how that perfect future with their respective partners and careers.
KMCL Hace 3 días
Can y’all shut up about the drama not being shown? It was decision they made to not include it in the series and in the end we should be ok w it bc it wasn’t about the drama to begin with. This about Shane and Jeffree’s journey as friends and partnering up to make something so beautiful. So just stop being whiny and asking about the drama 🙄🙄🙄
Jack Dodic
Jack Dodic Hace 3 días
When you advertise content, you essentially say - this is what you can expect me to present. You create an expectation and when you don’t fulfil it, you don’t fulfil an obligation you yourself set. So yes, he does owe the viewers what he told them they could expect through his trailer.
Jack Dodic
Jack Dodic Hace 3 días
So if Shane doesn’t care about the money, you shouldn’t be criticised for thinking that Shane would collect less profit and would give it to charity? If he’s so happy and excited with the palette, the reward for him should be consumers’ positive reactions, not money. Yet I’m sure he’s happily kept every penny, which he’s entitled to do, but don’t pretend you don’t care about the money and the true, only reward for you is the “feeling I get when I post”. It may be a reward but he needs to stop lying.
rachel belle
rachel belle Hace 3 días
I see everyone is upset about the whole “no drama” thing between James and Tati and whatever. I’m just saying that despite all of this I JUST MISS GARETT. That’s all
Jojo Fyre
Jojo Fyre Hace 3 días
Okay but what about Tati!!!!! And Ryland with a damn bat in his hand because someone showed up at thier house!!!
LunarJeishin Hace 3 días
CLICKBAITS 2:55 3:17 3:34 3:50 3:59
Carla Stephens
Carla Stephens Hace 3 días
I was never prom queen, never was a cool kid and I'm the black sheep of my family ! True words right there....
JuneTaku Writer
JuneTaku Writer Hace 3 días
I have no idea what’s happening like 😐 now there’s a bunch of drama stuff ? I forgot to watch the series when it started and it just exploded and I have no idea what the hell is happening? Like the James and Tati stuff ended? Or are they showing their reactions? 🙎‍♀️🤷‍♀️
StarTemsPines Hace 3 días
lol title says The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star not The Beautiful World of Shane’s Pallete where’s the drama like you showed in the trailer I was really hyped up when I saw the drama stuff but it was never shown??? shane I love you and all but please fix your stuff
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