The Axl & Lexie Story from the Middle

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Gil T

Gil T

Hace un mes

Here is a repost from last year. It was taken down by Warner Brothers so hopefully it stays up this time.

Gil T
Gil T Hace un mes
Hi Everyone. If you enjoyed this video and my other videos, please support my patreon page. I really love creating these videos for everyone but it does take up a lot of time and I don't earn anything from youtube from them. I really want to continue to create great story videos on youtube and I would greatly appreciate and support you can give. I totally understand if you don't have the means to help me or if you are under 18. If you are able to help out, please check out my patreon page. I have videos there that were either blocked worldwide or blocked in certain countries on youtube. Here is the link.
Tube SkiingGames
Tube SkiingGames Hace un día
How could at one point have no kids then 3 years later have 3 kids which are all over 10 yr
uhweckiss marie
uhweckiss marie Hace un día
futuremovieactor Hace 12 horas
"Tell the others!" #LEXLFOREVER
CrazyArtsz Hace 5 días
I thought of Alexei when I saw their names in the title
Kittylido Hace 9 días
I just found out that the actress who plays Lexie and the actor who plays Sean are married in real life... I'm shook
akhilcool 7412
akhilcool 7412 Hace 10 días
Movie or TV show name ?
B :
B : Hace 12 días
no offense, i think the story line is okay, but the acting... is terrible...
Abby Cokeley 아비
Abby Cokeley 아비 Hace 13 días
"It's called summer Dad. Look into it." -Oh God was this how I was?
Blanklate 07
Blanklate 07 Hace 13 días
18:59 Cute Reaction " I dont wanna be your trophy boy"
Aniksha Deo
Aniksha Deo Hace 14 días
I'm laughing so hard and it is almost 3 in the morning hahahahah
junelly Tejada
junelly Tejada Hace 14 días
When he said i love u back to her was the cutest thing😊
jalayla gachalife
jalayla gachalife Hace 16 días
Lol he says you really need to brush your teeth... I don't care
Ta’Mya Thompson
Ta’Mya Thompson Hace 17 días
Best saying “ wow you need to brush your teeth
Mickey Colvard
Mickey Colvard Hace 17 días
The dude is from andi mack
zxaina Hace 17 días
What season is this
angie ships tyrus
angie ships tyrus Hace 18 días
14:24 T R E N T
angie ships tyrus
angie ships tyrus Hace 18 días
I don't even know this show but I love these kinds of videos lmao
Katie Kat
Katie Kat Hace 18 días
Their ship name could be Alexei.. (stranger things)
futuremovieactor Hace 12 horas
It's Lexl for the record. #LEXLFOREVER
TEA POTTER Hace 4 días
Carol Alvarado ikr
I‘m Lilly
I‘m Lilly Hace 8 días
Katie Kat omg hahah😂😂
Carol Alvarado
Carol Alvarado Hace 13 días
All my boy wanted was a cherry slurpee.
doublebubblediscoqueen Hace 19 días
doublebubblediscoqueen Hace 19 días
God I miss the middle.
Amber G
Amber G Hace 19 días
14:27 is that Bowie I see
Alex Tran
Alex Tran Hace 20 días
on the cbs commercial, what is the name of the 1st tv show?
Samantha S
Samantha S Hace 20 días
Jackey Alvaro
Jackey Alvaro Hace 20 días
LOL 15:57 is funny
Adelyn Bennett
Adelyn Bennett Hace 20 días
Dina Ghomari
Dina Ghomari Hace 20 días
soooo, i could just knock on my crush's door and kiss him and he will kiss me back, that's all?
Abby Cokeley 아비
Abby Cokeley 아비 Hace 13 días
Dina Ghomari I'd go to jail
Dina Ghomari
Dina Ghomari Hace 18 días
@Kat ty lmao
Kat Hace 20 días
Yeaaaahhh.... I doubt it. If you do try it, good luck!🙂
Анель Hace 20 días
Omg I don’t even now that serial but I really love that pair
Emily Makudi
Emily Makudi Hace 21 un día
Omg Axl's competition is Andi Mack's father 😂
Chelsie Foote
Chelsie Foote Hace 10 días
that's what i was about to say
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Hace 19 días
Emily Makudi as the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy once said, “Who?!”
Jackson. R
Jackson. R Hace 21 un día
You make it seem like it’s a love show.
Noel Belle
Noel Belle Hace 21 un día
i don’t know about anyone else but chapter three when he goes to her apartment to kiss her i get butterflies 😂😂
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez Hace 21 un día
💜She’s Mine ALL MINE💜😭😂
Oreo lover
Oreo lover Hace 21 un día
Why was this in my recommended and why does this look like a pg13 Disney channel show ..... sorry
slimJin Hace 19 días
It's a funny sitcom
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez Hace 21 un día
I want to see the whole show But its not in netflix............. Help NVM found it in FreeForm
The great mist of Gaming
The great mist of Gaming Hace 9 días
@Natalia Vazquez with all the seasons.
The great mist of Gaming
The great mist of Gaming Hace 9 días
@Natalia Vazquez watch it on 123movies
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez Hace 20 días
Stephanie DeLeon Yes like literally 30 minutes ago I found out!!! And also it’s on season 7 but oh well at least it’s something!
Stephanie DeLeon
Stephanie DeLeon Hace 20 días
If you have direct tv they show it on freeform Chanel 311
Stephanie DeLeon
Stephanie DeLeon Hace 21 un día
I love this show so much my favorite character is brick it funny when he whispers
slimJin Hace 19 días
my little sister does that
Sister Spooked
Sister Spooked Hace 22 días
The Middle was so funny
ZoeM Unicorn
ZoeM Unicorn Hace 22 días
Ilona Hace 22 días
« she’s mine, all mine »
Mia Durant
Mia Durant Hace 22 días
The music don’t feel right
Nnamdi Hace 22 días
Lexie slick is just like Axl's mom
Antoinette Van Der Meer
Antoinette Van Der Meer Hace 22 días
What serie is this?
Gil T
Gil T Hace 22 días
the middle
Holla Holi
Holla Holi Hace 23 días
What he eating??
mia Hace 23 días
the middle is the most underrated show. Can’t change my mind. ALSO I LOVE THAT THEY END UP GETTING MARRIED AND HAVING KIDS AAAA
mia Hace 3 días
B : I mean I feel like I can talk about it cause it’s a video about them and the middle ended literally over a year ago
B :
B : Hace 12 días
mia : you cant spoil it either tho
B :
B : Hace 12 días
Tiegan Williams : why are you watching this video then?
milk tea
milk tea Hace 16 días
mia you have to be fucking kidding me. Next time at least put a warning of spoiler smh
mia Hace 18 días
Alayla Weste seriously don’t watch videos about a show you haven’t finished also that’s just a little part of how they ended the middle which was about a year ago so I think I can talk about it now💀
• c h i b i •
• c h i b i • Hace 23 días
Omg Bowie from Andy Mack!!!!
Youtube Girl
Youtube Girl Hace 23 días
At 13.54 how axel jumped and fell i'm dying😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤
Kira Hofer
Kira Hofer Hace 23 días
Love this show forever
Briana Torbay
Briana Torbay Hace 23 días
omg yes I remember this-
mujidat ibrahim
mujidat ibrahim Hace 24 días
What show is this
Gil T
Gil T Hace 24 días
the middle
Nyah's World
Nyah's World Hace 24 días
They had got bowe from Adi Mack up in here I'm DEAD 🤣 🤣😂 🤣
Natalia Vazquez
Natalia Vazquez Hace 21 un día
Ik I was shook to the core he still looks the same lmao!
H.hxnnxh !
H.hxnnxh ! Hace 23 días
I KNEW I RECOGNISED HIMMMM i just thought he was the guy in a macbeth performance i saw
Tricky Trickster
Tricky Trickster Hace 24 días
Guess what show to going to binge watch because of a ship video!!👍🏽👍🏽
SlUrPiNg ThE TeA
SlUrPiNg ThE TeA Hace 24 días
Do Noah and Elle from the kissing booth
SlUrPiNg ThE TeA
SlUrPiNg ThE TeA Hace 24 días
Oh ok thanks
Gil T
Gil T Hace 24 días
I had it up but it got taken down. I do have it in my patreon account along with other videos that were blocked by youtube.
Care Bear
Care Bear Hace 24 días
I love this music 😂😂😂😂 it had me dying
Iimaan Jama
Iimaan Jama Hace 24 días
I have no idea what it is that I just watched.
Adriana Hernandez
Adriana Hernandez Hace 3 días
Me neither man me neither
mia Hace 21 un día
Sister Spooked ik it’s like one of my favorite shows
Sister Spooked
Sister Spooked Hace 22 días
Carolina Estrada u should. It’s good and super funny
Carolina Estrada
Carolina Estrada Hace 22 días
Lmao I’ve never heard of this show yet I’m watching it
Sister Spooked
Sister Spooked Hace 22 días
mia They’re from a super funny sitcom called The Middle
You’re the greatest, my lord
You’re the greatest, my lord Hace 25 días
She sounds like the young Demi lovato
Je-Je Hace 25 días
Idk why but I watch this show during my workout and now this just popped out of nowhere lmao
Brianna Gipson
Brianna Gipson Hace 25 días
This show is so underrated and also I’m in love with Axl 😭
Georgie Wilson
Georgie Wilson Hace 26 días
Do Muffy and Tyrus from Andi Mack
Ella Schiavo845
Ella Schiavo845 Hace 20 días
Georgie Wilson yesss tyrus
Mak M
Mak M Hace 26 días
At 3:12 Lexie said I don’t not like you. Welp she admitted her feelings already.
Queen Kir
Queen Kir Hace 27 días
The music does not fit their relationship or the vibe at all 😭😭
futuremovieactor Hace 24 días
Haven't listened to this video yet, but I have plenty of songs in my head that fit them perfectly though. #LEXLFOREVER
yanelle tamayo
yanelle tamayo Hace 28 días
Acl was always my baby❤️
PLG畱Electron Kaustubh More
PLG畱Electron Kaustubh More Hace 29 días
The most underrated sitcom ever
futuremovieactor Hace 12 horas
One of them. Though to me, most underrated couple ever though! #LEXLFOREVER
Elise Rogers
Elise Rogers Hace 18 días
I know I absolutely love this show! It’s my favorite
Abby Wagner
Abby Wagner Hace 21 un día
I watch it after school everyday.
Sister Spooked
Sister Spooked Hace 22 días
mia Hace 23 días
ACTUALLY THO Also 100th like hehe
Viktoria Hofling
Viktoria Hofling Hace un mes
Can't you PLEASE do a video of Zoe and Wade from Hart of Dixie?! You are sooo good at making videos and i just love those tho and their story.
manuella Braumuller
manuella Braumuller Hace un mes
Doew a maya en josh from girls meet worlde
manuella Braumuller
manuella Braumuller Hace un mes
Olivia Jansen
Olivia Jansen Hace un mes
This was my show
Rosiejo !
Rosiejo ! Hace un mes
I love the middle I just hate were it ended sooo early and rushed
Bethany Hanna
Bethany Hanna Hace 26 días
They got cancelled. At least they gave us a nice HEA.
Kallyanna Banana
Kallyanna Banana Hace un mes
Somebody get me a romantic man like axl 😍 👀
Euphanie Gomez Lindsay
Euphanie Gomez Lindsay Hace un mes
Axel is cute, funny but so dirty!!! I never realized he’d get to meet who really loves him!!
breneedstogrow Hace un mes
Hey! I love your videos! Can you make one on Jim and Pam?!
Amiro Vargas
Amiro Vargas Hace un mes
Aww 🥰 Charlie McDermett and Danielle Bobdila Fallen in Love 😍🧡🖤💙💜💚♥️❤️🌈🏳️‍🌈 with each other and kissing each other passionately they’re Kings 🤴🎩👑4ever.
clara kennedy
clara kennedy Hace un mes
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