The Avengers - "I'm Always Angry" - Hulk SMASH Scene - Movie CLIP HD

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The Avengers (2012) - "I'm Always Angry" - Hulk SMASH Scene - Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
One of the best scene in the movie.
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The AvengersHulk Smashhulk smash sceneMovie CLIP

Megatron Decepticon
Megatron Decepticon Hace 4 horas
Yea they took this character and turned him into a Pussy in Infinity War like WTF losers 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
PHOENIX 1947 Hace 19 horas
Please visit Please
Tera Brown
Tera Brown Hace un día
No cap I wanna marry hulk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DarKaze AMV
DarKaze AMV Hace un día
This hulk actor is good but I kinda like the incredible hulk actor that hulk is amazing but this one is good to.
J. Camacho
J. Camacho Hace un día
Ewww 60fps makes everything look like a PS2 cut scene. STOP IT.
YNW Mitae
YNW Mitae Hace 2 días
Bruce : That’s the secret I’m always anger Me:happy as hell because it’s about to go down
Pixelated Sugar
Pixelated Sugar Hace 2 días
See what happens when you don't let Zach Snyder kick off your cinematic universe
Txgz Hace 2 días
60 FPS looks sooo bad OMFG
Clever Moonga
Clever Moonga Hace 2 días
Me:How can you hide being high when you're with people? My friend: Thats my secret bro, I'm always high
Yosua Elwen Lie
Yosua Elwen Lie Hace 2 días
It begins from 6 heroes and now its assemble
Rafael Souza
Rafael Souza Hace 2 días
Hulk was badass now he's weak and became like a person with his own will
RAHUL ANAND Hace 3 días
MCU can add as many avengers they want to, the iconic scene of these 6 in a circle has its own special significance... Undoubtedly one of the best scenes in MCU, even after 3 more Avenger Movies and other brilliant solo films Still gives me goosebumps
Mohamed Diabate
Mohamed Diabate Hace 4 días
Max S
Max S Hace 4 días
Hulk and the avengers movies are the best
Just Some Guy With Half A Mustache
Just Some Guy With Half A Mustache Hace 4 días
*_You know what I love about this scene? Everybody's expression when the Leviathan shows up._* *_Tony knows he can't beat it. Steve is shocked. Natasha and Clint are confused. Thor's like, "It might take a bit but I can destroy the bastard."_* *_Then you have Banner, man's like, "Yup, gotta go green." Never even doubts for a second that Hulk might not be strong enough to stop it, let alone with one punch._*
Ifzal Hace 5 días
Smart thing people didn’t realise Cap called Hulk his name.
Eber Moran
Eber Moran Hace 5 días
Man am i going to miss the OG SIX💙
Rory Giambalvo
Rory Giambalvo Hace 5 días
The "I'm always angry" line is shot so well. The camera moves with Banner as he's walking with the Leviathan, then stops when he stops. As he shifts into Hulk it feels like the camera should be moving with him again but it doesn't until his fist becomes close to center-screen, and then the camera follows it's movement. Really well done
les webb
les webb Hace 5 días
I think banner was the first to call Steve "Cap".
Korliyon Hace 6 días
A bunch of jackasses standing in a circle
Ashwin badass
Ashwin badass Hace 6 días
A god with a hammer A monster A man with shield A metal man A guy with arrows A spy Against a whole bunch of alien army
Non Rumble Studios
Non Rumble Studios Hace 6 días
I mean did they original 6 avengers honestly need the rest of the dead characters from infinity war in the final battle of Endgame they’ve taken down an entire alien army by themselves before
Wicked Dummy filter
Wicked Dummy filter Hace 7 días
You can try to kill me but I’m to hulk
Anast Vezy
Anast Vezy Hace 7 días
If thanos ate that punch he would have died
gustavo clarindo
gustavo clarindo Hace 7 días
I hate how they ruined this during endgame by essentially retconing it and making Hulk a stupid baby🤦🏻‍♂️
deezynar Hace 7 días
That is Mr. Hulk, to you.
A J Hace 8 días
First video I can appreciate the 60fps on my phone.
Marco Diaz
Marco Diaz Hace 9 días
If Ed Edd n Eddy characters were the avengers: EDD: Ed, now might be a really good time for your appetite to be ready. ED: That’s my secrete Double D, [the ship comes in, he turns around] I’m always hungry. [He transforms into green Ed] ED: GRAAAAAVVVVYYYYYYY!!!
AndyOutlawW749 Hace 9 días
Ritu Malaviya
Ritu Malaviya Hace 10 días
Iron man: I'm bringing the party to you Black widow: I don't see how that's a party Me: yeah me too
gokul das
gokul das Hace 10 días
Anyone in 2020😘
Dmen05 Hace 10 días
Seeing this in the theater changed my life
Big Brain Boi
Big Brain Boi Hace 11 días
This was the most realistic looking avengers 👌
Prince Sanglekar
Prince Sanglekar Hace 11 días
2012 hulk: I am always angry 2018 thanos: hold my martial arts
Cyborg Silas
Cyborg Silas Hace 12 días
"That's my secret cap, I'm always watching tutorials" -Nerd City doing a skillshare ad read
RK Mix Show
RK Mix Show Hace 12 días
Avengers assemble
Toni Taipalus
Toni Taipalus Hace 12 días
This is the power of pre-patch hulk
The Behemoth
The Behemoth Hace 12 días
3:19 I miss this
Sovannara Lo
Sovannara Lo Hace 12 días
Mabey the last
Seung Won Lim
Seung Won Lim Hace 12 días
No one gonna say anything about this great video quality
sliqashell Hace 14 días
Sometimes you just have to release control
Adiel Stephenson
Adiel Stephenson Hace 15 días
This has to be the most unbelievably moronic thing in the history of movies. I mean, seriously, do any adults watch this crap?
mandookie Hace 14 días
Yes. It's good stuff
Cash Bryant
Cash Bryant Hace 15 días
Hulks pants are indestructible
Ashiqur Rahman
Ashiqur Rahman Hace 15 días
The moment that defined the MCU 😊
Brando Hace 16 días
"then tell him to suit up" - Barney Stinson
can we get 6,000 subs with few videos?
can we get 6,000 subs with few videos? Hace 16 días
*this is the kind of hulk we needed in IW and ENDGAME*
BRYAREOS Hace 17 días
This makes me sad to wee how much they elevated everyone except Hulk :/ i mean l like Banner, but man, can't deny that Hulk was a BEAST
Cogton Hace 17 días
0:36 me and the boys camping in fortnite
prithvi raj
prithvi raj Hace 17 días
It’s 2020 and this transformation still gives me the chills
Goat Digger
Goat Digger Hace 17 días
Miss the old Hulk😔😔
Ethan Schmid
Ethan Schmid Hace 17 días
2:22-2:34 7 years later, last year, they used that shot in Endgame!!!
SEN-NoVa Hace 17 días
Ik Black widow got Wet from hulks transformation
_NautiluS_ Hace 18 días
Damn, what the fuck is this 60 fps movie, looks so cheap and low budget with that.
Jamar Willis
Jamar Willis Hace 18 días
Hulk: can crush people Iron man: has lasers Hawkeye: bow with explosive Thor: hammer with thunder and lightning: Captain America: indestructible shield Black widow: a tiny gun
Marcin K.
Marcin K. Hace 18 días
3:12 - the scene when Thor spins his Mjolnir and Widow looking at you with her hair waving =
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson Hace 18 días
00:37 *Lord of Entrance.*
Constant Deffo
Constant Deffo Hace 18 días
I know Endgame was incredible but Marvel’s the Avengers will always be classic !!!
Maro Loan
Maro Loan Hace 19 días
Di atas raja ada raja segala raja komandan ALLAH bertindak menelamatkan kita hikmat ALLAH Hikmat manusia gitit nyanyian mazmur asaf tak musnah dan roh ALLAH yang sempurna untuk kendaraan namanya situhan dijual dari nama maroloan sihaloho tahir bersih lebih putih dari salju tumbuhan hisop tahir dibumi
1390. Hace 19 días
hulk join battle chitori army 2:19
1390. Hace 19 días
mom: wana have pizza ? me: i am always hungry
[MOVIE] The Avengers FullHD 2012
[MOVIE] The Avengers FullHD 2012 Hace 19 días
The Avengers
Phirczo Cardoso
Phirczo Cardoso Hace 20 días
Wow, time flies... I was there in the premiere and I cried... Same happened in the "Avengers... Assemble!" scene. Miss that.
Indus Insights
Indus Insights Hace 20 días
Iam searching everyone in alleys . By pausing the video. Help me a bit .
Fernandópolis sakazuki
Fernandópolis sakazuki Hace 20 días
2:24 meu coração vira o flash kkkk
Need 4 Change
Need 4 Change Hace 20 días
Later that day: " Take the stairs, Hate the stairs"
Creeper Minecraft
Creeper Minecraft Hace 7 días
Need 4 Change also: Captain America vs Captain America
David Lori Mandujano
David Lori Mandujano Hace 20 días
That’s my secret captain I’m always angry 😡😡
Maro Loan
Maro Loan Hace 20 días
ROH ALLAH yang telah menang kapan kita gantian kenikmatan cinta sama perintah ALLAH adat t
Keyaan Miah
Keyaan Miah Hace 20 días
Coolest scene ever.
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott Hace 20 días
While Infinity War and Endgame were awesome, I think this is my Avengers movie
Maro Loan
Maro Loan Hace 20 días
ALLAH bertindak menelamatkan kita hikmat ALLAH Hikmat manusia dan menghembuskan nafas dari lobang hidung kita hikmat ALLAH Hikmat manusia serupa degan gambar kendaraan namanya situhan
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