The Avengers - "I'm Always Angry" - Hulk SMASH Scene - Movie CLIP HD

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The Avengers (2012) - "I'm Always Angry" - Hulk SMASH Scene - Movie CLIP HD [1080p 60 FPS HD ]
One of the best scene in the movie.
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The AvengersHulk Smashhulk smash sceneMovie CLIP

Lil Tonka
Lil Tonka Hace 5 horas
Hey guys it’s me from 3019 Danny devito drowns in beginning game 31
Dead on Time
Dead on Time Hace 5 horas
Nothing will ever re capture the magic of this movie. Seeing them all together for the first time was amazing and I prefer Whedon's directing over the Russo's. You never got any cool shots from the Russo's like the one in this movie when Iron Man shoots lasers off of Cap's shield. Oh and Cap saying Hulk Smash is one of the series' best moments up there with Cap wielding the hammer, and saying Avengers Assemble.
citoyen terrestre
citoyen terrestre Hace 9 horas
🐶🐵جينا من آسفي جينا من آسفي
Kevin Willis
Kevin Willis Hace 14 horas
The first time we see them all together, just so happens to be the last time we see them all together....
Sharp Sathya
Sharp Sathya Hace 19 horas
3:11 Language Captain 😂
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok Hace 21 un hora
Were is spiderma
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok Hace 21 un hora
Your allways angry hulk
Rechilda Lontok
Rechilda Lontok Hace 21 un hora
Tony stark you are the coolest in marvals
SAS 7–10
SAS 7–10 Hace 22 horas
Cap: "Light the bastards up" Fandom: "LANGUAGE!!!!"
TheSecdefchris84 Hace un día
During the final battle in End Game, they should’ve had Banner lose control go back into full Hulk.
Elizabeth McClory
Elizabeth McClory Hace un día
MineDrill Resources
MineDrill Resources Hace un día
2012: The Avengers 2015 Avengers Age Of Ultron 2018: Avengers Infinity War 2019: Avengers Endgame 2019: Spiderman Far from Home Like and Comment wich one Is your favorite Movie
Kevon Banks
Kevon Banks Hace 2 días
And hulk..... smash
Ancient one was also fighting
Henrik Persson
Henrik Persson Hace 2 días
blows my mind how adults can watch this garbage
You are garbage
Anthony Davidson
Anthony Davidson Hace 2 días
Nice I like hulk he is my hero
Teuila Petaia
Teuila Petaia Hace 3 días
Almost cried a bit watching this. 😢😂
Sudeshna Mukherjee
Sudeshna Mukherjee Hace 3 días
Am I the only one, who thinks that the video is a little sped up?
AJ to the M
AJ to the M Hace 2 días
Sudeshna Mukherjee it’s because it’s 60fps
makizh murugu
makizh murugu Hace 3 días
2:20 Epic scene of all time
Zyhir Harris
Zyhir Harris Hace 4 días
What was 2:34 for? Was it specially made for endgame when they time travel back? Are they secretly there but just invisible? Tell me!
AJ to the M
AJ to the M Hace 2 días
Zyhir Harris not very clear.
Zyhir Harris
Zyhir Harris Hace 2 días
@AJ to the M them being there but invisible was a joke.
AJ to the M
AJ to the M Hace 2 días
Zyhir Harris it doesn’t change the past, so they’re not there in this movie.
Kal El Batson
Kal El Batson Hace 4 días
This movie was just brilliant.
Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson Hace 4 días
2:23 to 2:33 The original avengers assemble
AJ to the M
AJ to the M Hace 4 días
Is it just me or do the chitauri look fake af?
The Sourest Lemon
The Sourest Lemon Hace 4 días
Sad that only 3 of the original 6 are left in the MCU
Kevin Recinos
Kevin Recinos Hace 4 días
3:12 not tryna be weird or anything but that was super hot like if u agree
Adrish KD
Adrish KD Hace 4 días
Plz give me the name of this part of avengers?
Fang Hace 4 días
The Avengers(2012)
Thomasdatrain Pates
Thomasdatrain Pates Hace 4 días
I find Hulk to be the most understandable superhero that Stanley had made because his strength is his weakness while he has superhuman strength one second can take all that he loves away
C Silbs
C Silbs Hace 5 días
Avengers like me
Mass Effected
Mass Effected Hace 5 días
The greatest scene in cinema history! Don't @ me lol Can't help but wonder how infinity war and endgame would have been different had Joss Whedon stuck around..
βαγγέλης βαγγελακης
βαγγέλης βαγγελακης Hace 6 días
so cool
A.Demetriou Hace 6 días
looks more like a video game than a movie, in 4k. Every scene seems so artificial, and the acting seems more phoney since the green screen is much more obvious.
Babukhali Mgps4
Babukhali Mgps4 Hace 6 días
This is the scene that started the real avengers.
DHIKЯIS Hace 6 días
hate internet people that can't appreciate process. accept changes, act like elitists. Previous hulk & this hulk is fine, funny endgame hulk also fine. Every things considered by marvel. Don't act like people who thinks the universe & everything should be the way they want to, even worse for the sake of meme only
TakedownKing 171
TakedownKing 171 Hace 7 días
To this day, this is the best MCU moment.
Dragon Uchiha
Dragon Uchiha Hace 7 días
Edward Norton walked so that mark rufflo can run.
matt kylie
matt kylie Hace 7 días
Wolverine & Spider-man would’ve put the finishing touch on this team.
mahmood almahmood
mahmood almahmood Hace 7 días
Look how badass hulk is.
Best scene in the MCU
siry3105 blu
siry3105 blu Hace 8 días
2:23 one of my favourite scene
Pickled Peppers
Pickled Peppers Hace 8 días
Imagine if hulk roar like this in portals scene in ENDGAME!
Sandeep Chaudhary
Sandeep Chaudhary Hace 8 días
Great these actors nailed it, imagining all these chittari army around them when there is a green screen.
Cameron Caws
Cameron Caws Hace 9 días
It upsets me that this is where Hulk peaked.
Mario Sonic the Hedgehog Pac - Man MegaMan Mii Gunner Mii Sowrdfighter
WeirdestGirlInTheWorld _101
WeirdestGirlInTheWorld _101 Hace 9 días
Đờ Mờ Gaming
Đờ Mờ Gaming Hace 9 días
First minute 50th second,thats the end game Theme.
adivaidu 252
adivaidu 252 Hace 9 días
2:23 the most epic moment ...
Captain Utki 01
Captain Utki 01 Hace 10 días
Notice there were Captain Americas in this world at the same time
marvel dude
marvel dude Hace 10 días
Incredible. 7 years ar passed and i am always hyped for this scene
Rogue Agent
Rogue Agent Hace 10 días
3:11 "light the b*stards up" *in age of ultron* *"LANGUAGE"*
Ethan Kim
Ethan Kim Hace 10 días
Meanwhile, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Ant-Man are sneaking around.
adie Prima
adie Prima Hace 10 días
Captain america : hulk smash Hulk : no iam hungry Captain america : oke you eat them
ThexBorg Hace 10 días
Better clench up Legolas...
Shruok Alabri
Shruok Alabri Hace 10 días
Hulk you are very strong 💪 nice ilove you hulk ❤️
azeleapark Hace 10 días
2:23 - The Ultimate scene !!!!
SΔИDHuPLay乙 Hace 10 días
3:16 my favourite scene.
H.Q.L.B. Productions
H.Q.L.B. Productions Hace 11 días
2:22-2:23 is still the most bad ass corny avengers clip ever! Hahaha!
english40256 Hace 11 días
Where is Shaktimaan?
shakeel ali
shakeel ali Hace 11 días
I loved this Hulk Mann, why did they make him so shit, his my favourite super hero,
agus andre
agus andre Hace 12 días
Hulk smash
bitca222 Hace 12 días
2:22 You're Welcome.
Jose Salinas
Jose Salinas Hace 12 días
1:55 It's Time For An A$$ Whipping 💪.
J Bond
J Bond Hace 12 días
the pants hulk or banner is wearing are fantastic.
tunguna mo
tunguna mo Hace 13 días
Imagine if they did this assemble one last time in endgame
The Last Mikester
The Last Mikester Hace 13 días
Earth's mightiest heroes
ielya tehrani
ielya tehrani Hace 13 días
People after they watched Avengers 1 they've excited for this man but after the ending scene when the ending part happened in the Endgame people realized Hulk before Endgame showed it Hulk was a panda Hulk from the first time in The Incredible Hulk he ate like a panda slept like a panda lived like a panda
Conn Benn
Conn Benn Hace 13 días
Hate that black widow has that stupid accent. She’s supposed to be Russian, I understand they say ‘she’s a spy and can speak with a perfect accent’ but why can’t she just speak with no accent? Like just speak in a natural Russian one, they even made wanda have an accent aswell! Tbf, Olsen’s attempt at an Eastern European accent was so shit haha
Purple Stonehenge
Purple Stonehenge Hace 13 días
Wow the frame rate is disgusting
Bane Hace 13 días
Rocket: it took you hours to beat the chitauri? They're suckiest army in the universe
Luis Banuelos
Luis Banuelos Hace 14 días
Mean while the 2023 avengers arrived a few blocks away
pro dominatrix
pro dominatrix Hace 15 días
In end game hull didn’t fight at all really cause he had one good arm I guess but this shows that the hulk seems to do fine with one arm
Hello :)
Michelle Phan
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