The American Pie Cast REUNITES | Full Interview

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Entertainment Tonight

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ET sat down with the cast of 'American Pie' to celebrate the films 20th anniversary.
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Patricia Kulic
Patricia Kulic Hace 21 un minuto
Doesnt look Sean a Little Bit like Jamie Lennister from GoT 🤣 he looks very good
LiquidRush Hace 35 minutos
5:46 look at this girl flexin that Seann William Scott was keen on her
Al's Collectibles
Al's Collectibles Hace un hora
Awesome! Love the movie
Tappa Tappa
Tappa Tappa Hace 3 horas
Never saw this movie , and I never will
Francoin Visser
Francoin Visser Hace 3 horas
Tara Reid has gone all scary
Robbie Smith
Robbie Smith Hace 4 horas
Who's the black guy
Germain Gonzalez
Germain Gonzalez Hace 5 horas
Damn, Sean looks the same!!!
diMa Hace 5 horas
Where's Mina???
Gavin Ballard
Gavin Ballard Hace 6 horas
As an 18 year old in 2019... i wish more and more everyday i was 18 in 1999 :/
Joe Z
Joe Z Hace 7 horas
Tara Reid looks like she survived a rumble with cage fighters.
gallant duke
gallant duke Hace 7 horas
Didn’t this interviewer almost get murdered by mike Tyson? 🤔
Kratos God
Kratos God Hace 7 horas
Who's the black guy in the far right picture? Don't remember him in American Pie...
Ray Ray
Ray Ray Hace 9 horas
Tara Reid was unreal in the movies now she is awful
Dan Epmyer
Dan Epmyer Hace 9 horas
Man that red head is so fucking fine. Btw wheres mina sulveri ?
Shaf Hussain
Shaf Hussain Hace 9 horas
Tara Reid has since turned in to an awful actor
Manson Mason
Manson Mason Hace 10 horas
Is there just an interview with just the guys without these boring vapid add nothing at all old hags....
h34p Hace 11 horas
No Shannon Elisabeth, No Mena Suavi. Well.. that was a downer.. Not even Stifflers Mom...
Bassboy1972 Hace 11 horas
I think Alysson is the hottest by far!
NetHazard Hace 11 horas
Natasha Lyonne, so freakin’ sexy! To be between her and Jennifer Coolidge in a hot tub, would be absolutely exquisite! 👉🏻👌🏻🍑
Damo Revo
Damo Revo Hace 11 horas
Would still love to see Mike Tyson punch that host on the nose. What a douchebag.
77163 Hace 11 horas
"Did you have any idea..." Worse question ever, whenever there's an iconic movie that has stood the test of time someone asks whether anyone knew it would be so big. Of course they didn't, the answer is always no.
seigeengine Hace 11 horas
The answer wasn't really no though.
Fredo Cuomo
Fredo Cuomo Hace 11 horas
I think they all look great especially the Men. Poor Tara Reid with her past but so glad she’s coming around.
V3RZE_ InSaNiTy Hace 11 horas
Where’s Kevin
Stevedore Votes
Stevedore Votes Hace 12 horas
American Pie cast are the greatest. My family and I watch each film every year.
Bloodline1389 Hace 12 horas
Damn I was 10 years old when this movie came out I remember having my grandma take me to blockbuster because she didn't care what I rented and my mom sure as hell wasn't gonna let me get this movie so grandma was the go to movie renter lol. Man those were the days. For a 10 year old its damn near some softcore porn especially the web cam and "tounge tornado" scene lol. I think I had her rent me the south park movie the same year but my folks didn't give a shit about that one haha
seigeengine Hace 11 horas
I mean, most boys don't have a sex drive at ten, so it wouldn't really be porn for them, I guess.
damienriot Hace 12 horas
Alyson is looking so nice here. Infact better than the movies and HIMYM
seigeengine Hace 11 horas
Interesting preference. Guess it's the the plumper body you like?
soleil 2208
soleil 2208 Hace 12 horas
Poor tara !! she used to be so beautifull !! now, she even have hard time to articulate a sentence !! She totally ruined herself !! she look terrible !!!
Hate Guts
Hate Guts Hace 15 horas
Where's Stiffler Mom?
KingChad 1988
KingChad 1988 Hace 15 horas
This one time at band camp
Antone Capone
Antone Capone Hace 15 horas
Paging Thomas Ian Nicholas! Come in, Thomas Ian Nicholas!
Antone Capone
Antone Capone Hace 11 horas
Kids From The North - hahaa 🤣 - harsh!
Kids From The North
Kids From The North Hace 11 horas
Antone Capone he couldn’t get off work. That JCPenney’s truck isn’t going to unload itself.
edt Hace 15 horas
The Modern Gamer Show
The Modern Gamer Show Hace 16 horas
The Best.
Fred Dingbar
Fred Dingbar Hace 17 horas
Made today, you'd not get 4 white guys together in one line.
seigeengine Hace 11 horas
I honestly don't care.
Tryksta 724
Tryksta 724 Hace 17 horas
Well that gravy train is over. What's next American Retirement?
seigeengine Hace 11 horas
At least most of them are still working actors.
AJ Jones
AJ Jones Hace 18 horas
Missing those days
Arnas Dre
Arnas Dre Hace 18 horas
You can feel great chemistry between them.
ThisIsRusko Hace 18 horas
Chris Klein is so fine omg
xXxBUNDIExXx Hace 19 horas
Natasha lyonne,🤤 enough said!
john smith
john smith Hace 19 horas
I feel bad for jason biggs. I think he will lose his hair soon.😞
seigeengine Hace 10 horas
I'm honestly not sure what part of your comments is supposed to be sarcastic and not sarcastic. But bald women tho.
john smith
john smith Hace 10 horas
@seigeengine the joke being jason biggs has 0% chance of losing his hair. Behold his majestic hairline 👀. Although you are quite right out the obsession with hair thing.
seigeengine Hace 10 horas
Oh well. It's actually funny how obsessed with hair our species is. Dudes thousands of years ago were trying to hide their baldness, and we've still got our knickers in a twist over it today.
Njoy Hace 19 horas
American Pie was my sex education :D
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia Hace 19 horas
We need a final reunion! Stifflers wedding!
darren4mc Hace 20 horas
We're missing someone big here...who is it?
Donnie Wilson
Donnie Wilson Hace 20 horas
Watching this makes me feel old, I remember watching this in my young teenage years. How fast time has gone, really loved those movies
lucaspenido Hace 20 horas
I was 17 going on 18 when this movie came out! This brought me back! It’s crazy that 20 yrs have passed!
Thomas Crown
Thomas Crown Hace 20 horas
Last generation without cellphone...
COOKIE GANG Hace 21 un hora
Stifler still looking better then ever💯
Bhargav !
Bhargav ! Hace 21 un hora
We need Another American Pie movie
vettelover2009 Hace 21 un hora
Tara Reid is a botoxed train wreck
edes01 Hace 21 un hora
I’d watch another American Pie film.
Luis Blanco
Luis Blanco Hace 21 un hora
Stiffler was my favorite
Dawud Bryant
Dawud Bryant Hace 21 un hora
2 of them are missing
WittenCityChilla Hace 22 horas
The American Pie Movies are the best movies to watch as a teenager. The late 90s vibe, the music, everything fits so perfectly. I would not want to miss watching these movies
WittenCityChilla Hace 22 horas
Stiffler still is really handsome nohomo
Josh Matthews
Josh Matthews Hace 23 horas
I randomly drank with Eddie Kaye Thomas at Shades of Green (Irish pub) in NYC once when he sat next to me at the bar. SUPER nice guy!
Marshall Fox
Marshall Fox Hace un día
Chris sounded like Tim Cook a few times.
Andy Aitken
Andy Aitken Hace un día
My god Alyson Hannigan is still so hot, not even after 20yrs after American Pie but also since Buffy ended in 2003. Has anyone checked and put a mirror to these beautiful woman’s face to see if she has a reflection?
VAN Smallhousen
VAN Smallhousen Hace un día
Where's Kevin
Snowfert Hace un día
I stood in line at the theatres on premier night with a friend and her older brother’s girlfriend to get us in since we were under 16 at the time. Something that is not a part of this life anymore. Good times
nickobbboy Hace un día
Where's Kevin??
Flight Hace un día
Tara,just, NO! She looks like a crack-addict.
Logan 5
Logan 5 Hace un día
The next American Pie movie will be a soy infused train wreck of woke ideology, SJW propaganda and Leftist pukes 🤮 *They can’t create anything of beauty or value. They can only subvert and destroy every good thing that came before*
seigeengine Hace 3 horas
First of all, I don't even really consume soy products. Second of all, do you require a dick? because you appear to be lacking one.
Logan 5
Logan 5 Hace 6 horas
seigeengine sounds like you’ve overdosed on soy. Do you require an ambulance?
seigeengine Hace 10 horas
You need therapy, mate.
Silent Wolf
Silent Wolf Hace un día
The boys look so sad at Stiflers answer 15:33
DerrickKet562 Hace un día
What happened to Tara Reid’s face? Looks weird.
jef jef
jef jef Hace un día
Stifler all time hero
Rogério Penna
Rogério Penna Hace un día
LOL at these old people, unlike me, a young person born in 79!
Bear's End Productions
Bear's End Productions Hace un día
This movie was stupid
S B Hace un día
Tara looks whooorable these days
Mike Knight
Mike Knight Hace un día
Nobody cares about these people.
jose perlas
jose perlas Hace un día
the legendary Stiffler
Valkonnen Hace un día
Wow, ET has sunk to new lows. Glorifying this disgusting film.
seigeengine Hace 3 horas
Over-simplification... but that's irrelevant, because no, I just stopped trying to be mature when I stopped being a child who had no idea what maturity was. You don't have refined or intellectual tastes, you're just an insecure child.
Valkonnen Hace 6 horas
@seigeengine It's a bunch of sick gross out gags, relying on disgusting the audience in lieu of actual talent. You must be a simple person.
seigeengine Hace 10 horas
lol, there's nothing disgusting about this film.
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