The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 Is the Newest Ultra 911

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Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

Hace un mes

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) is the ultimate 911 -- and today I'm reviewing the new 992 Turbo to show you what I mean. First I'm going to take you on a thorough tour of the 992 Turbo S -- then I'm going to drive the 911 Turbo S and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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Nick Johansson
Nick Johansson Hace un hora
For me, cool factor and styling both are 10/10. Porsche has had the same perfect proportion for decade now. Because they are simply beautiful. I know the don't change much from model to model. But that's the thing. Porsche propably has the strongest brand identity out of every car manufacturor. You don't mess with porsche lines or proportion.. Because they are simply perfect. Saying it's "just like a 911" and giving less points because of it, in terms of styling, is not right. I know it's not a flashy car. But that's the beauty of it. I also know it's the DOUG-score.. But still. And to me Porsche drivers are the coolest people out of any car guys. Having a sleek, beautiful and understated car like this, know they can pretty much destroy anything on the road, is just awesome. Especially when you're destroying other blinged out supercar owners, thinking "ah that's JUST a 911, let's show him real quick". Styling and cool factor 10/10
Nick Johansson
Nick Johansson Hace un hora
Also, comfort 5/10 and quality 8/10?! 8/10 is high.. But come on, where did it loose points? And comfort 5/10.. Did you try drivning in normal mode? Or did you just go all out in sport plus? The of course the comfort is 5/10. Otherwise it should be at least 7/10. Those are Porsches biggest selling points. Quality and comfort
Marki Soren
Marki Soren Hace 2 horas
Kanha Sahu
Kanha Sahu Hace 13 horas
When you say a fortune a normal person atleast half a million dollars
Nathan Hace 15 horas
Less hp than zl1? Weak sauce
Kamil K
Kamil K Hace 20 horas
Please do an exhaust sound thing for cars like this one, I'm honestly interested in the sound of any car you review.. It's just nice to compare engine types and listen for the specific sounds of specific engines.
Felix Seiler
Felix Seiler Hace un día
The AC Controls are really annoying. But putting the climate controls not the diamond would reduce the problem a lot. So good alternative. I generally find the controls of the touch displays in "super" cars (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley etc.) terrible. Through work I have the possibilities to try out a lot of different ones. Porsche is definitely the best. For me Tesla still reigns this market. Its not understandable to me why there is no attention to this by the manufacturers.
John Padoginog
John Padoginog Hace un día
Now that is sexy
Tom Billard
Tom Billard Hace un día
how does it not get a nine or 10 handling?
Imran Shaw
Imran Shaw Hace un día
The seats lengths are uneven, was waiting doug to do some quirk talk on it.
Janne Heino
Janne Heino Hace 2 días
Legit reason To not To buy a 911 is because it is like a revised and updated 911...Lolwut?!?!
Nick McDonald
Nick McDonald Hace 2 días
Reggie Watts.... Anyone.... Anyone......
David Hanson
David Hanson Hace 2 días
First impression I gotta say, the car looks great except for those wheels. Ugly as hell.
Guy Habla
Guy Habla Hace 2 días
My BMW i8 has eight configurable buttons
Rich D
Rich D Hace 2 días
I still wanna see a newly designed 2021 or newer 944/968, complete with all the newest technology.
Dimpho Moatshe
Dimpho Moatshe Hace 3 días
I want this car so much !!!! Never been a 911 fan but dam they have got me on this one . Now back to work.
Lou Stojcevski
Lou Stojcevski Hace 3 días
Modern cars have too much unnessasary takes away from the car
Barry Joslin
Barry Joslin Hace 3 días
Amazing that you can only add oil and washer fluid. How do they change the oil or do any service? How do you check the oil level even to know? Love this car - but does the engine have to come out for basic service? Clearly not the oil change, but what about a belt? Or if the A/C needs to be recharged, or something needs to be done? Spark plugs?
IntelliPocalypse Hace 4 días
Why does it look like a BMW on the inside? That gear shift looks familiar
N G Hace 4 días
Car: designed in 2018, manufactured in 2019, sold in 2020. Doug: this is car from FUTURE! It's 2021!
The mack
The mack Hace 4 días
porche look so outdated
Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira Hace 5 días
In several European countries (if not all) a car with only 2 seats pays more in taxes. That's why some models have those 2 back seats
pinder p99
pinder p99 Hace 6 días
So basically it is an animal.
Mike will
Mike will Hace 6 días
In my opinion the Mercedes AMG GTc is a better car, it's more fun to drive and sounds better
J ope
J ope Hace 6 días
all the automakers are cumming fast - doug
Jon Hettrick
Jon Hettrick Hace 6 días
That is one cool Porsche man. Doug I a Washington wizards Captain America new are hardwood classic hat. Keep the car content coming
Gus Ibrahim
Gus Ibrahim Hace 6 días
997 is the last 911. This is a very nice car but not a 911....
Sean Jones
Sean Jones Hace 7 días
Sick license plate
KrownSkull Hace 7 días
this car is not the king of 911's. this car is the king of super cars. fast, responsive, pure and understated
Demetri Walker
Demetri Walker Hace 8 días
Same 0-60 as a C8 but double the price.
swEET noTHINGS irobot
swEET noTHINGS irobot Hace 9 días
What happens if u hit the wind deflector button with a passenger in the back seat?
Burak Dal
Burak Dal Hace 9 días
summary of the video 911992sbestultimate911912991porscheultimatebest
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Hace 9 días
Do the new turbo S models not have an electric wing that goes up and down Like they have in the past???
Jesse Mitchell
Jesse Mitchell Hace 9 días
See I don’t like the GT cars because the GT three in the GT two is not available in convertible. And that’s a dealbreaker for me. Because you don’t wanna be riding down the strip in front of the beach with a racing helmet racing gloves and your windows up with both hands on the wheel going vroom look at me .! Youd look like an idiot ! And that perspective I kick my seat back put my Ray-Ban‘s on. Put my top down in the windows down crank my stereo up and the cruise ! I would love to have a GT to but it’s too racy on the inside. And I don’t want to put my ass in a hard fiberglass plastic or carbon fiber seat. I want 18 we are just ability and I don’t give a damn about a fucking roll bar. And I want a backseat. I love the outside of the car but I’m not a fan of all the racing shit it has on it. I would like to get a GT two but get it in a convertible and have all the creature comfort and power luxury features of the turbo S9 11 cab ! 👍
David Guliver
David Guliver Hace 10 días
Why Porscha ?
Lucinda Sullivan
Lucinda Sullivan Hace 11 días සිට එකිනෙකා. ඔහු අධික රඳා. ඇය යන්තමින් ආපසු ගියා. ඔහු
greetings from TEKNIK KAWAN KITA camshaft adjuster
Bernie BillTom
Bernie BillTom Hace 13 días
13:32 are they Doug? 🤭
Nature Portal
Nature Portal Hace 13 días
Matt Hace 13 días
First question: why even have backseats? Second question: if you rollover with backseat passengers won't the explosive roll bars explode through the backseat passengers' heads?
Jeffery Henry
Jeffery Henry Hace 13 días
diamond button is aweeesomm!!!
Jeffery Henry
Jeffery Henry Hace 13 días
That passenger cup holder is so coool!!!
Jeffery Henry
Jeffery Henry Hace 13 días
That wind deflector is fucking awesome!!!
Jeffery Henry
Jeffery Henry Hace 13 días
Those doors/handles are fucking cooooooool...
Wisdonair Hace 13 días
Even tho ppl make fun of him, Doug has always come thru with the right info on any car. Your car reviews help more than you think! Keep grinding 🔥
SocraticMind89 Hace 14 días
The wheels are wack, good lord they Generally hammer the Turbos wheels but what the hell happened this year?
Hayden Morris
Hayden Morris Hace 14 días
It’s too fucking big bro
Nicholas Sheena
Nicholas Sheena Hace 14 días
Bro you make me want one at age 13
harry reid
harry reid Hace 14 días
what an irritating woke pajama boy wimp.
Petko Krushev
Petko Krushev Hace 15 días
After the beautiful 991, this looks already outdated
Billy File
Billy File Hace 15 días
Can't they get rid of backseats in 911's and in place put a Mid Engine where the backseats were?? 👍🤑🤯
Billy File
Billy File Hace 15 días
I can't believe the city of Montpelier, Vermont passed a law. That rates the severity of Sex Offenders by giving them a "Doug Score"
Billy File
Billy File Hace 15 días
HEY DOUG!! I've got a great side business idea for you. You go to major cities, and bang all the hookers in the classified ads, Then afterwards u give each hooker a "Doug Score" Brilliant, right?🤫
Billy File
Billy File Hace 15 días
Hello Doug!! Any chance you could stop by the house, and give my wife a real good pounding. Afterward I was hoping u could give her a "Doug Score". Thank you bud. Much appreciated. 😉🤫
Jimbojet Hace 15 días
Thus guy just vomits white noise!
FamilyWinn Hace 15 días
22:18 reason #9 for $220,000 you just got overtaken by a $1500 family wagon.
Dreamcatcher_11_ Hace 16 días
Overpriced scam! For that money you can get a better looking 2020 mid engine 500hp Corvette and a brand new house and you still might have some money left for a boat and a 6months vacation!
Davor Juric
Davor Juric Hace 16 días
not being able to see the engine is a travesty
HiddenWen Hace 16 días
Pros: Car Cons: $$$$$$$$$
Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter Hace 16 días
Man I was trying to find a way to like Doug and this review ruined it for me. I hate to judge the guy too much but he is a turd. Obviously he is not a Porsche guy and worked hard to restrain his true feelings about the car and thus settling for some weak scores when you know he knew it was worth a strong rating.
Chuck Kerber
Chuck Kerber Hace 16 días
Thank you for pronouncing Porsche correctly!
Christopher Yates
Christopher Yates Hace 16 días
Doug: The Turbo is the best 911! I don't like GT cars, they're uncomfortable! Also Doug: Ranks the GT2 RS higher on his own grading scale.
109268 Hace 17 días
I'm sorry but that thing ugly. The back of the car looks like a melted new beetle with a glued on spoiler and the exhaust vents from my 2002 pc.
Charles Wofford
Charles Wofford Hace 17 días
I would love to lease it if I could afford it, which I know I can't..
polygamous1 Sozou
polygamous1 Sozou Hace 17 días
And the Best reason not to buy one? SNOB VALUE why buy this after all its "only" a PORSCHE, on the road as fast as ANY, well build but hey my Bugatti is theoretically much faster on the circuit n my Bugatti cost $2+ millions u can't effort mine But i can effort yours with my lose change
oscardriver Hace 17 días
"Still 911" .. "7" .. whoaaaa someone was feeling salty ..
RC LEG Hace 17 días
those 21 inch rims and tyres make so much road noise in the cabin you should just choose the gt3, its no longer tolerable as a GT
Bhola Biswas
Bhola Biswas Hace 18 días
RaceFilter Hace 18 días
thats why you pull up the seat
RichardBodeker Hace 18 días
I would much rather have a 70’s or 80’s targa with engine access and the value go up instead of down! This is just too complicated and expensive for no reason !!! But hey I’m 53 years old and enjoy driving older cars !!!
J Hace 19 días
I think this car would be significantly more desirable if they come up with a word other than "turbo" for the huge price gap. (i.e. performante is much better)
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