The 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 is Handsome New Off-Road Truck With a Burly 6.2L V8

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Redline Reviews

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While a lot of consumers are patiently waiting for the first all-electric production truck to go on-sale, those of you looking for a traditional big truck with a big V8 under the hood should look no further than the #GMCSierraAT4. This handsome truck was all-new last year and for 2020, the #SierraAT4 expands its appeal with the addition of a new Duramax diesel engine option. While the interior is already in desperate need of a refresh, the exterior is still handsome and the 2020 #GMCSierra may very well be one of the best looking and best sounding half-ton trucks on the market. Just don't compare the #AT4 model directly with a Ford Raptor.

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REGINABRAD Hace 2 días
I just about came in my pants when I heard the exhauast!!
Trevor Macdougall
Trevor Macdougall Hace 6 días
Anybody know if the new Tahoe interior is coming to the trucks? Updates infotainment and better materials etc
askj076 Hace 11 días
Great in-depth review. Thanks for that!
Dreadog Hace 12 días
This is NOT a competitor to the Ford Raptor. Lets be honest, theirs no competitor to the raptor ...yet. there coming. This competes with the F150 FX4 or King Ranch.
Anders Nyquist
Anders Nyquist Hace 15 días
As a man who was born and bred to love GMC trucks, I am really disappointed with the styling of these trucks. They're incredibly ugly. All of the big 3 have ugly trucks but honestly ford has the best of a bad ugly bunch, and would be my choice if I was in the market for brand new...
coffeeinthemorning Hace 14 días
Ha. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I love the exterior
Brian Thomas
Brian Thomas Hace 15 días
The fender shape in the front turns me away from this truck. It looks retarded
ZNate Hace 15 días
Beautifull one
NVIIIWHIX Hace 16 días
I get the simple utilitarian idea, but for the most part I think the interior in my 16 silverado is nicer. For me the updated interior was a step backwards. Simple and utilitarian doesn’t mean it has to look cheap and dated. I also really hate the new center console area and how they got rid the deep storage area.
Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes Hace 18 días
I feel as if the 14-18 interiors were far superior to the redesign. Also, the new display is extremely sub par in comparison with the ram pickups
Rob Bird
Rob Bird Hace 20 días
Cucks love fancy interiors. They marvel at the 12”.
mahkato1 Hace 22 días
When are the newest models for trucks coming out next?
wayne owen
wayne owen Hace 24 días
The RAM is certainly Luxurious, and in my opinion, the best looking in the 1/2 ton segment.
shinji nakajima
shinji nakajima Hace 26 días
Great looking truck..great tailgate..great looking exhaust
Sciamachy Standard
Sciamachy Standard Hace un mes
I have a 2019 ram 1500 and I got to check a at4 at the LA auto show and it blew me away one of the most beautiful trucks I have ever seen and been in. Quite honestly the interior was beautiful everything in it was great
P. Diaz
P. Diaz Hace un mes
I don’t leave comments very often but I have to say that was well done and I look forward to watching your other videos. Great Job!
thunder bolt
thunder bolt Hace un mes
How many owners are going to take this off road truck off road ? You would have to be an Idiot to take a New 60 Grand truck off road and into the Mud Rocks and Brush !
TheWTFsauce Hace un mes
“We asked our customers” are these the same guys that told you the Camaro needed to be a giant blind spot
F L Hace un mes
12:04 Funny, Matt Watson reviewed this and said the exact opposite of the seating position and how big it feels in general.
Wil Shirley
Wil Shirley Hace un mes
I love the interior.
xSKULLARx Hace un mes
Didn’t dodge pass GM this past year?
TheNacropolice Hace un mes
I drive a Mazda6, which has probably seen more off roading than most trucks in suburbia will in their life time (joys of living in a more rural area). I would be lying if I said I didn't want a truck, and the Sierra looks really nice. My wife does drive a Chevy Colorado, and I enjoy driving that truck a lot.
Simon Vance
Simon Vance Hace un mes
Love it!!
shinji nakajima
shinji nakajima Hace un mes
GM shud focus/obsess on reliability first, dats wat consumers want first and foremost
shinji nakajima
shinji nakajima Hace un mes
Sofyan always sez "for short people like myself"
shinji nakajima
shinji nakajima Hace un mes
Great looking truck, i'd black out d wheels though
Joe cobra
Joe cobra Hace un mes
Inside is not so good looking for the price ram best looking interior .
Philomax Hace un mes
After seeing this several times -- I have to conclude -- that DougScore has touched every auto~reviewer, and made them copy.
Yisroeldov Gelbman
Yisroeldov Gelbman Hace un mes
I’ve been a GMC fan for a while to be honest I like how it’s done with a cool exterior and a simple interior
Yisroeldov Gelbman
Yisroeldov Gelbman Hace un mes
I’ve been a GMC fan for a while to be honest I like how it’s done with a cool exterior and a simple interior
Yisroeldov Gelbman
Yisroeldov Gelbman Hace un mes
I’ve been a GMC fan for a while to be honest I like how it’s done with a cool exterior and a simple interior
Graeme Law
Graeme Law Hace un mes
Wish they did s right hand drive version for the UK
Emmo Proton GTS
Emmo Proton GTS Hace un mes
going to buy this truck can you post me full list features this truck so i know what i want frpm dealer please
Andrew Doolittle
Andrew Doolittle Hace un mes
Great same old same old 6.2 liter gasoline engine! Wouldn't touch the Chevy at any price because of the valve stem problem that Ford solved a decade ago. And why not just buy a 5.4 liter used Ford F150 and save $70 grand! That Ford XLT Transmission going back to 1999 is still better than anything made by GM and Dodge *EVER.*
d c
d c Hace 17 días
You have no idea what you are talking about. The 10-speed transmission in this truck is a joint Ford/GM one Ford Fanboy. Jeez.
Toofast For you
Toofast For you Hace un mes
Rams only have the inside nothing else
XboobtubeX Hace 8 días
Ram has not figured out how to keep the doors open when you open them. They will close on your leg even if parked level.
Toofast For you
Toofast For you Hace un mes
Fords are crap
John Hunt
John Hunt Hace un mes
Outdated interior.
Brad Neal
Brad Neal Hace un mes
Nice review. What did this particular truck sticker for?
Farmer Kevin
Farmer Kevin Hace un mes
Ticklemytush Larsen
Ticklemytush Larsen Hace un mes
Went with the diesel in the AT4.
mike clark
mike clark Hace un mes
I love my 19 Sierra!! I get complements all the time. And even with SLE trim has everything you need!
Mike Wolfskhal
Mike Wolfskhal Hace un mes
The 6.2 is nice but I’ve raced my 5.7 3.92 gears 19 ram and honestly I’ve beat my buddy’s 6.2 of the line, but we were neck and neck in the 1/4 mile and there’s a crap ton of mods for the hemi. this I can’t say the same. since then I’ve done S&B cold air intake and catback exhaust after driving his, mine still feels faster. Still respect the AT4.
d c
d c Hace 17 días
@Mike Wolfskhal Maybe my RAM was tired or something. It had a Flowmaster on it and sounded incredible, but did not feel as fast as this 6.2 in my AT4.
Mike Wolfskhal
Mike Wolfskhal Hace 26 días
d c eh i like the mod-ability of the hemi and it seems faster off the line with the 3.92 gears. Plus I had a CAI and catback exhaust so it wasn’t a stock vs stock race. But hey maybe people have different experiences.
d c
d c Hace 26 días
I respectfully disagree. I had a 2015 Ram Hemi with the 8 speed for almost 5 years. Drove the 5.3 Chevy Trail Boss and was very disappointed. No match for the Hemi. But jumped in the AT4 with the 6.2 and 10-speed.....much faster than the Ram. I traded in the RAM for the AT4. Loved my RAM, would buy another, but I'd take the 6.2 10-speed over the 5.7 and 8-speed anyday.
Waterfowl ONE hit one box
Waterfowl ONE hit one box Hace 2 meses
Don’t ever compare that to a raptor
Mr.31 Hace 2 meses
great truck, but i think the RAM is more luxurious than the GMC dont you
Neal Manning
Neal Manning Hace 2 meses
This thing shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as the raptor.
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas Hace 2 meses
Disappointing interior, I wanted a GM, but I’ll stick with ram. The 2020 rebel is amazing.
d c
d c Hace 26 días
Rebel is a good truck..but fo rme...the 6.2 and 10-speed better the 5.7 Hemi with the 8-speed. Owned a Ram 2015 for almost 5 years. Great truck but I prefer my AT4.
Thomas y
Thomas y Hace 2 meses
Its like driving a corvette truck with the 6.2 under the hood same exact engine they put in the corvettes i would love to see this truck race against a corvette lol
d c
d c Hace 26 días
I have an AT4 6.2 and a Camaro 1SS 1LE with the 6.2. Not even close with all that weight. Camaro or Corvette would be far ahead.
Wyatt Sexton
Wyatt Sexton Hace 2 meses
Well technically - GM trucks combined (Chevy, GMC) outsells Ford. Duh!
YNS Hace 2 meses
Interior is crap
Victor Da Silva
Victor Da Silva Hace 2 meses
Another 3 months this will be 40 k
The Shonuff
The Shonuff Hace 2 meses
I wouldn't say the interior is bad, it's just mediocre when you compare it to Ram. What really sold me is that 6.2 V8! Dayuuuuuum!....
Nick Shuler
Nick Shuler Hace 2 meses
I guess the price was to big to put on the video..
WI Patriot
WI Patriot Hace 2 meses
The Bridgestone tires are Dueler, pronounced "dooler", NOT "dweller"...
jackie robinson
jackie robinson Hace 2 meses
My future truck!!
Jett Young
Jett Young Hace 2 meses
Ram is now number 2 in sales. And you probably went through about a half tank of gas.
Interior is still fugly as hell. I’ll stick with the Ram, despite how one sided this video is.
T B Hace 2 meses
For everyone saying ram this raptor that, you can get this truck for 53k and the raptor at 70k+ and the ram with all the interior shit your thinking about (ventilated seats etc) for 70k+. So for 53k and having everything this truck has, big 6.2 v8, leather interior with heated/ventilated seats etc is a way better option. You can buy this truck, 2 ATVs and a trailer for the price of one of the other 2 trucks with basically the same options the others slightly better.
Josh Wise
Josh Wise Hace 2 meses
I’m in the market for a new truck, would you recommend the GMC AT4 6.2 or Tundra TRD Pro?
d c
d c Hace 26 días
I test drove many trucks but went with the AT4 6.2. That 6.2 with the 10-speed is a monster. Never cared about the GMC tail gate but once you have experienced it you will love it. Its not perfect thats for sure. I found faults with every truck I drove. Front seats are so hard and take some getting used to. But lots of tech. Heads up display, 360 cameras and much more. I love it. Ignore all the fan boys. Take them both out and see. Ram Rebel is also a good truck.
kell m
kell m Hace 2 meses
Je P
Je P Hace 2 meses
I don't like the column shifter either especially since you have a console that doesn't lift up into an extra seat!
Anton Parks
Anton Parks Hace 2 meses
I was expecting a box bed made from Kevlar.
MiT Lei
MiT Lei Hace 2 meses
GM’s interior designer needs to be demoted to a custodian, i think pushing a broom is about all that he/she is qualified to do.
Frank Shanks
Frank Shanks Hace 2 meses
It’s a Silverado with a different grill, lights, tailgate and rims. Same frame, brakes, suspension, engines, transmissions, interior and every other part from the same GM parts bin. GM isn’t fooling anyone.
d c
d c Hace 17 días
Different trim level. There is tech on the AT4 that you cant get on the Silverado. For some people that isnt important. I went with the AT4 because at the time you could not get the Trail Boss with the 6.2. Now I have come to enjoy the extra tech on the AT4. Cooled seats, 360 cameras, heads up display and more. Costs more for sure...but worth it to me. Maybe not so to others.
Ryan Coates
Ryan Coates Hace 2 meses
No fucking shit Sherlock. I don’t think the purpose was to fool anyone. The two brands are owned by the game company and have been for years. The only differences have consistently been a few small details and overall appearance
Naj the savior
Naj the savior Hace 2 meses
Lease it
Ryan Patterson
Ryan Patterson Hace 2 meses
That thing sounds epic!
Ram Rebel With Paws
Ram Rebel With Paws Hace 2 meses
Cool cameras. What make?
Amir Abdulhussain
Amir Abdulhussain Hace 2 meses
I wish the interior was update
lyle recollet
lyle recollet Hace 3 meses
New interior coming in 2021/22.
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Hace 3 meses
Want to beat the Fords? drop the price. Easy fucking peasy. But the big whigs dont want to go toe to toe this way
mjr102395 Hace 3 meses
Not sure why an Asian is reviewing a full size truck, as if he could ever park it!!! Maybe he should go find a civic or accord to test..
David lee Osbourne
David lee Osbourne Hace 3 meses
Please refresh the interior gm. Sooner then later, needing a new truck...... my 2014 starting to get up there in miles.. but I wait till the new interior update.... could always go with ram. Please don’t make me do this 😞lol jk
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