The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar Is a Swedish Sport Sedan

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Doug DeMuro

Doug DeMuro

Hace 6 meses

The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar is an exciting sedan -- and today I'm reviewing the new S60 to show you what it's all about. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the new Volvo S60, and then I'm going to drive the S60 Polestar to show you what the driving experience is like.
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Ted Brookins
Ted Brookins Hace un día
Love it!! Just took a road trip in a 2019 S60 T6... 316hp from a 4 cylinder. Amazing and kind of hilarious.
atanas dimitrov
atanas dimitrov Hace 4 días
GPH - in case you are stranded in snow storm, you'll know how much fuel you burning at idle.
Chad_83 Hace 6 días
I have the base T5, not the Polestar. Here I am watching something to justify my purchase. The steering in sport mode felt delayed and snappy at the same time. Like the car had to remember being in sportmode and tightened up accordingly. Weird way for me to describe it.
louie s
louie s Hace 8 días
983 German Triad (BMW,Mercedes,Audi) owners/fans disliked this(19-Jan-2020).
Arturo Gaming
Arturo Gaming Hace 10 días
“You don’t know if you’re in reverse or drive” sir if you don’t know then you shouldn’t be drivin
JJ Hace 10 días
Does it hurt when you talk?
Brennan Mai
Brennan Mai Hace 11 días
20 years from now : look at this new start button, you have to pull out this metal ornament, plug it into the button, and turn it to start your car. It makes it so much more interesting to start your car than the normal push button.
Johannes B
Johannes B Hace 11 días
Volvos interior looks to plastic, compared to BMW and MB for example. The lack of ambiance lightening is also what makes volvo less "luxurious". Volvo has a small light in the overhead console which u can change colour, but that colour is barely visible and points only straight down. Compared to MB where you can choose any color you like around the doors, console, even in the back and on the floors. Volvo doesn't even offer upgraded driver/passenger interior with their worst XC90 Excellence that cost 100.000$
Zack Klapman
Zack Klapman Hace 11 días
The simple factual accuracy of this title made me laugh.
Kenneth Myers
Kenneth Myers Hace 12 días
Pathetic! Hyundai has a better warranty. Don't buy American!!!!
Vlad Rep
Vlad Rep Hace 12 días
You mean a Chinese sport sedan?
cole phelps
cole phelps Hace 13 días
Dough the type off guy that opens door and says thank you
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST Hace 14 días
Who's the lucky 20 happy voLvo customers that got these limited edition.. might be
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST Hace 14 días
I got my S60 17 yrs old hybrid lol I still have fun with my 17 yrs old voLvo Could you imagine this ultimately voLvo S60
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST
DeLLaware -inc IN GOD WE TRUST Hace 14 días
I bet, Bill Ford must regretted so badly to SOLD away voLvo to the Chinese..
Whyman1993 Hace 16 días
im staying away from new cars they are going to be a nightmare seond hand they are way to tech focused. ill stick to my nuts and bolts old truck
Marvello Perdana
Marvello Perdana Hace 16 días
You know Volvo getting Economy saving obsessed when they Turbocharged Supercharged and gave it an Electric motor.
Emil Ekström
Emil Ekström Hace 18 días
My 01 Passat has a litres/hour in the trip screen
Sheriff Nasser
Sheriff Nasser Hace 19 días
Your fingerprints on the screen, ew!
darkiee69 Hace 19 días
That's not a seal, that's a black grouse. A very nautral choice since black grouse is called Orre in Swedish, and the lever is from Orrefors. Orrefors = Black grouse rapids.
JD Mogol
JD Mogol Hace 20 días
Why is drive select back to go forward and forward to go backwards?
Luke Hace 22 días
wow that interior.. so much want..
gcice1213 Hace 22 días
Do you have a picture of a seel on your shifter?... No you don't! Lol
s60polestar fan
s60polestar fan Hace 23 días
They combined the electric power numbers and the gas power numbers you cant do that. Which is why the s60 polestar that they made from 2015 to 2017 t6 6cylinder is faster... but this car is definitely beautiful. And now you can buy them now.
Michael King
Michael King Hace 24 días
Hottest brake calipers on the market period........fight me.
Syed Hussayn
Syed Hussayn Hace 27 días
Doug the type of guy to give the doug score to his previous Doug scores.
Magic Mind Caes
Magic Mind Caes Hace 28 días
Seems like Chryslers U•connecte system cause my Durango does all the same with the infotainment system 🤔
KIOSHI Hace 28 días
It's a nice car in general but that screen is absolutely hideous.
Carlos Lasprilla
Carlos Lasprilla Hace 29 días
For any reason I thought Volvo was German
Niphilim Hace un mes
i kinda like that shifter... and yeah.. you do know what gear you are in.. if you just started the car.. N.. are the car going forward? then probably D.. did you just use the breaks and want to go backwards? flick the shifter forward a few times... but honestly.. a sports car should have a manual..
Ayumu-senpaii Hace un mes
Has doug hit his head? M3 and C63s are alot more money 100k CDN plus vs 80 grand for this. Im sorry but i can be comfortable with spending 20k less for slightly less performance.
Ayumu-senpaii Hace un mes
Volvo villa in Thornhill ON Canada has two 2019s for sale with low mileage.
adidascanada Hace 7 días
only one left now
Outogetyou Gotyou
Outogetyou Gotyou Hace un mes
One of those blank buttons below the infotainment system looks like an SD slot
IKEA Meatballs
IKEA Meatballs Hace un mes
Tripp393 Hace un mes
I can tell that most of these comments are paid for.
dscharlesworth1 Hace un mes
I would guess the gold seatbelts has to do with Sweden's flag.
D H Hace un mes
Doug the type of guy to review a fast car without going over 30 mph.
Apaulo Thegreat
Apaulo Thegreat Hace un mes
Do not buy a piece of s*** name Volvo Volvo does not even know how to work on it at the dealership Little Rock Arkansas Norfolk Virginia been in the shop going on 3 months and then I tell my we might get to it in 2 weeks that was in early December what a Lulu do not buy Volvo send that s*** back to Africa
Mil Hace un mes
G Bolt
G Bolt Hace un mes
Who here from nfs heat 😂
filterdecay Hace un mes
gph is telling you how much fuel you use while idling.
Tachanka Hace un mes
Anyone else think that the seatbelts are gold so that they are easier to see if they need to be cut. In a emergency?
Marc W.
Marc W. Hace un mes
9:46 That’s literally the Siri voice
Eric x
Eric x Hace un mes
I see Volvo is really thinking about how to benefit the mechanics out there by making a car with *every drivetrain configuration* in it
TigerChuu Hace un mes
A Volvo with Brembo breaks and Ohlin adjustable dampers... damn
ESP87 Hace un mes
It won't beat the 1999 V70 in quality, problaby the best Volvo ever built, i went to the scrapyard and they only have 2!, which means they're still rolling.
craig bryson
craig bryson Hace un mes
2019 VOLVO Infotainment system Review
Fields Carlisle
Fields Carlisle Hace un mes
Hello Land Rover window and mirror switches from 2005! Doug must have been using different Volvo’s than I have. Every new Volvo I’ve been in including my aunt’s XC60 is slow, laggy and extremely confusing to operate. Also, did anyone else notice the complete skip over the obviously missing power closing trunk button?? Highlighting a lock button on the trunk. Really.
KroneYT Hace un mes
Nobody with any self respect should own anything referred to as a "Polestar".
ArtilleryFire Hace un mes
why not?
Sebastian Richardson
Sebastian Richardson Hace un mes
Watch doug leave his email in the car
Jonathan Deschenes
Jonathan Deschenes Hace un mes
I don’t think the gear selector is really that big of a problem, means you really don’t have to look all the way down to see what gear your in just look at your gauge cluster.
Eivind Brækkan Engstad
Eivind Brækkan Engstad Hace un mes
The blank button is for... a button
aneesh89 Hace un mes
too many things that can go wrong i lost interest as soon as he said hybrid
Jesse Dehart
Jesse Dehart Hace un mes
You should do a volvo xc70 i got two of them one has cool intagrated booters seats in the back seats
GZA Hace un mes
18:55 How does that make sense? It's not like the engine cover is the first thing someone will hit in a collsion. You still have the hood. Seems like a rather useless concept.
Blubbis Hace un mes
The hood is easily dented and will buckle under the preassure of a head on collision, so i can see how it would make a difference to have an inch or so of more forgiving material than cast iron under there
Johnbosco Okoro
Johnbosco Okoro Hace 2 meses
Doug is the type of guy to review Donald trump impeachment inquiry and gives it a Doug score
Hamidah Baharudin
Hamidah Baharudin Hace 2 meses
Thissssss.. ~i just love Doug and his passion of carss..
Sergej Hace 2 meses
Polestar 1
Phoenix Feather
Phoenix Feather Hace 2 meses
Why did you compare it to c63 and m3??? That is not what this car is!
Filipe Fernandez
Filipe Fernandez Hace 2 meses
9:42 and then you die deep fried inside your volvo
TomDieTomate Hace 2 meses
Doug the type of guy to pronounce "cloth" in some kind of weird sexual way.
Ali Mazin Dawood Al Rekabi Pr6A
Ali Mazin Dawood Al Rekabi Pr6A Hace 2 meses
I 4real got a polestar add😂
Jake Breyer
Jake Breyer Hace 2 meses
I need it!
cba tiau
cba tiau Hace 2 meses
"more than $60k for a Volvo is a lot" (2:20) ... couldn't agree more, as a continuous Volvo owner since 1985... Their infotainment system is crap and their funky drivetrains (complicated by superchargers and electric motors to only one axle, gas engine powering the other axle) with extremely limited all-electric range in their PHEVs make them not worth over $50k, seriously. Plus, their instrument panel is one of the more spartan and poorly designed I've seen (with no tachometer in the PHEVs to let you know what RPMs your engine is doing and no engine-temperature gauge). Yeah, the seats are comfortable. But their reliability is not great, and the long-term prospects for these PHEVs outside of warranty is bleak.
MojitoBandito Hace 2 meses
thats not a seal, thats a grouse
Durandal475 Hace 2 meses
Dougs' obsession with blank switches in this instance causes mistaking an obvious memory card slot for a blank button.
9C Sylvester Hilden Otte FrederiksbergSkole
9C Sylvester Hilden Otte FrederiksbergSkole Hace 2 meses
''The 2019 Volvo S60 Polestar is a Swedish Sports Sedan'' *every 60 seconds, a minute passes in africa*
Marc Magnusson
Marc Magnusson Hace 2 meses
Doug the type of guy that gives an honest review of your car and who will absolutely shit on it if he doesn’t like its quirks and features Respect.
Hanzel Rodriguez
Hanzel Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
Volvo definitely brought the HEAT lol
Almedin Zivojevic
Almedin Zivojevic Hace 2 meses
Much nicer than the Lexus LS and if the S60 is a two class smaller car. Bravo Volvo.
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