Tfue FIRST Victory Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2!

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Fortnite Focus

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Tfue gets his first win and victory royale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.
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This video includes:
Tfue First Victory Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2
Tfue First Win in Chapter 2
Tfue's First Victory Royale in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1
Funny Fortnite Moments
Fortnite Battle Royale

tfue first wintfue first win in fortnite chapter 2tfue first victory royale in fortnite chapter 2tfue first win in fortnite chapter 2 season 1

Sahit Bobi
Sahit Bobi Hace 14 días
I win to with 22 kills
Cakers GT
Cakers GT Hace 15 días
This is how much tfue says dude ⏬⏬⏬
Wabbit Astafiev
Wabbit Astafiev Hace 16 días
Is it me or does the famas feel OP than before
The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!
The Playlists - Home of random YT videos! Hace 18 días
*wHerE'S TiLteD?* Me: Dude, Tilted's gone
Im dat one _ Boy
Im dat one _ Boy Hace 21 un día
u are ass and all u do is complain
Vanella Diakizay
Vanella Diakizay Hace 22 días
sky man Sandmann
sky man Sandmann Hace 25 días
My ID is mrsennator ant i use your code
wiytre Hace 25 días
How u get those white lines
Epic Doge
Epic Doge Hace 27 días
Honestly I hate tfue because he wants the burst removed and I love it and this is my opinion
xSlayder Hace 28 días
Yes you are batel #1
junior bros. Productions32
junior bros. Productions32 Hace 28 días
junior bros. Productions32
junior bros. Productions32 Hace 28 días
Sub to Vamp moosr
Connor Boone
Connor Boone Hace 29 días
I won in chapter 2 2 days ago
Bashar Albasheer
Bashar Albasheer Hace 29 días
you said 22 kills on fumbnail lier..........
XxGuns nGodsXx
XxGuns nGodsXx Hace un mes
Pump sucks
Viper Gaming
Viper Gaming Hace un mes
Like wtg
vbucks Dennis Kalio
vbucks Dennis Kalio Hace un mes
True really likes dog shit
Kaylee Phillips
Kaylee Phillips Hace un mes
Your the best true
gacha girl 8871
gacha girl 8871 Hace un mes
99 I like season 10 better
games Arabic king
games Arabic king Hace un mes
NYE • Hace un mes
Okay... Tfue 2nd match or whatever got a win with 22 kills I got a win first match with only 20 FPS and got 23 kills no bots everyone actual players... does that mean I’m better than Tfue?
Daily Gracie
Daily Gracie Hace un mes
No one complaining about the burst: Absolutely no one complaining about the burst: Not a single soul complaining about the burst: Tfue: TAkE ThAt ShIt OuT Of tHe GaME
Edriel Villamor
Edriel Villamor Hace un mes
Lol why do i feel like there are much more bots in fortnite because i am a bot not gonna lie and i got 8 kills
Елена Малкова
Елена Малкова Hace un mes
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Hace un mes
He's so salty about the game. Fact it's much more fun for average players, even if bots are far to thick
Joshua Hernandez
Joshua Hernandez Hace un mes
I won my first in my first match
slashr101 Hace un mes
Nyjel Fraga
Nyjel Fraga Hace un mes
hey tfue break the trucks or barrels that have a name slurp for that you will get shield or if you swim to the river you will also get shields too in slurpy swamp
SpiraPlayz Hace un mes
Tfue: I hate the famas it’s trash get 10000000 kills with it in one game Tfue: it’s soooo baaad
useehim Hace un mes
The cake is made out of dog shit LoL. F'n Tfue. Priceless
Reina Arana
Reina Arana Hace un mes
james Frederick
james Frederick Hace un mes
It’s not a Famas it’s an Aug 🤦‍♂️
Tyrone Gaming
Tyrone Gaming Hace un mes
Also funny how they say it’s trash but destroys with it 😆 😆 😆
Tyrone Gaming
Tyrone Gaming Hace un mes
Tfue just sucks with the famas that’s why he is complaining about it 😂 😂 😂
MaZe _
MaZe _ Hace un mes
Tfue and XqC on the same brain wave
andy caudwell
andy caudwell Hace un mes
Poor famas
Masterpiece M
Masterpiece M Hace un mes
yesterday I won with 22 kills
Jaden Ebacher
Jaden Ebacher Hace un mes
Tfue's a winning, spoiled brat. You make lots of money from playing this game. If you don't like it, play something else.
Zaid Badran
Zaid Badran Hace un mes
Deued deudee
Lyfexo Hace un mes
I love how this get more views then the actually video
inoxtag crouton
inoxtag crouton Hace un mes
Samuel Anderson
Samuel Anderson Hace un mes
who is he taking too
Jayven Rohrer
Jayven Rohrer Hace un mes
I won of if the trailer like if you did as well
cod moble
cod moble Hace un mes
No liar
cod moble
cod moble Hace un mes
He has 10
ANY.TOPIC Hace un mes
It is the NEW and IMPROVED fortnite running simulator
concrete Hace un mes
Whoever reads this. I wish you will have a nice day. And a few fortnite wins ;)
AOT_King Hace un mes
Am I the only one that gets FPS drops in-game?
Sean Hub
Sean Hub Hace un mes
tfue im sorry but stop crying about the guns bruh, fortnite will suck any large fortnite players schlong and they will probably remove them if you keep complaining even though some players actually like the guns, just makes the game worse for everybody else
Navy the Ruby
Navy the Ruby Hace un mes
0:30 when the teacher thinks that i raised my hand but i got nothing to say too
mqfus Hace un mes
am i the only o e who likes famas
Lyrix Hace un mes
Tbh I'd actually watch u if I didn't take the game seriously
dalto Hace un mes
Bruh all these people do is complain
Replayss Hace un mes
Tfue always has something to complain about it’s hilarious
Flare_Scastle Hace un mes
I’m so mad that he hit the shield barrel and didn’t break it
Love Patel
Love Patel Hace un mes
Use code tfue
Emma Heart
Emma Heart Hace un mes
XQC is my dad
never Mind #::
never Mind #:: Hace un mes
How he is running 30 minutes when the whole video is 23 min
SibiYT Hace un mes
The Burst assault rifle Is Like one of the best guns in the game, why does everyone think its trash. It got buffed and the Aug (gold and purple famas) is way better than the scar, it decimates people. Honestly burst is the most underated gun in the game
De3thlynIgHt Crolz
De3thlynIgHt Crolz Hace un mes
Why didn't he break the slurp barrels?
Prod. Swaivo
Prod. Swaivo Hace un mes
Who else got there first win of the season first game ??
Paul Kuzmenko
Paul Kuzmenko Hace un mes
This season is trash they ruined fortnite, who plays fortnite anyway! Like if true!!!
Bobby Esparza
Bobby Esparza Hace un mes
Your a great gamer! but you bitch constantly. Cups half empty kind of guy.
Kaydesi 19
Kaydesi 19 Hace un mes
you can never satisfy this nigga TFUE
CheeseIsYello Hace un mes
This man doesn’t realize fishing without to seeing water rings is pointless
CheeseIsYello Hace un mes
Arnel Acosta yeah but that pointless the time it takes to get 30 mats from fishing you can farm at least 3 trees
Arnel Acosta
Arnel Acosta Hace un mes
CheeseIsYello that’s wrong you could get mats or ammo from no rings
Jonnny D
Jonnny D Hace un mes
You ever get so used to Tfue/ Twitch streams that you watch videos like this and try to double tap to see chat
AxHalo Hace un mes
Pros need to start treating this season as an off season for fncs. There are things that need to be fixed and polished, but there is also a player base that needs its own growing. I would be surprised if in the next two years bugha won the second World Cup. We need new players! And that’s what this season is for, new player to learn and become better as the pros have for the past 2 years
BLight Hace un mes
Famas iš good just u gt know HOW to use it
Maccy Lil
Maccy Lil Hace un mes
Why didn’t chat tell him to go into the lake and heal from there😂
ryan Campbell
ryan Campbell Hace un mes
Who else got so tight when he was by the water and didn’t hop in to heal
Samuel Hace un mes
I sub because I want vbuck!!!
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