Teyana Taylor - How You Want It? (HYWI?) ft. King Combs (Official Video)

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Stream and download "HYWI?" ft. King Combs here: teyanataylor.lnk.to/HowYouWantIt
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Dir by: Teyana Taylor @aspiketeejoint
DP: Jeffrey Kelly @jeffreykellydp
TD: Micheal Cruz
EPs: @theauntiesinc
Producer: Princess Mbanuzue @busynocupcakin
1st AD: Dakota Gottenbos: @supermillionvisuals
1st AC: Steve Doty @stevetvhd
2nd AC: Delvin Kolovich @dekoproductions.
Story Producer: Courtney Gilbert @coco_gilbert
Steadicam: Ryley Isakson
Jib opp: Rhett Neilson
Production coordinator: Sharick Gums @sharicklamay
Editor: Richard Pinn @richthedirector
Gaffer: Kyle Bryson
Grip: Matt Boswell-
Grip ; Micah oka
Best boy grip: Nick lundstrom @lundstromphoto
Production designer: Chloe Reisen @chloereisen
Carpenter: Jason Hyman @JSpadePro
Key Wardrobe stylist:Teyana Taylor @teyanataylor
Wardrobe: EJ King @ejking21 Custom wardrobe design Misa Hylton x MCM @misahylton @mcmworldwide
Tailor: Matthew Alexander Brandon @prodigyartistry
Key Hairstylist : Kellon Williams @kellonderyck
Key mua: Wendi Miyake @MiyakeMakeup
Assistant mua: Jarius Ward @javicheartistry
Key PA: Geraldo Iglesias
Pa: Tobias Carson @Toflyest
Pa: Chris Drescher @odindresch
Janna Osborne @_.atiya_
Alicia Jaworski @aliciajay25
Taylor Terry @_taylorterry
Sabra Bailey @slaybra_
Shoniah Torres @niah_torres
Drya @dryababy
Kiana Wood @kianawould
Courtney Gilbert coco_gilbert
BTS videographer: Kevin @kvnhrtlss
BTS photographer: @mr_gl
Cover Photography: Matthew Brandon Ealy @prodigyartistry
Song Produced by: BoogzDaBeast, Hitmaka & Cardiak Mixed by @jaycenjoshua @sn3l
Song written by: Teyana Taylor @teyanataylor , Eric Bellinger @ericbellinger , Christian Combs @kingcombs
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#teyanataylor #hywi #howyouwantit
Music video by Teyana Taylor performing How You Want It?. © 2019 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Melinda Jean Pierre
Melinda Jean Pierre Hace un hora
Christian looked so awkward with Teyana like he didn’t know where to put his hands😭
Ms.Prissy V
Ms.Prissy V Hace 3 horas
😍😍😍😍😍😍😅😅😅😅she is so amazing
Siahh and her antics
Siahh and her antics Hace 12 horas
So did no one notice her hair get messed up @ 1:27
Marblequeen 2019
Marblequeen 2019 Hace 16 horas
They did the classic justice like the way she made.it her own
LaKeesha Butler
LaKeesha Butler Hace 22 horas
Same to you!!
Jennifer Gonzalez
Jennifer Gonzalez Hace 23 horas
Well Damnnn👅😙 Tee Tee Definitely 🔥🔥
RS Cookkie'
RS Cookkie' Hace un día
I love this song, it gets me in the mood.
Mandisa Rabela
Mandisa Rabela Hace un día
Are we gonna ignore the fact that this song is like a remake of 2pac's How Do you want it?🤔🤨 Its all Dddy
Simone Griffiths
Simone Griffiths Hace un día
Is she still married i not to share if thats her husband, if hes not her husband i know he piss because homie trying to touch badly lol
LifestylesWithLeah Hace 2 días
Definitely diddys boy! I forgot that he was in this song and heard him then thought he was his daddy lol
ANDI Hace 2 días
This song too fire
Iam Ykeria
Iam Ykeria Hace 2 días
The Lil Kim & Diddy 😍😍❤ had to keep this on repeat
Melodie Roumy
Melodie Roumy Hace 4 días
Old-school beat are the best she's stuck in 2000's this is perfect
Kyri Kay
Kyri Kay Hace 4 días
New Skool
Mrs.Toni Thomas
Mrs.Toni Thomas Hace 4 días
I like it Old school, L.L. Cool J Total Puffy and Mace. The song is hot 🥵 I see y’all rocking the MCM
Jack Cropley
Jack Cropley Hace 4 días
That line tho ima stand in that pussy have you folding up im looking at my wife she doesn't know im gonna smash her back thanks king combs
Megan thee stallion and teyana would sound serious on a track together. And Teyana and mya
Love her old skool flex.. yes bring it back. All the back into time.... Loving the famous Tlc dance at the end
Xi DIAMOND Hace 4 días
I lost my 3rd virginity to this song
Kay Harris
Kay Harris Hace 5 días
Teyana and Doja Cat make me so gay.
S Hace 6 días
Ok, heyyy!! Brings me back...
Jay Jay Ngcai
Jay Jay Ngcai Hace 6 días
pay Mase
Ashni kanthode
Ashni kanthode Hace 6 días
I think she just turned me gay😍😫
Lechelle Masters
Lechelle Masters Hace 7 días
Musiclover __
Musiclover __ Hace 7 días
90s vibe😍😍 thank you!
flowerrchilddx chase
flowerrchilddx chase Hace 7 días
Thank you teyana, this is my go to get ready jam
D,S,K 238
D,S,K 238 Hace 7 días
Hot Chocolate ❤❤❤
Game Face
Game Face Hace 8 días
👀 That's when I realised.... She's in Kanye - Fade. 🤯🙀🙊
Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life Hace 8 días
I didnt know the 90s have bluetooth headset!
Davina Brown
Davina Brown Hace 8 días
Man she a bad bitch
paarcash lelo
paarcash lelo Hace 9 días
The way @AliyaJanell and her crew danced to this jam 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dazzlin84Gwap Hace 9 días
Sounds like mase ft total 90s classic
Bonita Chaquita
Bonita Chaquita Hace 10 días
Lol him dancing like his dad was the point cuz it’s a 90s vibe so he got 90s moves
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
DOEBOY 410 thank me later
Lorrany De Paula
Lorrany De Paula Hace 10 días
This song feels like 2030's 90s jam, u feel?
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
Doeboy 410 thank me later
Lorrany De Paula
Lorrany De Paula Hace 10 días
Thanks, Teyana, another wonderful diva.
Cherrice Meeks
Cherrice Meeks Hace 10 días
girlll you is funny for real i love your video call me i would love to sing with u call me 410 499 0787 to day is my birthday
Wesley Brake
Wesley Brake Hace 11 días
What you want by made mixed with doin it by lol cool j ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽
Nohamme Kellz
Nohamme Kellz Hace 11 días
Talented Teyana stuck in the 90´s in 2020 thank you Queen
Faisal Kalaf
Faisal Kalaf Hace 11 días
This is porn😍
Subscribe to my channel ❤️🚨
TONY STORM Hace 11 días
Teyana Taylor type beat eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-QH81JcpxqQQ.html
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
Send to Doeboy 410 thank me later
daddy hoes
daddy hoes Hace 11 días
She is so underrated
Symphani Hace 11 días
If you love wen shes an di pole drop a like.
sisco Williams kamba
sisco Williams kamba Hace 12 días
2020 ... love it teyana
Fieraru Vasile
Fieraru Vasile Hace 12 días
Why this song Remember me:Mase feat Total What you want????
Ambitious Jemz Astrology
Ambitious Jemz Astrology Hace 12 días
Who else listens to this song over and over and says "okay, one last time." ?? LOL
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
DOEBOY 410 thank me later
JOLI DESIR Hace 12 días
She redid Doin It by Ll cool j
Jasmine Love
Jasmine Love Hace 13 días
This song is everything! From the beat, her voice, the hook, the video!!
David gilliam
David gilliam Hace 13 días
Diddy son is Ma$e all over again.
gamer_ zion
gamer_ zion Hace 15 días
You sing good
gamer_ zion
gamer_ zion Hace 15 días
And I love you 😘😘❤❤❤
Cally Silva
Cally Silva Hace 15 días
I swear Teyana act like she needs a man in these vids.
Cally Silva
Cally Silva Hace 13 días
@PHEnomenon I guess 🤔🙉😶
PHEnomenon Hace 13 días
I took it as shes talking directly to her man 🤷‍♀️
Marija Abramovic
Marija Abramovic Hace 16 días
Cant stop listening
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
Doeboy 410
SweetSherrieB Hace 16 días
Combs sounds like his pops💯......Nostalgic
Family First
Family First Hace 16 días
NAILED it!!!🔥
music lover1984
music lover1984 Hace 16 días
2:15 he sounds like his dad rapping on that part.
Anastácia Phoenix
Anastácia Phoenix Hace 17 días
You are the best T
amethyst galaxy
amethyst galaxy Hace 17 días
This song is so amazing. Def a party song I love her
Whitney Hodge
Whitney Hodge Hace 17 días
Lawdd Diddy son did that, look just like his daddy ‼️
Whitney Hodge
Whitney Hodge Hace 17 días
💜💟 I love this beat & song 💟💜
Aapri Stephens
Aapri Stephens Hace 6 días
Doeboy 410
RichiePlatinoOfficial Hace 17 días
odris lara
odris lara Hace 18 días
Anyone get tlc vibes from dis?
PHEnomenon Hace 13 días
90s influences all up and through this video! TLC, missy elliot, total, ll cool j, aaliyah etc. I think it's why I like the song so much 😆
ANTTIE Hace 18 días
HOW DO U WANT IT ASS UP OR FACE DWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANTTIE Hace 18 días
I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy Rebel
Nancy Rebel Hace 18 días
I dead thought this was from the 90s wtf
r o s e t t a s t o k e s
r o s e t t a s t o k e s Hace 19 días
She just bad, so bad
Ava Muah Maylour
Ava Muah Maylour Hace 19 días
Now that is lace front
Welbeloved Akulas
Welbeloved Akulas Hace 20 días
I'mma stand in that pussy... Lil nigga stop lying! 🤣
YourQueen S
YourQueen S Hace 20 días
Can’t stop listeningggg
alas ali
alas ali Hace 20 días
Me 2
Kiss My Barbie Feet
Kiss My Barbie Feet Hace 20 días
Sexy shoes on the thumbnail made me click
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