Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks To See If They WORKED!

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Testing VIRAL TikTok Life Hacks To See If They WORKED!
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Elsa Lee
Elsa Lee Hace 17 horas
👇👇👇 if ur watching in 2020
Chuckthegamer Chuck Gaming
Chuckthegamer Chuck Gaming Hace 22 horas
guiss_ ly
guiss_ ly Hace 23 horas
Its not gunna work cuz u need it ftozen
Aryana GUTIERREZ Hace un día
I hate gatorade but I don’t know why
Alaylas World
Alaylas World Hace un día
14:41 Me: oh great now I’m hungry but it 2:18 AM hmph
Janelly Perez
Janelly Perez Hace un día
When Dylan said that he didn't want to ware the pink I hear cari ah yeah team pink I was laughing so hard!!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Janelly Perez
Janelly Perez Hace 17 horas
It was so funny
Danielle van der Voort
Danielle van der Voort Hace un día
Dus Dylan have TikTok?!
Danielle van der Voort
Danielle van der Voort Hace un día
Hello people
Jared Lawson
Jared Lawson Hace 2 días
When he said man versus watermelon I was drinking milk and eating hot chips and when he said it I literally spilled it all over my floor
Commuter Rail US & UK
Commuter Rail US & UK Hace 2 días
I love how they say WAIT WHAT every time something worked..the surprises they got
Tran Andrew
Tran Andrew Hace 2 días
that choclate one was so confusing but I got it
Abdullah Alanizie
Abdullah Alanizie Hace 2 días
I tried the chocolate hacked before it worked I just want to say stay safe and bye
Molly Crazy
Molly Crazy Hace 2 días
And everyone I love u stay safe everyone 😊
Molly Crazy
Molly Crazy Hace 2 días
Danielle Ruiz
Danielle Ruiz Hace 2 días
HYPER: Im the master knife cuter ME: i can do a edit of his finger geting cut off lol
Gene Raiti
Gene Raiti Hace 2 días
As a professional watermelon spiker I can say that the gatorade trick will work better and faster if you poke through the rind on the opsite side of the mellon with your knif a couple of times.
Kenzie Lohse
Kenzie Lohse Hace 2 días
My mom name Keri cari and my mom have the same name but different letters that cool
Lauren Bright
Lauren Bright Hace 3 días
HYPER! HELP ME OUT PLEASE! My son is in love with your videos. He is constantly watching you or Poke. His bday is coming up and I need help suprising him for it! Is there anything you can do for my babyboy Casen? Hes in Roblox and he is Tru2TheBlu on there. Not sure what you could do but anything would be amazing. If you can help please let me know.
ReAp Plasmatix
ReAp Plasmatix Hace 4 días
Vsause explained that 1st trick btw
Humble Grumble
Humble Grumble Hace 4 días
O i see. You have a white gf.
Hyper: I have no money so amma do life hack Cari: u don't have money but u can waste the food we have😑😑😑
ai_14 Hace 5 días
That thumbnail is wrong In every way
Freya Yee
Freya Yee Hace 5 días
Dylan do you make TikToks?
Cheetah Gaming
Cheetah Gaming Hace 5 días
No duh it was cold it was in the FREEZER also I’m not a hater I’m a HUGE fan I’m just stating the obvious
Chief Acheampong
Chief Acheampong Hace 5 días
Is dealyn waring a pink hoody 😠 Team blue MAN!!! And steak with it Thumps up for team blue 👇
NJTC Hace 6 días
Guys let's see how many comments I can get on this, please help lol
Stoneybigfoot Hace 6 días
I have been chilling my beer like that for years bruh
Stoneybigfoot Hace 6 días
That is a quote from a csgo player I watch that did this same video a couple years ago
Kristy Su
Kristy Su Hace 6 días
Lauren Rossano
Lauren Rossano Hace 6 días
Your waering team pink hahahahahahahahahah cari wins! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah you lose! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah just kidding im not mean but i like cari beter
Lauren Rossano
Lauren Rossano Hace 6 días
Lauren Rossano
Lauren Rossano Hace 6 días
Hahahahahhahahahahah CARI is beetr
Jorden Clark
Jorden Clark Hace 6 días
The cold Coke one that is probably the easiest one anyone could probably ever think of!😂
Sofie Nilsson
Sofie Nilsson Hace 6 días
* subscribe's *
Gamer Avocado
Gamer Avocado Hace 7 días
Cari: wraps up coke in paper towels and puts in freezer to make cold Me: YOU CAN JUST PUT IT IN THE FREEZER AND IT WILL BE COLD WITHOUT THE PAPER TOWLES THATS A WASTE OF PAPPER TOWLES!!!
Sᴀʜᴀʀᴀ Dᴏɪɴɢ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ
Sᴀʜᴀʀᴀ Dᴏɪɴɢ Gᴀᴄʜᴀ Hace 7 días
You wore team pink?!?!?!? LETTING DOWN YOUR TEAMMMMM
super gamer girl
super gamer girl Hace 8 días
Hyper: I don't want to be wearing the pink hoodie anymore cuz it's disgusting Cari : trigger* WHATEVER Meh UwU: DON'T YOU EVER DISRESPECT THAT PINK HOODIE UnU
NO LIMITS Hace 8 días
The first one “I have 1 more Piece of chocolate” you are dumb if you think that bc you just moved the chocolate around and still have the same amount of chocolate
Joretta Roberts
Joretta Roberts Hace 8 días
Bro u hav best videos typing roblox stile
Angy Schoonderbeek
Angy Schoonderbeek Hace 9 días
Cari:It's not a laundry iron...it;s just an iron Dylans POV:Or so you thought Dylan:Mk
Dana Fermin
Dana Fermin Hace 9 días
He was wearing the pink hoodie # team pink XD 😃
NoHqxJustSk1llz Hace 9 días
16:44 honestly I would just put it straight into the fridge
Justine rose Ramsammy
Justine rose Ramsammy Hace 9 días
Ofciurse it works you put the coke in the freezer cari seriously and we are just so famished away with the hack when you put in the freezer
Piano Master
Piano Master Hace 9 días
I love how all your pictures of the videos (like Dylan holding a hair curler and a cooked steak) always are true. Cause some other videos their picture titles are FAKE and they are actually not real in the video, but Dylan’s videos actually MATCH with the picture. I love how Dylan is so honest. Love your videos. 💜💜💜 keep it up Dylan 🥰
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards Hace 9 días
RiceCum's cousin...
Fabulous Fennec
Fabulous Fennec Hace 9 días
14:47 my taste buds are running to your house right now
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards Hace 9 días
9:00 facepalm
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards
You snort the D snot of dirty Richards Hace 9 días
Your girlfriend is a terrible actor
Emma Mitchum
Emma Mitchum Hace 10 días
Cool so cool
ShariezPro Hace 11 días
The Hershey is fake because you didn't add any choco late it's the same chocolate it's just smaller and you can't see it .. only smart people knows.. And that's why he is dumb
Arthur King
Arthur King Hace 12 días
I really want food
Madeline Lebeux
Madeline Lebeux Hace 12 días
HonestlyIdkシ Hace 12 días
I thought Dylan only did roblox vids
Louiz Banks
Louiz Banks Hace 12 días
This is how much he said I’m not going to lie 👇🏻
tamyrah Bo1
tamyrah Bo1 Hace 12 días
There is this hack on Tiktok that you put strawberries in salt water for 24 hours to see if they are fresh strawberries or not
Edie Beacon
Edie Beacon Hace 12 días
tik tok is making people brain dead
ali an emma n leah Lopez
ali an emma n leah Lopez Hace 13 días
Hi Dylan you and cari are my favorite youtuber👌🏼
What's New
What's New Hace 13 días
I feel like the only reason he tried the chocolate was because he wanted to eat chocolate but does not want anyone to know
Safiya Lyøøt
Safiya Lyøøt Hace 13 días
While Dylan is cooking steak with a flat iron I'm over here thinking that the flat iron probably smell like that steak
Mabel Espiritu
Mabel Espiritu Hace 13 días
Wow boy that’s the best
TheBestYoutuberEver !!!!!
TheBestYoutuberEver !!!!! Hace 14 días
Me: see's Dylan cooking with a flat iorn. Dylan: YEAH COOKED WITH A FLAT IORN! me: ( x D)
Makena Whelton
Makena Whelton Hace 14 días
I have that exact same flat iron
Kamila Amaya
Kamila Amaya Hace 14 días
@hyper plz like | | | | | V
Kamila Amaya
Kamila Amaya Hace 14 días
dis so noice
david demarcey
david demarcey Hace 14 días
I can't beleve those worcked and now that I wached that last one my mouth feels discusting cause I HATE that type of meat and I feel like I just ate it so I have the taste in my mouth 🥩+😝=🤢
M_xung Hace 14 días
Yelani Molina
Yelani Molina Hace 15 días
dylan : ow that hurt me:hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha imsrry dylan are u oki
WillBillPlayz Hace 15 días
Matthew Pau
Matthew Pau Hace 15 días
Team Pink for the Win!
Final Wars Gojira
Final Wars Gojira Hace 15 días
You forgot to season the steak, but I guess you can dip it in a sauce.
Burnout King
Burnout King Hace 15 días
I like your videos
Diana Cute Patato!
Diana Cute Patato! Hace 15 días
hay yall
LayTriz Hace 15 días
hyper change alot
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