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First We Feast

First We Feast

Hace 8 meses

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been rocking crowds as Tenacious D for more than two decades. But what happens when they get rocked by the wings of death? Find out as the Greatest Band in the World goes wing for wing with Sean Evans on this week's Hot Ones. Along they way, the comedic duo discusses everything from Jack's infamous Dorito Burrito, to Kanye West, to their new six-part animated ESwomen series called "Tenacious D in Post-Apocalypto." This is not the greatest interview in the world; it's just a tribute!
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First We Feast
First We Feast Hace 8 meses
Anime Lover
Anime Lover Hace 12 días
I want to do this challenge. I feel I could beat it.
Lair of the Game Guru
Lair of the Game Guru Hace 2 meses
you should try pepper palace's the end. 6 million scovilles.
Bhagi Hace 2 meses
Da bomb gets everyone
Ashley Bull
Ashley Bull Hace 2 meses
Donald Glover!!!
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith Hace 2 meses
Dave Grohl please!!
Ikeabulle Hace un hora
kyle gass actually fits with beard
xavier lasso
xavier lasso Hace un hora
salt will eliminate it 99% the spicy burn
Rosalyn Kastner
Rosalyn Kastner Hace 11 horas
At least they get to go through it together ❤
DigiBullet23 Hace 22 horas
how are the tshirts 40 dollars! i can go to mall and get the logo at one of those over priced do it yourself stands for 20 bucks!~
Maja Jaganjac
Maja Jaganjac Hace un día
Love these guys!
Devon Miller
Devon Miller Hace un día
Remember to sub to jablinski games!
Devon Miller
Devon Miller Hace un día
Keanu reeeeeeeeves
Michael Haughney
Michael Haughney Hace un día
Yo Jack props 4 trying though I wouldn't do it hahah by the way so cool your on jeopardy I play it all the time use to with my grandma lol
Michael Haughney
Michael Haughney Hace un día
Wang #6 jack was it a weinner hahaha
Michael Haughney
Michael Haughney Hace un día
Sean what you do is an awesome experiment of how different everyone's pain tolerance is really love the show man keep it up and get checked for ulsers!- Mike Haughney -
Jordan Winningham
Jordan Winningham Hace un día
Why out of all the instruments did you not provide Jack Black a Sax-A-Boom??? That’s what he is best at playing!!
Gash Hace un día
Holy crap how does this ESwomen channel get all of these celebrities
Endz Hace 2 días
They stole the interview basically Not surprised 😂
Travis Stevens
Travis Stevens Hace 2 días
Jack at the first pun. So funny!
Rory McCaskill
Rory McCaskill Hace 2 días
Why does the last wing never seem to burn anybody? It's 2 million Scoville units.
Greg Esch
Greg Esch Hace 2 días
Its so funny to see friends who are typically high together, still be high even when its a fairly sober event. Those 2 have seen each other at levels no one should witness:)
pein williams
pein williams Hace 2 días
Dude u dont have to eat the whole chicken wing just a bite , you are the only one who ate that whole thing frankly speaking u are the king of hot wing.
JEFF JACK Hace 2 días
Sugar is the way
gray wolf
gray wolf Hace 2 días
It's weird to think Jack black is old
David Tingwald
David Tingwald Hace 2 días
You should do an episode where you're interviewed by someone else.
Ewan Osullivan
Ewan Osullivan Hace 2 días
David Tingwald They have done that already
madcracker Hace 3 días
Da bomb seems to be the worst for most. Weird. Wonder what makes it hit harder?
Erik Lerström
Erik Lerström Hace 3 días
you either crank it, or shushhhhhhhhh
The Crazy Few
The Crazy Few Hace 3 días
Try using hot water
Bob Keeler
Bob Keeler Hace 3 días
they are going to be shitting fire missiles in the morning
Teacher Chipiona
Teacher Chipiona Hace 3 días
My fave hot ones so far xoxo
Darragh Sewell
Darragh Sewell Hace 3 días
Kyle be looking like his Next Guest Needs No Introduction
Caoilin Fleming
Caoilin Fleming Hace 3 días
I just like milk
Sakib Zekki
Sakib Zekki Hace 3 días
I ve seen every episode but no one can beat da bomb💥👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
Paul.w w
Paul.w w Hace 3 días
Love the blue dial Rolex submariner
Johnny Hernandez
Johnny Hernandez Hace 3 días
It would of been sick if he ask Jack black how he like filming nacho libre
CaptainStahlnippel Hace 4 días
Kyle gass is the fucking santa of rock
A S Hace 4 días
Oh no. Oh God. Oh no. Oh no. Oh god. 😂😂💣💣💣
Jack Star
Jack Star Hace 4 días
Zalina Hace 5 días
Hilarious! When they said "why are you shaking?!?" 🙅🏿 🤦🏿‍♀️
greenbeagle13 Hace 5 días
"School of Rock"... his best. That being said, It seems that "Da Bomb" sauce takes 'em all down.... Maybe they need to keep that one for the last wing....
Sari Celis
Sari Celis Hace 5 días
I would marry Jack Black anytime
Thea van den berg
Thea van den berg Hace 5 días
Guni Gugu
Guni Gugu Hace 5 días
130k Scoville jack is freaking out. 600k and 2million nothing. Are fuckin kidding me???
lullaby501 Hace 5 días
my favourite one after Gordon's. love Tenacious D!
Johnny D.
Johnny D. Hace 5 días
LEGENDARY EP , keep up the good work , thumbs up for Tenacious D !!
Younis Hajeer
Younis Hajeer Hace 5 días
MissLilyputt Hace 6 días
Jablinski Games is on Hot Ones!!! Yeah! 🤘🔥
Blake Lane
Blake Lane Hace 6 días
Matt M
Matt M Hace 7 días
Between wings 6-8 they are so frickin miserable 🤣
R W Hace un día
I'm surprised how much they pulled it together
High Castle
High Castle Hace 7 días
We need Richard spencer on hot ones
Randallchristian Incipido
Randallchristian Incipido Hace 7 días
Hell yeah tenacious d
tommy cane115
tommy cane115 Hace 7 días
that guy is a "douche" you mean the guy who took down the media and called it "fake" wtf? donald trump did what no one ever done
Josh Butler
Josh Butler Hace 7 días
I was at that concert in Auckland, NZ. Can confirm the was Richter scale activity
Alex Vetrone
Alex Vetrone Hace 7 días
Love how Jack eats them
Jake Awesome
Jake Awesome Hace 7 días
You need to get Chris rock
LostSoul Connections
LostSoul Connections Hace 7 días
Everyone forgets they where in the movie Biodome. But just for a few seconds
MasteredTheUniverse Hace 7 días
Some day this will be over.
Wood Hamer
Wood Hamer Hace 7 días
Catch u on the flip flop
Dylan Morrison
Dylan Morrison Hace 8 días
Is it just me or does Jack black eat the weird cartridge part of the chicken wing?
Dylan Morrison
Dylan Morrison Hace 6 días
@MMMmyshawarma what!? That's literally the worst part in any meat😂 the gross ass cartridge that keeps the bones together, yuck its like the little piece of gristle on a chicken leg its gross😱
MMMmyshawarma Hace 6 días
That part is awesome, it's crunchy and a nice textural contrast to the supple meat.
Craig Jones
Craig Jones Hace 8 días
The way Jack eats wings makes my eyes cringe
Sentient Curse
Sentient Curse Hace 8 días
Kyle. Forever the guitarist. First contact. Fix tuning.
Sentient Curse
Sentient Curse Hace 8 días
Check out Getting Doug with High Jack Black on YT. Fucking great
Muhammad Durrani
Muhammad Durrani Hace 8 días
Give Kyle back his milk haha
Patrick Kees
Patrick Kees Hace 8 días
...be careful...your going to give those two 80 year old bloated anus leakers a heart attack.
archit goel
archit goel Hace 9 días
Hey it's jablinski
Dicky Seamus
Dicky Seamus Hace 9 días
By about 3/4ths the way through I was sweating.
B Valenz
B Valenz Hace 9 días
Whenever someone asks me if I like spicy food 00:42 is what I say. That Thai iced tea looks bangin too!!!
Rich Instinct
Rich Instinct Hace 10 días
14:46 I recommend jack black creams and lotions
Rich Instinct
Rich Instinct Hace 6 días
@RPeter 0 of course ive heard of leonardo dicaprio creams and lotions
RPeter 0
RPeter 0 Hace 7 días
Rich Instinct have you heard about DiCaprio?
Sela Lewis
Sela Lewis Hace 10 días
4:01 Finally, someone on here eating chicken wings the way I eat them. Thank you Jack Black, I feel seen.
Cilla Hace 10 días
I love how when the bucket comes in they kinda look at it like "I might need that to shit or puke"
Cilla Hace 10 días
I like how Jack eats his wings
KODI Hace 10 días
Jables would be a really good homie to hang with.
KODI Hace 10 días
Dave the RV guy.
Dave the RV guy. Hace 10 días
Thai iced tea?! He should have had a large coca-cola / diet coca-cola.
Athena griego
Athena griego Hace 10 días
Skandy's Group Construction
Skandy's Group Construction Hace 10 días
Do hopsin
Arekun Hace 11 días
i understand tenacious D music is not for everybody, but just booing like that for any band trying to do their work, i dont get it xP so rude
Justin Greaves
Justin Greaves Hace 11 días
JAck black almost gave me an anxiety attack whatvhing him freak out ffs
Rocko Ca
Rocko Ca Hace 11 días
Da bomb is a brutal sauce , ripping hot
Reginald Marcial
Reginald Marcial Hace 11 días
I want to taste those sauces. Specially the super hot one.
lil_ erick_03
lil_ erick_03 Hace 11 días
bro he went full nacho libre at 0:42
Dr San Andreas
Dr San Andreas Hace 11 días
Jack eats wings like no one
Natalia Rivera
Natalia Rivera Hace 12 días
Tenacious D and the Bong Of Destiny... come on guys make it happen, I'm still waiting lol
T. R.
T. R. Hace 12 días
"You gotta separate the art from the artist." If only the world lived by that mantra.
Wilson Strickland
Wilson Strickland Hace 12 días
Jhovanny Casillas
Jhovanny Casillas Hace 12 días
So many episodes... this is my favorite one. Tenacious D are just loveable, creative and entertaining characters. Great job!!!
Shelby Sawyer
Shelby Sawyer Hace 12 días
i love that Cage is hurting more than JB but he keeps his composure to help out his band mate!!!!
amakakeru007 Hace 13 días
haha they all break at Da Bomb :P
Big Goof
Big Goof Hace 13 días
Jack black: almost dies Last wing: okay I’ll give you a chance
Spencer Gadoury
Spencer Gadoury Hace 13 días
Get more rockstars on here!
CriticalErr0r Hace 13 días
I hope I can age the same way as Kyle. He’s literally the definition of cool old guy. You kick ass Raj Caj!
Toki Hace 13 días
I love that they don't waste food 😭 Such legends.
Erin Wozniak
Erin Wozniak Hace 13 días
Mike Souders
Mike Souders Hace 14 días
Dont bring up JBs acting career in front of KG 😑
Numbzie Hace 14 días
Wow the guy from jablinski games!
Adam Gee
Adam Gee Hace 15 días
Being fried while eating hot sauce+ hiccups= agony. Lsd+ hot sauce+hiccups = true biblical rendition of "hell"
Mr408joey Hace 15 días
Jack Black seems like he'd be the coolest grandpa or uncle ever!
Brandyn Theobald
Brandyn Theobald Hace 15 días
Hands down my 2 favorite people IN THE WORLD!!!! Tenacious D is my favorite movie of all time!!!
Jason Camardella
Jason Camardella Hace 15 días
Jack Black isn't as funny as I remember.
Cynical Citizen
Cynical Citizen Hace 15 días
A bit of the narcissist
Someone On The Internet
Someone On The Internet Hace 15 días
Has anyone ever swapped wings with Sean to make sure his are actually spicy?
Natassja Sliker
Natassja Sliker Hace 16 días
Ok, let me start by saying my biggest pet peeve is chewing noises, but watching Jack eating all the meat off of a wing in one go LITERALLY makes me horny. Why? Lol 12:48 yes daddy
Carole Nash
Carole Nash Hace 17 días
Randy Rhoads was phenomenal
Ceruliver Hace 17 días
The way Jablinski Games eats chicken wings is a bit intimidating
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