Tegan and Sara - I'll Be Back Someday [Official Lyric Video]

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Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara

Hace un mes

Directed by Sara Quin
Illustrations by Sara Quin
Animation and Editing by Courtney Garvin
I'll Be Back Someday, is available now on all platforms! It's the first single from our new album Hey, I'm Just Like You - out Sept 27.
Pre-add/save the album digitally at teganandsara.lnk.to/HeyImJustLikeYou
Pre-order vinyl, cds and custom merchandise at teganandsara.com/shop
#teganandsara #illbebacksomeday #heyimjustlikeyou

Tegan and Sara I'll Be Back Someday Alternativetegan and sarategan and sarahtegan & sara

alex relax
alex relax Hace 9 días
DysfunctionalBubble Hace 15 días
Poor little cloud ;_;
Rubix Head The Shape shifter
Rubix Head The Shape shifter Hace 16 días
Vegeta Blunt
Vegeta Blunt Hace 22 días
Enable comments on your older vids pls
Lacey Noel
Lacey Noel Hace 24 días
Allison Reich
Allison Reich Hace 24 días
LOVE this! Im an identical twin, but I lost her in 2017. She would draw clouds just like that!!!! We both love your music
Andrey Goes
Andrey Goes Hace 24 días
Gente, rokêras
Bridget Claire B
Bridget Claire B Hace 25 días
I just noticed, Sara did the illustrations!! so amazing!
Raymond Gûßhûlłåk
Raymond Gûßhûlłåk Hace 25 días
I have no idea if this song is happy or sad lol
Shane Woodward
Shane Woodward Hace 26 días
when was this made?
Franco Cordini
Franco Cordini Hace 26 días
Reminds me of the old days when Tegan and Sara played together with alkaline trio on aol music ❤
Hunter JK
Hunter JK Hace 27 días
Oh the songs you hear at 10:05 at night on Music Choice Indie lmao. Honestly this is great! Wish I heard of them before tonight!
StopHerRich Hace 28 días
I just love this song!!!
Phoebe Hace 28 días
I did not know they wear putting out music anymore.
Pixelslet Hace 29 días
I get Robin Sparkles vibes
Kltz Kaulitz
Kltz Kaulitz Hace un mes
Naijia Zhang
Naijia Zhang Hace un mes
please don't stop making music!!!! Welcome to China btw
Naijia Zhang
Naijia Zhang Hace un mes
love you guys
GypsyMoth Gillis
GypsyMoth Gillis Hace un mes
Fuck you were talented kids
M. R.
M. R. Hace un mes
Ahhhhhh this reminds me of their early music. Either way I'm sticking around ❤
Al Quinn
Al Quinn Hace un mes
wow, "lie" has so many syllables!
Bubby Fernandes
Bubby Fernandes Hace un mes
Now I’m Dying To Know what these lyrics are about
foxyroxstar Hace un mes
damn this is not a Bic! (to defend a few people all end stop!)
Marcio Novelli
Marcio Novelli Hace un mes
A book, an album. Now, all we need is a documentary to tie it all together. 🖤
Kamekona Brown
Kamekona Brown Hace un mes
Enjoying these artist listening 2019....still like their music....
Alyssa Hace un mes
Dear Tegan and Sara, I don’t know if you’ll ever see this, but I just wanted to commend you on not giving up on music just because you aren’t as famous as you could be!! You deserve to be more famous because you’re talented and unique❤️💜 Thank you for you song “I Was a Fool”, for being a wonderful part of my childhood. Love this song and the lyric video!! Much love from Canada.
Ryan McKenna
Ryan McKenna Hace un mes
Ah, I love you dear SwertHearts... bless you.
chris metivier
chris metivier Hace un mes
I understand this is closer to their original sound. It's a good sound, but for me, I absolutely adored their last two cd's which were pop music. I hope the new album has some of both. Heartbreaker is a perfect pop record in every way.
Eric Hace un mes
This new album will probably have some of both. They said that this album would be one that "new and old T/S fans" would enjoy
Cornholio Hace un mes
Matt Skiba said she was the cooler one
Chad Wacaster
Chad Wacaster Hace un mes
I hope Sara has some bangers for me 🤞🏼
sevpav98 Hace un mes
it sounds like a mixture of if it was you, sainthood and heartthrob. colorful and delicious. i love it
Scout Paget
Scout Paget Hace un mes
Wow - welcome back to the roots Tegan and Sara. A wonderfully pleasant surprise. Good on ya'...!
johan Hace un mes
pop-rockin tegan and sara are my favorite, the new stuff sounds great
Loolalaola Hace un mes
Back to the roots girls? :) Nice Song!
Zach Millar
Zach Millar Hace un mes
Just hearing this for the first time. Damn its good. So rare to hear something so damn catchy in a good way and also so beautiful. I get why people want to make about a fight for equality, all that it entails, and I respect that... but it's also just great song about relationships in general.
Troy Reinhalter
Troy Reinhalter Hace un mes
where the fuck has this sound been since 2009
Errod88 Hace un mes
Insert nostalgia feels right here and that’s what exactly Tegan and Sara did. I’m excited to hear the album :-)
Sara Carraway
Sara Carraway Hace un mes
LOVE THIS SONG! It reminds me of Smile by The Supernaturals. Speaks to my never forgotten teen heart. BRILLIANT.
Annette N.
Annette N. Hace un mes
Spectacular tempo !! Hopefully rest of album is this tempo.
issaqueenlyvibe_binx Hace un mes
I've missed this sound!!! Glad to hear them back in their awesome element!!!
jean-baptiste coeroli
jean-baptiste coeroli Hace un mes
Do you feel like cooking?? Let's order!!!
Tony West
Tony West Hace un mes
Tegan vs Sara, who's the best singer ?
Tony West
Tony West Hace un mes
Can't wait for the remix, with 6ix9ine, when he gets out !!!!
Tony West
Tony West Hace un mes
Their best song ever !!! Can't wait for the album !!!!
Ignacio Campero
Ignacio Campero Hace un mes
Good fresh music.
Aslan Narasimha
Aslan Narasimha Hace un mes
This sounds like the kind of music that keeps me from going to the mall. It sounds like a commercial for diaper wipes.
KitKatSortaAnimates Hace un mes
big ned chicane energy
Brenda S
Brenda S Hace un mes
Talk That Talk With LR
Talk That Talk With LR Hace un mes
i am your number one fan from Philippines.
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas Hace un mes
This is awesome! It is so raw and innocent! This is vintage Tehran and Sara! I think this is Tegan on lead vocals, am I right?
Dionte' McBride
Dionte' McBride Hace un mes
JOHN DOE Hace un mes
Milk me.
A Patr
A Patr Hace un mes
yes t&s
Lucy Blades
Lucy Blades Hace un mes
Old time fans: WE WANT GUITARS AND REAL SH1T T&S: Hold my Grammy
Evolution Evolution
Evolution Evolution Hace un mes
Keep telling the truth until you become the truth!!! Thx for making me better
tiagoelidio Hace un mes
LGBTs que inspiram LGBTs: Tegan and Sara! São gêmeas idênticas, são canadenses, são lésbicas, são cantoras e compositoras... Mas estes são apenas alguns rótulos para descrever essa dupla, pois elas, obviamente, são muito mais do que isso. Confira: www.lgbtoutthere.com/2019/07/lgbts-que-inspiram-lgbts.html
Narhuna Melo
Narhuna Melo Hace un mes
I'm glad to death
Kpopluvr94 Hace un mes
I love an alternative music recommendation ♡♡♡
Mario Chavez
Mario Chavez Hace un mes
I saw them in 2000 with Neil young
Doug Lapp
Doug Lapp Hace un mes
Love the tune. It's already stuck in my head. Love T&
Olivia Monroe
Olivia Monroe Hace un mes
I'm crying and I don't know why. tegan and sara, you have had such an amazing impact on my life. I love you. thank you for what you do. don't ever stop being you.
Tianna Mignogna
Tianna Mignogna Hace un mes
dj gp90
dj gp90 Hace un mes
I didn't realize I missed them until now
hollyken3 Hace un mes
I love this sound ❤️❤️❤️
Laura V
Laura V Hace un mes
why on Earth do I get disney channel vibes from this
Christopher Franklin
Christopher Franklin Hace un mes
Frosty the Snowman, interpreted
dmm121182 Hace un mes
@sara costa - You don't have to be LGBTQ to love Tegan & Sara. I'm straight, and they're easily one my favorite bands of all time! : )
dmm121182 Hace un mes
I always knew the Rock 'N' Roll Tegan & Sara that I've loved since Under Feet Like Ours would Be Back Someday! I'm so happy! ♥♥
pingu pingu pingu
pingu pingu pingu Hace un mes
The baby of So Jealous and If It Was You.
Khaya Fuller
Khaya Fuller Hace un mes
YESSS I missed this
I'll Be Back Someday (Tegan and Sara cover)
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