Tee Grizzley "No Effort" (Starring Mike Epps) (WSHH Exclusive - Official Music Video)

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Hace 2 años

Watch the official music video for "No Effort" by Tee Grizzley.
WATCH FIRST DAY OUT HERE eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-JFDWA6hDJ-8.html
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The Wolf
The Wolf Hace 3 días
Heard this song in a porn video with a bitch dressed in red.Anyway great discovery this song.
braaxjayy `
braaxjayy ` Hace 3 días
1:18 thank me later
Autumn Vicks
Autumn Vicks Hace 5 días
Leek hustle my cousin
xXPROTECTIONXx Hace 5 días
I can play this song with no effort.....nigga
Rashad Watkins
Rashad Watkins Hace 8 días
am still bang to this
chris sneed
chris sneed Hace 9 días
cocain sounds and looks like it should be legal
Luis Solano
Luis Solano Hace 10 días
That part
Luis Solano
Luis Solano Hace 10 días
Life to me take no effort
Arthur Dias
Arthur Dias Hace 10 días
Stop copying from lileffort
King Croc
King Croc Hace 14 días
4:09 all black and its a late night assault rifle with a steak knife big 40 the nigga up but the doc. thought it was a great white LOL
Nikolas Hace 14 días
What does he gave against Credit cards
lompocbraves51 Hace 18 días
Damn this dude raps just like cellski! Straight fire. His beats are just like some old school underground Bay Area type. I dig this shit. I’ve heard this same beat on a Bay Area album just can’t put my finger on it. Anyways, this shit slaps. I’ll definitely be listening to more of him...
DR37P P73RD Hace 19 días
How do I get in im willing to do what I gotta do Tee hit me. To my Instagram I'm a rider. On God I want them banz like you do. Rickycaston/Instagram trust me you won't regret it. I'm with you dog
Ashely Garcia
Ashely Garcia Hace 19 días
Dissed Jojo and what happened 😂😂😂😈
My name used to be Jeff But copyright
My name used to be Jeff But copyright Hace 23 días
So did Megan thee stallion pay for this?
Ayo coutain
Ayo coutain Hace 24 días
He's always got us doing math with no effort
derrick fred
derrick fred Hace 24 días
does anyone know the beat or song that starts at 0:17 please
Naya Morris
Naya Morris Hace 25 días
Dang bro
Tstillambitious Hace 28 días
Rip jobina 😥
david colton
david colton Hace 28 días
Fuck the ops
Super Saiyan Lion
Super Saiyan Lion Hace 28 días
Who's here after Tee Grizzley's aunt/manager got shot and killed
Candy Nelson
Candy Nelson Hace 29 días
"I mean, you can go ahead and flex nigga, but you know what come with it". Real talk, niggaz will get at you
Kamal Lukata
Kamal Lukata Hace 29 días
R.I.P. to Tee Grizzley's manager and Aunt Jobina Brown. She's the one at 1:31
Markus Harris
Markus Harris Hace 7 días
Ain't no sacrifice niqqas from Tee old hood don't fuck with him because he fuck wit opps who killed his mans after he signed his deal. Wandoe dissed him
Jaylen-Ree Wilson
Jaylen-Ree Wilson Hace 9 días
RIP 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Yo Daddy
Yo Daddy Hace 15 días
Faze yeyo 313
Faze yeyo 313 Hace 19 días
RIP 😪 nigga got dropped bring em back
Miguel Porco
Miguel Porco Hace 29 días
It's good to see anyone winning BUT THIS is hot garbage . Art isn't art anymore it's just a hot beat backed up by shitty lyrics, no thought , and no star power . Hip hop certainly hasn't been crap since the 80's and 90's .
Stephanie Johnson
Stephanie Johnson Hace 29 días
RIP tee's manager 😞🙏 another life lost to a senseless act of violence.
william richardson
william richardson Hace 29 días
Dam Mike Epps told em you know what come wit it
black wolf
black wolf Hace 29 días
Best song he made so far lol
FaZe SHOOTER Hace un mes
I can get 0 likes w no effort
Lance Archibald
Lance Archibald Hace un mes
How does this man get almost 50 million views on a song and only has 1 million subscribers
Pedro Lawson
Pedro Lawson Hace 7 días
@UK Drill Analyser haha fr
UK Drill Analyser
UK Drill Analyser Hace 7 días
You know them ones where the comment is so dumb you don’t even know how to reply to them😭
Pedro Lawson
Pedro Lawson Hace 29 días
You know this is on worldstarhiphop and they have 21 million subscribers dumb ass
The Big Beard Zone
The Big Beard Zone Hace un mes
We all listen to it more then more then once
neko king
neko king Hace un mes
snoozeflu Hace un mes
Trump will get re-elected with NO EFFORT
koshoi koshoi
koshoi koshoi Hace un mes
Ybn nahmir freestyle better
DP Outdoors
DP Outdoors Hace un mes
Upchurch’s is better
Eddie  Harris
Eddie Harris Hace un mes
Nigga you can flex, but you know what come with it!
James Bradley
James Bradley Hace un mes
Upchurch kills this beat makes this sound lame as fuck
DiscoGamer 7
DiscoGamer 7 Hace un mes
I’m sorry but he went back to the cell MISSION FAILED!!!
dario bassett
dario bassett Hace un mes
2019 anyone ?
Mike Dhillon
Mike Dhillon Hace un mes
1.25x is fire
k o
k o Hace 2 meses
1:24 i like that flex
The One
The One Hace 2 meses
My 8 12's just opened my trunk with no effort
Pzycho Hace 2 meses
This nigga flow go crazy
P Stewart
P Stewart Hace 2 meses
"...and Leek'll bust you, you a fool if you think Leek tussle!"
Syphan DevilTv
Syphan DevilTv Hace 2 meses
Leek my cousin
Passo Hace 2 meses
this nigga gained so much weight bro he had a god physic now he look like a dad in his 40's
Ricky Reklaw
Ricky Reklaw Hace 2 meses
Got my first hooker 😂😂😂😂😂
an bo
an bo Hace 2 meses
Tight T Grizzly
Mile Spiller
Mile Spiller Hace 2 meses
Who here in 2019
Carpet Hace 2 meses
Must have taken a little bit of effort to put that small ass shirt on
500 subs with no videos
500 subs with no videos Hace 2 meses
This is basically the exact same beat as freak nasty by Megan thee stallion
Thefamvous C0
Thefamvous C0 Hace 2 meses
abhishekbharadwaj92 Hace 2 meses
Listening to Tee Grizzley helped me pass the English section on the GMAT
Jaden Hanson
Jaden Hanson Hace 2 meses
2:34 - 2:54 🔥🔥🔥
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 2 meses
You like schleiming!!
Leur Hace 2 meses
Came here bcuz of a porno
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Hace 2 meses
Tee holler at me man. I thought you were something ypu arent.
Spencer Slade
Spencer Slade Hace 2 meses
Ryan Upchurch just stole your track with NO EFFORT. Get a better delivery and a bigger shirt other than that the bars were decent 🙏⚡
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin Hace 2 meses
Choose the aquarium
Tyler Mesco
Tyler Mesco Hace 2 meses
Who just came to this after hearing upchurch’s remix
DemiGod Astrx
DemiGod Astrx Hace 2 meses
Sounds like shoreline mafia - DA MOVE
Jason goya
Jason goya Hace 2 meses
Its the beat. has the west coast sound
K&K Productions
K&K Productions Hace 2 meses
Ryan Upchurch just KILLED this beat, never had listened to the original until now. Both are Fire!
Jeremy Bowers
Jeremy Bowers Hace 2 meses
Totally agree bruh. I jst heard the original now .
LeTs RaId ArEa 51 DuH
LeTs RaId ArEa 51 DuH Hace 2 meses
"Bought all that fake money off wish with no effort"
SteamBeam Hace 2 meses
Dropped out with *no effort* and *no job*
abriella d
abriella d Hace 2 meses
2019 listening to this with no effort
doxop Hace 2 meses
Rap about murdering people on ESwomen: no issue Hurting feelings of SJWs or be slightly conservative on ESwomen: full account suspension
zsillah Hace 2 meses
Who's watching June-July with no effort
BtK the irishHEATHn
BtK the irishHEATHn Hace 2 meses
Checc out BlueNose Tha Bully Remix was 🔥 NhC
Karitza Ortiz
Karitza Ortiz Hace 2 meses
free a.p untill it's backwards 💞💞💞💯
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Hace 2 meses
Bitch dat took of wit my dick i should be taking her 2 court # NO_EFFORT
king of the dead
king of the dead Hace 3 meses
"I work at McDonald i watch that cheese double" tee was hungey on this 🤣😂💀😭
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