Tee Grizzley - "First Day Out" [Official Music Video]

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Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley

Hace 3 años

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View Hace 4 horas
Forever the best first day out song
Dawn Bradley
Dawn Bradley Hace 5 horas
I did pick her up and then i knocked her back down and i also pulled her tracks out Got suspended also😐😂😂
LucasIsHere Hace 6 horas
Anybody else listening in 1927?
Margie Cooley
Margie Cooley Hace 12 horas
Who just randomly felt like listening to this song
Gage Mayhall
Gage Mayhall Hace 12 horas
Bro u can't really hate one the boi on Tee cuz every song he do has meaning and gose hate
Gage Mayhall
Gage Mayhall Hace 12 horas
Michael Michaelson
Michael Michaelson Hace 13 horas
Is the off beat rapping on purpz ?
Blake Turner
Blake Turner Hace 15 horas
Grizzly needs another hit like this one
D Z Hace 16 horas
Tee Grizzley “First Day Out” (feat) Meek Mill 🔥
D Z Hace 16 horas
Tee Grizzley The Legend
Adventures With Jackson
Adventures With Jackson Hace 22 horas
He said crackers lmao
VKG Hace un día
This is better than just about any Eminem song and Em dissed this man... smh
xadRez Hace 18 horas
lol dude you tripping ig
Kaleb The God
Kaleb The God Hace un día
2020 anyone ?
Jesus Hace un día
Whos here from the dad throwing the kids cereal in the car 😂😂
Jefferson Wade
Jefferson Wade Hace un día
The dance of lil Wayne 11 year old daughter is like what. 4 Jennifer Lopez daughter. This BUSTATI -phanelopi.
DLA Time
DLA Time Hace un día
What If 69 make a first day out
Charles Ketcham
Charles Ketcham Hace un día
Lol he just did the guacamole dance
72hrs Tfue
72hrs Tfue Hace un día
love yo damn music
72hrs Tfue
72hrs Tfue Hace un día
hel yea
72hrs Tfue
72hrs Tfue Hace un día
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson Hace un día
Lil Revert
Lil Revert Hace un día
who still think this is one of the best songs in 2020?
Kloe Isham
Kloe Isham Hace un día
When you get your first paycheck
Mikael Hockaday
Mikael Hockaday Hace un día
LucasIsHere Hace 6 horas
I already know you wrote this with a straight face.
LucasIsHere Hace 6 horas
Yo what
anime .
anime . Hace un día
Grizzley: If u snitch ima kill you. Judge: Still facing 30 years.. 6ix9ine: B-ut B-ut he said he gonna kill me.
Proxy 4 life
Proxy 4 life Hace 2 días
Rip tee grizzley ❤❤❤
Joel Torres
Joel Torres Hace 2 días
Niggas that hate on this, finna get they bitch snatched by grizzley off tops💯🥶〽️
Bree lo
Bree lo Hace 2 días
2020 where we at ya
Parker Jacob
Parker Jacob Hace 2 días
David Dy Aka Chino Ching
David Dy Aka Chino Ching Hace 2 días
The track go dumass hard when it first came out everybody in Pittsburg was slapin this track
Dominic Mendoza
Dominic Mendoza Hace 2 días
The rich kid at school and hope he had a good life and i don't snich.
HighAquatic Hace 3 días
Bro gotta remember How Many that song was HEEEEAT
Hunter Gifford
Hunter Gifford Hace 3 días
Grizzley:kill me if I snitch because of u snitch ima kill u 6ix9ine:gets killed
New Jersey Today
New Jersey Today Hace 3 días
This man is so inspirational...surprised that there are only 135 million views for a song that celebrates crime in our streets and promotes a criminal and shallow ideology. Lets all start thinking in this truly magnificent way and follow what this song preaches so we can create slum for our future generations 👏🏼
Leydi Amaro-Tiburcio
Leydi Amaro-Tiburcio Hace 3 días
when you come out the principals office
MaxFlyman Hace 3 días
This song went from Awww this is so sa- PICK HER UP, KNOCK HER BACK DOWN, PULL HER TRACKS OUT!!
Jesse Calloway
Jesse Calloway Hace 3 días
Just when u think theres no hope left for this generation's music, someone comes out who reinstills our faith in music.
vanessa jb
vanessa jb Hace 4 días
Tianna Jones
Tianna Jones Hace 4 días
0:06 When you open snapchat and its in selfie mode 😂😂😂
Big Sid Real Prison Talk
Big Sid Real Prison Talk Hace 4 días
Man I will slap you
WaveSkope Hace 5 días
“Being Broke Did Something To My Spirit” Like if you can relate to this😞💯
yo angel7
yo angel7 Hace 5 días
1:30 *when your wifes boyfriend lets you smash her*
Austin Zeromski
Austin Zeromski Hace 5 días
2020 still here
I wield great omnipotence
I wield great omnipotence Hace 6 días
2:55 I’m wearing Earbuds and when that gunshot sound affect went through my ear i thought it came from outside my house
Tia Collibee
Tia Collibee Hace 6 días
Hit different on grand theft auto
Erick Hopkins
Erick Hopkins Hace 6 días
3:10-3:12 😂😂😂
Jamar Williams
Jamar Williams Hace 6 días
Walking home the last day of school be like
Manar Taher
Manar Taher Hace 6 días
1:42 6ix9ine stubs his toe: it was him 🔪🔪🔪💥💥💥💢💯
Michael Bast
Michael Bast Hace 7 días
Fun fact I live very close to Lexington Kentucky where he tried to rob the castle I live near the Capitol of Kentucky
yousif munir
yousif munir Hace 7 días
Tee is the realest no cap🔥
kyle morgan
kyle morgan Hace 7 días
eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-pi-wCaNbw6g.html T grizzly type song click it
WaveSkope Hace 8 días
0:00 *when you’re released from the benches at school and can play tether ball again*
WaveSkope Hace 6 días
I wield great omnipotence whaaaa?! The ball with the string attached to it and a pole? You and someone else hit it back and forth to each other?
I wield great omnipotence
I wield great omnipotence Hace 6 días
I’ve never heard of tether ball doot..
Dibran9mm Hace 8 días
this shit garbage
Loui Hace 8 días
3:36 when your mom tries to hit you with the belt
Josefa hamman
Josefa hamman Hace 8 días
Right lmaooo
Jaden Yukai
Jaden Yukai Hace 8 días
floe switch fucking cooool
Mansa musa
Mansa musa Hace 8 días
Who's Ever Reading This I wish Nothing but happiness and success this new year
Donal Smith
Donal Smith Hace 9 días
Is he out of jail?
Proviac Detrix
Proviac Detrix Hace 9 días
I like this song because it tells a story and isn't mumble
Shaggy Hace 9 días
What’s with the nigga lookin thru the microscope for no reason lol
NBA RAY Hace 9 días
He is snake . He snitching in the song
Bark Ts
Bark Ts Hace 7 días
NBA RAY you liked ur own comment
tEe tEe
tEe tEe Hace 9 días
Why voted down😒
J A Hace 9 días
The best beat drop in music history period.
WoaHTalenT Hace 9 días
who's listening in 2025?
30 case
30 case Hace 10 días
mohamed obied
mohamed obied Hace 10 días
Please stand for the Detroit anthem.
S h a d o w
S h a d o w Hace 10 días
Bruh that moment from "six mile" is fucking fire
Loreanna Bobbitt
Loreanna Bobbitt Hace 10 días
space monkey
space monkey Hace 11 días
Kiarra Stuckey
Kiarra Stuckey Hace 11 días
I like the beat
Christopher Vierra
Christopher Vierra Hace 11 días
My girl jus came home god is good
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