Tee Grizzley - "First Day Out" [Official Music Video]

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Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley

Hace 2 años

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Toasted-scooter _
Toasted-scooter _ Hace 40 minutos
September 20 th anyone here lolz
Swole Asf
Swole Asf Hace 12 horas
dang he really gained some weight in recent times. still hits though
Jalen_ Hace 13 horas
Got the vibes of this song from his newest song satish. Had to listen to a classic 🔥🔥🔥
Neal Bonner
Neal Bonner Hace 14 horas
eric pollard
eric pollard Hace 18 horas
Kobe Thornton
Kobe Thornton Hace 19 horas
Luccid_ Evasion
Luccid_ Evasion Hace 20 horas
Chris O
Chris O Hace 21 un hora
I feel like humans got dumber.
Aidan Sor
Aidan Sor Hace 22 horas
01:33 am i the only one that sees love lace from happy feet.
Prínce 7•G
Prínce 7•G Hace 23 horas
*GaryVee* said you fire
Ssmokess Hace un día
I literally turned up with my actually dog and she fucking bit me 😂
K Skye
K Skye Hace un día
bruh I just realized I overdosed on molly to this song 😭
A L E X I Sかわいい
A L E X I Sかわいい Hace un día
This reminds me of meek mills dreams and nightmares
Wizard Wes
Wizard Wes Hace un día
Hey we say what's up
krysis kreations
krysis kreations Hace un día
Listened when it was new still listening now cuz bro is real!! Stay lit bruh Ik we'll meet hella soon🙏🏾👊🏾💵🎶🎶🎹
WillWillDoIt Hace 2 días
01:30 when your mother lets u get 9 chicken nuggets instead of 6
Jiri Pazour
Jiri Pazour Hace 2 días
Doni Barton
Doni Barton Hace 2 días
One of my fav songs . Dude has crzy skills
Cardboard boxkid
Cardboard boxkid Hace 2 días
2019 this shit still slaps harder than an angry latina mom
Bayu Hariyanto
Bayu Hariyanto Hace 2 días
Ohh my god i've been finding out this song 2 days, i get interested when Justin bieber and hailey baldwin dance together in LIV MIAMI
Lucio Garcia
Lucio Garcia Hace 2 días
says im rolling in german engineering but then a challenger pops up? something ain't adding up
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 2 días
Bro we have the same day of the birth
TEK OneShot
TEK OneShot Hace 2 días
Bro Tee Grizzley is my neighbor
PI2019-007 Hace 2 días
Says GERMAN engineering and then 3 American cars roll up....LOL
Mutant Killer
Mutant Killer Hace 3 días
Best song out here🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Deandre Anderson
Deandre Anderson Hace 3 días
Hardest rapper from my hometown Detroit
mario 2314
mario 2314 Hace 3 días
Was it just me or 2017 was a good time for hip hop
Adriel Paul
Adriel Paul Hace 3 días
The Godfather
The Godfather Hace 4 días
Nice song
YCN Glock
YCN Glock Hace 4 días
Where all my Detroiters?
camii Hace 4 días
Starburst Hace 4 días
Lemoneasy Hace 4 días
this kid has gone through what 69 is going through 🤣
I’mRick JamesBih
I’mRick JamesBih Hace 3 días
Lemoneasy nigga what? How? Unlike bitchnine Tee ain’t no snitch....
Jesse Gettings
Jesse Gettings Hace 5 días
The first time I heard this song I thought it was one of the hottest tracks I’ve heard. About 2 minutes in it completely falls apart and turns garbage. Sounds like he took big Sean and Kevin Gates and tried to mix it together
The Meditative Gamer
The Meditative Gamer Hace 5 días
i send tee grizzley and everyone in the world infinite blessings
Young Prodigy
Young Prodigy Hace 5 días
The Potato
The Potato Hace 5 días
Kea makesbeatz
Kea makesbeatz Hace 5 días
vaccumn seals
Kea makesbeatz
Kea makesbeatz Hace 5 días
You ever went to trial n fight for yo life ?
Josh Bleezy
Josh Bleezy Hace 5 días
Bro said “eatin’ 60$ salads” if I heard right and recently he said he wasn’t gonna eat his salad, he wasn’t raised like that 😂 he a fool
Keep it one hunnid
Keep it one hunnid Hace 5 días
Damn, the intro piano or whatever sounds identical to Future - Perkys calling i just noticed
Clue Paradox
Clue Paradox Hace 5 días
1:30 there you go Tik tokers
Thomas Pierce
Thomas Pierce Hace 5 días
I see there’s at least a million real dudes on earth that subscribed 🐻🐼
Shaury Gautam
Shaury Gautam Hace 5 días
Dropped out. Parents mad but this song brings me back
Tate pilger
Tate pilger Hace 5 días
I'll be happy to knock your fucking teeth out
I'll be happy to knock your fucking teeth out Hace 5 días
Aye I heard I had sneak dissers whoever feeling this AR gotta heat sensor
Swordseller C
Swordseller C Hace 6 días
Driving German engineering shows a challenger and Escalade Also sorry about your aunt😢
noor nation
noor nation Hace 6 días
This song makes way more sense if you’re from Detroit💯
10k subs with no vids challenge
10k subs with no vids challenge Hace 6 días
me n my mama used to listen to this and now shes in prison for 17 years so i listen to this for her✨👼
Kimi Raitia
Kimi Raitia Hace 6 días
Beat dropped harder than james charles subscribers
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Hace 5 días
UwU UwU you get the point. This shit go hard
UwU UwU Hace 6 días
Kimi Raitia they all came back soo
I Fart For Fun :D Øßæęłżøø
I Fart For Fun :D Øßæęłżøø Hace 6 días
Anyone think tee griz looks like Zion Williamson?
Matt Bieniek
Matt Bieniek Hace 6 días
He reminds me of polo g, clear in his lyrics!! I can listen and understand the story
Markelle '
Markelle ' Hace 6 días
September 2019 anyone ??
patty fagalde
patty fagalde Hace 6 días
What up nigu
TheTrekhaak Hace 7 días
Who still listening in ... ahhh fuck you
Get Clappd YT
Get Clappd YT Hace 7 días
Who plays this when playing fortnite so you can get pumped?
Bro my dick is so big but ,
Bro my dick is so big but , Hace 7 días
so cringe
Christopher Chizmadia
Christopher Chizmadia Hace 7 días
Did my man just sayyy cracksr
Bubble William
Bubble William Hace 7 días
Holy shit he use to be so much skinnier 😷
Ashley Smothers
Ashley Smothers Hace 7 días
Joy road bitch but the money long as Six Mile Brick mile, knock yo bitch down, pick her up knock her back down Pull her tracks out
Penrod Auto Repair
Penrod Auto Repair Hace 7 días
Most people will never know the life in 48228
Red Clay
Red Clay Hace 8 días
This is how many n-word passes T would need if he were white 👇
Layton Pleasant
Layton Pleasant Hace 8 días
Drop me a like I got suspended for beating up my bully and kicked off the basketball and football team and I started on offense and defense in football and started in basketball
Mr Fortnite
Mr Fortnite Hace 8 días
Grizzley:if you snitch ima kill you 6ix9ine: *IGHT IMMA HEAD OUT*
Mathias Romero
Mathias Romero Hace 9 días
1:30 orgasmic
FANTASTY ! Hace 9 días
Put him back in
Fuhq Boi
Fuhq Boi Hace 9 días
One ugly nigga
Nathan Costa
Nathan Costa Hace 9 días
Not even the beat drop, its about the lyrics during the beat drop sir
lewpee Hace 9 días
Who here in 2019
Desiree Villagomez
Desiree Villagomez Hace 9 días
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