Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams

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Hace 4 años

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Taylor SwiftWildest Dreams

se’kara reed
se’kara reed Hace 8 minutos
fun fact: the music video version of wildest dreams is different from the version on spotify and apple music. after the bridge in this version, if you listen closely you can hear snare drums in the background but the snare drums aren’t in the regular recorded version
LV NM Hace 17 minutos
Tomorrow it's my wife birthday 07/07/1977 and i love her
gemma burns
gemma burns Hace 27 minutos
Burhan Arrasyid
Burhan Arrasyid Hace 31 un minuto
706,442,455 views on 7th July 2020 Let's see how much this MV view increase in 1 week !
kitap delisi
kitap delisi Hace un hora
starts at 0:13 OMG
Zull Ismail
Zull Ismail Hace un hora
My dear...
人強い Hace 2 horas
I thought that TikTok is hated only in Japan,before reading comments in this video:/ I also ...
wut mohn
wut mohn Hace 3 horas
friend ; who is yor fav actress me ; taylor friend ; but she is a singer me ; i see u r not a swiftie bai bish u cant be my friend anymore
wut mohn
wut mohn Hace 3 horas
KaisyKit8 Hace 4 horas
this song is so nostalgic
KaisyKit8 Hace 4 horas
tiktok really ruined this song for me :(
Jovie Regis
Jovie Regis Hace 4 horas
2020 and still my favorite🥺🧡❤
KaisyKit8 Hace 4 horas
Proof that she puts her heart into her songs.
(This was the first thing that i thought of when i woke up so forgive me)
Taylor Swift FC Vietnam
Taylor Swift FC Vietnam Hace 5 horas
Get 1B views ❤️
Nostalgic Sakura Cardcaptor
Nostalgic Sakura Cardcaptor Hace 7 horas
This is astonishing
Nick Campo
Nick Campo Hace 8 horas
Deserves MORE
Nick Campo
Nick Campo Hace 8 horas
706 385 860
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
ramos family
ramos family Hace 9 horas
before 1b
it'z Your broツ
it'z Your broツ Hace 9 horas
Like for Taylor swift ❤️🔥
gurleen gill
gurleen gill Hace 11 horas
This hits diff when i think about me and my bias😂💜
Melanie Grubbs
Melanie Grubbs Hace 11 horas
This video proves that she runs out on men, not they run out on her.
Joe Lopez
Joe Lopez Hace 12 horas
Let it go x wildest dreams UvU
SuYeolYam Hace 13 horas
I wish they used the same audio for the album version.
Luoie marangga
Luoie marangga Hace 13 horas
100% Perfect for movie.
Ewerton Luccas
Ewerton Luccas Hace 16 horas
Thirteen 013
Thirteen 013 Hace 17 horas
The comment section of this video is the reason I ship Taylor swift and Chris Evans 🤷‍♀️
maciekchyba __to ziomal
maciekchyba __to ziomal Hace 17 horas
Taylor Swift > esla
Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa
Lucas Martins dos Santos Corrêa da Costa Hace 20 horas
Why everyone acting like a song with 700M+ views was brought to the mainstream by tiktok?
Miraculous Adrinette Dream
Miraculous Adrinette Dream Hace 20 horas
Max ThunderTM
Max ThunderTM Hace 23 horas
Pensa em um clipe maravilhoso e bem feito pra krl vey, é esse
Seher Shah wasti
Seher Shah wasti Hace un día
I'm glad I knew this song when tiktok was musicaly
Piper Wilson
Piper Wilson Hace un día
this has been my favorite song for the past 5 years😪
sunflowergirll Hace un día
Love the drums in the end, unfortunately they’re not included in the album version..😭😭😍😍
J Aya
J Aya Hace un día
" if you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about, baby were perfect"
Charlie Eshay
Charlie Eshay Hace un día
Okay I don’t like Taylor that much but this song slaps.
태이수 Hace un día
i am so bad that I know this song in 2020 because of tiktok,,, but luvvv ya
G4ming Fr34k
G4ming Fr34k Hace un día
This is the I'm from TikTok, but this is better button
Andi Seferaj
Andi Seferaj Hace un día
Like who lisen this song in 2020 🙏🏻❤️
Mike Ruchington
Mike Ruchington Hace un día
Anyone one else notice that the drum beat for the final chorus has been changed? Or am I going crazy in lockdown?
SuYeolYam Hace 13 horas
Yeah and it sounds so much better.
Khánh Lê
Khánh Lê Hace un día
706tr view 🥰
TrẦn NhÓc
TrẦn NhÓc Hace un día
I am from vietnam with love
Abbey Barnes
Abbey Barnes Hace un día
whose watching this in 2050???
smol bean
smol bean Hace un día
imagine if this was turned into a movie 😩
Yuki Ch
Yuki Ch Hace un día
I found this song from MUSICALLY ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
gobekli hobie
gobekli hobie Hace un día
Say you remember me
mm25 211
mm25 211 Hace un día
The nostalgia is hitting me alottttttt lmao. Totally remember singing to this with my cousins in their garage😭
Azlan Said
Azlan Said Hace un día
lets make this 1 bil guyzzz
27Grizz Hace un día
I didn't came from Tiktok, I came because of Nostalgia.
taylor's 4thcat
taylor's 4thcat Hace un día
Never fails to wash away my sins.
10K Subscribers With 2 Videos Challenge
10K Subscribers With 2 Videos Challenge Hace un día
it's Quarantine and Its Midnight and I'm having a Taylor karaoke Marathon Lol.
tinpapa lin
tinpapa lin Hace un día
Wildest dreams
Alver John Ducoy
Alver John Ducoy Hace un día
They're both stars in the field of acting. They're paired for a certain movie. Unexpectedly, the actress fell in love with her leading man. She's using the taping to be able to do things she wants in reality like kissing and hugging. All in all, the actress knows that it's a one sided love. That's why she said that her last request is for him to remember her standing in a nice dress and staring at the sunset. She thought that her feelings is temporary and would just fade away after disclosure but when she saw the actor once more in the movie premiere, kissing another woman she remembered all those times that she was I her place, the one who's kissing him, the one under his arms and she realized her feelings are more than that. She's In Love with someone's boyfriend. And that f**king hurts.
3C Luiz Carlos
3C Luiz Carlos Hace un día
Love when she sings "just pretend, just pretend"
Christina Delarosa
Christina Delarosa Hace un día
4 years with my love and this song gets me so emotional 😭
Tais Morán
Tais Morán Hace un día
Did i fell in love with this song too late?
Heather Owen
Heather Owen Hace un día
coolchic Hace un día
taylor is a legend and this song too babes 💖
Joe Tekulve
Joe Tekulve Hace un día
Gorgeous would definitely be my " Wildest Dream " !!!
Apoorva Joshi
Apoorva Joshi Hace un día
On another episode of songs I can't see the same because of Tiktok 😭
w0lf Hace un día
this is so true,sometimes stars when they kiss in the movie feel real emotions
Patronsitaa8 Hace un día
Scott Eastwood ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Puviyarasu Hace 2 días
*I'm not from TikTok, cuz it's banned in my country.* 😂
Ratih AW
Ratih AW Hace 2 días
Areen Vivian
Areen Vivian Hace 2 días
Anyone else here listening to her old songs over & over again in this quarantine 🖐️
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