Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards

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Taylor Swift performs at the 2019 American Music Awards (November 24th, 2019)
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BubblemanJP's Hace 4 minutos
Can you please perform in superbowl halftime show taylor 🤗
Niza Swift
Niza Swift Hace 15 minutos
Imagine singing for 12 minutes straight... Thinking about it already makes me breathless
Kristelle Anne Ibardolaza
Kristelle Anne Ibardolaza Hace 21 un minuto
2020 viewers? Here I am, watching it again and again. 💖
Kader Çetin
Kader Çetin Hace 31 un minuto
11.40 dakika boyunca şarkı söyledi ve ne bi hata ne bi aksama musteşemsin TAYLOR SWIFT
Miss purple Legend
Miss purple Legend Hace un hora
Love story is the greatest song
Rosy Khan
Rosy Khan Hace 2 horas
She's the "Artist of the eternity" Love you Taylor❤
AJ Pat
AJ Pat Hace 2 horas
Okay 0:58 hellooo there avoOcadooOosss!!!
Bianca Socaciu
Bianca Socaciu Hace 3 horas
Guys I just realized what a huge Easter Egg Taylor gave us, like from all of the song, only The Man wasn't a single at that time...
newwi Hace 3 horas
2:46 Selena and Taylor's mum singing together is so wholesome
The Stormblooper
The Stormblooper Hace 4 horas
Nice lip synching. 🙄
ninyoo axcer
ninyoo axcer Hace 4 horas
Who's here before 2020 ends? Who watches this over and over again?
Emily Rologas
Emily Rologas Hace 4 horas
Let’s be honest, I’m pretty sure everyone who wasn’t there at her live performance are jealous of everyone who was there
anisa nurraudah
anisa nurraudah Hace 4 horas
I was born too late to be able to witness Elvis, The Beatles, or MJ. But being able to experience a life where Taylor Swift exists in her prime is such an honour for me. That fact alone is enough. *Taylor Swift is The Music Industry.*
Karl Ison
Karl Ison Hace 5 horas
When you realized you know all the songs even if you are not a big swift fan, thats how iconic she is.
vaishnavi jagati
vaishnavi jagati Hace 5 horas
Queen of high notes ♥️
Boo Hace 6 horas
Who's at 5:13 ??
Rashi Soni
Rashi Soni Hace 7 horas
Bts ......... 😍😘😘 army is there?
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf Hace 9 horas
Her legacy is just fukin mind blowing!! And she's only 30!! A TRUE ICON 👑 💖✨
Sumedha Jha
Sumedha Jha Hace 9 horas
Oh my gosh! I have literally watched it over 10 times. It's so great. Everybody out there is singing and enjoying her beautiful performance ❤️. Remember when people used to say that she can't perform well in lives, this is a slap on there faces. Trust me I have never ever cried watching someone's performance, but every time I watch this I can't stop my tears, I am literally so proud of being a Swifty, Taylor you've made it queen💖 And, is there any Swifty who doesn't find any difference between her live and studio's voice? I mean it's so great🖤
Anishka Rana
Anishka Rana Hace 12 horas
She wore golden as in the starting of the decade she wore golden in the speak now tour.
Niyati Baviskar
Niyati Baviskar Hace 12 horas
This woman is to powerful. She is so beautiful too. I Loooove her.....
Yahseq Gookler
Yahseq Gookler Hace 12 horas
Fake as music. Hope she loves the new normal.
Sok Chaiyavin
Sok Chaiyavin Hace 13 horas
Love story will never be get old❤️❤️ listen to this song since i was 12 year old.
Chanbaek forever
Chanbaek forever Hace 13 horas
Taylor's parents singing to her songs was the best precious moments ever!💕
Jenelyn Cosenas
Jenelyn Cosenas Hace 14 horas
i love you Taylor ❤
rogelyn donguines
rogelyn donguines Hace 15 horas
Until now, I'm still wondering why there's no Reputation song.
HeathertotaldramaTaylorSwit SmoahFandom
HeathertotaldramaTaylorSwit SmoahFandom Hace un hora
Big machine record wont let her
Hector Tolentino
Hector Tolentino Hace 17 horas
amazing playback
Caren Nashi
Caren Nashi Hace 20 horas
Example of a queen😍❤
Howdy Lhouvum
Howdy Lhouvum Hace 20 horas
May be kanye west must b a big fan of taylor 🤣
Howdy Lhouvum
Howdy Lhouvum Hace 20 horas
12th time I'm watching this❤❤
jeison baltodano
jeison baltodano Hace 21 un hora
Only imagine at super Bowl
Bryan Repha
Bryan Repha Hace 21 un hora
I don't know why but i love Camilla's part
Zup, Honey
Zup, Honey Hace 21 un hora
Let's admit that Taylor gives you goosebumps because of her legendary self written songs.
I just love being me!!!
I just love being me!!! Hace 22 horas
“We were both young when I first saw you” Ugh 😩 really do love the way Taylor pointed at Selena knowing that she was the one best friends...Taylena we love 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧
Justin William
Justin William Hace un día
Singers appreciating other singers' content feels so wholesome😌
Joshua Shelly
Joshua Shelly Hace un día
So, I've tried to identify all the celebrities in this video. Any help to fill in the blanks? @0:59 -- Billie Eilish @1:10 -- young fans @1:51 -- fans @2:20 -- Swift's parents & Selena Gomez @2:46 -- Swift's mother & Selena Gomez @3:22 -- Kesha @3:41 -- fans @3:57 -- ??? @4:52 -- Lizzo @5:12 -- ??? @5:22 -- Billie Eilish & Finneas (Ben Platt in background) @5:41 -- fans @7:04 -- fans @7:56 -- fans @8:04 -- Ella Mai @11:22 -- Swift's parents @11:25 -- unknown @11:31 -- Selena Gomez
le vi
le vi Hace un día
Isn't our taylor doing a concert?? Hahaha
Mohamed shiri
Mohamed shiri Hace un día
Who's watching now 🤗
seiji iwaguro
seiji iwaguro Hace un día
Taylor Swift - Live at the 2019 American Music Awards beautiful👍🥀🤗🌬️
Daisy Loveyou
Daisy Loveyou Hace un día
Love her xo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️
how you like that
how you like that Hace un día
I hated Taylor Swift so much and now I think I am a swiftie😭
Sumedha Jha
Sumedha Jha Hace 9 horas
Trust me you will not regret dear Swifty
Ahlam Islam
Ahlam Islam Hace un día
Who else is watching it again in July ;)
Ashe Lily Wright
Ashe Lily Wright Hace un día
8:28 aww Camila's soooo sweet!😍
Kuro Hime11
Kuro Hime11 Hace un día
Upon watching this again I suddenly remembered that dude who went up in stage and interrupted Taylor's Speech years ago I think it was also on an award ceremony. I also remember that time some dude made a controversy about her lying then all those hatred people threw at her. All those and she didn't stop, she fired back instead... With her awesome musics ; - ;
Huong Le
Huong Le Hace un día
where's speak now ?
awi calleja
awi calleja Hace un día
She never do lip sync💯💯
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman Hace un día
Still watching this lmao
Hada de Libros
Hada de Libros Hace un día
I am sooo happy to know that I grew up in the generation in which she was the artist of the decade. Taylor is one of the best things that could happen to music! 💕
Saurosabani Sabani
Saurosabani Sabani Hace un día
Rupkatha Banerjee
Rupkatha Banerjee Hace un día
Rongmangjungla Lemtor
Rongmangjungla Lemtor Hace un día
Many support for you form rongsennaro too
Rongmangjungla Lemtor
Rongmangjungla Lemtor Hace un día
I will support you
Rupkatha Banerjee
Rupkatha Banerjee Hace un día
Here after Miss Americana
Mary jane Teleron
Mary jane Teleron Hace un día
The one and only artist I like and I love the most since the beginning👑👑👑..
A N A H Í Hace un día
- Quisiera poder entender los comentarios pero como no hablo ingles no puedo... - I wish I could understand the comments but since I don't speak English I can't ...
A N A H Í Hace un día
- Amo a Taylor - I love Taylor
Jessica Perez
Jessica Perez Hace un día
I love this performance
Sumedha Jha
Sumedha Jha Hace un día
The amount of time I have watched this is just😂🖤
Unikitty the CrAzY KiTtEn
Unikitty the CrAzY KiTtEn Hace un día
0:24 she hits her in the face lol
Baljoban Singh
Baljoban Singh Hace un día
Lover will be the most emotional and great album of Taylor Swift. Her voice best fit lover album.
Nazareth FD
Nazareth FD Hace un día
Fue hermoso 😍
Allan Ford
Allan Ford Hace un día
It Pains me to say it and I’m not proud of it but Taylor Swift is absolutely Stunning and her legs are incredible.
Elise Simone
Elise Simone Hace un día
I will always love and be proud of her. I still remember when my dad brought me home her first CD. From that moment on ❤️
ZestyCørnFlakes X
ZestyCørnFlakes X Hace un día
Let’s take a moment to understand how many hits she has and how many songs you know of hers even if you have no idea who sings them she deserved this more than anybody like
Dav Beats
Dav Beats Hace un día
Who since 2020 like
Sofia Paul
Sofia Paul Hace un día
ugh i love the artist of the decade
Sarah Toga
Sarah Toga Hace un día
Me hating on Taylor for going pop but still listens to her pop songs 🙄
Paige Focosi
Paige Focosi Hace un día
Love this Taylor! Girl you are so powerful with your words! You are such a great women figure! And ! love your songs! You have come a long great way to get where you are, and you deserve to be honored!
Lil' Sunset
Lil' Sunset Hace un día
Taylor Swift is so amazing that even Billie Eilish is clapping and singing along
Nirvana Saeid
Nirvana Saeid Hace un día
"i knew you were trouble" will forever be an iconic song, legit the message the instruments the lyrics everything.
Estela C
Estela C Hace un día
It would've been cute if she sang lover with Shawn. For Camila ❤ I know some people didn't like the Shawn version but I did
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