tati westbrook just CANCELED jeffree star & shane dawson...

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Sebastian Williams

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Rai Hace 5 horas
Bloody hell its just freaking eye shadow 😂 these ppl are making drama and just have lipstick in relation to each other. 😂😂💄
Kelly Kornmesser
Kelly Kornmesser Hace un día
Dwi Sakti121
Dwi Sakti121 Hace 2 días
More like "Tati shifting blame to shane and jeffrey"
It's Megan
It's Megan Hace 2 días
Ohhhh this is hilarious I only feel sympathy for James. Everyone else is making it worse for themselves lol and James is still being the better person and not spilling tea but is avoiding it and being far more mature than any of them . And as karma has its ways James is being justified.
KungFuBlob Hace 2 días
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, homosexuals.....
Lily Halligan
Lily Halligan Hace 2 días
wrnjpn qaz
wrnjpn qaz Hace 3 días
nyob windy
nyob windy Hace 3 días
what did she do wrong? all she did was believe someone was hurt did she deserve that?
Lily Halligan
Lily Halligan Hace 2 días
She is sooooooo manipulative!!!!!!!!
wazida jahan nupur
wazida jahan nupur Hace 3 días
Why does James charles lose MILLIONS of subscribers in a day where Shane and Jeffree did way worse things than James. In which all the stuff Tati clamed in 'Bye sister' vid waren't even true. 😐
Mer Iem
Mer Iem Hace 4 días
She said that she witnessed him abuse and hit on straight confused minors. Now Jeffre and shane are the only ones guilty for the BS she started. I don't know what the other two did but she's 100% a bitch.
kim gyussi
kim gyussi Hace 4 días
Cancelled who? Jeffree still gets millions of views, Shane has been way long cancelled but he still have a million of subscribers and would probably still get millions of views the day he starts uploading again. They're still going to earn from their millions of views, so IDK how they become cancelled. For you, maybe, but those millions? Nah honey.
Mariana Hernández
Mariana Hernández Hace 4 días
Didn't she was the one who uploaded a video first about James? Didn't she was like a "mom" for James Charles? Bye bye bye to Tati
QCBM Hace 4 días
Shane is gonna make a 34 parts documentary about his downfall. haha
Ragmatical Rachel
Ragmatical Rachel Hace 4 días
How can we believe anything she says about jeffree and shane after she lied so confidently about James? Apparently she's easily swayed and now scared. I'm not trying to speak for Jeffree or Shane's character, I rate those low too but I can't take anything she says at face value the same as I can't with them. She says about not cancelling everyone but I don't really see why we need these people on the platfrom let alone the beauty community.
Sammycandy 999
Sammycandy 999 Hace 4 días
Be quiet Tati, go take ur pills🤦🏼‍♀️
Susana Martinez
Susana Martinez Hace 4 días
All this drama over vitamin gummies and make-up 🙄
Ted Hace 5 días
youtube for idiots.
Monique Addn
Monique Addn Hace 5 días
Tati needs to start acting her age and take responsibility for her own actions.
pati lole
pati lole Hace 6 días
why should we believe her? didnt she lie the first time? like i see no proof of what she is saying! honestly i dont support anyone of them except james bc he is literally so genuine. thats it. so honestly none are to be trusted but especially tati for putting the blame on anyone and everyone, like maybe they have their own fault but she is immature and dumb for gping public and calling ppl out.
Ronny Carbonel
Ronny Carbonel Hace 6 días
R u gay?
The Reborn King
The Reborn King Hace 6 días
I’m not saying Tati is perfect, but she was manipulated by a cast of characters that care more about drama, fame and fortune than actually forming any meaningful relationships with people. Because Tati opens her heart up to others, she got so close to people and her guard came down, allowing Shane and Jeffree to completely manipulate her, and I don’t fault her in this. Especially since Jeffree couldn’t wait to jump in and say how James is terrible on twitter after her original video was posted. Sure, she could have kept quiet, but the truth is, if you listen to the disgusting things Jeffree said about Nikkitutorials on the leaked voicemail, he is a disgusting vile person, and is definitely capable of gaslighting and manipulating people.
VilkoGecan Hace 6 días
Pig scene starts from 6:02
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace 7 días
James:😐 Tati:😡 Shane:😈 Jeffrey:🤬
Tea Hace 7 días
but...what if she's telling the truth? That she was hurt when she saw James with the sugar hair bla bla when she had just produced her own vitamin gummies so she went and told Jeffree and Shane about how hurt she was and Jeffrey and Shane took her as a part of their malicious plan . I think that maybe she is innocent, and had done things when she hurt
Tiffani Wells
Tiffani Wells Hace 7 días
Everyone of these people are doing just fine. I don't get why Tati waited this long to confess or to push it all on Jeffree and Shane. Oh I bet her views are down. They all do it for the views. I'm not going to dislike any of them any less. I think they might have encouraged not manipulated.
Judy Booty
Judy Booty Hace 7 días
Why did they feel so comfortable saying all this to Tati in the first place. I don’t know if this is for all of them to get more followers, all I know is I love jefree and James 😭
Look out a freaking breadstick
Look out a freaking breadstick Hace 7 días
Lmao Shane is over dramatic
alisha marrie
alisha marrie Hace 8 días
i feel like when tati cry , she sound and look like Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls ... ( no hate btw)
Sennokai !
Sennokai ! Hace 8 días
Who could’ve known the MAKEUP community would be this toxic.
Me-A Hardaway
Me-A Hardaway Hace 8 días
If she even THOUGHT about a HUMAN taking their own LIFE why would you EVER post that
Sicko Mode
Sicko Mode Hace 9 días
What the hell is going on why does everyone hate the guy dresses in drag for I don’t got time for all this just wanna know the point
Eevee Hace 9 días
i think jeffrey manipulated shane...
Charlene Muchunu
Charlene Muchunu Hace 9 días
OMGGGG the last time I watched your channel you never showed your face and now here you are! Hi Sebastian, we love to see it
brasco18 Hace 9 días
I absolutely hate the phrase spoke their truth, it’s a way to excuse someone for lying
Rin Nakamura
Rin Nakamura Hace 9 días
Yooo she really called them out lol
Jaxan Hace 10 días
Can't they just all call eachother and handle drama by themselves? Holy crap. I came here for eyeshadow.
Wag 1
Wag 1 Hace 10 días
tati a SOCIOPATH 😂
thenater07 Hace 10 días
If she was truly James friend, she should of just gone to James and talked to him. And not once did she take responsibility for her actions
sydney snyder
sydney snyder Hace 10 días
Am I the only one who thinks Tati wants to try to cancel any competition and be fake?
Nimbusstar187 Hace 10 días
Can't believe tati gained so much subscribers last year and got a huge support and success during her palette launch..
amber irene
amber irene Hace 11 días
"i don't wanna say mean things about people" - shane. lol k
Dayanara Hernandez
Dayanara Hernandez Hace 11 días
I thought Mrs. Entanglement said sum
Bust Down Thotiana
Bust Down Thotiana Hace 11 días
The funny part is they take their careers seriously
bailey queen
bailey queen Hace 11 días
She’s so rude we know James wouldn’t do that, and how she is the only one that sees this stuff we need proof 🥺💖
Cierra Hayes
Cierra Hayes Hace 11 días
Tati, you're embarassing yourself sis.
Trish QP
Trish QP Hace 12 días
Tati is so toxic
Savina Hace 12 días
The only time Tati is ever relevant is when she's trying to expose and cancel people. She is the problem. Girl stop blaming everyone and causing drama to all of a sudden be relevant
Carla Fernandes
Carla Fernandes Hace 12 días
Tati is not innocent
Kiana Kosack
Kiana Kosack Hace 12 días
No...she tried to. Shane will NEVER be cancelled. Never.
Xristina music
Xristina music Hace 10 días
LMAO, you still support Shane?
Cindy C
Cindy C Hace 12 días
You should watch what in latin america are saying about this 👀 nobody believes in tati, or shane or jeffrey... And... James didn't learn the lesson 🤦
runningrock124 Hace 13 días
Ryland is a husband??
Fatema Reda
Fatema Reda Hace 13 días
tati makes me so pissed - why do you keep blaming others but yourself? take some responsibility girl omg
la fea
la fea Hace 13 días
Karma is catching up to him 🙌🙌🙌 racist fu:;
Butter Toasties
Butter Toasties Hace 14 días
NO ONE PUT A GUN TO HER HEAD TO POST THAT VIDEO ! And the only reason she posted that video last year was because James posted an ad video promoting sugar bear hair are you serious?!
Vistine Bishop
Vistine Bishop Hace 14 días
it seems like all this spun out over tati and what she says....how do we know whats true what all is going on how are all these ppl connected and all this crap coming up???
Madi Hace 14 días
Honestly I’m confused
Carmen González
Carmen González Hace 15 días
I don't know but I think we need to start taking responsibility of our mistakes, trying to blame someone else hurts her and people around this scandal even more, they should have spoken about this whole situation in private. I really hope things can get resolved soon.
fiona123456ful Hace 15 días
Jeffree is a monster.This remind me fighting between Jeffree and Kat v d
pancake ghosty
pancake ghosty Hace 15 días
I don't really like Tati, I'm sorry. I didn't like her video about James that time although I'm not very invested in him tbh, but turning around a year later and saying she was manipulated is very, well, manipulative. She was very pointed in that video against James, stating that she felt personally let down by him and upset he chose to promote Sugarbear Hair after "all I did for him". These were personal feelings she felt and now she is saying she was manipulated? No, I think she is just naive. She's a very beautiful woman and her makeup & lifestyle videos are interesting, just please stop making 40 minute docu-dramas where you throw more people under the cancel bus because you made poor character judgements and listened to the wrong people. I feel like Tati is at the epicentre of all these dramas and that is my stupid opinion 🤔
Piyu Sarkar
Piyu Sarkar Hace 16 días
Am I the only one who never liked shane?
emily palmer
emily palmer Hace 16 días
She looked like she was reading a script
emily palmer
emily palmer Hace 16 días
THIS YEAR IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaden Byers
Jaden Byers Hace 16 días
why can’t she just own up to what SHE did. She posted it, she said it. Not shane, not jeffrey. Don’t be a coward.
aliyah broughton
aliyah broughton Hace 16 días
yawn.....y’all need hobbies
Jeughn Allyson
Jeughn Allyson Hace 16 días
The fact that some high school kids handle things like this better than these grown ass adults LOL
Jennifer Hiuser
Jennifer Hiuser Hace 16 días
people are so bored they’re starting all this drama for no fucking reason bro like we got bigger issues 🤣😭
fancysashavlogs -
fancysashavlogs - Hace 16 días
shane and jeffre are so problematic get a damn life.
NONO JAM_ Hace 16 días
Why does she keep looking to the right? Is she reading a script or something??
resting bitchface
resting bitchface Hace 15 días
she wrote a script because it had to be approved by her lawyers.
pancake ghosty
pancake ghosty Hace 15 días
No, she wrote it out a while before and then read it off her computer. She said in the video "these are my own words" etc etc. So, it is kind of a script? But she wrote it 🤷‍♀️
Linden NZ
Linden NZ Hace 16 días
They all show signs of fear at the thought of truth coming out. I suspect they've all behaved appallingly in private. They are all problematic people and don't deserve attention, it just feeds their narcissism. Toxic selfish people.
Maddie Kerzel
Maddie Kerzel Hace 17 días
She is a 40 year old woman. Why does she keep starting these? It's just not necessary. Deal with it on your own with the people it's about instead of bringing it on social media. It's so petty like a teenager
David Lopez
David Lopez Hace 17 días
Shane’s reaction isnt the reaction if someone who is being falsely accused its the reaction of someone who is panicking because the truth is out.
Watch your profanities
Watch your profanities Hace 2 días
In this situation, yes, but that’s not always the case. I personally panic when people accuse me of things I haven’t done because I have anxiety. But, yes, I’m this situation I think Shane is reacting like that because he was exposed.
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