Taskmaster - Series 3, Episode 5 'The FIP'

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The grand final of Series 3 as Al Murray, Dave Gorman, Paul Chowdhry, Rob Beckett and Sara Pascoe compete for the Taskmaster trophy.

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Ben Bauer
Ben Bauer Hace un día
I would have loved if he had said "I'm really good at keepie-uppies" and then a ball falls from the rafters.
Levi Nunya
Levi Nunya Hace 3 días
20:45 “you may not raise your voice” Rob & Sara “WOT!? I’M JUST GUESSING MATE!”
Artemion LOA
Artemion LOA Hace 3 días
Its mildly upsetting the ESwomen ads dont line up with the breaks in the show
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Hace 4 días
What does VT stand for in Taskmaster?
Moo Moo Puppy
Moo Moo Puppy Hace 4 días
I remember a time on QI when Sandi Toksvig had said she had never farted in her whole life and both the panel and the audience did not believe her. Is such a thing possible?
Ein Hace 6 días
Angry nobody lined the colander with the plastic bag.
Marcel Chagnon
Marcel Chagnon Hace 9 días
Dave keeps cheating!
Prakriti Hace 10 días
Watching this I have discovered I do things without demanding pay far to easily. " You want me to bring you a [insert object here]?? $10"
XanthraX Hace 12 días
I'm bingeing this U?
m qq
m qq Hace 13 días
BurnEdOutOne Hace 13 días
Sara could have used her bobble hat to soak up a ton of water and wrung it out like a sponge. She would have lost a lot but gotten way better than the other guys (save the one who used bribery).
Nick12391 Hace 13 días
I was really hoping someone would realize that zero is a whole number
C_Soren Hace 15 días
After series 5 they should do a series with all the previous winners
OrnateAtaxia Hace 14 días
they did!
basketca2 Hace 15 días
24:25 Sara is really terrible at this.
HeatherHotcakes Hace 16 días
So glad that Rob won. Dave is a lying cheat and Al is just an a**.
HeatherHotcakes Hace 16 días
Absolutely confused by why Rob kept sticking his hands into freezing cold water. Just don’t do the task and lose 5 points. Big deal.
Chris Gleeton
Chris Gleeton Hace 17 días
The robot dance should have been set to 'The Humans are Dead'.
Braindoner101 Hace 18 días
I expected half a donut...
N. J.
N. J. Hace 20 días
Eh that donuts challenge was kinda dumb.
Jixaw Hace 21 un día
31:59 This is hands down one of my favorite moments on this show. “He’s gong mad” *silence* “Gong”
cinnamonbun Hace 21 un día
paul is my favourite, he might not win this but he entertained me the most
Bhoj 89
Bhoj 89 Hace 22 días
I expected Rob or Sara to bring a picture of the other.
Alexis P
Alexis P Hace 22 días
Greg definitely has a foot fetish
Gabriela Maria
Gabriela Maria Hace 23 días
The random dog that showed up in the middle of the task? Love them
A chaotic soul
A chaotic soul Hace 23 días
P1ac3 H01d3r
P1ac3 H01d3r Hace 25 días
This is the second episode in the run of the show where contestants have tried the gas siphoning trick lmao
apatternedhorizon Hace 25 días
Why must they be uploaded a week apart
Andrew Massman-Hall
Andrew Massman-Hall Hace 26 días
"This whole series had been like how Donald Trump would play it!!!" See, no, that's wrong. Al Murray actually PAID the people he hired to do his work.
Eli's Animations & More
Eli's Animations & More Hace 26 días
The Greg trophy needed a thicker neck.
Entertainee er
Entertainee er Hace 26 días
30:31 God Forgive Me For What I Am About To Do🤣.. Suprised no one mentioned it
Nisa Mårtenson
Nisa Mårtenson Hace 26 días
Oh no! What happened to Season 4 videos? Your channel is the only way for me to watch these series from Singapore.
M. Hans Liebert
M. Hans Liebert Hace 27 días
“Could have given them to the audience.” Have to admit, a bit of a crush on Sara Pascoe.
Kay J
Kay J Hace 27 días
I kept thinking I would rip a donut in half and boom unique and a low number lol!
Gabriela Gonçalves
Gabriela Gonçalves Hace 27 días
This was so fun! Not only the series as a whole given that every competitor is so unique and yet they all had chemistry, but being able to follow it week by week on the channel. I know these are old series but it's still nice ♡
Daren Gauthier
Daren Gauthier Hace 27 días
The last challenge, was brilliant in concept
Daren Gauthier
Daren Gauthier Hace 27 días
Speaking of Adam and Eve, how dipshit, raised by dummies, would one have to be, to assume God created all of the galaxies, and everything on this planet, including man, but needed to borrow a rib, to create woman Get the fuck out of here, religion is stupid
Joshua Horrocks
Joshua Horrocks Hace 28 días
They could have just moved “a bucket” not “the buckets”
CurveTheRain Hace 28 días
Thinking outside the box is fun but buying wins and cheating all the time is not 😕
Shamelesslilly Hace 28 días
this was really funny, but seeing that creepy dude standing in the shed around 9:45 was jarring (*o*)
nathan haldenby
nathan haldenby Hace 28 días
This is the show of loopholes
Dane Leitch
Dane Leitch Hace 28 días
If Rob puts the trophy on his head he will be almost as tall as George.
I'm a Brain Doctor
I'm a Brain Doctor Hace 26 días
The famous comedian George Davies.
SF Hace 28 días
So I thought this was a new series....then I realized this came out 4 years ago and have another 6 series to watch.... Why on earth is this only being uploaded now???
truthbegins Hace un día
Might have something to do with the move to Channel 4
rosieanox Hace 4 días
They’re uploading the whole show starting from the beginning, is all
Kimberly Armstrong
Kimberly Armstrong Hace 28 días
This is so funny! Where is Series 4? I can't wait to watch Noel!
randomusernumber1 Hace 28 días
Sara is just the best . Even thou she lost shes like " Im having fun" and when the guy threw the donuts on the ground here reaction was just amazing , i love everything about her
Senna Augustus
Senna Augustus Hace 23 días
She's competitive but not a sore loser.
Adam Arens
Adam Arens Hace 29 días
Has anyone adapted this series into a board game for parties yet ?
Ross Irwin
Ross Irwin Hace 29 días
Petition to have them announce final series scores in the last episode as a montage or review of what happened each episode. They could put highs and lows and how people’s scores changed game to game.
Diego Cárdenas
Diego Cárdenas Hace 29 días
Are they going to continue uploading the rest of the series?
TheTatertot Hace 29 días
I wanna be on Paul’s level
Matthew Koller
Matthew Koller Hace un mes
only at 11:14 but all I can think is pathetic. chug the water run over vomit it up. run back chug more water. that's easily 2 quarts or more in one chug
Benjamin Tassone
Benjamin Tassone Hace un mes
You want a doughnut?
Aggieboy Hace un mes
I want to begin this by saying that this sounds absolutely terrible and I feel horrible for thinking this. Please only read if you're okay with reading something a**hole-ish Rob looks like what happens after a thousand years of royal family inbreeding in England and I can't get it out of my head
Ari Jackson
Ari Jackson Hace 10 días
Aggieboy or a lonely night with a mare in the stables innit?
Corey Brix
Corey Brix Hace un mes
Sarah should've brought a picture of Rob since they kept calling them the siblings.
xzeroxman Hace un mes
She took the big hand gloves off to pet the dog
Arubaruna Hace un mes
The last task reminds me of the great game "Carrot in a box"
calstu Hace un mes
Just saying: the way to win the donut thing would be to put on one donut and then announce it to everyone else that that is what you are doing. This way if anyone else does one donut, they know they are not going to win. But if they put any number higher they won't win. So unless someone intentionally loses, you are guaranteed to win.
Sara Ds
Sara Ds Hace un mes
I’d say it’s very likely that someone will put 1 donut as well to counter and not let you win, so i don’t know how good of a strategy it would be...
John DeOrian
John DeOrian Hace un mes
Please continue uploading these. I think this is my new favorite show.
jjaapp18 Hace un mes
I feel like they should upload all the full episodes before they start making all the compilations and special clips.
Sourabh Unnikrishnan
Sourabh Unnikrishnan Hace un mes
Another one!
JackDManheim Hace un mes
38:16 I love that Paul actually checks.
longgone Hace un mes
Paul is hilarious
gsundell Hace un mes
So will you put up series 4 now?
Cobb Hace un mes
"without moving *the bucket*" singular. So that means you could grab the other bucket, bring it to the first "unmovable" bucket, and siphon water between them with the hose. right?
Filipe Ribeiro
Filipe Ribeiro Hace un mes
I was thinking that, but they say that they cannont move the buckets plural 6:46
Mark Pemberton
Mark Pemberton Hace un mes
Can't believe this show has lasted this long. Its so dumb.
Brett Ridings
Brett Ridings Hace un mes
Good God am I the only one who finds rob intolerable??
Clash1138 Hace un mes
Everytime paul says innit the world feels right for a second
R W Hace un mes
We want more! We want more! We want more! Thoroughly enjoy this show. I'm glad Rob won, at least he's done all the tasks instead of buying the wins or having some guy shout the charades answer out loud.
hawk james
hawk james Hace un mes
y british people use cool words and we talk like poopoo
Johannes De Ruig
Johannes De Ruig Hace un mes
Why didn't they put zero donuts on the stick?
Bardon Plays
Bardon Plays Hace un mes
36:44 "Place one or more doughnuts on your stick."
EthynWithAY Hace un mes
“He’s gong mad” “Yeeeaa” “....gong”
Jane Prendergast
Jane Prendergast Hace un mes
Ben fogle just chilling waiting to help
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