Taskmaster - Series 3, Episode 4 'A Very Nuanced Character'

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Al, Dave, Paul, Rob and Sara compete in a new set of tasks, including spreading their clothes as far as possible.
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Melissa Boyd
Melissa Boyd Hace un día
Does anyone else think that Greg reminds them of Pennywise? Lol
Snorri Ö.K.
Snorri Ö.K. Hace 3 días
I like the fact that the one generally put up as the dumbest on 8 out of 10 cats won this series. Red Bucket became the Masktaster!
liquidminds Hace 4 días
So, a guy can create shoes out of thin air, and that's reason to divorce him for a woman? ... I do not think that's a realistic plot... He could look like a goblin and he'd still have more girls chasing after him than after me. Which isn't an achievement at all, now I think about it...
Ian Hace 4 días
Why are you guys obsessed with paying taxes... seriously I'm starting to understand why we declared independence because of a stupid tax.
GUI Guy Hace 4 días
at about 30m... do they mean to say 'anesthesiologist'? because man they're missin like 3 syllables
Doctor Medkit
Doctor Medkit Hace 10 días
15:13 Remember that Alex Horne does all the music for the show with his band, The Horne Section
Carmen Hace 11 días
4:10 well... he's hydroflax.
HeatherHotcakes Hace 17 días
These people are really doing too much for a few points. Ridiculous. I have more respect for Paul.
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy
Big Idiot Dumb Stupid Guy Hace 18 días
Schrodingers sock. Can’t prove where it is until you see it
ThIntercepter Mcoc
ThIntercepter Mcoc Hace 18 días
That job is called an anestheologist in Canada and the USA. Same thing though
Woodsy2575 Hace 19 días
I'm convinced that the Pub Landlord is a genius
Rob Meyers
Rob Meyers Hace 19 días
Greg please don't get sick or die... Though even if you did die, you'd still be better than David Walliams.
adrienne houndlover
adrienne houndlover Hace 21 un día
Dave saying Greg already looks like doctor who villain and then Greg's head being used as doctor who villain hydroflax
Woodsy2575 Hace 19 días
adrienne houndlover oh damn I didn’t even realize
Hawkadoodle Hace 21 un día
for the clothesi would have done gabriels horn calculus with infinite area
Ramonerdna Hace 23 días
I love Paul at this point. "You need to watch more foreign films" LITERALLY floored me...I fell over laughing
Joe LaRocca
Joe LaRocca Hace 23 días
Is Paul autistic? No offence intended.
cinnamonbun Hace 21 un día
mate, you got no humour innit!
Yokai main LaBottez
Yokai main LaBottez Hace 27 días
Defensor Pacis
Defensor Pacis Hace 29 días
Bastard's cyrin', innit?
Cat's Meow
Cat's Meow Hace un mes
Rob winking looks like he's getting punched by an invisible fist. I call that a special effect.
Watts Hace un mes
rob is the most british looking person ive ever seen
pintpot Hace un mes
2:20 Just out of curiosity, which member of Take That DOES pay tax?
John Masson
John Masson Hace un mes
Anesthesiologist > Anistethithisthsesist
Gummay YT
Gummay YT Hace un mes
Nice shoes 😉
Dee Dcaro
Dee Dcaro Hace un mes
That's an interesting way to pronounce anesthesiologist. 🤔
Kyle Reeping
Kyle Reeping Hace un mes
TM: *Calls people who play with RC planes "nerds"* Also TM: *Hosts a show where people struggle to do the easiest of tasks.*
Anthony Tamayo
Anthony Tamayo Hace un mes
you could find the exact house of the task master house with the map if you tried hard enough
mara.iara Hace un mes
I feel that Taskmaster's true purpose has been to expose the truth that Paul Chowdhry and James Acaster are brothers from different mothers (...and fathers)
Jack Vaughan
Jack Vaughan Hace un mes
Does anyone know what instrument that is at 30:56?
Ser Brienne of Tarth
Ser Brienne of Tarth Hace 21 un día
Could be a dulcimer...
Atriark the Zebra
Atriark the Zebra Hace un mes
Don't know why ESwomen's recommended me this, but it's brilliant!
ThatJuanGuy Hace un mes
Why does that brazil world cup book keep appearing season after season
Jacob Aboutar
Jacob Aboutar Hace un mes
I’m still thinking about tree wizard
Ethan Stark
Ethan Stark Hace un mes
Where's the rest of the episodes?
Ethan Stark
Ethan Stark Hace un mes
It's kinda weird how obsessed they are with people not paying taxes... Is there any reason why they are?
Insolentish Hace un mes
Paul is retarded.
Kyle Flynn
Kyle Flynn Hace un mes
an Anesthetist is not a doctor. its a nurse. an anesthesiologist however is a doctor.
OGSankai Hace un mes
it's kind of a pity that it takes so long to upload a new episode.. i mean, there seems to be a 9th series and we are teased by tasks and "best moments" of episodes we haven't seen yet, which is just aweful... :(
AJ Lynch
AJ Lynch Hace un mes
So the girl only did 3 items of clothing?
6lue Already Dead
6lue Already Dead Hace un mes
24:50 in America that's called an anesthesiologist... I was wondering why they kept calling it an Anesthetist but it makes just as much sense🤷‍♂️
Katrina Weber
Katrina Weber Hace un mes
was anyone else thinking that they could have “worn” the blindfolds anywhere but their eyes?
Doctor Medkit
Doctor Medkit Hace un mes
Why are these brits measuring in square miles
pintpot Hace un mes
SamsUndertale Hace un mes
40:28 was wild
shape Hace un mes
18:21 if there were three sixes then this would have been cursed
Joshua Harferd
Joshua Harferd Hace un mes
They should've just asked "Does the first letter of your job title land between a and m" then m and z, then narrowed it down more, and basically played binary search hangman
Miles Lougheed
Miles Lougheed Hace un mes
So nobody is going to mention what those balls are really for? No? Well okay.
Miles Lougheed
Miles Lougheed Hace un mes
@Moon Pilot Google Ben Wa
Moon Pilot
Moon Pilot Hace un mes
Id like to know since i have them
Braden Schecter
Braden Schecter Hace un mes
Anyone else want to watch all 42 minutes of Paul whispering to Doctor Hugh?
Wouter Bakx
Wouter Bakx Hace un mes
Anyone here play Tropico? I believe its the same music
Fallon Raze
Fallon Raze Hace un mes
british game shows are so much better than our american shows, especially this one, its just people messing around, I fucking love it
Lloyd Johnston
Lloyd Johnston Hace un mes
Fun on the bouncy castle. Have my wife come over and well... get censored.
SGWA Hace un mes
This is one of the best episodes
Not_Tommy Hace un mes
They could have just laid on their backs on put the sticky notes on them.
Lil Red
Lil Red Hace un mes
I woulda brought in a DVD of Firefly for something shiny
coloredglass Hace un mes
release these faster oh my god
Anna Holmes
Anna Holmes Hace un mes
14:09 it’s so minor but I can’t stop being annoyed that he called Bruce Banner, David Banner
Shannon King
Shannon King Hace un mes
I think in the comics his name is David Bruce Banner. Goes by his middle name. I know in the old Lou Ferrigno Incredible Hulk series his name was David Banner.
tempodude 25
tempodude 25 Hace un mes
best show on television
CurveTheRain Hace un mes
That zoom in on Paul’s was just cruel 😂😂
Mark Reid
Mark Reid Hace un mes
I'm in the ballpark, right? Yeah, you've been in the ballpark for quite a while now 😆
GnomeDeGuerre Hace un mes
I have a cousin ...... who puts people to sleep. 😇
ClaudeSac Hace un mes
It's a shame I cannot stand Greg Davies. This show would be so entertaining if it wasn't for him..
Richard Smith
Richard Smith Hace un mes
In the US they are called anesthesiologists.
Martin Fitzpatrick
Martin Fitzpatrick Hace un mes
Any chance you'll release the full questioning from Paul, I think I'd watch the full 42 minutes. Love Taskmaster. Keep them coming 😁😁😁
Mr.Nose Hace un mes
Do they not call it anesthesiologist across the pond?
Team Adventure Beagle
Team Adventure Beagle Hace un mes
32:01 for a refreshing conversation of big momma's house 😂
PG59 FN Hace un mes
It's not cgi he plays big mama and him but it's done with makeup not sfx
Kusane Hexaku
Kusane Hexaku Hace un mes
"Insane Winking Gay Magician" is mood
Noshin Chowdhury
Noshin Chowdhury Hace un mes
The doctor was too easy, I wish they got someone with a more outlandish profession 😂
malenotyalc Hace un mes
Woot Woot! Another full episode!
Heather McC
Heather McC Hace un mes
Alex’s dad seems like such a sweet gentleman.
Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread Hace un mes
Technically Paul’s square is the entire world if you go the other way
François Caron
François Caron Hace 13 días
That's exactly what I would have done as well.
Connor Moroney
Connor Moroney Hace un mes
An hour in a bouncy castle, he looks so disappointed, I would be phoning all my friends and partying
Widdekuu91 Hace 12 días
I have no friends, but I'd ask Alex to join me and jump on music. I'd then ask for paper-confetti, then for strawberries. Then for a rabbit (just to cuddle) and then for more music.
ThatOneAsianBroChick Hace 18 días
I mean, if I had a whole bouncy castle and Alex at my beck and call, I'd do what Paul did 🤣. Back massages are great.
ablestmage Hace un mes
If the sticky notes are allowed to be stuck to each other like in the comical eyelashes, then just remove the bottom sticky note from the pile, and hold your hand out palm up and stick the whole stack to your palm.
ablestmage Hace un mes
@Squid Parts Still, putting them into a stack on one hand one at a time, would be much quicker and more reliable of a stick, than onto clothes.. hmm
Squid Parts
Squid Parts Hace un mes
“Sticky notes must be applied individually”
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