Tanker truck swarmed after driving into protesters on 35W in Minneapolis

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FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul

FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul

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Protesters swarmed a tanker truck and removed the driver from the cab after the truck barreled into a crowd of thousands. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety says the incident does not appear to be an intentional act. The driver was was coming from I94 to I-35W and MnDOT did not have barricades up.

Jeff Brown
Jeff Brown Hace 5 días
I would gun it and if there is blood streaks I win.
Ilya Myshalou
Ilya Myshalou Hace 5 días
FOX, please save the driver COPS AND CITY PUT HIM IN A JAIL!!!!! Not a single arrest done on mobs. Is it possible to sue police chief and city administration (PERSONALLY) for misconduct and fail of professional duties?
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight Hace 10 días
Today's society. Now I know why I live in the middle of the desert (Arizona)
Ban Hace 12 días
Truckers should carry. It's like fast and furious. If they're going to highjack your truck, and you don't wanna run over hundreds of people. Just pew pew pew until you're safe and in the clear
J Hace 16 días
My name is Jaffar I came from afar I have a bomb in my car Allahu Akbar
jacob chartier
jacob chartier Hace 23 días
Islamic state attack tanker truck
Tee Jay
Tee Jay Hace 27 días
It’s obvious he attempted to drive through ‘em.....someone pulled his airlines causing the trailer to lock up...after that he’s a sitting duck...low life “moochers”!!!...😡🤬
Th1r1thre3 Hace 28 días
Circa 2020: savage humans try to fool optimus prime into transforming
T Newman
T Newman Hace un mes
Question is: Where are the parents?
Logic Seeker
Logic Seeker Hace un mes
Unintentional my ass.
luisplaysgames Hace un mes
This could been lynch mob.
keith autry
keith autry Hace un mes
never stop
okow tina
okow tina Hace un mes
He's trying to do his job making $ instead of those ppl (prob pulling unemployment) and that's what he gets?? What the hell is wrong with ppl?
Blake Maximus
Blake Maximus Hace un mes
Hey LIARS. Tell the truth! The driver wasn't charged...the lame, corrupt democrat run administration in MSP failed to close this highway, so the trucker was LAWFULLY on the road, and saved lives by stopping as he got mobbed! His reward? He got beat up because he is white!! WTF is wrong with you people! Report the facts!! The trucker did NOT drive into the crowd to hurt people. The mob was on the road unlawfully! THEY broke the law. Think about it...if he wanted to hurt people, he EASILY could have runs hundreds of them over...instead, he stopped to avoid hurting people, at risk to his own life (Reginald Denny was almost killed for the same thing). Again, leftist Democrats lying to advance their false agenda....
Rodolphe Colson
Rodolphe Colson Hace un mes
The truck in real life : stop (hooo) The truck in GTA V :big strike (ooo yeah )
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
Mama always said " don't play on the highway"
xSkyburnsred Hace un mes
Surprised they didn't just throw his ass over the fucking barriers
Scott1Lori2 Hace un mes
The precedent has been set! As a truck driver I will NOT STOP.
cobainzlady Hace 22 días
even if you rolled really slowly, it would keep them from ripping your brake lines etc and getting your door open... they also blocked his windshield too.
Jpoll Hace un mes
They don't have any right to block the road
alida flus
alida flus Hace un mes
He should’ve just gunned it
James Anderson
James Anderson Hace un mes
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Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Hace un mes
Fuck that he should have kept going
fwiimasa Hace un mes
America breaks, the world breaks, corona breaks, humankind breaks down.
Zane Chandler
Zane Chandler Hace un mes
I wish he’d have just gunned it, killed half of them, and escaped safely. Anyone who believes this is okay should be hung publicly
Tarrah Smith
Tarrah Smith Hace un mes
25 years ago
zombie Kid11
zombie Kid11 Hace un mes
"I'll tell you bob I just got in my "tanker truck" and drove it and when there was a guy in my way i killed him"
Расим Бейбутов
Расим Бейбутов Hace un mes
The truck driver is actually a very good person. He simply did not notice the sign and made a mistake. Forgive him!
cat Hace un mes
AK 47
AK 47 Hace un mes
don't protest on the highways and attack vehicles.
Paladin Aladin
Paladin Aladin Hace un mes
I really want to hear from the truck driver. anybody know if he said anything afterwards?
Eric Buck
Eric Buck Hace un mes
Real life frogger!
Dima Him
Dima Him Hace un mes
Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Hace un mes
"Rick go get my axe"
Kevin Kiley
Kevin Kiley Hace un mes
Big Potato
Big Potato Hace un mes
He should’ve just gunned it
michael pike
michael pike Hace un mes
hes a joke
michael pike
michael pike Hace un mes
it's got to be one of the stupidest fucking things I've ever seen .
michael pike
michael pike Hace un mes
he's a pathetic truck driver
The Goat
The Goat Hace un mes
That truck driver needs a .45 and a 12 gauge if he’d had that them protesters would have gotten what they deserved
Damean Bible
Damean Bible Hace un mes
I dont understand why he stopped
cobainzlady Hace 22 días
because he had regard for human life. and maybe someone ripped his air brakes underneath.
chaosity Trolling
chaosity Trolling Hace un mes
Should not have stopped
Taylor Garza
Taylor Garza Hace un mes
He shouldn't have stopped
space potato
space potato Hace un mes
If you look closely you can see the amount of sjw's with pink hair who have clearly never worked a day in their life
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks Hace un mes
I would totally understand if God hit the reset button.
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
I sure wish I could.
Thus Spoke Zarathustra
Thus Spoke Zarathustra Hace un mes
He should have plowed through them at normal interstate speed
Наталія Іваненко
Наталія Іваненко Hace un mes
Форкун Виктор
Форкун Виктор Hace un mes
Из-за дикарей пострадал нормальный человек... Думаю нужно было нажать на педаль "газ" и объезжая толпу уходить без остановки... Он был близок к смерти...
MJ 12
MJ 12 Hace un mes
and wind the protesters getting arrested for pulling that truck driver out of his truck That’s the intent to cause bodily harm right there
MJ 12
MJ 12 Hace un mes
The truck driver had every right to be on that freeway not the protesters
MJ 12
MJ 12 Hace un mes
they shit and I’ve been on the freeway in the First place
Jesus christ saves from hell lake of fire.
Douglas Foley
Douglas Foley Hace un mes
Well.....what did they expect was bound to happen from protesting on a highway???.......that’s like protesting near an alligator 🐊 infested body of water then be shocked some was eaten alive by one........
kitanowow Hace un mes
usa zombie ........ok ....
Gregorio Gallegos
Gregorio Gallegos Hace un mes
He was driving way to fast torch that crowd good thing he did the right thing last moment
Ryan Michalicek
Ryan Michalicek Hace un mes
the thing is that the truck didnt rive into anyone. the truck driver killed no one and even stopped for a lady that was sitting infront of the truck
Lord Tripathy
Lord Tripathy Hace un mes
Its such b.s. they say he was going fast into a crowd but he actually never went fast into any crowd so they deleted the first part of the video.
Tawny Lekic
Tawny Lekic Hace un mes
one group whooping his ass, another group robbing the inside of the cab, not sure what the 2 in the rear of the truck was doing🤣🤣
Giovanni DeBravo
Giovanni DeBravo Hace un mes
never ever slow down - you have the power of a damn truck !!!!
Kiwi Dawn
Kiwi Dawn Hace un mes
Can you guys stop destroying stuff on your land? Look at Martin Luther King, he didn't destroy anything for black rights he did it peacefully.
T Lo
T Lo Hace un mes
Just imagine that tank blow up. Ppl r just idiots. Don't even think about those stuff
Bo Brother
Bo Brother Hace un mes
There was nobody in front of him ....I would have speed up to freeway speeds ....thugs on the windshield ....pulled out the 1911 and given them a chance to jump off.
Яковлев Алексей
Яковлев Алексей Hace un mes
в России тоже много таких же АНАЛьныхБОТОВ которые готовы творить тоже самое...
Яковлев Алексей
Яковлев Алексей Hace un mes
война миров z
Кондрат Пупкин
Кондрат Пупкин Hace un mes
Украинский гастарбайтер .
Matthew Schultz
Matthew Schultz Hace un mes
He should not of stopped. Can't tell for sure but I think they killed that driver
Dante integra
Dante integra Hace un mes
Pls kill them! Animals
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez Hace un mes
You run over American citizens you're an enemy to the people
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez Hace un mes
Trump voter getting his ass kicked
John Kontour
John Kontour Hace un mes
You must be an illegal go back to your country
J C Hace un mes
Trucks driver was driving too fast...stupiffu*ker
noobeasylol Hace un mes
Жарко у вас
Jaimmv Hace un mes
They look like zombies attacking a survivor In the truck
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