Taking the caffeine out of RedBull so I can drink it at night

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Warning: please don't try this yourself. Any leftover solvent can be very dangerous to ingest.
I've always liked the taste of energy drinks and for years now, I have wanted there to be caffeine-free versions (specifically RedBull). However, it doesn't seem like that is going to happen any time soon, so I decided to try and do it myself.
Old coffee extraction video: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-_CoxEgbyeK4.html
Pepto-Bismol extraction: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo--_qpzFlpgpo.html
Nile talks about lab safety: eswomen.com/id/v%C3%ADdeo-ftACSEJ6DZA.html
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NileRed Hace un mes
I am learning from the comments that there are a lot of people who absolutely hate the taste of RedBull.
K 212
K 212 Hace 10 días
Jup can't stomach it, tast is as horrid as the smell.
ChrisCarGuy -
ChrisCarGuy - Hace 11 días
Strong fan base!
Thomas Noonan
Thomas Noonan Hace un mes
Zak Swindle
Zak Swindle Hace un mes
I love the taste
Zach T
Zach T Hace un mes
I genuinely like the flavor but I can understand why people don't really like them Also I hate that redbull is so expensive
Zyanid Warfare
Zyanid Warfare Hace 3 horas
I like your mug Nile
Thor Of Mope
Thor Of Mope Hace 3 horas
and by chance, i got it where i wanted it to be, so i went to the store and bought a lottery ticket and won, now im a millionaire bc of the mistake of making my redbull a little too watery
klepto240 Hace 3 horas
clicks to leave funny "why you do dis?" comment stays to learn some cool chemistry stuff all in all solid videos
Kadanyix Hace 3 horas
you will have a better chance by making it from zero
Thor Of Mope
Thor Of Mope Hace 3 horas
remover water from water to see what happens
Thor Of Mope
Thor Of Mope Hace 3 horas
why isnt this at the store for kids?
Whiterun Guard
Whiterun Guard Hace 5 horas
is it just me ore is Nile kinda BUILT
Davis Silver
Davis Silver Hace 5 horas
My girlfriend making her morning coffee....
Ball don't Lie
Ball don't Lie Hace 5 horas
Bro you are dumb I know how to get all the caffeine out in under a minute
Caileigh Batlangao
Caileigh Batlangao Hace 6 horas
Kim Wallman
Kim Wallman Hace 7 horas
An easier way to do it is just to pour it through a coffee filter. Because it filters out caffeine. No? Ok...
TrackLizard Hace 8 horas
Just drink vemto..
Abbe Hace 10 horas
No one: The Redbull while being poured out: DuHuHuHuHuH
Skarv Hace 11 horas
I would have liked it if there were a colour match between the normal version vs the reduced version.
kingmaker mari
kingmaker mari Hace 13 horas
U look sooo beautiful bro and ur experiment are very nice bro
TheHackerBoi apk
TheHackerBoi apk Hace 14 horas
What would happen if you redid the process few times would it then separate close to less then 1%
Shintarō Lin
Shintarō Lin Hace 14 horas
I am interested Will you try making your own RedBull experiment?? Maybe a collab with someone into the food/drinks industry? That sounds like fun and a bit different? 🤔🤔
faiz shaikh
faiz shaikh Hace 15 horas
After watching this video NASA HIRED ME FOR SPACE FOOD RESEARCH PROGRAMS AND I AM HEAD MANAGER NOW thanks my brother for this much of knowledge ✌️🙏
Ѧ Hace 16 horas
but if you take out the caffeine all that is left is the urine
halohaloband Hace 16 horas
Do it with monster :(
Levo Lebt
Levo Lebt Hace 16 horas
Mix your own Red Bull, but with out the caffein 😁😆 But this project was a awesome idea 😂💪💯
Krish KB
Krish KB Hace 17 horas
Can you do an experiment to make Redbull taste like Cola or Pepsi. I can't stand Redbull taste.
Autism Storm
Autism Storm Hace 18 horas
Sorry can we just take a sec to go over Red Bull's excuse for not making a caffeine free drink? What fresh bullshit is that?
Jenson Joseph
Jenson Joseph Hace 19 horas
*When you combine real world problems with chemistry
Yağmur Bayraktar
Yağmur Bayraktar Hace 20 horas
There is something neurological wrong with your right hand.
Ultra Gamer
Ultra Gamer Hace 20 horas
He pours the regular redbull into the cup...... WHAT A MADLAD! SUBBED IMMEDIATELY
Nard Dog
Nard Dog Hace 21 un hora
Just work for Redbull so it's no longer an outside idea.
Andrew Hace 21 un hora
4:52 "Food desse-cater"
Naray Daniels
Naray Daniels Hace 21 un hora
Redbull gives u well nothing
SlapAsz Hace 22 horas
Can't you run it through dcm a lot more times so that you can pull a lot more or all caffeine out of it? Around 10:40 you said you used 15 mils of DCM instead of 30 ... And you carried out the process 3 times. Would it be different if you carried out the process a lot more times instead of 3 with even more DCM ? I think if you were a little more agressive with the extraction you probably would end up with a lot more caffeine. Although you might also extract a lot more of the flavour and smell if you would be that agressive. Also I read somewhere that caffeine has a way higher solubility with chloroform. Maybe if it's not illegal, you could try chloroform instead of DCM :p www.researchgate.net/figure/Solubility-of-Caffeine-in-Organic-Solvents_tbl3_12783410
Ristar85 Hace 22 horas
it'd be easier to make red buill than to take the caffeine out of red bull.
Nathan Kraatz
Nathan Kraatz Hace un día
Cool video looked like apple juice
Slushy Dude
Slushy Dude Hace un día
I have raycon sway earbuds
Pasdor 2
Pasdor 2 Hace un día
Wouldn’t removing the caffeine change the taste?
Pasdor 2
Pasdor 2 Hace un día
I’m a monster person
donot touch
donot touch Hace un día
I think it would be easier if you made red bull without caffeine than remove the impossible
polski gopnik władysław
polski gopnik władysław Hace un día
Sell this
Aric Peng
Aric Peng Hace un día
next episode: flavorless water
Yavriel Sechelle
Yavriel Sechelle Hace un día
May be the wrong process, but perhaps consider creating red bull with the ingredients you know it has and that you can acquire, and just leave out the caffeine. Then, see if it tastes the same. The artificial flavorings and colors would be difficult to pinpoint, as those are catch-all phrases for proprietary ingredients and ratios.
Whimsy Hace un día
No drinks in the lab, disgraceful.
kahvi addikti
kahvi addikti Hace un día
What a waste of time
OwO Preston
OwO Preston Hace un día
Ok so hear me out - Everything we put into our bodies is broken down and then sent on to the appropriate parts of our bodies, and the waste is removed - for example, the sugars, the alcohol, the caffeine etc - those would all get filtered by our different organs and digestion methods. What if you ate a mostly distilled water based diet with a very small amount of "impurities" to survive for a period of time, and then once your digestive system was totally cleared, only consumed redbull for 24 hours, and then you extracted the remains of the redbull from your own waste, and added back all the ingredients necessary to make it red bull, minus the caffeine? You said you wanted ideas Nile, how far are you willing to go? Alternatively, ask Redbull if they would be willing to give you a factory tour so you could see the production process, and then go from there? Maybe there is an easier ingredient you could remove the caffeine from, prior to the finished product?
Im Drxwzy
Im Drxwzy Hace un día
Title should've been I filtered stuff
Ali Gohar
Ali Gohar Hace un día
Just cut the caffeine out. Simple.
Lord PlebLord
Lord PlebLord Hace un día
Mmm, less spicy piss water
nigelyam38 Hace un día
the real question is, how the hell you still affected by RedBull caffeine after all these drinking, I mean it just took me few years for RedBull to become a soft drink
Jensemann Hace un día
There is a sodastream energy drink taste and it tastes like redbull and has almost no coffine in it
The Fox
The Fox Hace un día
Redbull tastes like cough syrup flavored urine. The first (and last) time I tried it I was so underwhelmed. I figured with so much hype it would at least taste palatable. You couldn't pay me to drink it, and I didn't finish the can.
James Sloan
James Sloan Hace un día
I have watched folks at work that are completely useless without their precious energy drink. Then they are a scatterbrained mess on the shit, followed by a run down whiny ass again. Funny how addiction works. The research is still being compiled as to long term effects from consuming that shit every day all day. Have a nice time in the nursing home on dialysis. I'll stick with coffee when I need some pep in my step.
Jake L31
Jake L31 Hace un día
Make energy drinks with about half the caffeine do it can be drank by children
Synthetic_Future Hace un día
TL:DR : Red Bull was right and it can't be done :P
Synthetic_Future Hace un día
I can drink cola and energydrink 2 minutes before going to bed and still fall asleep just fine... am I a monster or mutant?
Tyson Godwin
Tyson Godwin Hace un día
U would think a normal human being would just wait till the next day
joshua ninham
joshua ninham Hace un día
Should've made diamond red bull
Hermanni Havana
Hermanni Havana Hace un día
I love Red Bull!
Alexander Modica
Alexander Modica Hace un día
Why do I always wake up in the morning and find myself halfway through a nilered youtube video?
JenZ521 Hace un día
This entire video reminded me of my chem lab practical and I loved it
Rick Quezada
Rick Quezada Hace 2 días
Why you using wikipedia LMAOOOOOO
Aaditya Kumar
Aaditya Kumar Hace 2 días
This guy can make alcohol non-flammable
Aaditya Kumar
Aaditya Kumar Hace 2 días
Kay Kay Han
Kay Kay Han Hace 2 días
hey u go look at Blender GuRu guy. he is ur twin
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace 2 días
Nile: and raycon is very affordable Raycon: $80
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Hace un día
@Jazzy Hands oh, I've never looked at the other brands. My parents say anything more than 10 is a lot.
Jazzy Hands
Jazzy Hands Hace un día
I don’t like raycon, in fact I hate them, but for $80 that is shit tons cheaper then every other brand
Charlie Weichman
Charlie Weichman Hace 2 días
Jelly no not that one
Jelly no not that one Hace 2 días
a chemist: "i just like the wierd chemical taste they have"
Tauxxy Hace 2 días
In the time it took to make this video, the caffeine you would have gained from the energy drink would have been long gone.
Hour Glass
Hour Glass Hace 2 días
Karai Hace 2 días
Just do this process 3 or four more times and it will be very caffeine reduced
Jazzy Hands
Jazzy Hands Hace un día
The problem was with the DMC is that it started to doos down, if the ratio to caffeine to dmc was lower it would take days, and would also possibly not even work
ceebwaow ee
ceebwaow ee Hace 2 días
this guys knowledge would be a recipe for success on the streets 😂🤣
Stickie Dmin
Stickie Dmin Hace 9 horas
I wonder how many times some illegal, kitchen-sink-meth-lab has reached out and tried to recruit him? Are we seeing the prologue to a real life Breaking Bad?
teh_supar_hackr 0010101
teh_supar_hackr 0010101 Hace 2 días
Someone that drinks Red Bull for the flavor, and not the caffeine.
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