T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, & More Talk: Black Agenda, Voting, & Donald Trump | REVOLT Summit

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T.I., Killer Mike, Candace Owens, Steven Pargett Of Trap The Vote, Katrina Pierson, & Tamika D Mallory have an open and honest conversation about politics, and the culture we live in today.

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AmericanGirl Hace un hora
They don’t want Candace to answer, cause they don’t want the facts!!
AmericanGirl Hace un hora
Man these people are just confused! They don’t even know who they are!! Sad!
AmericanGirl Hace un hora
TI is a pure idiot!!! Along with the majority of the people there!! This forum is complete chaos!! You can’t have a civil debate with Democrats!!!!
AmericanGirl Hace un hora
Learn how to speak with out GD, And the N word every second and F this and that!! These people can’t get nothing done!! Again, Candace only one with a brain!! She barely gets to speak!! They ask her a question and don’t even allow her to answer!! SMH!! These people just not on Candaces level!! Their IQ isn’t is high!! Facts!!
AmericanGirl Hace un hora
Why are these people on this panel?! TI and these other people.. all they talk about is their feelings... no facts!! Candace the only one with a brain!!!
Christopher bell
Christopher bell Hace 3 horas
Chris London England, Socialistem is not Comuisem, Socialistem in England is a leving wage, good working conditions, fair opportunitys, and the right to claim up the ladder not matter what Colour or race you are, I maybe a white English man, but I believe that every one is the same.
Rashodd Osburn
Rashodd Osburn Hace 3 horas
Moore's is black our nationalities. We are not black that ignorance shit we're Moore's
Rashodd Osburn
Rashodd Osburn Hace 3 horas
Illegal immigrants is not a problem ignorance is Mexico is apart of America this is there land too stop promoting private agenda
Official TendyMusic
Official TendyMusic Hace 3 horas
T.I talks to hear himself talk..his repsonses are usually based off of emotion
- Candace Owens on point off rip !
Killer Mike was the only one had respect for Candace Owens ; Besides all they talk'n about; They to Ghetto to understand what Candace is talk'n about in the first !!!
primadayna Hace 5 horas
No clue who the woman on the right is, or the girl in the yellow. Tic Tac had nothing to offer. Should have just left it up to Candice and Killer Mike.
Leonard McCaffrey
Leonard McCaffrey Hace 6 horas
Black and white both need to recognize its America not Africa or Europe...Keep fighting while the rest of us watch and learn how not to act...
a. wanderer
a. wanderer Hace 6 horas
Ms. Owens needs a big ol' bear hug from Killer Mike.
George Mataele
George Mataele Hace 7 horas
I struggle with watching this. I wish and hoped that Candace and TI would’ve had more grace in the presentation. It just became a bunch of talking heads w no substance. I’m halfway in to this and I feel discouraged. I’m grateful for the attempt but it just became MSNBC FOX RHETORIC. WHERE I JUST LOST my inspiration for substance
Vik Vet
Vik Vet Hace 7 horas
There was a point when the host said we have to be able to come on a platform and be able to share our thoughts without talking over each other and all the other things, but this was the perfect time for that. White people aren’t watching this. So now we can work on how we are going to display ourselves when it’s truly time to present ourselves on bigger platforms like CNN or Fox
So bitch Fku
So bitch Fku Hace 8 horas
Love You Tip
Nancy Baker
Nancy Baker Hace 8 horas
Neither party has done what they say they are going to do.
Nancy Baker
Nancy Baker Hace 8 horas
FACT: Not ONE democratic candidate supports open borders, Candace.
LongBeach20LoC Hace 9 horas
Lost me at 11:00 ☮️
LongBeach20LoC Hace 9 horas
Some People Should Sticc to Make Up and They Rap Lies
marcuslrobinson Hace 12 horas
You don't burn down the master's house. Your free. Go build your own house and don't come back to the master's house when you need help. Help each other. Or you can forgive the great, great, great grand children of the Master's that treated our great, great, great grand parents inhumanly. and work with them in an neglected system of government that needs some tweeking but for the most part is sound, and build a greater nation. We can do it but first we have to stop killing or babies, stop killing each other, stay off of drugs, stop having babies out of wedlock, work 40 hrs. a week, stop looking for a handout and stop living beyond our means and then week can focus on other important things in society and accomplish much.
Robert Thompson
Robert Thompson Hace 13 horas
I don’t get the list of our demands bullshit and if you don’t meet them you don’t get our vote just vote as an individual and not a group
Thomasina Holmes
Thomasina Holmes Hace 14 horas
My son has a video called never intended confusion in Buffalo New York he has been struggling as a business owner since he was 17 years old he is now 25 and a music producer here in Buffalo New York putting his programs in schools can you please play his video and help us out and look at his video and see if anybody likes it it will be greatly appreciate it
Mz Mika💋
Mz Mika💋 Hace 15 horas
For Me I will not vote if there is nothing in the policy for my people. I am passed voting because it is my right and what my ancestors died for. I feel until someone step up and this is my plan for black people and what we have requested.
john smith
john smith Hace 15 horas
Crazy white boys with AR-15s....what about the crazy black boys killing eachother on the daily?
Mz Mika💋
Mz Mika💋 Hace 15 horas
Bernie does not support reparations for black people but he support it for jews and the gay community.
Mz Mika💋
Mz Mika💋 Hace 15 horas
Say that TI
Nicole Eller
Nicole Eller Hace 16 horas
Maga is racist? Stupidity has no cure.
Jimbob Hace 16 horas
Candace Owens is trying to let y’all know, The Democrats don’t give 2 shits about y’all except for election time #FACTS #TRUMP2020 🇺🇸
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Hace 17 horas
Trump has denounced white supremacy. T.i needs help.
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Hace 17 horas
I love Candace Owens
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Hace 17 horas
Nobody is oppressing you t.i. grow up. You are responsible for your own life just like everyone is.
Just Common Senze Yo
Just Common Senze Yo Hace 18 horas
Now what?? .... Man, can't you just like uplift each other first , like find someone you can help and form groups, helping kids or adults reach their potentiality, teaching trades, ...just simple things. Make networks, help artists, writers, ......help to get jobs. Fix people’s homes, be surrogate fathers. To get scholarships Teach people how to get jobs. Learn how you can work together, set up a community hall were people can get together, on different problem solving . Then those who ya help can open new communities. Make a prototype . why???? does it always turn to POWER to do this, to do that. Washington Clover was a slave but died a man world famous, not through power but through humility and love of others, black or white.
Jd Davis
Jd Davis Hace 18 horas
Wow ti really. Crazy white boys with ar15s . give me a break that doesn't even compare to the murder rate with in the black community just in Chicago alone. Now you people who think white supremacy is running America you are pathetic crazy people. I have yet to meet a white supremacist. Stop trying to blame others and work on your self. You never here a asian complain and throw out the vitcim card or race card and they were inslaved they had it hard but they pushed thru everything worked hard and became successful. Also obviously alot of people dont know the definition of fascism if they think trump is a fascism
shyren warren
shyren warren Hace 18 horas
T.I is a closet racist.
Beau Bollinger
Beau Bollinger Hace 20 horas
I can not believe T.I. was able to say that with a straight face. His problems and his communities problems is crazy white boys shooting up the place? Really T.I.? Really? All them lyrics screaming bout chogats and pulling up and all the back and forth yelling you ni@$as ain't about shit. Not to mention the actual crime that occurs between and amongst the b.o.c. . Stop it. Just fn stop it. That blew me away too hear him say that. Recognize the real issues.
BEC2016 Hace 23 horas
I love this so much. The black community is strong and powerful and ALL voices need to be heard because they’re voices MATTER! (I’m Hispanic (Cuban) btw, just in case anyone’s wondering)
Doggo Hace un día
Everybody on the pannel seemed cool enough, but the only ones that I took anything from was Killer Mike and Candace Owens. Not to mention there was a clear liberal bias in the crowd but whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed this video.
sammy ali
sammy ali Hace un día
I only voted once for Democrats and that was Obama's first term. I have never associated myself with any particular party, but I always knew Democrats were evil period. We need our party and its time. When I see people like killer Mike I am hopeful that we black people of all nations are going forward.
sammy ali
sammy ali Hace un día
I am an African emigrant, and I am digging the idea of black vote, black unity,black flag and black constitution. Imagine having our own black political party it would lit.
di great schnungu
di great schnungu Hace un día
I guess the dude in da yellow was doing an ad for potato salad cause dat nigga looks like a yellow peeled potato
David Sumler Jr
David Sumler Jr Hace un día
God bless you Candace for speaking well rounded facts and schooling everybody.
David Sumler Jr
David Sumler Jr Hace un día
Candace- facts T.I.- emotion
David Sumler Jr
David Sumler Jr Hace un día
Get em Candace.
Clean Calhoun
Clean Calhoun Hace un día
Candace Owens and Mike are the only credible speakers up here, everyone else should find something else to pour their free time into
Negus7 Khalid
Negus7 Khalid Hace un día
The Reconstruction of the South only lasted 10 Year. And after that was the Convict Release Program... I Love Mike, but he Wrong.... America Never been great for Black People... He wrong on that Point.
Negus7 Khalid
Negus7 Khalid Hace un día
Criminal Reform was initiated by Obama... Not Trump.
vaphillips Hace un día
Killer Mike👏🏾👑is no joke. He’s an enlightened educator, not just a speaker. Candace Owen has insisted that there is and has never been a Klu Klux Klan. It’s one thing to disagree with people and voice your individual opinion but wholeheartedly another thing (dangerous in this case) to dismiss facts. Not really sure what her agenda is because she refuses to accepts certain facts that are truly important to history, and to the future. I’ve heard her speak before. She has knowledge and doesn’t mind sharing it. However, she has also shared some damaging lies. They were few, but she said it. The audience was definitely being dumb at this forum. Candace didn’t say anything incorrect or untrue today.
d Belezi
d Belezi Hace 2 horas
Candace never insisted that the Klan never existed. When did she fo that?
Negus7 Khalid
Negus7 Khalid Hace un día
It's Time to Create Our on Political Party... Fuck the Democrats and Fuck the Republicans... It's Time for the People Party... For the People by the People.
Yudhisthira dasa
Yudhisthira dasa Hace un día
Killer Mike is always right-on.
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton Hace un día
Her mindset is too big for this platform.
Karen Hampton
Karen Hampton Hace un día
She's right 100%. When I was in college I wrote a paper on the same agenda she's speaking of with the child welfare system. I bet you it was the men interrupting her from the audience because they are so use to placing the blame on the black woman and the women that who have already fell slave to the welfare system but what she's speaking of is bigger then their mindset.
Bobby Biskins
Bobby Biskins Hace un día
what the hell is the weird looking dude with the carlton sweater doin there?
Carey Lucas
Carey Lucas Hace un día
You don’t need a flag etc to get reparations.
Phalanx 220
Phalanx 220 Hace un día
She actually mentioned CNN. CNN is a pure joke.
Sherrie Reece
Sherrie Reece Hace un día
T.I. should not have been on the stage!
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
Here what I heard as a teen while having dinner over at a longtime friend of mines house His grandfather told me that -black folks were making great strides in America after the republicans pushed thru the civil rights act against strong opposition from the democrats, they were the party of the KKK ,wrote the Jim Crow laws and the party of southern black slavery, then to destroy the black family democrats created welfare to create a financial incentive for black women to expell the black father from the household and generations of single parent households will lead to no good for my people- That old man Mr Daniels had great insight and his passing was a loss
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
That black woman at the Waffle House was in security camera leaving with silverware 3 times so they charged her before walking out with more for a 4th time
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
Young people are progressive because they haven’t had to face real life just yet
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
Killer Mike - you already free N*GGA ,,, act like it
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
Killer Mike - you already free nigga,,, act like it
Big Travis
Big Travis Hace un día
Partial list of everything POTUS TRUMP has done for the black community “WAIT WAIT WAIT NO NO NO”
Allison VZ
Allison VZ Hace un día
Candace is a queen, whether you agree with her or not. Takes a heck of a lot of courage to go to Atlanta (TI's home town) and speak her truth, which is not popular opinion.
bigballer215 Hace un día
30:33 the moment Killer Mike realizes TI is an idiot.
Christain Follower
Christain Follower Hace un día
Seems REALLY FKN EASY.......black men RAISE YOUR CHILDREN ...every fatherless child in america is at a disadvantage from jump....p.s. candace is the only black chick I would ever fuck lol.....but I WOULD stay and raise the baby
CQ-Pey Hace un día
This is why we can’t talk they all speak over her
Blair S
Blair S Hace un día
When the fuck is TI gonna finish "Dr Sebi's" documentary!??? TI is a gay fraud!!!!! And a LIAR!
B69ne Hace un día
I was trying to listen to TI to see what he brings to the table and I blanked. Can someone who did listen please point out his... his points?
Yunior Soriano
Yunior Soriano Hace un día
It does not matter if you are black, white, liberal, conservative, gay, or whatever.....Trump is pure poison for USA. The guy has no values to offer to any community.
Yunior Soriano
Yunior Soriano Hace un día
No they don't Candance...trump's rallies are full of the worse values of any human can have.
d Belezi
d Belezi Hace 2 horas
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