Switching Lives With Jeffree Star

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Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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We switched lives with Jeffree Star.... We live complete opposite lifestyles
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psd103 Hace 15 horas
They look like Rita Ora.
Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams Hace 15 horas
Marie Booster
Marie Booster Hace 15 horas
“MATTYYYY!!! Their both gonna die, they just had dairy!” 🤣💀
Becca Toner
Becca Toner Hace 15 horas
QUEEN CROWN Hace 15 horas
They all look so good
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall Hace 15 horas
They're so cute
Angelina Nguyen
Angelina Nguyen Hace 15 horas
Grayson: If it’s not a cookie in the morning what is it. Jeffree Star: ummm depression
Isaac Vieras
Isaac Vieras Hace 15 horas
You poor kids are brainwashed to think you need everything to be happy. You poor fools.
Nicole C
Nicole C Hace 15 horas
31:45 lol what are you drinking
Angie Angie
Angie Angie Hace 15 horas
Wtf ESwomen... You subbed me...🤬🤬🤬🤬 ESwomen get your network together
Sarah Shores
Sarah Shores Hace 15 horas
bitterly the camera man looks like cole spouse wtf
Leslee Lauren
Leslee Lauren Hace 15 horas
They kinda look like Antonio Garza
Kk The Kk
Kk The Kk Hace 15 horas
If it’s not a cookie then what is it Ughh pfft depression I felt that 😂
chantelle Orrego
chantelle Orrego Hace 15 horas
29:48 ethan was shook 😂😂
Mr Gamer4148
Mr Gamer4148 Hace 15 horas
White chicks all over agian
Chris Russell
Chris Russell Hace 15 horas
I can't handle Jeffrees deep voice. I love it!!!
Elle Handley
Elle Handley Hace 15 horas
Jeffree throwing the Birkin and then jumping up and down laughing maniacally is everything😂😂💗
Envoy of Anguish Blade Lord
Envoy of Anguish Blade Lord Hace 15 horas
coming soon: *Dolan Twins go camping in the woods w/ Garrett, Nate and Zach for 36 hours. *Shane Dawson stuffs the Dolan Twins with _dairee_ free milkshakes
Angel  Musaazi
Angel Musaazi Hace 15 horas
I love how Ethan is so excited to wear the pink wig
Kirk Solar
Kirk Solar Hace 15 horas
Jade Fredrickson
Jade Fredrickson Hace 15 horas
Why are they such pretty girls
taehyung’s scenery
taehyung’s scenery Hace 15 horas
Emily snith Beauty blog
Emily snith Beauty blog Hace 15 horas
Magnetic Hug
Magnetic Hug Hace 15 horas
Grayson on that pink wig, beautiful makeup and leggins with no shirt on is such a fucking sexual fantasy
Indie_Punk_Rock Hace 15 horas
Who’s here before 1 million views?
Tristyn Sierra
Tristyn Sierra Hace 15 horas
Major White Chicks vibes
TOASTY BOi Hace 15 horas
The Dolan Twins reminded me so much of the movie 'White Chicks'.
Hailey Alexis
Hailey Alexis Hace 15 horas
Is no one going to talk about the fact that Ricky Dillion was in the video at 26:53 😂😂😭😭💀
KingdomSouls Hace 15 horas
Literally White Chicks the Jeffree Star edition.
Xxx Vibesksksksk
Xxx Vibesksksksk Hace 15 horas
I FUCKING DIED WHEN I SAW THE THUMBNAIL💀💀Ethan looks like he regrets everything
krystal Acevedo
krystal Acevedo Hace 15 horas
Jeffree: can you imagine if it had dairy Grayson: It has greek yogurt Im dead
cj smith
cj smith Hace 15 horas
Swaggiddy D
Swaggiddy D Hace 15 horas
No offense but Honestly I would never dress up like a girl for content
Lesly Sorto-Ventura
Lesly Sorto-Ventura Hace 15 horas
The fact that jeffree makes them feel poor lmao!
prodigymouth Hace 15 horas
That moment when Jeffree is higher on trending than the Dolan Twins. *o o f*
Phoenix Kennedy
Phoenix Kennedy Hace 15 horas
White chicks part 2
William Ray
William Ray Hace 15 horas
I seriously wonder if Jeffree's NetWorth is in the Billions yet... if not its close lol
This Ayeee-sian
This Ayeee-sian Hace 15 horas
Dolan twins look like aliens
Taelor Young
Taelor Young Hace 15 horas
If it's not a cookie in the morning what is it? Pfft depression.
MissTeN Taupau
MissTeN Taupau Hace 15 horas
You guys did good and Gorgeous
SMDiys Hace 15 horas
I wonder if the girl who flashed them watched this video...
Brooklynsacred Hace 15 horas
If u don’t have a cookie in the morning what is it... Depression
Ruby Martinez
Ruby Martinez Hace 15 horas
Their haaaaiiiir omg😂😂 it keeps giving me anxiety how it always ends in the front 😭
auggie580 Hace 15 horas
Anybody else think that Ethan looks like Tiffany Haddish??
Daysha T
Daysha T Hace 15 horas
Such great sports. I love these guys
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Hace 15 horas
Honestly I didn't know who was who om the whole video
Lety Mendez
Lety Mendez Hace 15 horas
Omg this was sooooo iconic yesss!!!
laurynnn Hace 15 horas
i really didn't know I needed this.
Bailey Hollenbeck
Bailey Hollenbeck Hace 15 horas
Nate and Jeffree should adopt the twins
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Hace 15 horas
“It’s like 300,000” throws a bag the price of a house CATCH BRO!
Skye Mitchell
Skye Mitchell Hace 15 horas
White chicks 2 for sure!! This was one of my favorite videos! I was waiting for "making my way downtown walking fast faces pass and I'm homebound" to come on when they were driving 😂😂
Kiana Gibson
Kiana Gibson Hace 15 horas
Okay but that “there it is,it’s coming” at the end of the video had me shook
Branda Holladay
Branda Holladay Hace 15 horas
Yo why do they look so good?!!!
angie bianchi
angie bianchi Hace 15 horas
he’s so freaken rich what the actual fuck.
TheShadynasty Hace 15 horas
33:26 Ricky Dillon?????
Nicholas Ram
Nicholas Ram Hace 15 horas
This literally the real life version of White Chicks, but with pink wigs and money.
Ili Rose
Ili Rose Hace 15 horas
I can’t tell which one is Ethan and Which one is Grayson lol
Lisa R Nonken
Lisa R Nonken Hace 15 horas
"Soon I will look like a fabulous alien" :) Love it!!
moon flower
moon flower Hace 15 horas
Star Triplets > Sister Squad
Mirka Escalante
Mirka Escalante Hace 15 horas
Why does Grayson look so good in the runway gown Haha
graay_ socks
graay_ socks Hace 15 horas
I have never clicked so fast on this vid ♥️♥️😂
David Donavan
David Donavan Hace 15 horas
Awesome video y’all r awesome
Lux Hace 15 horas
The Dolan twins don't do diary because of their diet or because they are disgusted by it. ?
April Avila
April Avila Hace 15 horas
Cause acne.it messes with their stomach and face.makes them sick
Reya Hossain
Reya Hossain Hace 15 horas
Ethan: I’ve never seen this many expensive things early in the morning. Jeffree: Can’t Relate. Me: Totally can relate.
Mysvie Hace 15 horas
Grayson actually looks really pretty
Tati Paez
Tati Paez Hace 15 horas
Grayson was feeling himself really comfortable 😂😍
Tierra Marie Alan
Tierra Marie Alan Hace 15 horas
When they spent $69,000 omg😂😩
xxIndeed Abby
xxIndeed Abby Hace 15 horas
what about the nails,
Jasmine Powell
Jasmine Powell Hace 15 horas
They was scared shitless when they walked into the public eye ngl
Aya Hace 15 horas
i feel like the dolan twins looked more like jeffree then jeffree looked like the dolan twins if that makes sense lolol
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