Xbox Elite Controller 2 Review

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Kevin Kenson

Kevin Kenson

Hace 28 días

Review and unboxing of the new Xbox One Elite Controller 2. The best controller for Xbox or for any system-- Including PS4 and Switch.
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Conor O'Kane
Conor O'Kane Hace un día
Kevin Kenson. Do you know if the battery on the controller is reliable. I don't want to but it if the battery won't last long
Jack Fisher
Jack Fisher Hace un día
The only real question is does it fall apart every 5 seconds like the old one or does this one seem like its gonna to last
Marsh Jr
Marsh Jr Hace un día
I'll stick to my scuf prestige
Zane Schaefer
Zane Schaefer Hace un día
What I’m really trying to find out is the truth about a rumor I heard where when the controller is plugged into the console it virtually removes all the input lag present in a wireless connection.. Is that the case Kevin?
Takohma psn
Takohma psn Hace 2 días
I’m, to find a way to get this without the wife knowing I paid almost $200 for a controller lol.
George H.
George H. Hace 3 días
It's honestly amazing. The increased thumbstick tension alone has improved my KD on all games and building/editing on PC Fortnite with linear aim settings.
Prfz Hace 3 días
Dont buy it if you play 10 hours everyday
Gareth Stroud
Gareth Stroud Hace 3 días
I hope they eventually make thumbsticks with a magnet both ends so that you can change the lengths and the heads e.g. long domed
Carl Albin Thorvaldsson Lindatröm
Carl Albin Thorvaldsson Lindatröm Hace 3 días
Found da code
NotAnR6Bash Hace 3 días
You sound like matimi0
Konnor Reynolds
Konnor Reynolds Hace 3 días
The charge case is also a way to keep it constantly plugged in so if you let it sit too long the battery won't start to die quite literally
Brandon Currens
Brandon Currens Hace 4 días
I have this controller and the sticks are so smooth it actually made my aim worse. The controller is extremely high quality. The sticks feel great but it’s going to take time for me to get used to how slick they are compared to the default controllers
vemor Hace 4 días
Can you configure the controller on a pc? For different games I mean
Parzival Hace 4 días
Does this connect to switch since its freely bluetooth?
Shadow Dancer
Shadow Dancer Hace 4 días
Why only 1 dome, I have 2 thumbs? Does not feel as solid as the first one. Seems like they have overcome the rubber wearing off or becoming loose by making the whole thing very hard rubber and cutting in a grip texture. The old one seems to fit my hand better, there is a very noticeable difference. I do prefer the older one but could be that it is now moulded to my hand. If you stiffen the thumbsticks then more pressure is needed so beware the rubber on the sticks will wear off quicker.
MSMCGO Hace 4 días
If the grips peel off imma yeet at a wall
Forensic YOYO
Forensic YOYO Hace 4 días
Ill buy one if they can make a quality controller in the first place. I've had 5 and they fall appart or glitch out randomly after a couple of months.
justin colburn
justin colburn Hace 4 días
A lot of the changes like the paddles and grip seem like they were made.. not so perfect on the original on purpose just say they can have an upgrade
Josh Hace 5 días
I wish I could buy one 🤩
Jordan SunderMan
Jordan SunderMan Hace 5 días
Flight games would use the axis stuff
Austin Schweitzer
Austin Schweitzer Hace 5 días
Can you use old paddles and sticks from Version 1 on the new Series 2 Version? I'm not sure I like the idea of no stick pairing. I like the feel of the old dome-style stick, perfect height and feel
Austin Schweitzer
Austin Schweitzer Hace 5 días
This is a review right? Then why haven't you talked about the hardware issues from the last version? The constant breaking of RB and LB bumpers, stick drift and grips falling off just to name a few. Does the series 2 address these hardware breakage issues? If not, you better buy this controller from Costco for easy returns/refunds or buy a protection plan from other retailers, otherwise, don't waste your money! Boom you're welcome everyone, just call me Kevin (The Real Review) Kenson :)
doop Hace 5 días
FUN FACT: IF you turn the stick tension all the way it goes back to the Xbox 360 Controller tension.
AllignedThrone 65
AllignedThrone 65 Hace 5 días
Can you give us another video after using the elite about the stick drift and the RB and LB durability
Austin Schweitzer
Austin Schweitzer Hace 5 días
agreed! I want to see how this thing holds up before I throw $180 at it
MB808AllDay Hace 5 días
Hard to justify a 180.00 purchase just for a controller
Paul. 2000
Paul. 2000 Hace 5 días
I want to know if my Razer Nari Ultimate is going to work on this, my elite controller S1 is my only controller I can't use with my headset, so if not I'm not buying.
George Zamudio
George Zamudio Hace 5 días
Can i use this controller on PS4??
Stevan Bardot
Stevan Bardot Hace 5 días
I don't care how good this guy talks about this controller is, no gaming controller is worth $ 200
Obsydiian Hace 5 días
I want to buy one but ive been scarred from the series 1, I couldn't find custom controllers that had paddles that could also fit an audio adapter until I found the elite 1. But after 3 months the grips would come off and the USB port failed causing the controller to be very difficult to play with while charging and I take VERY good care of my belongings. Zero drops, never use with dirty hands etc. So if I'm going to drop almost 200 bucks on a controller I NEED to know that it'll last me at least 2-4 years if I take care of it. Ive been through 2 elite 1s and both had the grips come off and the USB port fail within 5 and a half months of everyday use. If anyone can tell me if the USB-C and new grips have eliminated my issues with the controller in general I may consider purchasing one.
I Can't Think Of A Good Name So This Must Suffice
I Can't Think Of A Good Name So This Must Suffice Hace 4 días
Agree, the elite 2 sounds awesome but I've been scared off due to both of my elite 1's failing.
Austin Schweitzer
Austin Schweitzer Hace 5 días
Agreed! I've gone through 3 elite controllers with the exact same issues, and if it weren't for Costco and their amazing return policy, I would have only purchased it once.
Turtle526 Gaming
Turtle526 Gaming Hace 6 días
I know that you have many adapters but is there one that allows you to use this new Xbox Elite 2 Controller or a PS4?
Ungentle Hace 4 días
Turtle526 Gaming buy a scuf controller
BWM135 Hace 6 días
If you have concerns about durability, do a search for the teardown vids out there. They made a LOT of changes internally to the design. This version shares basically no parts with its older sibling. And the components look VERY stout when compared to it. I'd still spring for the extended warranty...
meiamojulio Hace 6 días
I got this for free 😆 from tacobell
7orqu3 Hace 6 días
the d pad is still shit
mmlb74 LB
mmlb74 LB Hace 6 días
Anyone uses this for call of duty moderate warfare? Does it really help you win in it?
Austin Schweitzer
Austin Schweitzer Hace 5 días
Yes, it can add some major advantages! I use 2 paddles on the back for the A and B buttons. This means I DON'T have to take my right thumb off the joystick to press A/B for jumping or crouching or dropshotting, which means I can aim my gun simultaneously while jumping or crouching. Same goes for X or Y for reloading and switching guns. Also, I use a higher joystick for the right stick to make it easier to aim more accurately. For the left stick, I use "Instant" sensitivity as this makes it faster to strafe left or right in gunfights making my character harder to hit.
Noah Stuart
Noah Stuart Hace 6 días
Buying mine in a week or two with my bing rewards points (got about 150$ worth of points) hopefully it won't break as easily as the first one
don proulx
don proulx Hace 6 días
But did they fix the issue of the bumpers from breaking , I'm on my 3rd set price of shit design
Robbie Astral
Robbie Astral Hace 6 días
I thought the thumb-sticks were adjustable? I mean turn and lock function (to the players choosing of torque strength) not this three stage hit or miss affair...ohh well 3-4 years now for "elite 3" the "best controller you can get"... (concept +++ battery dat is all)
Robbie Astral
Robbie Astral Hace 6 días
Ohh please you luv it but you know I'm right...
McGamerHD Hace 6 días
i love this controller i preordered it
Cody Hilterbrand
Cody Hilterbrand Hace 6 días
ok so how do u feel currently after having player multiple hours on it are the grips rubbing off ? do the bumpers feel cheap like the first elite I broke my left bumper on 3 controllers also do u think this controller will be compatible with the new xbox
Piyush Parmar
Piyush Parmar Hace 6 días
This controller is looks way better than any other controller.
Marijan Gaming
Marijan Gaming Hace 6 días
Does for anyone the Xbox Accessories App work on PC/Windows 10?! It seems like the app is broken, I cant even click on "configure" there...
Ted Fitzpatrick
Ted Fitzpatrick Hace 6 días
hope i can default swap invert y - i change that in every game i play. hope the bumpers last longer!!
T HOFF Hace 6 días
Amazing review - I have read and watched a dozen reviews on the Elite 2 and not learned a quarter of what you showed here. My controller arrives tomorrow and now I'll get 100% out of it. Pumped! Thank you
nem tudom
nem tudom Hace 6 días
Considering that you can mod a normal xbox one controller, to be a DIY elite controller, there's absolutely no reason to buy the original elite. The elite 2, however, offers a lot more than what simple modding can achieve
Acklord thecool guy
Acklord thecool guy Hace 6 días
WARNING: Do NOT rage with this controller; you will regret it.
Sebastian Kruse
Sebastian Kruse Hace 7 días
Nice review but whats about input lag? Espacially with a bluetooth connection? Is the shift option also available on PC? How well does it connect to other devices like PS4, Nintendo Switch, Stadia, iOS, Android? For a "Elite" controller I would expect very low input lag with all connection options but based on Amazon reviews it is pretty horrible when using Bluetooth.
Samm Valentine
Samm Valentine Hace 7 días
Kevin: This is the best controller. Period. RE:4 chainsaw controller: ...
matsu rocka
matsu rocka Hace 7 días
Can’t justify the cost if it’s not guaranteed to work with the next gen console coming out next year
NHG OneMic919
NHG OneMic919 Hace 7 días
Can you use the elite controller series 2 on the PS4 since it's Bluetooth?
Jalen Hace 7 días
I hope so.
Forza Martini
Forza Martini Hace 7 días
Are you on drugs? Cuz you fucking sound like it...
George Kulkusky
George Kulkusky Hace 7 días
I just noticed that this was left out but the charging dock for the controller can be taken out and placed on a desk, it's magnetic.
Vagabundo Hace 7 días
But how sturdy is it? Because the previous version apperantly was really easy to break
Steve Harris
Steve Harris Hace 7 días
I have no issue buying this, I am happy with the first elite controller with one exception. Did they fix the issue with the rubber grips separating from the plastic of the controller.
Thanks for the reassurance, mine comes tonight🥳
Zachary Abell
Zachary Abell Hace 7 días
Great review. One thing, that charging dock in the case can actually come out and be used on a table or entertainment stand as a charging dock. It doesn't have to stay in the case. Again, great review! Love mine.
theOGwelshman Hace 7 días
Every time he moves his hand take a shot
Adam Johnson
Adam Johnson Hace 7 días
I want it. Amazon says 1-2 month delivery. Looks like gamestop still has a small purpose.
Jalen Hace 7 días
Walmart, Best Buy, Gamestop carry them. I personally put mine on layaway at Walmart the day It came out. I payed about half on It and will pay the rest next week.
Blaec man
Blaec man Hace 7 días
And Microsoft y'all get the credit too keep putting out great devices I support
Blaec man
Blaec man Hace 7 días
Cause Xbox for sure giving us the tools to be
Blaec man
Blaec man Hace 7 días
You hit this video on the mark I agree 100% only if I could have said it and people if people would listen smh but also off topic make a video telling them to take PC off crossplay and just give us PlayStation players so we can settle who are the better players
Kopite TV
Kopite TV Hace 7 días
No mention that the next Xbox console is coming in less than 12 months? That's why this isn't worth it, surely that is important to remind people to bare in mind when considering a purchase...
Julian Dearing
Julian Dearing Hace 7 días
This is the best controller. Hands down. Nothing comes close.
InItForTheParking Hace 7 días
Making it where you can't change the batteries completely kills it for me. Sometimes I forget to charge or maybe just a long active play session. It's going to mean when the batteries are done so are you.
thatdrh Hace 8 días
Tired of these paid actors... you ever notice these people, “yeah Microsoft sent me one” never has a bad thing to say? Weird.....
Hayden Davis
Hayden Davis Hace 6 días
thatdrh the link also pays them commission on amazon :0
thatdrh Hace 8 días
Mine is going back. The rubber on the top feels like poop on a stick. The whole controller by comparison; this new one feels like cheap shit compared to the old one. Feels like ikea made this series 2
thatdrh Hace 8 días
A Xbox controller that is completely dedicated to being a rechargeable battery? Here I was thinking I was completely dedicated to being a rechargeable battery. Hell, they should of gave us a rechargeable battery that we can use as a controller!
Adam Davis
Adam Davis Hace 8 días
How long until the rubber grips come off?
Phil Gray
Phil Gray Hace 8 días
Got mine yesterday and I can’t believe the difference over my stock controller. I’ve been whipping around and slaying ppl in pubg. It just feels premium. Don’t buy extended warranty from GameStop or bestbuy, if u register it on u can get a year for free, instead of stock 90 day
TJM99 Hace 8 días
Now we wait for the padding to split off or not
Marc D
Marc D Hace 8 días
Really good review. Already have mine charged but don't have time to use it yet. This gives me a jump start when I do. Subscribing.
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