Xbox Elite Controller 2 Review

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Kevin Kenson

Kevin Kenson

Hace 7 meses

Review and unboxing of the new Xbox One Elite Controller 2. The best controller for Xbox or for any system-- Including PS4 and Switch.
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Jeffrey Nunez
Jeffrey Nunez Hace un mes
I’ve had this controller since December and it works perfect really good for FPS games as well
dangerclosemofo Hace un mes
Alot easier to do well while gaming and eating dinner at the same time...
Jonathon Shirley
Jonathon Shirley Hace un mes
The elite controller 2 is absolute shit, has sooooo many problems, do not buy it! Stick to the regular Xbox controllers, or else you’ll get double input buttons, stick drift, permanently mashed in buttons, it’s like buying a joy con, you’ll only have it for a couple of months before you have to replace it because it drifts
1st Battalion RRF
1st Battalion RRF Hace un mes
Only heard bad things about the controllers always braking not working properly
Connors Hace un mes
idk why but when i click the link for the amazon one in the description is shows it has 10 sellers but all for 250 dollars and above when i know its 180 bucks can anyone help ?
Zacks ‘
Zacks ‘ Hace un mes
is the elite good for fortnite?
Valerio Hace 2 meses
I have an ps4 😭😭😭😭
Bimbadhar Sahoo
Bimbadhar Sahoo Hace 2 meses
Your review video is interesting and I like your opinion. Thank you.
tompparaideri Hace 2 meses
If you have larger hands this will be reaaaallly tiny for you. If i hold it in my palms my fingers go way past the buttons and if i keep my fingers on the buttons/triggers it’s not in my palms at all. And the shape makes it a bit awkward to hold for larger hands so i find my hands can’t relax while playing. I’m still going to use this as my main controller and hope i get used to the size
John Tan
John Tan Hace 2 meses
Took the plunge and bought it last week... its worth it if it can last for at least 2 yrs
Noobmaster Gameplay
Noobmaster Gameplay Hace 2 meses
It's called"Xbox Series X"
Sacha Durán Rillaers
Sacha Durán Rillaers Hace 2 meses
you said in the description that it is also the best controller for Including PS4 and Switch but this controller is not compatible with PS4 and the Switch
Toby Trittschler
Toby Trittschler Hace 3 meses
I think this controller is the best one out there and I don't even own it yet
Tyler Godfrey
Tyler Godfrey Hace 3 meses
Imagine getting a scuf controller 😂😂😂😂
Kuya Arbee
Kuya Arbee Hace 3 meses
they need to make it RGB optional as well as give us to build our own custom color! also where are the special editions??
Narain Michael
Narain Michael Hace 3 meses
If only this controller lasts longer than 6 months it would be totally worth the money. But Microsoft makes cool looking garbage and has no customer service.
Abel J Perez
Abel J Perez Hace 3 meses
What's your TV setup 🤔
Shaddix Hace 3 meses
ljol what's with the shaky cam, feel like I'm watching the shield
T!tan Gaming
T!tan Gaming Hace 3 meses
This is heaven for First person shooter fans , can’t wait to get it 😄
swampymaan Hace 4 meses
can you talk a little bit faster?
Flashiss Hace 4 meses
Duncan Brown
Duncan Brown Hace 4 meses
Dome sticks need more love tho theyre actually the best
Your Nightmare
Your Nightmare Hace 4 meses
Low IQ xbox players for sure purchase this controller
Clapper Dan
Clapper Dan Hace 4 meses
10:18 Xbox Game Pass subliminal suggestion
Maxwell Jimenez
Maxwell Jimenez Hace 4 meses
Wish the PS4 had something like it
Cherry YT
Cherry YT Hace 4 meses
Kevin the 2 sticks that are the same are Xbox 360 thumbsticks
faisal Abdelqader
faisal Abdelqader Hace 4 meses
Me: I want this. My money: don't you dare
Viago Viago
Viago Viago Hace 4 meses
Tariq Abdelqader 100% same
Unfunny Weeb
Unfunny Weeb Hace 4 meses
10:19 You're welcome
JediFrog Hace 4 meses
Me: *clicks on Xbox video* Also me: *gets play station ad*
Minerva Hace 4 meses
Code is 6CF22 - 42JQ4 - XR4D4 - JYGWK - 6XRJZ
Fraagz Hace 4 meses
Blaaa blaaa blaa bla bla 😫
Benjoy CDM
Benjoy CDM Hace 4 meses
Will this controller work with Nintendo Switch? If it does, do I need an adapter or connect it directly to the Switch? How about the button layout? Can I remap the layout button? (X Y, A B)
troy kelsey
troy kelsey Hace 4 meses
the bluetooth on PC is very overated! just buy the xbox dogle
Montana Steele
Montana Steele Hace 4 meses
Are you Xbox or PlayStation??? No judgment just wondering I’m new to your channel
Dominique Smith
Dominique Smith Hace 5 meses
Getting mine friday cant wait
3 piece N A Soda
3 piece N A Soda Hace 5 meses
DO NOT BUY THIS CONTROLLER. If u do make sure u get the warrenty. GameStop has one online 1yr $20. I’ve went thru literally 4 already. Same issues all but one with stick drift and all eventually get LB RB bumpers cycling twice when pressing once. I used trigger stops 100% of the time so maybe that causes bumper problems. Please BEWARE
Patrick Hace 5 meses
My hard on just got a hard on.
JJVON Hace 5 meses
The elite controller series one had joy stick problems they all ways drift
Nicholas Gardiner
Nicholas Gardiner Hace 5 meses
These controllers are a joke I just bought one today and the right analog stick is faulty great start on a $229 CAD controller Microsoft 😕
Fords The best
Fords The best Hace 5 meses
I love that you can adjust the brightness on the logo
RiseMidnight Hace 5 meses
yesss I’m getting this on Monday! so exited :D
SHARP SHOT Hace 5 meses
RiseMidnight how is it
Gary Bhoy
Gary Bhoy Hace 5 meses
Who else thinks this guy sounds like Kermit the frog 👀
Nicholas Gardiner
Nicholas Gardiner Hace 5 meses
How good are these controllers, I’ve never had one only regular Xbox controllers. I’ve been a big fan of Xbox since day one and I love my one x, I’m gonna have to consider this.
Icee OnXBOX Hace 5 meses
Must get
Ferbeldeyberb Hace 5 meses
What is the purpose of the shaky camera movement and then switching to a camera angle where it looks like you have forgotten where the camera is? Better without that, if it is done intentionally.
Angry Adam
Angry Adam Hace 5 meses
Trying to add in subliminal imaging at 10:19? Shame on you, I have Game Pass already anyway
Jaden DePass
Jaden DePass Hace 5 meses
4:12 called series x
Yoyo Neen
Yoyo Neen Hace 5 meses
I buy this control and I thought is a good controller but until two week is make noise on the right trigger. I return it! And I thinks about buying this controller again but feel stupid buying so expensive for just a controller. Is about a console price!!
Yoyo Neen
Yoyo Neen Hace 5 meses
I buy this control and I thought is a good controller but until two week is make noise on the right trigger. I return it! And I thinks about buying this controller again but feel stupid buying so expensive for just a controller. Is about a console price!!
Yoyo Neen
Yoyo Neen Hace 5 meses
I buy this control and I thought is a good controller but until two week is make noise on the right trigger. I return it! And I thinks about buying this controller again but feel stupid buying so expensive for just a controller. Is about a console price!!
Sanjay now!
Sanjay now! Hace 5 meses
I wish playstation should make their own pro controller!!
Burnard _69
Burnard _69 Hace 5 meses
I love brown pineapples
ApxuBbI Hace 5 meses
After time internal battery can degrade, is there an option to replace it?
Rehab Sparrow
Rehab Sparrow Hace 5 meses
The new short trigger setting might help my face presses in my one-handed gaming.
paynexkiller Hace 5 meses
Samaksh Ghai
Samaksh Ghai Hace 5 meses
Grip better for sweaty people yea no I sweat still my palms slip off
Justin Zuidema
Justin Zuidema Hace 5 meses
Why is this 180 dollars?
Grayson 1123
Grayson 1123 Hace 5 meses
I have the controller and I can’t get my Bluetooth to work but I can do it with my other controllers
sneef Hace 5 meses
Ahh so you have the Amazon link in the description...gotcha so this review is bullshit and pointless I'll movie on to a real honest review.
Matteo Picchi
Matteo Picchi Hace 6 meses
CL Hace 6 meses
TheMasterJarvis Hace 6 meses
People are saying these are overpriced but these are controllers for long term so you don’t have to buy a new controller every couple of months I have never had anything wrong with the first elite no drift no broken aux ports just a good controller
Adam Jumper
Adam Jumper Hace 6 meses
I have cerebral palsy and with a normal controller are usually switch the joysticks to where left is aiming and Wright is walking because the right hand is my weekend and the left is my good hand so what are use that one for aiming
Madblaster6 Hace 6 meses
The charger is not built into the case. You can take it out.
Tiskari Hace 6 meses
So do it work on xbox one s?
JawDropers Hace 6 meses
u have 666k subs
thejakegamer15 Hace 6 meses
He sounds like Kermit
Unidentified Warlock
Unidentified Warlock Hace 6 meses
Lol the Xbox gold being flashed for 1 frame
Dxwgz Hace 6 meses
Have you or anyone noticed more input lag when using this controller over the first series?
Brad LeCompte
Brad LeCompte Hace 6 meses
so how does this differ from the 1 gen? is it worth the money for a person that games about 20 hours a week.
Stephin Wallace
Stephin Wallace Hace 6 meses
Brad LeCompte rechargable battery with 40 hour battery life, stiffer and shorter paddles that are much more comfortable for longer play time, improved grip, additional mapping functions and actions, the ability to adjust the tension of the sticks, three different trigger stops, stiffer bumpers, ability to adjust home button brightness, smart features that automatically detect trigger stops and compensate for potential stick drift, recharging dock in the case, USB C connection instead of micro USB, 3 profiles to be able to switch to instead of 2. Im sure there's plenty more but it's hard to keep track. I had the original elite controller and this feels much more fine tuned, which is a lot to say considering how good the original is.
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