Swae Lee - Sextasy (Official Video)

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Sextasy out now! smarturl.it/Sextasy
Won't Be Late ft. Drake out now! smarturl.it/WontBeLate
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Music video by Swae Lee performing Sextasy. © 2019 Eardruma Records/Interscope Records

Swae LeeSwaeSextasySwae Lee Sextasy

D Money
D Money Hace 2 horas
Am from Sierra Leone n Lee is ma favorite artiste in US
Milly Michahlee
Milly Michahlee Hace un día
David Dawkins
David Dawkins Hace un día
Man I love this guy think he was the one who played in Spider-Man into the spider verse 🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tasha Hace un día
Songs nice models stiff asf
Catty Hatty
Catty Hatty Hace 3 días
Did anyone else see he had a boat ina pool 🤣🤣 lit 🔥
pravin bhalerao
pravin bhalerao Hace 3 días
Specialy unforgettable my fevoraite song
pravin bhalerao
pravin bhalerao Hace 3 días
Magical voice
Amaury Dones
Amaury Dones Hace 4 días
Thats the same mansion from Tyga - Taste
Luca Trabalza
Luca Trabalza Hace 4 días
Gunnlaugur Gylfi Bergþórsson
Gunnlaugur Gylfi Bergþórsson Hace 4 días
Einer Bankz version is everything tho
Kyle Jacobs
Kyle Jacobs Hace 4 días
Damn this song is hard, I would have loved to produce this, I've got dope beats just come with this vibe or anything it's free or charge for you bro, I just want mechanical rights cause I know its a hit.
Valeris Nehemy
Valeris Nehemy Hace 5 días
Swae Lee boom
Iskandar Rajabov
Iskandar Rajabov Hace 5 días
wow awesome
Ssegawa Lamecca Alex
Ssegawa Lamecca Alex Hace 8 días
Who else is watching this in the lock down 2020
Richgang Guccigang
Richgang Guccigang Hace 8 días
Aswae Lee es de otro planeta 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Mohamed Yaya
Mohamed Yaya Hace 9 días
Amazing 💚✌️
segale Hace 9 días
Am I the only that likes the acoustic version better?
Pat pat
Pat pat Hace 10 días
bro you dont need auto tune your a great singer
Bruce Roden Jr
Bruce Roden Jr Hace 10 días
Kevin Zetina
Kevin Zetina Hace 11 días
This song makes you get hiii 🎵🎙️🔂
Marichele Jeremiah-Wright
Marichele Jeremiah-Wright Hace 11 días
Song is so underrated😭😭😭
Kevin Zetina
Kevin Zetina Hace 12 días
Relaxing could hear it without understanding 🌅🌄🔂
Mandy Jade
Mandy Jade Hace 12 días
He actually has a pretty voice and can rap which is 💯
sacr3d g6om9try
sacr3d g6om9try Hace 14 días
He doesnt write lyrics, doesnt make the melodies, uses autotune still sounds trash. Gets millions of dollars and fans. World is fucked .
Indie Indie
Indie Indie Hace 14 días
underrated song
STATS PaInZ Hace 15 días
J Gonz
J Gonz Hace 15 días
2020 and still loving this song
Johan Mina
Johan Mina Hace 15 días
Like si eres colombiano,no sabes ni entiendes inglish pero igual te gusta
Notalola Hace 18 días
Some idea that girls and cars are life
Jacqueline Brown
Jacqueline Brown Hace 19 días
Me. An. Boyfriend. Hope. To. See. You. Next. Year. At. The. Grammys. We. Both. Love you. He. Loves. Your. Music. Swae
Tisan Hace 19 días
she is increible perro
Lourensabri lourensabri
Lourensabri lourensabri Hace 20 días
Francisco Jesus
Francisco Jesus Hace 20 días
Fantastic and confortable
Jair Mendoza Castro
Jair Mendoza Castro Hace 20 días
Yung Wave
Yung Wave Hace 20 días
wild high way🌕🥀💵🦋🔥
Cloudy Hace 21 un día
Beauty and peace and love forever nice :).
Catheina Thomas
Catheina Thomas Hace 21 un día
Like it love it and more
Zuhaip Lingi
Zuhaip Lingi Hace 24 días
Like it song
Jay-C Jeni H
Jay-C Jeni H Hace 26 días
This is the man of my dreams may God bless him throughout his whole career. I love u swae 🦋💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙💋💋💋💋💋☮️💕💕😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
Maykin CR
Maykin CR Hace 26 días
my idolooo.....💪💪
Jorge Alfonso Robles Nava
Jorge Alfonso Robles Nava Hace 28 días
Is that Mariah singing at 0:57?
YoungDazer Hace 28 días
Underrated track, surprised it didn't blow up...
CRIEL HIPHOP Hace un mes
deixar aquele like bem gostoso nesse botão kkkk musica boaaa da porra
Mahmud Raheem
Mahmud Raheem Hace un mes
Love u swae
Aaterio Valhalla
Aaterio Valhalla Hace un mes
Come through auto tune👍🏽
J Rod_pr1
J Rod_pr1 Hace un mes
People sleeping on this kid. I really like his flow .. he’s bringing that vibe back to music... good music nice to see some young artists doing good music instead of that mumbling shit
Cahpuson 23
Cahpuson 23 Hace un mes
Riri2Beauty beautifully
Riri2Beauty beautifully Hace un mes
I love his music u stay going on n he's just real loved him every since he come outttt 😍😍😍😍
ATOTH Hace un mes
"Someone said"
King Medusa
King Medusa Hace un mes
Too lit🔥🔥🔥
Shakira 8
Shakira 8 Hace un mes
0:37 😘
Mostafa Gaming
Mostafa Gaming Hace un mes
Really unrated 😥
Carly Germain
Carly Germain Hace un mes
Sway doesnt need autotune just reverb and that's it
Jill Heppenstall
Jill Heppenstall Hace un mes
Swae Lee. 💕🦋💕🔥👈🤞🌈great ft-going strong diomanit keeping the reins on this clip this gets better I love a good song and clip standard 💋
Victoria Aigunyan
Victoria Aigunyan Hace un mes
I really don't understand why to much negative comments. I think that this song cool and he looks nice. Be kind please.
Андрей Талабаев
Андрей Талабаев Hace un mes
хуйня какая-то
Dope Kush
Dope Kush Hace un mes
he looks like a high alien
Naruto Taka
Naruto Taka Hace un mes
the beginning seem like the road on gta v to go military base lol
Asher Abraham
Asher Abraham Hace un mes
"I got that drink and the remedy" "I got that drink and that hennessy"
yael kattar
yael kattar Hace un mes
like si venis x coscu
ivann Hace un mes
Like si viniste por la reacción de coscu
Tomi Achinelly
Tomi Achinelly Hace un mes
XxTDW J3S MJFxX yisus
XxTDW J3S MJFxX yisus Hace un mes
And jimmi hock ?
Gomiuwu Hace un mes
Se parece a taichu 😳👌
Jero Guba
Jero Guba Hace un mes
Fatima Ze3ra
Fatima Ze3ra Hace un mes
Brook flashig Game
Brook flashig Game Hace un mes
Brook flashig Game
Brook flashig Game Hace un mes
Val3n_ tm
Val3n_ tm Hace un mes
Coscu flasheaste mal xd
Clemente González
Clemente González Hace un mes
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