Surprising Our Partners With A Spa Day At Home

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The Try Guys

The Try Guys

Hace 26 días

Treat yo self and your partner to a spa day at home! A portion of this video was sponsored by the U.S. Census Bureau. Click the link below to complete the 2020 Census online today!
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Carla Lopez
Carla Lopez Hace 3 horas
This really made me want a korean body scrub. the closest korean spa is in the state above mine and is pricey as hell though, But it looks so worth it tbh
Amanda Woodis
Amanda Woodis Hace 7 horas
Seeing Ariel and Ned laugh together like that. I just love them
skippykipper101 Hace 9 horas
It's so cute to see Ariel so utterly amused by Ned
Shannon Irvine
Shannon Irvine Hace 12 horas
my arachnophbia was not prepared for this video
Sarina Hace 12 horas
Ned was so adorable in this video. Ariel's and his relationship are goals!
naturegeek33 Hace 23 horas
I’m not American so I can’t participate in the sponsor thing but I think it’s soooo cool that you are promoting it
AleK Hace un día
The tarot lady said that Becky was going to have a cat in 6 months and here we are
Sarah Werth
Sarah Werth Hace un día
Nobody: Me: Shits gone hit the fan. Literally. The rake will catch the fan. 😂
Jessica James
Jessica James Hace un día
Zachs poor back!
Madi Patman
Madi Patman Hace un día
ok but like Becky is sooooo PRETTY
Ray Hace 2 días
Aww, Ariel is the sweetest person. I'm so glad she's happy
Millaray Gonzalez
Millaray Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Millaray Gonzalez
Millaray Gonzalez Hace 2 días
I love how Ned's and Keith's parts are like soothing and they r like really trying, and then there is Eugene and Zach with absolute chaotic energy all over the place
Christopher Daniels
Christopher Daniels Hace 2 días
songbirdcosplayss Hace 2 días
Why do I feel like Zach had a safe word 😂
msbutterfly Hace 2 días
"LXMI, just like how Elon Musk named his child"
Gretchen Brown
Gretchen Brown Hace 2 días
8:35 Ned is a dad and can get up that fast wow 🤩 best dad ever
Gretchen Brown
Gretchen Brown Hace 2 días
12:03 Ned is a dad and can get up that fast wow 🤩
Tina Do Thuy Trang
Tina Do Thuy Trang Hace 2 días
Ned: finds some toy balls from Wes‘ toy box Eugene: TWO RAKES IT IS!
John Marco Caoile
John Marco Caoile Hace 2 días
Ned - founds a ball toy Ohhh if i put this in the freezer this could be BALLS HAHAHA
Esmeralda Castaneda
Esmeralda Castaneda Hace 2 días
I couldn't stop laughing when Eugene kept troughing the dogs on to Zach's back 😂😭😭
Artist Apdart
Artist Apdart Hace 3 días
🙈🙊😂wow to funny to watch omg 🙉🤔🤐spa day awkward
TheFriendship Doghnut
TheFriendship Doghnut Hace 3 días
I still don't understand why we use the word ''race''.
Karen Wilson
Karen Wilson Hace 3 días
I loved all of this but the Zach and Eugene part is soo freaking funny. Although maybe you shouldn't over exfoliate your friends back but..
boom inyourface
boom inyourface Hace 3 días
Why is this so soothing to watch? It's like asmr
Christina Martinez
Christina Martinez Hace 4 días
Did i completely miss them selling the rainbow tryceratops T-shirts? I can’t find it .
russ Hace 4 días
Ned: Loves his wife and his son so he included Wes’ toys. Keith: Tried his best to not expose Becky’s feet. Eugene: Asian of Chaos.
Alger Low
Alger Low Hace 4 días
I’m wondering messed up Zack’s back is to make that massage feel good
Emily Conover
Emily Conover Hace 4 días
Omg the dead skin!! 🤣🤣 i was so relaxed watching this until eugene whipped out that skin scrubber! I died.
Lauren St. Pierre
Lauren St. Pierre Hace 4 días
Wait, when did Keith get a kitty?! Never would have seen that coming.
Angelyn Espina
Angelyn Espina Hace 4 días
Zach's "my body is penetrated by two points of entry"
Zubiila Hace 4 días
Keith: giving relaxing face massage Also Keith: Starts talking about spiders
Zubiila Hace 4 días
Kimbop: Throw me daddy! Emma: Wtf is happening?!
KawaiiKarma Hace 5 días
This video just proves that even when Eugene try to mess up he end up being perfect but I love him so much❤️❤️
Diane Valencia
Diane Valencia Hace 5 días
Was anyone else genuinely concerned for zachs back at the end? Lmaooo
Grace Youngmark
Grace Youngmark Hace 5 días
When Zach referred to a cane as a “granny walker”
Smores and Cocoa the Guinea Pigs
Smores and Cocoa the Guinea Pigs Hace 5 días
At 3:11 HA
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Hace 5 días
eugene is a true asian
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Hace 5 días
"your feet smell deLIcioUsE" i-
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Hace 5 días
eugene seems so akward with those rakes then he starts dropping puppies on zach's back like cannonballs eugene and zach in this are the best thing ever
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Hace 5 días
part of me feels like im tresspassing
Jean Luo
Jean Luo Hace 5 días
im gonna pretend eugene and zach arent part of the title...........
Lauren Hace 5 días
I had no idea the census was so important bc no one told me about it and I had never heard of it before... well, too late now! :(((
Lauren Hace 5 días
I just got told that my parents did it for me without telling me...
Stephanie Locke
Stephanie Locke Hace 6 días
Emma wanted no part of that massage lol
Abigail Hybl
Abigail Hybl Hace 6 días
This is the weirdest video and Zach and Eugene are literally messes
Douglas Freer
Douglas Freer Hace 6 días
Ariel: plunges feet into water Her feet: 😵🔥🔥
MadiBooMonkey Hace 7 días
Zach and Eugene are absolutely my favorite duo among the Try Guys, every time they’re paired for a video they have *such* good comedic chemistry
Hopeless_fanboy Hace 7 días
"This is what I call the skin removal- I mean dead skin removal" *posh voice* "now remember to wear your f*cking mask" "your tea in on the APOTHECARY" I swear I can't breathe Jesus Christ
Syd volly
Syd volly Hace 7 días
I’m sorry but the candle part SENT ME .
Yuviana Sachar
Yuviana Sachar Hace 7 días
I live for Keith’s kitty kat 🥰😍
MJ P Hace 8 días
if someone sandpapered me they would not live to tell the tale
Kristen DiGioia
Kristen DiGioia Hace 8 días
If I spent all this time and energy on creating a relaxing spa day for my partner and her only response was the if it was a real facial/spa, she would have left, I'd be heartbroken!
ayyXmomo Hace 9 días
This could've just been Eugene and Zach and I would've been fine.
piglet goals
piglet goals Hace 9 días
The tea is on the APOTHECARY. I do this at my house. Oh it's on tje Walnut Cradenza
Jollian Jangle
Jollian Jangle Hace 9 días
It was adorable how hard Ned was trying
Amanda Mitrani
Amanda Mitrani Hace 9 días
The census part gave me ptsd because I spent weeks with a nightmare client who was trying to submit a video to the census video contest lol it matters though!
Maricake M
Maricake M Hace 9 días
Ariels “okay” when Ned askede her to come 🥺
Tia Keane
Tia Keane Hace 10 días
Why am I concerned for their mental health
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas Hace 10 días
I legitimately thought Keith's cat was the paid promotion for a hot min and I was here for it
Lauryn Cole
Lauryn Cole Hace 10 días
thank you Becky! we who do not like feet
an vo
an vo Hace 10 días
Mirna Vidovic
Mirna Vidovic Hace 11 días
I feel like Becky will want a break from filming after this too 😂😂😂
Mirna Vidovic
Mirna Vidovic Hace 11 días
Ned is clueless Keith tries... and yet while Eugene tries to make it horrible,as always,he turns out to be a master like in everything he does... perfect combo of people 😂😂😂
Strawbearyツ Hace 11 días
Emma just sitting on the pillow nervously looking at what’s going on is such a mood
Trystin Phillips
Trystin Phillips Hace 11 días
The rake had me fuckingggg deadddd😂😂🤣
Shiny Evergreen
Shiny Evergreen Hace 11 días
Ariel's review: "if this were a real spa I would've left" lmaooo
HistoryNut Hace 11 días
Hooooold on, there's wiki feet? 🤮
Lyla Rasco
Lyla Rasco Hace 12 días
Is anyone else legitimately concerned about Zach’s skin now 😂
Ianes Grécia
Ianes Grécia Hace 12 días
So rela... Ouch. So rela.. Ouch!
Reana Grace Aste
Reana Grace Aste Hace 12 días
Zach and Eugene reminds me so much of two kids playing pretend this whole video 😂
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