SUPRISING my CRUSH on Valentine's Day! *Emotional*

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Benny Soliven

Benny Soliven

Hace un mes

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Amalia Parsoe
Amalia Parsoe Hace un día
Omg he was zo sweet
Megha Bisht
Megha Bisht Hace 2 días
Did i only noticed the love bite on benny's neck🙈
Joselyn Jimenez
Joselyn Jimenez Hace 3 días
Im the only one who noticed the chupeton that benny has on el cuello
sadie ochoa
sadie ochoa Hace 3 días
I couldn’t stay serious with all the Rosas in the back
Sara’s Life
Sara’s Life Hace 4 días
this is so cute 🥺🥺 benny looks so happy to spoil her and alo looks so happy to to be spoiled
Liz Santiago
Liz Santiago Hace 5 días
Why is he my dream man and he’s with HERRRR🥺🥺 but am happy for them tho 😘😘 have lots of babies!!!!
Maya slime Maya slime
Maya slime Maya slime Hace 6 días
Before you shop go get the drop to get the drip
Cynthia Ponce
Cynthia Ponce Hace 6 días
y’all stupid as fuck but it works 😂💘 love y’all
Wendy Perez
Wendy Perez Hace 6 días
Lavonne Tyler
Lavonne Tyler Hace 6 días
I love your videos I hope I get a shatout
SamG Q60
SamG Q60 Hace 6 días
- Benny makes me want to be in a relationship again 🥺🤦🏻‍♀️ ALO IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS I SWEAR 🥺❤️
lexi xo
lexi xo Hace 8 días
Who else is watching this like: 🥺🥰💞
ItsYaGurlShayee Hace 8 días
19:18. lol. ahhh i fucking love Benny. His feelings for her are pure genuine & I hope they work together through everything.
Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez Hace 8 días
I’m new to this channel .. and I love yours and alondras vibe together.. it the sweetest thing! But she better not. Break your heart or the world will come for her ass! Corona virus won’t stop us lol! But still Wish you both the best!💗I’m for this😭🥰💗💗
Nooriel limon
Nooriel limon Hace 9 días
Benny really be reaching for that ass😂😂
Latisha Sandoval
Latisha Sandoval Hace 9 días
When she did that with the wine i died HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Kouzina Sophia
Kouzina Sophia Hace 9 días
Waaaaahhhh SO CUTE SO CUTE SO CUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTEEEEE 😍😍😍😍😍😍 you guys bring out the best in each other it’s freakin adorableee
Kayla Cecilia
Kayla Cecilia Hace 9 días
“Dude let me find Outtt” 😭
April Lara - Flores
April Lara - Flores Hace 9 días
Y’all catch when she was about to say “I’ve been in an abusive relationship” lol
Felicia romero
Felicia romero Hace 10 días
They’re already together ... but did anyone notice her lipgloss disappeared!! Let me find out they were already kissing ! 😘
Felicia romero
Felicia romero Hace 10 días
Omg the way he talked to her when he opened the door 🥰 he was sooooo nervous !! It’s so crazy seeing him like this! He is someone who is who he is, doesn’t care who thinks what about him! He’s not shy or embarrassed to be himself! Aweee he’s in live with her 🥰 They both are so down to earth & humble, with good hearts.. I really hope they go the distance! Like Alo said, “I think he’s the one” . (I would be heart broken if one of them ended up hurting the other) I don’t know why but I think she will get preggers within this year! Ohh 🤗 🤞🏻. There are tubers out there, pretending to have this perfect relationship .. just for the money & the channel! These two really do have an honest relationship , the chemistry they have & the bond they share , can not be faked!
Maggie Wilson
Maggie Wilson Hace 10 días
He is one in a million ❤️❤️❤️ genuinely loving, can’t find a man like him ❤️❤️❤️
TheLAKERGIRL87 Hace 10 días
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago Hace 10 días
You treat her right!🥺🥺
angelic maria
angelic maria Hace 10 días
Princess Destiny
Princess Destiny Hace 10 días
Awwwe they so cute ❤️❤️
Sofia Flores
Sofia Flores Hace 11 días
Can’t stop smiling 😍🥺❤️
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Hace 11 días
He’s literally fidgeting with his hands ... that’s what makes him so genuine and sencere
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Hace 11 días
When I tell you I teared .. I did .. especially when she’s like “don’t spend money on me..” 🥺
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Hace 11 días
This video is literally making me pause and scream and squeal !! “Let me find out you like me dude” and they both smile and laugh and he’s all nervous like a little boy 😭😭
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Hace 11 días
You know she’s why when she’s all sitting and not wanting to be in the cámara and almost covering herself with the bear 😭😭❤️
Jacqueline Rojas
Jacqueline Rojas Hace 11 días
“I’m always red around you wym”? 🥺❤️ and then her laugh all shy and shit 😭😭
Lookz obey
Lookz obey Hace 11 días
Beauty DeeRosemarie
Beauty DeeRosemarie Hace 11 días
He is sooo handsome!! They are such a cute couple🙈❤️
Arianna Arias
Arianna Arias Hace 12 días
Benny is so sweet😭
Esther Lopez
Esther Lopez Hace 12 días
Anybody else peep that hickey on benny’s neck 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lol I love these two together
Anallely Romero
Anallely Romero Hace 12 días
Did anyone notice a hickey on benny when he opened the door?😂🤔
KjamesTV Hace 12 días
Shantell Poleta
Shantell Poleta Hace 12 días
This is so cute!! i cannot stop smiling he legit paid for her flights and the way theyre both looking at each other like OMFG!!! pulling on my heart strings. When you see how you can leave a toxic relationship and already have someone whose Benny is so bloody rare. The glow up is REAL.
Nicole Richard
Nicole Richard Hace 12 días
Peep that hicky he has on his neck doooeeeeee
Ms. RayRay
Ms. RayRay Hace 12 días
Tre just left his body and the motherfucking chat im rooting so hard for you two ive been with my man since we were 17 and we act like this we 28 now and he still gives me butterflies.
Maria Mendoza
Maria Mendoza Hace 12 días
21:30 🤣🤯
Maria Rangel
Maria Rangel Hace 12 días
It made me cry you guys are cute 💑 coupleas
Angelique Bueno
Angelique Bueno Hace 13 días
Ahhhhhhhhhh cute ily guys hopefully we guys have a good life for ever and ever ❤️🌍🤞🏻
Tailee Maisonet
Tailee Maisonet Hace 13 días
I'm crying omg this sucks I love them yay 😍🥰😘
Eva Skye
Eva Skye Hace 13 días
I need me a Benny in My life too alo is one lucky girl & hes hella lucky too
Bcovtheballa33 Hace 13 días
She says dude a lot
Jennyyy bichh
Jennyyy bichh Hace 13 días
when he said “i just figured why not travel the world with u🥺.”
Arianna Alvarado
Arianna Alvarado Hace 14 días
Y’all are hella cute together ❤️❤️
Jarelys Hernandez
Jarelys Hernandez Hace 14 días
This was so cute 😍
Rosa Fresh
Rosa Fresh Hace 14 días
Damm she imma just let u he’s blind rn he didn’t catch it ! 😭😭😭😭 but y’all had me crying for y’all
Mrs. Ruiz
Mrs. Ruiz Hace 14 días
ASIXANNA JAI Hace 14 días
Ok but where are the other benny’s at????😩😩 this was so cute
La'Taysia Hace 14 días
So happy for Alo! She deserves it so much 😭
Natalie lopez
Natalie lopez Hace 14 días
I already been to Cancun 😄
Cassandra Gonzalez
Cassandra Gonzalez Hace 15 días
Yesssss with the Stella rosa wine the peach one is the best!!!
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker Hace 15 días
Lindsay Tucker
Lindsay Tucker Hace 15 días
I hope I find someone who treats me like this one day.
Byanka Hace 15 días
This is so cute
seleste navarro
seleste navarro Hace 15 días
she is so freaken real thoe she the one!!!!!!!!
Laylie Guzman
Laylie Guzman Hace 15 días
My heeaaarrrtttttt🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
oscarine diaz
oscarine diaz Hace 16 días
Lorena Gonzalez
Lorena Gonzalez Hace 16 días
Alo: lm freaking dumb!!! Benny: it’s okay 😂😂💀
Mia Moreno
Mia Moreno Hace 16 días
letttt meeee find out that’s a hickey on bennys neckkkkkkk duddddde
Juliana Merkley
Juliana Merkley Hace 16 días
Jennifer Ram
Jennifer Ram Hace 16 días
Looks don't matter... once a MAN treats you right, you will know!! He's the one
Maryelle Salgado
Maryelle Salgado Hace 17 días
19:18 was cute but funny omggg alo is soo happy and im so happy you guys are together yall are literally perfect together
Jose Contreras
Jose Contreras Hace 17 días
Bro I had to cry 😢
Shadow H
Shadow H Hace 17 días
Hahahha i enjoyed this video
Kaydence Mcleod
Kaydence Mcleod Hace 18 días
This is literally soo cute! She’s so happy 🥺. Im so happy for her
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