Supermarket Checker from The Carol Burnett Show (full sketch)

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The Carol Burnett Show Official

The Carol Burnett Show Official

Hace 4 años

A shopper (Harvey Korman) is trying to check out of the grocery store quickly so he can get back to his date. Want even more laughs? Shop The Carol Burnett Show DVDs today at !
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A shopper (Harvey Korman) is trying to check out of the grocery store quickly so he can get back to his date. The supermarket checker (Carol Burnett) isn't moving fast enough for him, and helps her co-worker (Vicki Lawrence) much to the shopper’s dismay. Meanwhile, his date is chatting with lots of other suitors (including Lyle Waggoner).
About The Carol Burnett Show
While there’s no truth to the rumor that “CBS” ever stood for The Carol Burnett Show, for eleven seasons and 278 episodes, this star-studded extravaganza of sketch comedy, song and dance became entertainment central for the network and TV viewers. Taped before a live audience at Hollywood’s CBS Television City Studio 33, The Carol Burnett Show featured clever, dazzling production numbers in an intimate environment, thanks to strategic camera placement that brought the actors and audience closer together. Burnett operated in a relaxed theater setting that allowed her to take questions, cut loose with her famous Tarzan yell and join fellow performers Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence and Lyle Waggoner to have a laugh or sing a song. The show received 25 Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globes, making it one of the most honored shows in television history. TIME Magazine named The Carol Burnett Show one of the "100 Best Television Shows of all Time" and Carol Burnett has been honored with more People's Choice Awards than any other actress.

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Hannah Awesome
Hannah Awesome Hace 14 días
I watched when I was younger. I loved the show it was very very funny. I always wished she would do another show.
Elizabeth Flood
Elizabeth Flood Hace 28 días
I love Vicki's voice in this LOL
cgilm2526 Hace 29 días
Lyle sure knew how to pack out his jeans. LOL
Minty Rose
Minty Rose Hace un mes
The ultimate cock block! Xd
Sheri Davis
Sheri Davis Hace un mes
I AM!!!💞💞💞😉😉😉✌️🖖🤟🤩🤩🤩
R MCK Hace un mes
So Funny
R A Hace un mes
Jamie Anybody
Jamie Anybody Hace un mes
A sailor! Whoa, Harvey, hurry up... that's bad news for you all right! lol what was the second guy supposed to be?
Jamie Anybody
Jamie Anybody Hace un mes
@Marg Des Yeah gotcha. Okay I wasn't really paying attention so thanks
Marg Des
Marg Des Hace un mes
A biker (motorcycle rider). That is how many of them looked in the 1950-60's. Watch any Annette Funicello beach movie (Beach Blanket Bingo...).
Barbara Tiemeier
Barbara Tiemeier Hace un mes
Oh my goodness. There was a woman Bach home Oklahoma, Claire, who wore her hair just like that. A single mom with 4 or 5 kids. A great gal.
Sherri Martin
Sherri Martin Hace un mes
Love...miss this comedy!!
cyoungrun1 Hace un mes
This skit is loaded with beautiful women! 😊💕
Brian Cordova
Brian Cordova Hace un mes
She has her Stella Toddler glasses on!
Brian Cordova
Brian Cordova Hace un mes
Michelle ishappy
Michelle ishappy Hace un mes
I did a similar thing (naughty me) when I was a checker at a discount store. A nervous young man, came in, bought ONE condom. I called the pharmacy privately for a price check. Turns out that the price on it was correct. I didn't mind cooling his heels at ALL.
Michelle ishappy
Michelle ishappy Hace un mes
Carol's uniform reminds me of little orphan Annie's dress...🤣
Alexander Ip
Alexander Ip Hace un mes
It is Annie's dress
live love
live love Hace un mes
When watching TV was the best!
ThePinkyPrincessPoet C.A.
ThePinkyPrincessPoet C.A. Hace un mes
Hillariously Funny. Loved the Cash Register....To much Anxiety...Felt for the poor guy.....Hurry Up I wanted to Scream to her too.... Especially in this age of #Coronavirus EVERYONE is on EDGE! MISS the GoodOleDays... 5 lbs Bubble Bath #CalgonTakeMeAway
Galaxycoco Lacey
Galaxycoco Lacey Hace un mes
I have the box set. I buy box sets of the oldies but goodies of tell lie vision lol.
Dorothy Collins
Dorothy Collins Hace 2 meses
I've been cashiering for 3 yrs. This is a HOOT!! & although I watched a lot of the Carol Burnett Show, somehow I missed this one!!
x60hz Hace 2 meses
Man Timothy Blake was sooooo hot!!!
TDDR Hace 2 meses
#brooklynRootz Hace 2 meses
Xoxoxo ❤
cosmosspring Hace 2 meses
Wow, that aged terribly.
Kate Attenboro
Kate Attenboro Hace 2 meses
Absolutely comical genius!!! ❤️❤️
mighty 440
mighty 440 Hace 2 meses
I believe trixey is a man those legs are man legs gross.
Elizrebezilma Dommdo
Elizrebezilma Dommdo Hace 2 meses
Annie called, she wants her outfit back Ms. Hannigan :P
david Green
david Green Hace 2 meses
Carol $ all those on her show car not ever be topped
WatchingLion777 Hace 2 meses
🤣 All this bombardment of technology has made people more lazier. Nothing like the old mechanical machines. Made people use their brains more. Now self checkouts and electronic registers that do all of the calculations no human brains needed. Now with cash registers hooked up to the internet for transactions makes it more worse because of hacking and sealing people’s banking info. You did not have any of that industrial mechanical machines. Once the Internet goes down you won’t be able to make any purchases.
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford Hace 2 meses
One of my favorite CB sketches is Went With the Wind! It's so well written with subtle twists on words. It's hilarious to watch from start to finish!
guess my name
guess my name Hace 2 meses
That's a classic! I just about died laughing when she showed up wearing the curtains!!
Shevette Jackson.
Shevette Jackson. Hace 2 meses
Diane Donovan
Diane Donovan Hace 2 meses
love it
Lisa Dillon
Lisa Dillon Hace 2 meses
The sun will come out tomorrow
Ethel Mann
Ethel Mann Hace 2 meses
I miss her shows I'm a 80s baby I use to b up late at nite watching this
bananaonappletree95 Hace 2 meses
When the customers leave they say "bye Felicia"🤪
Jack Strubbe
Jack Strubbe Hace un mes
Ta daaaah!
That Piano Girl
That Piano Girl Hace 2 meses
This so reminds me of the Check it out Girls from Sonny With A Chance 🤣😂
Tracey Cancio
Tracey Cancio Hace 2 meses
Bandaids? 😂
Marg Des
Marg Des Hace un mes
Maybe things could get a little rough - scratches?
Tracey Cancio
Tracey Cancio Hace 2 meses
Is Orphan Annie the checker? 😂
Alexander Ip
Alexander Ip Hace un mes
No Ms Hannigan made the dress herself
Pamela Wells
Pamela Wells Hace 2 meses
Awesome! 😆😅🤗
Mad Science
Mad Science Hace 2 meses
Target Lady?
Love from Alabama Jenny
Love from Alabama Jenny Hace 2 meses
Who’s watching during quarantine & missing the good ole days?
John Teachout
John Teachout Hace un mes
watched this show all the time , back in the day . Love it !!!!
Taraz Martinez
Taraz Martinez Hace un mes
Amari for family and friends
Amari for family and friends Hace un mes
I am! Lol. 👍
Wendell Monster
Wendell Monster Hace un mes
Susie Colorado 👍😂 🧻
Melach of the earth
Melach of the earth Hace un mes
Love from Alabama Jenny I am!! The good ole days are long gone!! 🤨📖
Haydee Johnson
Haydee Johnson Hace 2 meses
She's a legend❤
Robert Lee, Countertenor
Robert Lee, Countertenor Hace 2 meses
RIL Lyle - say hello to the big man in the sky for us! Brought us years of laughter
Robert Lee, Countertenor
Robert Lee, Countertenor Hace 2 meses
Just bought 2 large lactaid milks, 2 gallons water, 3 Jamaican beef patties and a 2 liter soda at the gouging corner bodega $22 and change. Anyone an adult from the early 70s onwards think that's frickin insane???? I do!
Marg Des
Marg Des Hace un mes
That's cheap where I live- 2 gal. 2% milk costs over $4.80, 1 doz eggs= $4.99, and 1 lb. butter went up to $7.15! That's nuts. We pay $500.00/year for tap water that you can drink from a tap but Brita filter out the slight chlorine taste. I think it is insane to have to pay for water unless you live in a desert.
TLW CHINADOLL Hace 2 meses
YES !!! Back in the “Good Old Days” at K Mart on those registers
Dilly Dally
Dilly Dally Hace 2 meses
Trixie was a ho!
Lord Humor
Lord Humor Hace 2 meses
What did those hand gestures mean @ 4:42 ? I’m assuming something naughty ?
Marg Des
Marg Des Hace un mes
Never in Boy Scouts or Girl Guides for that matter, but I'm assuming it is the boy scout signal used when saying the pledge (be honest and true, help others, etc.) and the 'fast lady' is saying she charges $5.00, not $3.00 for whatever the 'customer' wants done?
luminair11 Hace 2 meses
Loooove the wig & she's just too funny for Carol Burnett to bits! ♥
Kaline Waters
Kaline Waters Hace 2 meses
Target Lady before the Target Lady
Plug Into Sybie
Plug Into Sybie Hace 2 meses
I love this! LOL the whole time I kept thinking Oh No, don't put the blue light bulbs at the bottom of the bag!
Faith Hewes
Faith Hewes Hace 2 meses
😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣LOVE ❣️
Dejohn Johnson
Dejohn Johnson Hace 2 meses
I remember the 70’s, I don’t remember this episode! I sure as hell appreciate this crazy woman now that I’m older!
Bama Sher
Bama Sher Hace 2 meses
SNL "borrowed" so much from Carol Burnett. Carol Burnett was brilliant!
Brita Cashman-Tarrant
Brita Cashman-Tarrant Hace 2 meses
How can anyone thumbs this down?
Alexander Ip
Alexander Ip Hace un mes
Annie is looking for her dress (despite the fact her wardrobe has 27 other dresses but this one is her favourite)
Jason Blake
Jason Blake Hace 2 meses
My dog walker is named felisha
Claire Depaola
Claire Depaola Hace 2 meses
Ha ha ha ha
Claire Depaola
Claire Depaola Hace 2 meses
Omg lmbo
MareShoop Hace 2 meses
Rip Lyle Waggoner ❤️
Erik Johnson
Erik Johnson Hace 2 meses
This skit started MGTOW.
June Berry
June Berry Hace 2 meses
Their dresses look like Annie's after she was adopted by Daddy Warbucks in the 1982 movie ANNIE that Carol Burnett starred in! :D
Diana Dobson
Diana Dobson Hace 2 meses
John C Fernandez
John C Fernandez Hace 2 meses
Some people are just born to make us laugh get us thru those tough days.
npr victim
npr victim Hace 2 meses
Just about every experience I've ever had on a counter.
Heather Cutler
Heather Cutler Hace 2 meses
One if the beautiful things about this show is that as I child I loved the humor, but had no idea of the entendres. It seemed really fun and innocent. 😁
Leely Moonstar
Leely Moonstar Hace 2 meses
Carol Burnett is Queen 💛💛💛🌟🌟I love the 70s💛
Cindy Dufala
Cindy Dufala Hace 2 meses
Hahaha especially funny today holed up in the USA
MaskedMan66 Hace 2 meses
"Band-Aids?" "Don't ask."
Kristal Price ford hernandaz
Kristal Price ford hernandaz Hace 2 meses
Sitting hear binge watch carol Burnett.......and I'm.34 years old....march 24!!2020
Rita Tourout
Rita Tourout Hace 2 meses
I always watched the Carol Burnett Show every week. I got used to funny comedy and I think that’s why I never was interested in SNL or some other shows. I just never found them funny. I guess when you watch the best for years other stuff isn’t funny. I find some comedies today are just stupid. There’s been some really good though. Everybody loves Raymond, Mike and Molly and Bob luvs Abishola is very funny. 🤣
David Farner
David Farner Hace 2 meses
I’ve been hot for Lyle Wagoner since I was 12. RIP Lyle, you hottie.
Eclectic Interests
Eclectic Interests Hace 2 meses
Lyle Wagoner rest in peace.
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